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Episode 2 Trailer Analysis

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So, I decided to review the trailer for the upcoming episode. I was SO EXCITED that I couldn't resist doing this. Let's start!

First, here's the video. Trailer starts at 2:18.
Alt text

  1. 2:18 until 2:24 - Zombies. Not much surprise here.
  2. 2:24 until 2:30 - Someone knocks on the door. Why in the hell is Clem opening the door to a complete stranger without even having a weapon to defend herself?! And where the fuck is the rest of the group?!
  3. 2:30 until 2:43 - The man is definetely Carver. He says exactly: "Hello there. 7 of them to be exact. Maybe you've seen them. Couple of farmboys and an old man (Nick, Luke and Pete), Spanish guy and his daughter (Carlos and Sarah), big black guy and a pretty little pregnant lady." Apparently he knows the group. I wonder if his got anything to do with Rebecca being pregnant. Personally, I don't think so, but I guess we'll find out.
  4. 2:43 until 2:46 - "I'm just saying we've had our differences" Creeeeeepy. This guy's searching revenge, I FEEL IT IN KENNY'S HOLY MOUSTACHE.
  5. 2:48 until 2:54 - The group is leaving. Sarah is scared boo-freaking-woo.
  6. 2:55 until 3:04 - I don't know why, but I think Luke is going to step up as Clem's tutor. In the first screenshots of Episode 2, he was the only one that appeared, besides Clementine.
  7. 3:05 until 3:07 - We see Walter with a knife and there's a new guy, someone with a hoodie and a rifle.
  8. After 3:07 - We see an insight on Nick and what a great view! And Carlos saved Clem.

So, what do you think will happen? I'm disappointed that the ski lodge group didn't make a bigger appearence, but I'm already hyped. What are your theories for this episode?

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