Is that Becca? (Theory/Spoilers for Episode 2 Season 2)

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For those of you who don’t know, a new episode of playing dead, along with a trailer for episode 2 have come out. I was discussing it online with a few other people, when someone pointed this part of the trailer out.

Alt text

This shot lasts for less than a second, so the first time I watched the trailer, I assumed that it was just a shot of Nick, Carlos, and Rebecca (the cabin survivor) shooting walkers with Clem in the background.

Look closely at the person on the left.

Alt text

The first thing you’ll notice is that’s not Rebecca. I have Clementine in the shot as a hight comparison. Clementine is slightly closer to the camera than she is, but this woman (or teenage girl) isn’t that much taller than Clementine, and is definitely shorter than the rest of the adults.

Now for a real close up of her.

Alt text

Look at her hair in that shot. Now look at these two screenshots of Becca (the 400 days character).

A side view:

Alt text

A picture of the back of her head (I looked for a better one, I couldn’t find it).

Alt text

I think it’s safe to say that the woman on the left is a slightly older Becca.

Can someone make a “Becca confirmed for season 2” gif?

Additionaly, if this is Becca, what type of role do you think she will play in the episode?


Here is a side by side in higher resolution:
Alt text



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