Bigby's true form

In the ep 3 trailer we see Bigby transformed into a wolf.What do you think happened?


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    The trailer for Ep.2 also showed Bigby transformed too. I think it's supposed to be a build up for the final episode. As for what's happening, I think Bigby is really angry and looking for the killer after knowing who he/she is.

  • Or maybe something happens to Snow like maybe the killer kidnaps Snow which will push Bigby over the edge and he will turn into the wolf.

  • My bet is he got into a fight with somebody so strong that he had to turn into a Wolf to get the job done, Maybd Hans Lol :P

  • Speaking of that, the achievements for ep 3 got me really hyped about this. Especially "Huff&Puff" which might be a hint of Bigby using his wind powers. Imagine blowing Georgie's strip club! I can dream can i? And also "Severe Case of Lycanthropy" which further implies he will indeed transform in ep 3.

  • Blowing Georgie's strip club ? Shut up and take my money ! And yeh I took a look at the achievements and it does seem like he is gonna transform next episode Im expecting a fight or something like that

  • I'm also wondering about that.... Bigby usually transforms if he absolutely needs to. Like for example, a fight or to heal himself from a big injury. But i really have no idea who can push Bigby so far to his limits, we'll just have to wait and see.

  • Either a VERY tough opponent or maybe he has to fight more than a couple of people, Can you imagine all the mundy cops shooting at him and he has to fight them all ?

  • I gotta say that isn't such a bad idea. But from the looks of things, TT pretty much abandoned the whole "mundy cops discover Fabletown". Also, The Crooked Man comes to mind. It appears he will appear in the next episode one way or another, leaving the possibility for a brawl between Bigby and his thugs? I'm very interested in how TT will approach this.

  • That is another likely scenario ! As for the mundy cops Im not letting the screen for Ep. 3 fool me I know they changed it for a reason but I still expect Brannigan to have a big role later in the story

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