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Wolf among Us - Traducido a Espa;ol ! ( Translate to ESPANISH)

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I just have the seasson pass of the wolf among us, and i think is AMAZING, there is more of a few very intersting characters, but i like to play this game in mi natal lenguage , In the Walking Dead eas SO GOD , telltale did it about a year after the realese of the game.. But i think that they should to make that fot The Wolf Among Us. Doing this, they atracct more people of my country. Sorry if there was a mistake in my writting, But im from anther country. I hope Telltale do it ! . I love they're work <3. Keep doing it!..

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    Ellias BANNED

    Well, I doubt they'd do it at the moment since they're "busy" and twd and twau are being released very late.. probably when the season is over or in mid season (which I doubt). But what I do know I think for the walking dead, telltale has translated some of it to russian or something.. So who knows? Spanish translation could possibly happen soon

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    You'll have to wait until their schedule eases up a little since they have a LOT of work to do right know, Pero ve jugandolo en Ingles porque vas a tener que esperar much tiempo !

  • according to a forum survey appeared some days ago the European customers make lower numbers than America, but the potential is still high (1/3 of the sales): they can surely improve the sales giving multilanguage. I wonder why they keep to ignoring language problems. Expecially spanish that's almost one of the most common languages in the world.

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