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The Character of bigby?

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Immortality: As a Fable, Bigby is effectively immortal, having lived a lifespan that encompasses several hundred years. It was over two-hundred years ago when he , along with every other Fable, left the Homelands in exile.

Transformation: Bigby possesses the ability to instantly alter his form from that of a wolf to that of a human and back again. Although he spends the majority of his time in human form, his natural shape is that of a wolf. When he shape-shifts into a wolf, Bigby's physical body increases in size and mass. He also grows sharpened canines, claws and pointed ears.

Enhanced Senses: Bigby has naturally acute senses, in particular, his sense of smell. He can correctly identify an individual merely by smelling a sample of their blood.


Interrogation: Bigby Wolf uses intimidation and violent outbursts of emotion when interrogating suspects. Sometimes, he will blatantly accuse someone of an outrageous crime just to gauge their reaction.

Investigation: With the aid of his keen analytical mind as well as his canine senses, Bigby is an extremely competent detective. Although he personifies himself in the style of a classic 1930s gumshoe detective, Bigby admits that his chosen profession is a fairly unglamorous one. In over two-hundred years as a detective, he has never been in a gunfight, or even fired his gun. He's never even learned how to drive, much less experienced the thrill of a high-speed car chase. In his own words, "Even the number of times I've had to chase a suspect on foot can be counted on one hand

Just found that interesting though share

so anger doesn't make bigby change his in full control to shape shift at any time.

If smell blood and detect someone found blood at gate in episode 1 why couldn't he detect who it was or through meeting characters later one find similar scent?

Anyway what you think of bigby and his abilities?

  • Yes, Bigby can change forms at will, without being angry or anything. Also, his nose has been somewhat downplayed for plot purposes. Otherwise like you said, he would've found the killer back in ep 1. And also he would've known Snow was alive at the end of episode 1.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Yeah the one who transforms when Beauty is angry at him is Beast while Bigby ocassionaly does it in fights, As for the senses and the smell if Telltale had stayed so true to that the game would be an Episode

    • Agree rather big fights when glamours transform to original state see bigby changing too and have battle of beasts or monsters like gren fight but then again wolf is massive so only use it at rare occasions. But in terms of senses very happy for that to remain would be just episode. But playing his ability like hulk character that just transforms in last second or when reaches max anger disrespects the comics that's just my opinion.

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        SaltLick305 BANNED

        When he transforms Im expecting a big fight against s very tough opponent or maybe more than two people, As for the Senses they are still showing you his smelling ability in the game they just don't wanna make it seem like there is nothing he can't do so they kept it simple

  • What are we supposed to discuss here?

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