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How come its only Clem and Luke?

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How come in the screenshot AND poster its just Clem and Luke. Is it possible something happened to the rest of the group? Maybe after Clem goes back to the cabin she chooses to go hunting with Luke, and now that Pete is gone (possibly). The groups powerhouses are slimming down to just Luke and possibly Nick. Carver and his group comes into the cabin and takes everyone and episode 2 could be about finding them in the mountains, where Carver is located. Is this theory possible?

  • Because they can't show Nick/Pete pictures, we still don't know what happened to them. They can't show Kenny pictures either because that would also spoil to much.

    And apart from this characters Pete is the most important character in the Season. He will be like a big brother for Clem. (atleast that's what i think)

  • How many people do you want trying to hold a door shut? :p

  • Clem and Luke probably got separated from the rest somehow. I mean, the episode is called A House Divided for a reason.

  • Maybe they got separated or they are looking for something/someone

  • It's a very unsubtle way of telling us that Luke is the dedicated deuteragonist of this season.

    I prefer Mr_Eeuss' explanation, though. I hope that is true.

    • Why do you hope that you're separated from the rest of the group?

      • I mean I would prefer that to be the reason that Luke has been getting preferential treatment from Telltale in screenshots.

        I wouldn't mind the separation, though, because it would be a good chance for additional character development for both Luke and Clementine.

        • I take it you don't like the idea of Luke being the deuteragonist?

          • I'm fine with it and I don't really see any other obvious choices, I just don't see why it has to be made so blatant before we really even find anything out about his character. It's as if he is being elevated above the other members of the group by the developers themselves, when the player should be the one determining the subjective value of each individual member of the group. His importance (and his VO's importance) in teasers also basically spells plot armor for me.

            It's not enough of an issue to detract anything from my experience, I just noticed it.

            • To be honest, I don't like the obvious choice. It seems, as you said, he is being forced as a likable character, and that doesn't sit well with me. As long as that doesn't translate into Clem putting him in a high position of importance without my agreement, though, I am ok with it.

              • maybe you dont have to like him. He could piss some players off in this episode and he doesnt have to be a likeable character.

                Also is it still possible he could have bi - polar disorder? just wondering

                • I'm fine with him being a likable charcter, just as it sits now he is likable to an extent beyond what he has earned (or so it seems). And again I am ok with that, as long as this trend doesn't spill over into the game and my Clem likes him more than she has reason to. Like if we were to hop into E2 and Clem would suddenly say "You are my favorite person in the world and you are my new father figure." Obviously this won't happen, but if the concept of him being more important than he actually is at the moment pops up then I would be... disappointed.

                  Also he could be bipolar, no way to tell. He will most definitely have his faults though. Just like everyone else in the story. No one is perfect and that point is made well in TWD. As it sits now he is a picture perfect person, which leads me to believe he will end up having some 'major' faults...

                  • Remember that if somehow it came down to Clem or the entire group, he would save the group as the greater good.

                    Hypothetical situation example: A bunch of aggressive bandits want Clementine for an unknown reason. ["Just give us the girl with the Hat or it won't end well for you..."] It looks to be shady as fuck, but then it just turns out to be a patrol of Kenny or Lilly's group that Kenny/Lilly told about Clementine, and they merely want to take Clem to K/L to earn "points" with them. (One would assume that Kenny and Lilly by this point might be able to lead at least part of a group, or at least be badass enough to make members of the group want to have their favor).

                    The rapidness of Lukes buildup reminds me of Sam. They rapidly built up that dog's relationship with the player/Clem, then betrayed us, hard. I'm not saying Luke would do it out of evil or selfishness, unless he just turns out to be an extremely skilled sociopath or bipolar like you said.

                    The other option would be that Luke is genuinely a good person, but will betray us at some point to try to save more lives (EG saving Sarah+others by betraying Clem).

                    As I said, I don't think that betrayal is certain, but it is possible, just the way they build up his trust level so fast, so it seems he has to have more faults than he is letting on, or the other option that he will betray Clem for what he see's as the greater good of the group.

    • Either that or they are just going to shock everyone and kill him off this episode. They aren't going to do that though, I think.

      • That's what they did for Omid though. They showed a screenshot of him then killed him in the same episode. It's way too obvious. I think Luke will be around for a while since he's in almost every single screenshot and title card (episode 1 and episode 2). The one screenshot he wasn't in, his machete make a cameo for him, so yeah he's not going to be killed in this episode.

  • It's cuz Clem and Luke are THE BEST

  • Well, I have to say that I don't have no fuckin clue what's going on, but I think that the cabin group is escaping, because in the episode 2 slide there is that Troy dude with binoculars and Johnny boy with ak-47, so maybe they are hunting the cabin group down?

  • I honestly don't think the group has been split up or if it has Luke and Clem won't be alone. Don't always need to have everyone on screen. xD I think TT probably chose to keep Luke in the screenshots because he seems the most likable character. Aside from him and Pete, everyone else seems more distant to Clem so I think Luke was the right choice. I'm sure we'll see more of the other characters.

  • Probably going on a scavenger trip.

  • I wonder if Clem and Luke will happen to run into the 400 Days group while they're split up from the rest of the Cabin Crew. Tavia mentioned it's up north and it's possible they'd have to pass through North Carolina.

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