• The field is wide open at this point (especially considering there's magic involved), but I think what's going on is that some mundy has discovered the what the Fables really are and is trying to become one of them, specifically a wolf like Bigby. The Huff & Puff cigarettes could simply be what the culprit used to both feel like Bigby and to help along the fantasy that "Snow" will like him if he shares the habits Bigby does. Considering the year the game is set in, leaving the cigarettes isn't that incriminating because DNA testing has yet to be established as admissible in court, and the butt is not likely to have a latent finger print, so it might not necessarily be intended to implicate Bigby himself, but rather something that can be forgotten because it's not a very strong piece of evidence - unless Huff & Puff is a Fabletown exclusive product, but I doubt that.

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    Gudmoore BANNED

    Sorry, but no. This theory is bunk.

    I normally don't outright say no to a theory but this one is not going to be correct. An "evil twin" scenario is one of the most cliche and overused mechanic of a story, and Telltale won't go that route. It's the type of plot device a 7 year old can come up with and wouldn't reflect too well on their writers professionalism. Enough said.

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