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"Whose baby is it?" It's Carver's!

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...Carver is Rebecca's child's father. I knew it!

I called it! That was the reason he is after the group. That's why he doesn't just shoot up the place instead of knocking on the door. He doesn't want Rebecca to die with his baby. I'll also call that she didn't conceive it willingly. Since she was the only grown woman in the group, he probably felt he had to carry his legacy on somehow and raped her. Everyone was disgusted by what he did, and left him.

That's why Rebecca is so bitter! I'm glad I wasn't mean to her about her baby now.

And judging by ep3 slider where they're in a prison, Rebecca and Clem are going to be captured in the future and probably kept around until she goes into labor.

  • Luke,i am your father.

  • I also had the theory that she could've been raped, which is one of the reasons that I wasn't mean to her. The way she acts kind of pints to it. In one of my fanfics, I had a character who was raped and Rebecca acts a similar way to her. (Yes, that character is supposed to get pregnant. Don't ask who it was.)

    • It just clickled together.

      The way she was so bitter, so distrustful of strangers, how she was so scared of Carver and worried about whose baby it was.

      That Carver guy looks just like someone whose ego is so inflated due to his apparent leadership, he'd probably take advantage of any woman he could find. He must have proposed to the group that he must carry on his "legacy", and for that he had to have a baby with the only woman of the group. They disagreed, but he raped her anyway. After that, they ran away from him, disgusted by what he did,and he's been chasing them ever since, so he can take his baby from Rebecca and raise it as his own.

      Notice how he creepily refers to Rebecca as his "pretty little pregnant lady". Maybe it wasn't just a legacy thing, too, and he was just creepily obsessed with her.

  • Everyone who was mean to Rebecca is gonna feel like crap now. I've been saying this in every Rebecca hate thread.

    I told you so!

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