• Well Snow doesn't have feelings for Bigby at this point. She is just making it clear that there is nothing between them.

    Snow lets Bigby do the detective work...which is his job. She is actually quite tough in her own right. She has actually saved Bigby's ass on more than one occasion.

  • At least you can deny Snow from coming to Trip Trap with you if you wish to hold a grudge for her coldness.. although Bigby does make a heartbreakingly sad face after that decision.

  • Oh, did Snow hurt your feelings? That's just sad.

  • Really? That is what annoys you? For me i got pissed at her when she started scolding me for abusing Tweedledum despite the fact that when she walked in she SAW me pinning Bluebeard against the wall. In my 2nd play-throw i tortured Tweedledum and just mainly chose the silent opinion with Snow and i didn't bring her to the bar but she shows up anyway which was also annoying.

    But she was good with TJ and Molly after Bigby told her about Lilly. The Bigby i play as is not good at delicate situations like that so she has her uses.

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    She is being very cold towards Bigby, but then again, she did just find out that someone was killed and glamoured to look like her, so she has her reasons.

  • Alt text No,really,now.Snow went through 2 horrible marriages,and she's FUCKING SNOW WHITE,of course she's cold!It's just part of her character.It's who she is.She's having a hard time letting people in.She likes Bigby,only she doesn't show it.At all.But i'm serious,she appreciates his concern and shit.She's only,as i said,having a hard time letting people in and doesn't want to be hurt again,so she pushes them away.Indeed,she's far nicer in the game than in the comics,i think.In the comics,she's more distant and professional.It's true,tho,that that one line hit me in the feels-factory,and i hate that.But i also love it.She's a cool character,complex and mysterious.I like her,in a way.

  • How Snow acts in episode 2 is closer to her future comic book self than episode 1. I just assumed Telltale was bringing her character more in line with the comics.

  • but she lets Bigby do all the dirty, dangerous things

    The hell are you talking about?

    examining dead body

    You mean the one she helps you examine? That body?

    visiting dirty bar

    The bar that she follows you to if you let her, and shows up at even if you tell her to stay?

    chasing the suspect

    You mean when Bigby specifically tells her to stay behind and she follows you anyway?

    How is any of that "letting Bigby do all the dangerous, dirty work"?

    A bit off topic, but as powerful as the "I'm not yours to lose" line was for many people, I feel like that should have been a dialogue option, not a forced one. In other words, rather than Bigby saying "I almost lost you once", it'd be:

    • I almost lost you once.
    • I'm just want you to be safe.
    • You don't have to be snippy.
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