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What did the cabin people do so bad/Carter would stalk.

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OK so with the ep2 Trailer its clear Carter is not just some guy they hope they don't bump into. Carter is stalking, Searching for the cabin people.

What did they do so bad that a man would Stalk them in a Zombie Apocalypse. Honestly I thought the cabin group was oh.... GOODY people but to make a man hunt you down and follow you in a Zombie Apocalypse They must have done something BAD!!!!!!

So Opinions?? What did the cabin group do so bad??

  • Me first, They were all close friends and when everything went to hell, they took all of Carters stuff left him for dead and got his family killed.

  • I would say there a good chance this happened. "In a world where you have to do anything to survive your sure to step on some toes".- Robert Kirkman

    1. Cabin crew may have killed a lot of Carver's people, maybe even family by mistake or not.
    2. Carver is after Rebecca's baby.
    3. Or he's just the Governor 3.0 and manipulates Clem into thinking that the Cabin crew are bad.
  • 2 Maby it is Carvers baby?!?!?! She did say plz let it be Alvins!?!?!

  • Let's just silently wait for episode 2 so that Telltale won't have to rewrite the episode just cause we found out.

  • I'm gonna share the theory that me and other people have shared here. THe cabin group was RUssel's group (that he talks about in 400 days), that had a guy and his daughter, a teacher and his wife and a guy who said he was a cop but no one believed him and someone named Steve... SO I guess he was referring to Carlos and Sarah, Alvin and Rebecca, Luke, and Steve, making 7 with Russel himself before he left.

    Notice that Telltale keeps pointing to the number 7 (Carver says: my people, 7 of them)!!

    SO the theory is there they were, the seven of them CArlos, Sarah, Alvin, Rebecca, Luke, Carver and Russel and then RUssel left and the group stopped being the magic number Carver (Steve) talked about... SO he got even crazy searching for the new seventh person and the group started to ressent him (specially Carlos, beacuse he wanted to pretect Sarah, and that's why he is the de facto new leader of the cabin).

    So then Pete, Nick and his mother appeared but Carver only wanted one of them to stay with the goup, so I believe the goup rioted and kicked him out, problably in a violent way leaving him in a bad shape alone in the forest (like Merle in TWD tv show) vefore he found his new group...

    So now Carver wants his revenge on the group (specially Carlos and Alvin I believe) and wants to be with the baby that he thinks is his son.

    ALso Carlos is mexiacan? Never noticed any accent or anything, I just thought Carlos was an American name too :P

  • I hope its early march like first week March.... ill have to look when wolf amoung us ep 2 released

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