Did Carlos want Clem dead?

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I cant seem to accept how stupid is now "famous" scene with biten Clem and Carlos.
So my brain came up with theory that Carlos wanted Clem dead all along. Maybe he wanted to rid of her in a way that he wouldnt seem cruel to others specially her daughter who saw her. Carlos doesnt want Sarah to know the truth and Clem could destroy all his effort. So he sees a wound and knows its not a walker but also that Clem will die if her wound is not stitched. So he comes up with a "smart" plan we all know. Those who care about Clem didnt have spine to stood up against him, others dont care.
I hope telltale will come up with some explanation like that for the scene.
Sorry for my english.



  • Your brain wasn't the first one who thought about this. Many people actually believe that he used this as an excuse to get her away from his daughter and locked in a shed.

  • Yeah i am sure that people before me had this idea but i didnt saw that discussed here. I hope they are right.

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    Yeah its probable, it was obvious that it wasn't a walker bite and he said that "it could be anything" and to the fact that he doesn't really want Clem even near Sarah...could Carlos be the future antagonist? What a plot twist...

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  • The dog didn't bite her arm side ways. That picture is very misleading. With the amount of tearing and carnage and blood the bite would have no doubt been throwing Carlos' way it would have been very difficult to identify the bite type. I am one of the few people who defends Carlos in this scene, but I still don't like him.

  • Oh good, I thought I was the only one remembering it that way.

    I do know that if you keep silent while Carlos is examining it he does lean more towards it being a dog bite (mumbling to himself) but then tells the group that "it could be anything" which is kind of suspicious. However, the fact that he actually bothers to tell Luke that she could die from infection contradicts that. So I'm guessing his initial suggestion was out of concern for Sarah but Luke's persistence finally made him spill the beans on just how bad Clem had it. I wouldn't say that he "wanted" Clem to die but it's hardly surprising his daughter's safety would come first.

  • In the end Clem is alive and Sarah is her friend :)
    Way to go mastermind.

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    I doubt that he would attempt to kill Clementine, especially since he said: "I feel awful delaying treatment, but we have to be sure."

    "It's just a precautionary measure; anyone else would do the same."

    "It's not about her, it's who she might tell."

    He really had no reason to try and kill her, and simply because Clem caught a glimpse of his daughter is kinda a dorky reason.

  • I think the choice was out of safety for the group (his daughter being one of them) which is understandable, the decission was a horrible one though and there were plenty of better options they could have come to which were never even considered. It was basically 'she is bit, to the shed with her' with no other possible choices even allowed to consider. Carlos is a dick, but I don't think he was going out of his way to kill her.

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    No he didn't want to kill her...he's just a horrible doctor who can't distinguish a dog bit from a lurker bite. Makes me worry about good old uncle Pete, i hope he doesn't think its a dog bite this time, or doesn't let him bleed out.

    Pete: Shit Carlos a fucking Lurker bite me we need to cut it off!

    Carlos: Nah Pete, it's obviously just a dog bite. Take some rest and swallow a Aspirin. And also...don't forget to drink alot of water!

  • Yeah, forum's experts. For me it's just nasty wound. Carlos is paranoic or something. Problem ahead - lock it in a shed, is his motto.

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    Did Carlos want Clem dead. Not wanted. I agree with you, he seems to think she's a liability and a threat to Sarah.

  • Forum's experts... has a nice ring to it.

  • I don't think he was out to get Clem, he was just trying to protect his daughter.

  • Yeah, it may have been a dick move, but it's a stretch to say Carlos was deliberately trying to kill her.

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    so Carlos = Larry , Sarah =Lilly and Clementine = Lee..... and Carlos thinks that Clementine is a threat to Sarah ?

  • the decission was a horrible one though and there were plenty of better options they could have come to which were never even considered.

    I felt like that decision to lock her in a shed was a rushed one. Yes they pretty much had other better options if they only thought about it more instead of being paranoid.

  • I know the dog didn't bite her sideways, it was mere exaggeration. Misdiagnosis happens, but not often.

  • Dude, please, quit it with your arashi bullshit.

    I'm getting real tired of these guys.

    The interwebs is infested. If I wanted to pet the trolls I'd go back to 4chan :(

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    I get what your saying, Viva, Sam was shaking his head, it's what dogs do, but as I've said before, a first year medical student should be able to tell a dog bite from a human by circumference and wound depth, plus by the edges.

    Humans just don't have the jaw structure or bite force to leave injuries like that. I searched some photo's of dog and human bites (and gross it was) to make sure, they look nothing alike, at least the ones I've seen.

    I don't think he WANTED Clem dead though.

    I think he's just a bad doctor who didn't care either way as long as his daughter was safe. That attitude I can undrstand, even if it makes me think he's a prick. I know I wouldn't leave a kid like he did.

    But then I'm not a doctor :O

  • In some fucked up bizzarro world fashion putting her in the shed did sort of save her life. If he hadn't come up with the shed idea, that bitch over his shoulder would've kept pushing for her "final solution" or they would've just sent her away to die in the woods.

    He's still a dick though you're right

  • Well let's be honest... Carlos is 'doctor-esque' at best. Also misdiagnosis is 'not often' by todays standards, with modern tools and tests and exams, etc. You take away all of those thkngs and you are in a state more similar to the middle ages, and they had a lot of misdiagnosis' at that point in time if I remember correctly :p

    Not to mention misdiagnosis isn't really the right terminology to use in this situation. The diagnosis was fine, she was bit and needed to be stitched and cleaned. In a normal world the question "how did it happen" would only be a part of the diagnosis if the cut/bite/etc was from a rabid dog or a rust wire or what ever. Seeing as I doubt they had any tetnis shots around I don't think it really would have factored into the 'diagnosis'.

    All I'm saying is I don't think Carlos so be judged from the perspective of him being a bad doctor, but only being a bad person (for locking her in a shed with little hesitation and without contemplating other ways of handling the situation).

  • I agree, a very irrational conclusion to come to, even in the ZA. A little time and consideration and they could have come to an idea that would please everyone (mostly... fuck you Rebecca) and wouldn't endanger the group and would put Clem in a safer situation.

  • This.

    Maybe he clocked the bite for what it was the second he saw it and just didn't give a flying fuck because it wasn't his daughter so it wasn't his problem.

    Jesus, I rather he was a bad doctor than the sort of cold hearted fuck that would do that. Either way it still doesn't put him on my christmas card list :)

  • Pound for pound humans have extremely strong bite force, comparable to other like-build apes. They definitely have the capacity ti di the damage a dog could (depth).

    Thejaw structure would be the only give-away and it would be slopping out blood before he could view the bite and recognize what he was seeing. If he had stopped (or slowed) the bleeding he could have been able to tell with a much higher degree of certainty. That goes back to him being an irrational prick, though.

    I view the scene as a direct and purposeful link to his personality, not his skills as a doctor.

  • That's a hell of a lot of speculation there my friend :p

  • Santa is bringing this guy coal.... if he's lucky.

  • Like I said dude, bizzarro world :)

    Normal rules of probablity go out the window.

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    Damn, bro, you just knocked me off the fence 8-{0

    EDIT: Bad light, in a hurry, didn't really care. Yeah, it makes more sense than him lying to the cabin group about being a doctor and they having no reason to call him on it after TWO years.

    Yeah if he was that incompetent, I don't think Pete would've had much faith in him, or told Clem "We have a Doctor" he would've said

    "We have, well this dude, he might be able to do some stuff, thangs, for your arm, but he's not very good, he's kinda shady and he claimed to be a doctor, but he gave me Keflex for a headache once, so I'm not really sure. Plus he's got this whole thing with his daughter, no-ones aloud to talk to her about the outside..."

  • I'm in a very argumentive mood tonight :p

    Btw that silly face you made....... does that thing have a stache!? :o

  • Kenny is genna need that back.....

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    This dude must've met Carlos :p

    From 0:22

  • Nah, I don't think Santa even knows who Carlos is.

  • Yes, they would've at least said this:

    Carlos: Ok Luke/Pete, since you care about this kid so much why don't you take watch in the shed. If she ever turns in the next 20 mins, shoot her...and if she doesn't, I'll patch her up.

    Rebecca: No, I say we kill her n--

    Everyone: Shut the fuck up bitch!

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