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What kinda weapons would you carry in the zombie apocalypse?

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For me.....
A Henry Lever action rifle.
A Beretta M9 pistol.
And a Machete.

I'd only use my pistol when my back's against a wall, or in a firefight.
In a fire fight, the rifle would be for long range.
Mainly, for dealing with walkers, I'd use the Machete.

And if you had a vehicle, what would it be?
For me....
A Chevy Silverado.
There's a man's truck!

As far as clothing....
Wrangler blue jeans.
T shirt. ( probably a black one, as that's what I normally wear
And a denim coat.

As far as personal items, just my stainless steel watch and mariner chain,( which I wear all the time anyway), my sunglasses, and my Bible.

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