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The Walking Dead Fan Fiction: The Community Group

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Ok so heres my shot at a fan fic that is based around the tt community.
Comment if you want to be added to it or like it! P.S Omid is me. Not the other one or the real one.

Episode 1: A Long Mile

The wind is blowing hard. A lot of cars pass by, they are in a rush. Omid ignores it and talks to his taxi driver. "What temperature is it?" Omid says, trying to make small talk. "60 degrees." Says the driver. Omid looks around the area and sees a limping man. He ignores it thinking he might have fallen and broken his leg. Then the taxi driver screams as Omid looks up and sees another limping man. He gets hit by the car and the taxi driver slams on breaks and comes to a stop. "GET OUT!" The driver yells as he opens his door. Omid opens his door and steps out in a hurry. The driver points in a direction that is heading into the woods. Omid notices a police car crash in the distance. "We should help!" Omid says. The taxi driver keeps moving and is silent. Omid follows him but stops and notices a man who climbs out of the car. He moves around the police car and the police officer attacks him. "What?" Omid says in shock. He keeps moving and then hears a shotgun fire. He looks that way and starts to move in that direction. The man screams for someone to get help and that theres been a shooting. "Seems like it." Omid says as he heads back to find the driver. The driver is gone and a man whos name is GOUSTTT shows up and aims a gun at his head. "Put em up!" He yells at Omid. Omid puts his hands up. "Good." The man says. "You got anything on ya?" "Nope, just my phone." Omid says. GOUSTTT puts his gun down and Omid puts his hands down. They both head into the woods and find a tent. GOUSTTT goes in the tent and finds a dead lady who was shot in the head. "Poor woman." Omid says. "Lets go." GOUSTTT says. As they are walking a dead man is on the ground. "Thats the taxi driver." Omid says. "What do you wanna d-" GOUSTTT is interrupted by a man who fires a sniper at them, but misses. The man fires at Omid's leg and causes him to fall. "Shit!" GOUSTTT says and drags Omid into cover. "Don't make me kill you!" says the man. "What do we do?" GOUSTTT says. Omid grabs a pistol off the ground and loads it with a mag and says "Get ready." They both load their guns and get ready to shoot. "On my go." Omid says. The sniper then yells "Come out, I wont shoot.". Omid prepares a gun and walks out of cover and says "I'm armed! You shoot you die!" The man says "My names Blind Sniper." GOUSTTT than says "Wait.... Blind Sniper?" Blind Sniper than says "GOUSTTT! We need to head down the road on the interstate! Glad I found you! Its gonna be a hard trip, but it'll be worth it." Omid replies "Which direction?" "North." Omid then heads to the interstate. -2 hours later- Omid steps onto the interstate and stares onto the long road. "This'll be fun." Omid sarcastically remarks. "We got a long road ahead of us."

That was episode 1! If you read this, you get a cookie! If you wanna be in the episodes just post in the comments that you do and I may consider.

Episode 2: Sweat and Blood

Omid and his group were walking down the interstate, hoping another path would come for them to walk, but it never came. They kept walking for miles and miles, but no exit. It seemed strange, usually interstates have exits, but not this one. It seemed like a never ending path. "How much farther to the next exit?" Omid said exhausted. "Not too far." Blind Sniper said, he seemed like he didnt need any energy, like he had energy all the time. It seemed unreal. GOUSTTT had been panting the whole way, though nobody could blame him. "5 hours on the road does that to you, we should stop." Omid said. "I'm fine." GOUSTTT said while panting harder than he was before. GOUSTTT then fell to his knees and passed out. "Get him up!" Blind Sniper said quickly and Omid picked his body up then dropped him, he couldnt carry him, it was too hard. Then, like they saw everything, a man appeared. "The names Zyphon." He said. They all seemed happy to see him. "Please help us!" Omid pleaded, it wasnt the best time for them. "I'll help you, but first, you got anything on you?" "Not unless you count food and water." It wasnt a time for lies. "Well lets go than, times wasting." Zyphon said in anger. Omid tried to wake GOUSTTT but he had passed out. "You need help there?" Zyphon said while a figure moved through the woods. They thought it was a walker, but it moved too quickly. They didnt understand what it was until it came out with a gun pointed in their face. The gun was scrolling across the group, they all were frightened inside. Then, something happened they didnt expect. GOUSTTT lunged out and tried to grab the gun! Then, a shot was fired. The bullet flew into GOUSTTT's stomach and he fell to the ground in pain. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" Blind Sniper screamed out, but the man didnt respond. He just stand there only slightly sad at what he'd done. He was happy. They knew it. "GOUSTTT!" was the only word Blind Sniper could say. He was sad, and he had fell into a state of sadness. "Why'd you do it? Huh, asshole?" The man didnt like those words. So, in anger he pointed the gun at Blind Snipers head and fired. "Holy shit!" Omid said, very loudly, while he found his anger inside of him. Omid attacked the man and knocked the gun away. "How about I go to YOUR place and murder YOUR people? How about that? Would you like it?" Omid said while giving him a hard punch to the face, causing blood to gush out of a wound in his right cheek. Omid was tempted to kill him, but he managed to let the anger simmer, and calmed down a bit. He got up and said "What's your name?"
"Mark D. You can call me Mark." The man said in a calm way, attempting to tend to the small wound with a spare band-aid. Omid than got his anger back and pulled out a knife from his pocket and stabbed Mark in the eye. "OWWWWW!! What the hell?" was the mans only words that ran out. He was very angry and most likely was a bit tempted to kill them all. But he was calmer now, and he was confused. Then they noticed a body of a woman who was shot in the head. "Ew. Lets keep going." was all the group said about the body. She had clothes on that were warm and cozy, but they didnt want to touch a dead woman. They were all terribly hot, and Mark had not treated the eye wound.

This was gonna be a hard trip.

Deleted Scenes (I guess you could call it that)

Episode 1:

Originally there was no reference of Lee D:

Before the Taxi Driver was going to be Zyphon but later I made it so the driver is a normal guy.

In what I had planned I was on my own up until the very end when Blind Sniper would show up in my final version, thats when I changed the title to fit the long journey!

Before, I would see the taxi driver and leave him to reanimate but I thought that was a bit harsh for a start of a episode so I made it so he couldnt in the first place.

Before, Omid would see Kenny running with Duck to his truck (rhyme not intended) and will raise his gun to him.

I think I had GOUSTTT die in my old version, but I guess I thought that was too rough for the first episode.

Episode 2:

Nobody died in the episode.

Mark was introduced in a less evil way.

Mark had an eyepatch already.

GOUSTTT was a badass and saved everyone.

Episode 3:

Coming soon!

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