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Fixing Excessive Dislikes

posted by Ohyoupokedme on - Viewed by 371 users

I posted this in the wrong thread because... I was rushed and I wanted to get this out there. Sorry, Mods. Alright, Take 2.

Excessive dislikes has been a problem in this forum, and so far, there is no way for moderators to fix this. Disliking is useless, I get it, but people are taking advantage of Telltale's system. Newcomers will be discouraged to post on this forum because of this, and it gives people the wrong impression of others. I have seen excessive dislikes for:

A) Personal Belief (Religion, sexuality, race, fandoms, etc.)

B) Forum Grudges

C) I-don't-care-I-just-dislike-everyone.

It's not the fact that I am being disliked is what bothers me: it's the fact that people are taking advantage of an innocent system. It's a simple fix as well; if moderators just have the ability to see who likes or dislikes posts, they can see who is disliking excessively and handle it. Whoever is in charge of this forum and manages it, please fix this whenever you can.

End of rant.

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