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Yep,a whole thread discussing Carver.It's not original,but just tell me what's on your mind.After the trailer,of course,which is EPIC!!1!!1!!(coming soon=March).And,i guess,i should tell you what I think.Umm...He seems like an asshole.Kinda.And...Just one quick question:LUKE WAS A FARM BOY?Okay,no.But i figured Carver used to be in the group,until he got kicked out for his...Umm,violent ways?Carver,as in,cutting up?I dunno,but,i think he's seeking revenge for being kicked out to survive on his own.I think the real reason he was kicked out was because he killed,like,a person from the group,maybe?Am i talking outta my ass?This is just a theory.He made a group if his own,with a policy similar to the one in Crawford...And now that he's more powerful,he feeds on what he finds on defenseless survivors and seeks out his first group to destroy them...I think it makes sense.Also,i like the way TTG dodged that one question,who is the "I thought you were dead" person...Maybe he's that guy Russel was talking 'bout!With the group of SEVEN people...And surely the father of Rebecca's kid!(#fangirling)Aaaaaannyyyywaaaay...I think Carver's gonna be a cool antagonist. :3 Can't wait for the next episode...Goddamn,is this a long-ass thread?I sure hope not.



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