How do you play Bigby?

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Title says it all, how do you play the residential fable sheriff?
I play him like a hardened anti-hero, he's only nice to women and children.
Anybody else he is a no nonsense guy, and is always ready to give out a hefty beating to anybody.
He is the big bad wolf after all, and to be honest it's really fun being a violent, dirty, cop.
What about you guys?


  • I think it was awesome to see things as a sherrif from his point of view.

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    I play him as an Anti-Hero too. I made his choices & attitude extremely similar to what Logan would do or react (The Wolverine).

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    MY Biggs was nice to Snow,Faith,Nerissa,Beauty and TJ.Especially nice to Woody,because i FUCKING LOVE Woody.An asshole to Dee,but not a violent asshole.The only time i let the wolf come out was at the Pudding N' Pie,because i HATE Georgie's guts.He was really hardcore,like,BADASS HARDCORE.Really tough,but nice,and avoided violence when not needed...Well,except at Georgie's.I trashed the dude's place.The reason my Bigby was...Hmm...LEGAL and nice was that i thought he was trying to redeem himself in front of the other fables,so i tried to help him achieve that.My Bigby tried avoiding talking to Crane,didn't sympathize with him,ignored him...And,well,mocked him at the part with the glamour box.Because he can.He didn't throw Jack out,but he was pissed towards him.He was sympathetic to Holly and Gren.He didn't hit Beast when he was down,'cause i thought they were friends and all.My Bigby is a great detective(because i LOVE Agatha Christie and Sherlock,so i'm not gonna let him slack off EVER).And...Yeah.That's how i played Bigby.Go,Biggs! :3

  • I generally play all characters in video games as the good guy.

  • My Bigby is honestly the nicest person in fabletown.
    I didn't hit Dee and I tried to be really nice to everyone.
    (except Jack, I threw him out.)

  • My Bigby is the fair and just detective type though if you push him, he's not afraid to push back. He tries to do things by the book and seems to be a sucker for a pretty face, lol. I was actually thinking about the way I have been playing this game when I started the second ep. I wasn't sure if I should be a bit tougher or stay persistent in getting the info I wanted out of people.

    For sure I'm gonna be the bad cop when I decide to replay this game.

  • I play Bigby the way Bigby is in the comics. I'm always kind to Snow and TJ. I'm distrustful of Beauty (read Fairest for the reason). I use all the clues I can to make my choices. That being said I was authoritative with Toad and Beauty, as well as Colin from time to time (third degree answers, and Colin's "lectured by the Big Bad Wolf"). When interrogating Dee I was mean, but when interrogating Woody I was generous. I was always mean to Crane.

  • I drop the F bomb and use violence as much as possible.

  • My Bigby is gentlemanly to women and favours the underdog wherever possible. He gives people a chance but he don't take no guff.

  • I try to be nice to people until they push Bigby's buttons. It's too tempting to get rough or rude with uncooperative people in this game. I know that I'm falling into a trap every time. Still worth it.

  • I was nice to pretty much everybody on my first playthrough (which I was aiming to do what I would do in reality if faced with those decisions). The only bad thing I did was eventually hit Tweedle Dee in the face with a bottle because he was being extremely irritating.

    I did an Anti-Hero playthrough and an 'overly-nice' playthrough after that, though, so I got to explore all of the options.

  • Silent, angry lone wolf.

  • I have Bigby trying to be alot of info from T-Dee when we interragated him......let BlueBeard be the bad cop....which made TJ calmer around Bigby when we talked to we were the same to Holly when we gave her the bad news (fyi..we didn't pull off Grendels arm either)

  • I'm very impatient, so I'm very quick to violence. I pretty much destroyed Georgie's Club

  • in my playthrough I play him as much as I'd played Lee......always being as nice as possible to everyone, even Tweedledee

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    I play him like how I think he would be as a person from his normal folk stories adapting to a new life as a "good" person. He's serious, unfriendly, sometimes quiet, and not interested in irrelevant matters to the investigation. But ironically, not evil(no arm rippings).

  • I never read the comics, so I used the context of the games setup to try and play the way he seemed to be written. Mostly as a man with a troubled and violent past who's trying to put the bad behind him and make up for his mistakes. I never gave the pig attitude when he showed up at my house, considering I blew his down. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt unless they've shown me some reason not too. I only let loose on Gren, because I was sooo freaking sweet (downright lovey dovey) to them when I came looking for Woody, then they decide they want to jump me? OH, HELL NO! Everyone has a breaking point, and this part personally made me upset, so I played him the way I actually felt. Plus, he's supposed to be missing his arm, isn't he?

  • I just try to play it naturally, see what see what makes sense in each situation, as opposed to trying to be either the good or bad cop.

    In general i try to play nice, not that i always succeed...


    my Bigby is an anti-hero as well and he's only nice to women

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