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  • Thanks for understanding. I really do hope to be able to get a job locally so the project can held a bit longer. I have like 77 chapters reorganized now on that manga, I just summarized them in several paragraphs and focus on the dialogue later on. I have it in the back of my head. I will definitely let folks when I do go through with it and where to find it.

    This week has been extremely busy though, with going up town for family and helping my aunt with cleaning her place. Yesterday my allergies acted up and I had to sleep for most of the night. So chapter 1-2 of this project seems to most likely released next week.

    Well dude I think you should do whatever you're more passionate about. If you are really feeling your other project at the moment

  • Well, you could try Patreon if you struggle with money. ;)

  • This reply to you is extremely late.. but, yeah. I am considering that.

    My best friend told me I don't have to make a manga, just ask for support and make sure I do things commissions. So I have another thing to consider.

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    Well, you could try Patreon if you struggle with money.

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    Chapter 1-2 of Icarus Mines is done. Not all of the new cast will be introduced as planned in this one, but plenty will be in it.

    I'm drawing an image for the chapter then will post it in the following days.

    Sorry for the long absence. Too much busyness and procrastination. I'm ensuring myself to atleast work on it steadily daily. So far, I have done some of it in two days straight so far. I've even worked on the actual comic issue a bit.

  • Good work! We all have difficult patches. Looking forward to it.

    Chapter 1-2 of Icarus Mines is done. Not all of the new cast will be introduced as planned in this one, but plenty will be in it.

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    The wait is over. :)

    Chapter's being posted as I speak.

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    Good work! We all have difficult patches. Looking forward to it.

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    After a long hiatus, your next chapter of Icarus Mines is finally here. Enjoy!

    Icarus Mines Chapter 1-2: Welcome Back to Ard-Ri

    The 7 members of Upvote travels a long and tiring journey to Ard-Ri, finding themselves caught in a downpour along the way, the take a stop by a convergence of trees and bushes for cover. Not that was the only stop. Several times Hardknucks had to switch with 2 replacements on the journey, slowing them further with the massive cargo weight. In one and a half days, they finally begin reaching the end of the region.

    Commenter and Ellias struggles as they pull the wagon of supplies with Hardknucks sitting on the back, on top of the boxes. The two pulling, grunts with frustration and struggle, slowly pulling with a single slow step each.

    Commenter turns to Hardknucks with a slight growl. "Hardknucks! Remind me...", he pauses to catch a breath and continues. "Why in the name of Boombox Cheetos are you sitting on the damn supplies?!"

    Hardknucks takes a sip out of the straw of his carton cup of juice before he turns to him with his eyebrows raised. "You forgot already?"

    "Answer. The. Question."

    "Hmm.... I forgot." Hardknucks smiles with his eyes closed in embarrassment.

    Commenter stumbles in shock and disbelief. "Goddamnit!"

    Ellias sighs and shakes his head. "I'd rather have a pineapple instead of carrying this all the way."

    Hardknucks turns with his index finger waving. "Don't forget to have a sponge with that."

    Exasperated, Commenter lets out a huge sigh as they both pull further. "I swear to god if CoolStory lied to me I'm gonna burst in tears like a whale."

    Papai looks to his right, having listening to the conversation. He makes a perplexed face, just imagining a whale Commenter stomping around, crying out puddles. Ahead, Cart_Hero walks behind CoolStory and Kiwi. They continue forth along muddy road surrounded by bushes and trees, their feet getting stuck repeatedly in the wet dirt. However, at the end of their path it splits into two ways, the sign post in the middle is found broken off. They all stop at it with thoughtful eyes.

    CoolStory scratches off the itch on the back of his neck as Kiwi exclaims from the dillemna.

    "Well, this is no good. So, you wouldn't happen to remember the way do you, CoolStory?"

    CoolStory lowers his arm, exasperated. "You don't mean you also forgot the way?"

    Commenter in the back overhears them, panicking slightly. "You forgot already?! Both of you?!"

    CoolStory turns back to him with a short chuckle. "No, I'm just screwing with you. I know the way."

    Kiwi thinks to himself with silence. Embarrassed to admit he actually did already forget. He turns to Commenter with a fake smile, waving his hand back and forth. "Don't worry. We're just joking! Haha!"

    Ellias makes a frowned look, knowing Kiwi is bullshitting.

    CoolStory waves them to the path on the right. "It's this way. Come on."

    They move down a slightly sloped dirt hill with the cliff on their right and onto their left a tall grass-topped hill. As they make their way closer to cliff, Kiwi, with his born ability to read minds, detects thoughts nearby. He stops and looks up the hill to their left shoulders, the others stopping as they take notice. Papai calls out his name with curiosity. The thoughts Kiwi hears are those of bandits, those hoping to earn the spoils of thievery. Closing in on them.

    Kiwi reaches into his back pants pocket, pulling out a hatchet thanks to a forum custom of infinite pocket space. "Be careful, I'm detecting some bandits up that hill! Three of them!"
    The others take note of this, looking up the hill's grass-topped edge. Readying themselves for an ambush as CoolStory takes out a crowbar, Papai crackling his knuckles with his claws ready.

    Kiwi picks up more thoughts and warns the others. "Wait, I'm sensing two more! But they're not bandits!"

    Up the hill the three bandits, wearing ragged clothing and shirts as masks, carrying batons and swords, dashes toward the edge. From the distance in the bushes however to their left, two figures run quickly towards the bandits. The human bodied, fox-tailed girl of the two nods to the other girl wielding a massive green-glassed greatsword, the latter who vanishes with the blink of an eye as the fox girl speeds up, running faster as a full grown fox animal. She closes in at the four bandits who turns to notice in complete shock.

    enter image description here

    "HI BOYS!" The fox-tailed girl yells at them with a big, excited grin, having herself hunched forward with one knee raised. The three bandits moves in to attack however the girl swings her leg which was raised, swatting into one of the bandit's side of the neck, knocking him to the side. The bandit on her right swings his sword down however she hops back, dodging it and immediately charges in at him as the other bandit next to him watches completely dumbfounded. She stops with one step forward and smashes her palm onto his gut, followed up by an uppercut. With the other arm she shoves him to the side as she takes notice of a bandit with batons throwing a strike, who swings both arms inward hoping to make a crushing blow. The girl, raises both of her arms up, blocking the attack on either side with her forearms. She glances behind her with a serious face to notice two bandits with swords swinging down at her back. However, their blades stop against the flat, curved surface of a glass greatsword wielded by a ponytailed blue-haired girl who appears out of nowhere, holding the sword with great ease with one hand on the other side of the blade.

    "Where'd you come from?!" One of the bandits with the swords exclaim.

    Meanwhile, down below, CoolStory and the others looks on with surprise.

    "Damn, look at them go!" Kiwi exclaims.

    "Who are those two?" Ellias wonders.

    Back above, behind the two bandits with swords a tiny, pocket-sized blue dragon lacking wings breaths out cold, chilling mist of ice. They look behind them as they feel a breeze at their butts and soon realize their bodies are being cover in thin sheets of ice. They scream in panic as their become fully covered in thin ice, enough to make sure they don't shatter.

    "Nice job, Ikubo!" The blue-haired girl says with a big grin to her little dragon friend.

    "Why you.." The bandit facing the fox-tailed girl becomes irritated. The latter pushes her forearms, knocking away his arms. She then leaps up with her body turning in a 90 degree angle as she spins, followed by a crushing kick down onto his shoulder blade. He smashes into the ground, grunting from the pain.

    "Clord..." The fox-tailed girl hears her name from her friend, who steps aside with a bow and hand gestured to the two frozen bandits. "After you, foxy."

    Clord, the fox-tailed girl, grins with flattering. "Thanks, Blueneon."

    Clord picks up the bandit on the ground, her claws digging into his shirt as she lifts him up with ease. She swings him around, tossing him at the two frozen bandits. He crashes into his allies, causing the ice to shatter as all three of them come crashing down onto the ground, their weapons flying off to the side away from them. They rub their heads as the one turns his body and looks up with the others up to the two girls.

    Clord crosses her arms, a single sharp tooth showing from her closed frown. "If you value your lives, I highly recommend you fuck off. You wouldn't want to die at the hand of two girls."

    Crawling up onto the shoulder of Blueneon, the little dragon adds onto her words with pride. "And a tiny dragon!"

    "Screw this, we're out of here! That stash ain't worth it!" One of the bandits exclaims with fear, crawling away in a panic. Followed by the other two.

    "Yeah, no shit!" The other bandit says. All of them getting up and running away back into the woods.

    Blueneon puts his hands beside her mouth as she yells out. "Next time it won't be just a cold reception!" The dragon makes a victory sign while suddenly having sunglasses on him with a big, dumb smile.

    Down below, CoolStory looks up with the others to notice the fighting has stopped. "Looks like they finished up the bandits." He claims.

    "Yeah, no kidding. Those bandits were basically fodder against them." Papai notes.

    Blueneon, up above, turns her head back with Clord and Ibuko to look down to notice CoolStory and his friends. CoolStory looks up with the others to take notice of the two girls and creature looking down on them.

    Blueneon, stands about 5 feet 8 inches, 20 years old with a slim build. Her skin is pale in contrast to the neon and dark colours on her. Her bright blue hair is wavy and sharp, done up in a high ponytail tied in a black ribbon, the hair of the ponytail hanging past her shoulders, bangs parted by the left side of her face while many hangs down directionally to the right, covering one of her large pink eyes and thin black eyebrows. She wears a red hoodie with a grey accent along the waist end, up the sides of the torso and extending to the shoulders in a slightly jagged manner. The zipper, ends of the front pockets and strings of the hood all are black. Over the left shoulder and around the right waist is a strap carrying the sheath of her large, green-glass greatsword with the handle and hilt made of gold, forming a dragon insignia just before the blade. She also wears jeans with the thighs having been ripped on the front, on purpose giving how it's ripped. She wears black boots with a white trim at the bottom.

    On the shoulder of Blueneon is Ikubo, her pet, pocket-sized ice dragon. He lacks the wings as he was recently born only half a decade ago. On his head, above either eyebrow are a single short horn, with in between are Mohawk-like fins grown onto him. The front of his neck and belly are covered by steel-plated scales grown onto his flesh-made pale blue scaly hide. On the hind leg and front shoulder are swirling patterns tinted gold on his scales. At the end of his butt where the tail forms fins begins to grow. Fins grow even at the tip of his tail.

    Clord is a half-breed, her physical body is that of a young, 5 feet 6 inches tall woman yet she also the ears, nails and tail of a fox. Her skin is slightly tanned, signs of going out a lot. Her pink hair spikes out in a wild manner, the front bangs pushed outward. Her yellow eyes are sharp and full of wit, the iris small and slit. She wears a hoodie with the hood pulled over her head, the ears sticking through the cut-outs, the torso of the hoodie extends just above the waist, the sleeves just over the elbows, done up half way by a ring-shaped zipper. Under the armpits the colours split into two, the lower half of the torso is white while the rest is brown like a fox's pelt. Underneath she wears a black t-shirt with a brown, buckled-up collar around her neck and a geometric-patterned bangle on her right wrist. She wears navy blue cropped cargo pants with white streaks along either side of the leg. Her boots are brown like the colour on her hoodie, having a white trim on the bottom, at the toe end and along the front zipper.

    Blueneon's side see the wagon full of supplies with them. Realizing this is the escort team that mining baron has sent.

    "Hey, so you're the delivery boys that EAA's expecting?! Keep heading to the direction you're heading and you'll be at Ard-Ri in no time!" Blueneon shouts out to them.

    CoolStory shouts back up. "Thanks! I've been there before so it's no problem!"

    "Really? Then you should have no problem!"

    Clord adds to the chatter. "Watch out for bandits; they really are drooling for the cargo you're carrying!"

    Papai replies back in a more quiet volume. "We can handle them just fine."

    "You're from the village, I suppose?" CoolStory asks with an unconcluded guess.

    Ikubo, Blueneon's dragon, hops up onto its feet on his master's shoulder. "Indeed, we are sir!"

    Ellias is a little shocked to see it talk. Talking dragons are as rare as their kind. "It talks?"

    Blueneon turns to Ikubo with a frown. "Ikubo, you know you shouldn't talk to strangers."

    Ikubo makes a sad look to her. "But, they seem nice."

    "Still, remember the last group we met and what happened with you?"

    Clord turns to Blueneon with an assuring smile. "Com'on, Blue. These guys seem pretty cool to me."


    Hardknucks looks up to them with a raised brow. "What's going on with them?" He mutters to himself.

    Papai turns to Hardknucks with uncertainty. "Dunno."

    CoolStory looks back at the supplies in the wagon. Wanting to finish his work he looks back up the hill to the three.

    "We'll be going now!" CoolStory declares. They turn back to their corse and move along the trail. Blueneon and her friends follow their gaze on the crew below. Blueneon feels curiosity flowing through her, urging to ask just one more thing.

    "Hey, the one in the jacket with the hoodie, what's your name by the way."

    CoolStory turns with a slightly dazed look before realizing what she said. "It's CoolStoryBro."

    With that, he turns back to the front and continues to move on to the village's direction. Above, Blueneon and her friends looks in surprise. Ikubo looks down in surprise, thinking out loud. "That name is certainly familiar."

    Clord turns to Blueneon and Ikubo with confirmation. "That's the name of that old blacksmith's nephew from Ard-Ri."

    Blueneon and Ikubo turns their heads to her. "Yeah, yeah, you're right!" Ikubo agrees excitedly to Clord.

    Blueneon looks back to crew who's far in the distance. A calming expression over her face. She looks back to her friends. "Let's head back to the village."

    Nearly half a hour later, CoolStoryBro and his friends finds themselves finally nearing the village. Hardknucks now pulls the wagon as Ellias and Commenter sits on the supplies to rest, and as payback, making it slightly harder for Hardknucks. CoolStory, Kiwi, Cart_Hero and Papai looks up to see the village a little ways straight ahead of them. Multiple small houses made of wooden walls and strong glass windows. Some housing are made of coal shingles while others are made of hay. Shrubs and flowers grow around the village with a large pine forest surrounding it with the mountainous mines looming over the village behind it. Sounds of ponds and rivers can be heard from the watermill systems made. Behind that sound is the chipping noises of pickaxes out side of the mine from where a small smoke cloud is formed. A nostalgic feeling flows relentlessly through both Kiwi and CoolStoryBro.

    "It hasn't changed a bit! Haha!" CoolStory lets out a chuckle, feeling happy to be back here again.

    "Good know the watermill is still kicking." Kiwi thinks out loud.

    Hardknucks calls out to them. "Don't go wandering off just yet; we still have to deliver these supplies."

    CoolStory and Kiwi looks back to him with a single nod. Barely able to contain their excitement inside them.

    The crew continues to make their way through the busy village, passing by a river as family sits quietly together at a garden on the other side. Ellias and Commenter looks around thinking to themselves how well taken care of it is. Believing that if it focused more on infrastructure the town would look like the commonwealth back home. Papai quietly looks at the small houses they pass which reminds him of his own village and how tranquil it was. As they cross over one of the bridges over the long river, in the clearing ahead the sounds of mining work grows louder as they approach closer. Soon enough they become several metres away from the mining site.

    "There it is." Kiwi notes, continuing. "That's Icarus Mines right in front of us."

    The site has many smelters and anvils, grinding wheels and workbenches for tools with several wagons and crates half way emptied. On the right side many crates and tables contains ores and smelted ingots from the assembly styled workspace. Many miners focused on their smelting and placing equipment and minerals to their desired locations, with some trying sharpen their tools or testing the values of their ingots and ores. At the very back, the mine entrance that leads to a deep maze lays before them. The mine has been opened since CoolStory and Kiwi were small children; imaginable how much progress has been made in building tunnels since then. The mines seems to have an endless supplies of minerals to collect and profit from.

    As they get closer, one of the miners who's on break takes notice of their presence, getting off a stump of a tree to approach them. The crew becomes aware of his presence in return. He wears dirty baggy jeans held by a solid buckled black belt. Donning black Velcro shoes. A zipped-up grey hoodie, large hood. It has black accent along the zipper and around the upper torso and sleeves, white accents on the ribs and pockets and part way along the waist, a single streak along the forearms up to the elbow. White t-shirt underneath. Notably wearing a gold watch on his right wrist, tucked under the sleeve. He has a slim build, in his early 20s and standing 6'7. He has messy blonde hair waving to the right with bangs across, just above, the eyebrows with 2 long bangs parted against the nose. His face has a gentle yet strong jawline, slightly pronounce chin, a little bite from the bottom lip and stern blue eyes.

    He walks up towards them, stopping infront of Papai but looking towards Cart_Hero who feels like he needs to say something while feeling the awkwardness of his approach.

    "Hi. We were asked to come and..." He pauses, seeing the man looking towards the wagon and notices the boxes. The man finally speaks with his arms crossed.

    "Ah, good. You have the stuff. Wait here and be good kids." With that he turns around and walks off. The others looks with awkward expressions.

    Hardknucks looks at the man with a raised eyebrow. "If I'm a kid then I sure smoked too much for my own good... Tsk, tsk. "

    "Hpmh." Ellias simply lets out a small quip.

    Cart_Hero scratches the back of his neck. "Well... He did save me the trouble of explaining."

    Commenter looks at Kiwi with curious eyes. "Know the guy?"

    Kiwi turns around with a shrug. "Nah, he seems to be one of the miners that comes from one of the nearby villages."

    The man in the distance talks to two suited men. Their voices inaudible to them, the three turns and approaches the crew.

    "Gustav_Kenny told me we had some guests; you're the delivery crew that I've requested from the TWD Community then?" The older man in suit asks with calculating glances.

    CoolStory responds casually. "Yeah, it's all right here. Still in perfect condition, boxes are little wet though."

    "The supplies cannot exactly be in perfect condition if the boxes are wet." He corrects him.

    "Well close enough."

    "Indeed. I'll have my staff take care of drying them and make sure they are all will not need any further care for."

    "So you're the baron?"

    "I am. My name is Lord_EAA." He gestures his hand towards himself.

    Continue down below

  • Lord_EAA is the mining baron who has founded the Icarus Mines excavation project, as such he became a wealthy man. His fashion shows his success. He wears some classical garments, his blue-grey old fashioned baron coat donning drapes at the back with the layered cuffs completed coated in black. Under the coat he wears a black, buttoned vest with a chained pocket watch tucked in between the buttons. He has a white dress shirt with a black tie, blue-grey dress pants and black smart shoes. He also wears a blue-grey bowler hat with a black strap, completed with a pair of round spectacles with black trimming. He is an older fellow, in his late 60s, standing 6'2''. He's broad shouldered. Thick but slim enough to stay healthy. His hands are aged and weathered. The face wrinkled and chiseled with defined cheek bones, a rigid jawline and a round-about nose. His thick black eyebrows have a stern sense about them with his light blue eyes, the upper eyelids wrinkled down a little. He has a black goatee, thick, grown around the chin and beneath the nostrils. His greying black hair is unkempt with the front bangs pushed back with several parted bangs on either side of his temples.

    Kiwi joins the conversation. "So you're the guy that's been running these mines all these years!"

    "Yes. I've been working here with this village all these years. I say I've done well with making a living. Something I am proud of."

    CoolStory takes notice of the man in suit next to Lord_EAA staring silently at him. He wears a black, undone suit jacket with black dress pants, buckled by a black leather belt. He wears a white dress shirt in a slightly messy manner, the collars standing up with a few buttons undone partially revealing his chest. He also wears dark brown loafers. Including gloves with similar colour with the two index fingers and thumb uncovered. Completing his outfit are dark shades with little reflection. He is an athletic man in his mid 20s, standing 6'1''. He has a smoothed out face and mildly chiseled jawline, the temples and cheekbones slightly defined. The nose is soft-edged and the eyes are sharp and white. He has a buzz cut on the sides of his cranium, with his bangs of hair slicked back along the top and back of the neck like a Mohawk with a dapper touch.

    Lord_EAA follows CoolStory's gaze and turns towards the young man next to him. He turns back towards the crew with a relaxed look. "Ah, forgive the young man here. May I introduce you to NoHopeLeft, he's one of the... ahem, freelance guards I hired."

    Ellias catches on quickly. "Mercs."

    "Yes, they are."

    "What for?" Commenter asks with a raised eyebrow.

    "Owning a mine of such stature even has their own faults. Bandits often have the tendency to interrupt and threaten my work."

    "We done chatting? My shift is about to start." Gustav says as he becomes increasingly impatient.

    Lord_EAA turns to Gustav with a slightly ticked off look but then clears his throat as he looks away, reaching into his coat pocket. "Well, I suppose we should get back to business. Do you have the forms?"

    Hardknucks walks up front as he takes out a clipboard with papers from inside his sleeveless jacket. "Yup, I have it right here."

    Hardknucks hands the clipboard into EAA's hand who holds a small leather container full of zeni and a pen. EAA signs the signature and then hands the clipboard back with a stash full of zeni as payment.

    "Well, I'm glad to have done some business with you. Perhaps another time. Good day gentlemen." Lord_EAA tips his hat to the crew and turns away with Gustav and NoHopeLeft. However just as they begin to walk away, behind the crew CoolStory soon hears a familiar voice call out to him.

    "CoolStory! Are you over there, my boy?!"

    CoolStory's eyes widens and all of the crew turns to look behind them. Before them stands a tall, middle aged man. He has pointed ears like those mythical elves, his eyes are blue and sharp with large pupils, eye bags with wrinkles against the cheeks and forehead. His hair is spiky, almost like a blue flame constantly lit. Much like his hair, his eyebrows also has a strong, sharp act going on. He has some blue fuzz growing on the bottom of his chin. On his forehead, he wears a pair of goggles; the strap black with orange trimmings. He sports an orange short-sleeved jacket with dual black stripes on the sleeves and around the torso, with a black trim around the folded collar with buttons on the end, completed with a done up zipper that is partially unzipped revealing a dark blue t-shirt underneath. On either forearms and hands are wrapped up bandages as a fashion statement. The dress pants are toned brown completed with black loafers.

    Commenter asks with confusion. "Who's the flamboyant guy? You know him?"

    Kiwi nods. "Oh, we definitely know him."

    CoolStory looks with excitement in his face, a big smile forming. "Old man..." He walks on through the crowd of his friends, soon running right to the mid-aged man. "Uncle!"
    The rest of his friends, with the exception of Kiwi, are surprised by the revelation. CoolStory nearly tackles his uncle, Everchanger, with a hug who welcomes with an attempted hug of his own. But soon both regains their cool composure, stopping themselves from hugging in a kindred manner, but instead with a quick hug added by a shoulder bump.

    "Welcome back, kiddo. Been too long since I've saw you last." Everchanger says with a grateful smile.

    "Yeah. It's good to back. Been too long, old man." CoolStory responds with a gleeful smirk.

    Everchanger smirks with his eyes closed, before suddenly snapping at him with a whack on the shoulder. "Idiot! I thought I told you not call me that when we meet again!"

    "Ow! Sorry!" CoolStory laughs.

    Everchanger regains his composure and chills out. Smirking.

    "Heh. But seriously, welcome back."

    Chapter 1-2: Welcome Back To Ard-Ri

    After a long hiatus, your next chapter of Icarus Mines is finally here. Enjoy! Icarus Mines Chapter 1-2: Welcome Back to Ard-Ri

  • Hi, Tobster! :)

    Long time no see!

    Interesting. I will be in there? :Р

    How soon? ;Р

    Lord_EAA is the mining baron who has founded the Icarus Mines excavation project, as such he became a wealthy man. His fashion sho

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    Good chapter. Liked the action scene! Looking forward to more.

    Might want to work on describing the characters and be cautious about using attribute "dumps", as they can be a chore for the reader. When I write I like to tell the audience just enough about the character to create a mental image and then slowly reveal other characteristics as they become relevant. Though I understand how that could be difficult in a story with so many characters.

    Lord_EAA is the mining baron who has founded the Icarus Mines excavation project, as such he became a wealthy man. His fashion sho

  • Heya, Karnedg! Indeed, it has been a while, missed ya!

    You'll appear between next chapter or a little further in the story. I have to check my summaries today to find out how long the next chapter will be and how many are to be introduced.

    Today I will be focusing on some progress for Episode 3: Crimson Despair Chapter 1 comic work. Needing to catch up on that rn.

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    Hi, Tobster! Long time no see! Interesting. I will be in there? :Р How soon? ;Р

  • Thanks! Glad you liked the fight. I was nervous in writing a fight scene as it may hinder visuals and I want the readers to see what I see.

    Yeah, I can see that. My reason in putting a character description in one paragraph is to allow the reader to fully visualize them in the get go instead of guessing progressively, plus I dunno where to put the descriptions during the story progress. I should add my description glossary is not exactly outstanding, there's so many terms I need to know still. Still, I will consider for future story works. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Good chapter. Liked the action scene! Looking forward to more. Might want to work on describing the characters and be cautiou

  • For months I've been considering making some 3D character models for a future episode trailer of the main series. I'm not experienced with 3D modelling at all and I will have to build models from scratch. But I am considering getting blender and use SFM once I made the models I need for a trailer. This is going to be difficult, but I think it will pay off if I ever decide to.

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    Can't wait!

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    P.S. I missed you too!

    Heya, Karnedg! Indeed, it has been a while, missed ya! You'll appear between next chapter or a little further in the story. I h

  • man I've missed so much story I feel terrible but I'm in it so cool!

  • So, Toby. Is this still alive?

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