TWD Forum Comic Series (Icarus Mines Chapter 1-2 Released in Comments Below)



  • For months I've been considering making some 3D character models for a future episode trailer of the main series. I'm not experienced with 3D modelling at all and I will have to build models from scratch. But I am considering getting blender and use SFM once I made the models I need for a trailer. This is going to be difficult, but I think it will pay off if I ever decide to.

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    Can't wait!

    Thank you, buddy :3

    You are VERY GOOD friend ^.^

    enter image description here

    P.S. I missed you too!

    Heya, Karnedg! Indeed, it has been a while, missed ya! You'll appear between next chapter or a little further in the story. I h

  • man I've missed so much story I feel terrible but I'm in it so cool!

  • So, Toby. Is this still alive?

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