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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    They are killing the hottest girls in the game, Im glad Bigby has Snow !

    • Lilly is one of the "hottest girls in the game"?

      And yes hope they don't kill Snow!

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        SaltLick305 BANNED

        Not her true form, But I don't think Crane killed her and The killer was indeed going after Snow White and got her thinking she was e real one

        • But its whats on the inside that really matters :(.

          Whoever was in the picture was probably glamoured. Unless it was the real Crane but then who took the picture?.. And why is glamoured Lilly going into the hotel place. So many questions that are unanswered. Seeing that Lilly can look like Snow White, anybody could be the killer at this point. For all we know Tweedledum is glamored as Snow White :D. I really hope Telltale has an amazing explanation for all these confusing concepts and stuff.

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            SaltLick305 BANNED

            Thats definitely not the real Crane, The way he behaved throughout the episode was just odd and If you know about his character you would agree with me !

            • I agree. But I heard he has some split personality or something. And he has some weird feelings toward Snow. But at the beginning of E2 I knew Crane was a cool guy. I'm guessing he was kidnapped and some one took his place? Why would he destroy the magic mirror? Obviously whoever is "posing" as Crane is guilty and is trying to frame Crane.. But then why would he frame himself? More damn questions. Jesus are you f***ing kidding me!

            • it definitely is crane in the picture. However Lily was killed when he left

              • It could be a plan to frame Crane with someone like Faith glamoured as him, as Lily knew of his fetish. The photo is just too opportune. The motive would be just to get him out of the picture because of his uselessness. Maybe Lily just didn't know they were planning to dispose of her as well.

          • Crane has a sex fetish for Snow white and made an appointment with Lilly to glamour her self as Snow White for his fantasy. He probably had a camera with a delay timer on it to take pictures, or perhaps another prostitute to take the pictures, though I think the latter is much less likely.

            I don't think he's the killer, though. That is very obvious, way too obvious considering the entire game so far has been focused around finding the killer then it's thrown in our faces at the end of the second episode. That is far too easy.

            I do think someone glamoured to look like Crane is a possibility, but I don't think it's likely.

    • All those good personalities gone to waste. D:

  • I agree, it probably will be Nerissa since she almost told Bigby something she's not supposed to say and helped him out a bit but you never really know what they'll plan to do next.

  • I really hope they don't kill of Nerissa, would almost be a little to predictable. Also I kinda like her :P

  • I don't see why it has to be a woman, as almost everyone is assuming.

  • everyone at the Pudding&Pie was wearing the ribbons, and Nerissa definitely had one on when she was trying to help Bigby, so there is a possibility. But, you can't really predict who when we don't know the motive yet. I definitely think Nerissa will end up dying or be removed somehow, but I'm going for someone else. The two victims have been prostitutes, and both are linked by their knowledge of the stolen item (assuming Faith had told Lily), so the next person to die might be another person connected with them or the item.

  • There might not be a next victim. We don't know the motive for the first two murders, and the killer could have been specifically gunning for Faith and Lily. There's certainly enough to investigate already, and the preview hasn't hinted at a further murder.

  • I think there might be a final murder at the end of episode 4.

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