Carlos is Going to be Clementine's New Caretaker

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I think Carlos taking care of Clementine is so much better than this whole brother/sister relationship I've been hearing with Luke. Carlos is very protective with Sarah and he could be protective with Clementine too. He even saved her life! Carlos is a father so he should have a better grasp on this than Luke. Who else agrees with me on this? Clementine would be in better hands with Carlos than with Luke.



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    I kind of agree I mean Luke is a nice guy and all but I wouldn't breed him like I would Carlos I----uhhh I mean yeah I agree....

  • Thank you. I'm not the only one here.

  • Don't really know either of them that well.

  • He can't even take care of his daughter, Making her unaware of all the shit happening outside is not protecting

  • Locks girl in shed, is best person to look after her.....fuck logic

  • To protect his daughter. Imagine what he would do for Clementine if he considers her as a daughter. She'll be safe with him.

  • Protect his daughter? Once she realizes what the world is like she will probably end up being like Duck, protecting her or not

  • Well Clementine already knows what's out there. Carlos is a much better guardian than Luke will ever be.

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    I think that was done to protect the group since he didn't know if she could be trusted or not which is why I think he was kind of dodging the bullet about what kind of bite it was since he is the only doctor around the others would just take his word on it so I don't take that as "he didn't know what it was" but "he didn't want to put his group at risk". Hes not the only one who came off as rude towards Clem either Luke came off kind of harsh early on then quickly changed his tune might be bipolar lol.

  • Obviously being a better doctor couldn't hurt

  • Carlos looks like he is letting her out more. She'll slowly start to understand and accept it. That's why Carlos is such a good father.

  • Clem doesn't need someone to look after her, she needs to be able to look after herself. Luke is the perfect person to help her with that. He lets her kill walkers, as we saw in the trailer, but is a nice enough guy to step in and help if she ever needs it. This way she can learn to take care of herself in relative safety with Luke looking out for her. Carlos would just try to protect her, which will eventually get her killed. He's doing it with Sarah, after all.

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    "I think that was done to protect the group since he didn't know if she could be trusted or not which is why I think he was kind of dodging the bullet about what kind of bite it was since he is the only doctor around the others would just take his word on it so I don't take that as "he didn't know what it was" but "he didn't want to put his group at risk".

    I don't think it had anything to do with his doctor skills I believe he just didn't want her around or in the house around Sarah. I can kind of agree with that if Sarah could protect herself or not I wouldn't just go open arms to any person that walks by.

  • But... Who told you Luke was protecting her anyway ? They are just friends Clementine is not the little girl that needs to be protected anymore

  • A better doctor could tell if she was bitten by a dog, even if she was bitten by a walker, as Pete said, "She weighs about as much as a sack of flour, I think we could take her."

  • Well, considering Carlos will most likely die in Episode 2, I doubt he can look after her when he is dead

  • Well as I just stated twice I believe he knew it wasn't a walker bite but he led the others on to believe that he was unsure so they'd keep her out of the house. Guess time will tell that might even get brought up in episode 2 if this whole "they gave Clem a gun with no ammo because they didn't trust her" thing is true.

  • Totally, defend the guy who without hesitation locked her in the shed, "doctor my ass...."

  • Yeah....:( I do believe either him or Alvin will die first.

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    You're saying that as if Clementine's invincible. Everyone needs someone to protect them and have their back. Even the most badasses in the comics has the benefit of their group watching their back. Carlos is just a better candidate than Luke is.

  • I don't think Alvin will die until he figures out it is Carver's baby

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    I'd likely do the same. She is a kid so they wouldn't have to use much supplies i'd just patch her up and leave her there until they figure out who or what she knows. I mean in a world like that this you have to really think Would you potentionally sacrifice your daughter's safety or even life to save this other girl you don't even know?

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    Do you have a dictionary? Because you really need it, Its not the same to have someone that is there for you and has your back and someone protecting you like you are a fucking liability, Lee protected Clementine but he didn't protect Kenny , Him and Ken had each other's back

  • Is this a trick question? It's Clementine, of course I would sacrifice my daughter for Clemmy

  • So you want the guy who left Clementine in the shed to die to watch over Clem rather than the man (Luke) who persisted that they let her out until the group actually gave in and let her inside? That's just scratching the surface of all the good things Luke has done for Clem in one episode.

  • Yeah true I never put much thought into that could be for some interesting drama and Carlos will have to die for Sarah to really come out of her shell and flesh out her character.

  • I just think he's just not long for this world. Think about it. It was almost a 50/50 decision with more picking Nick IIRC. Nick is alive for 100% of people's playthroughs while Pete is dead for over 50% of them. I don't think Telltale is going to do anything major for his character if he does miraculously survive.

  • Why not? Herschel lived with one leg

  • Why not? He is qualified. The same cannot be said about Luke.

  • Luke has no family remaining, which means he has the most in common with Clementine, thus, he is a better caretaker because he knows what he is doin

  • Yes he did, but he had convenient medical supplies, a bed, group that had basic knowledge about medicine who were treating him, and a secured part of the prison. Clem and Pete are in the middle of the woods alone, with no medical supplies, no proper resting area, and they're not safe. That's exactly how Lee died. :c

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    In the trailer, it looks like they are in the shed

  • Just because Luke has no family automatically means he's a better caretaker? Wrong. Carlos has hands on experience with little girls.

  • Qualified my ass, He can't even tell the difference between a dog bite & a human bite, Not to mention he will get Sarah killed by shielding her the way he has.

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  • I willing to bet anything that the trailer and the final product is going to be quite different. Just like every TWD trailer and the released game usually are.

  • Fine. Then Carlos can watch her back and be her best chance of survival. He can protect her.

  • Carlos knew it was a dog bite and put Clementine in the shed to protect his daughter. That shows that he is willing to do anything to protect the ones he loves.

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