"You Have No Idea Who These People Are, Do You?"

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When Carver is talking to Clementine in the cabin he says "You have no idea who these people are, do you?". Probably referring to the cabin group. Why would he say this? Is he trying to trick Clementine or convince her to tell them where they are? Is the cabin group the real villain here? Speaking of the cabin group, where the hell are they, and why is Clem left in the cabin alone?

He also says "These people don't trust you, why do you trust them?" Suspicious...



  • Well I personally don't really have any idea who these people are, that might be why he's saying it. But now I know that they're all smart enough to leave the 11 year old alone in a cabin where old strangers can just walk in.

  • When he says " these people don't trust you, Why do you trust them? " kind of got to me to be honest because thats actually how it is

  • Well, its certainly going to be interesting and fascinating when we find out. For now, I think Carver is probably trying to perhaps turn Clem against the group, placing doubt in her mind about who the group really are.

  • Carver is obviously allways checking up on the group, in a regular basis, after he left the group, so he knwos that Nick's mother died and they are only 7 now (or 6 if Pete is dead, he problably doens't know that...).

    I can't tell for sure who's the "bad people" but Carver is obviously trying to manupulate Clem into giving up information and turn her to his side...

    And I mean really Clementine (and problably Sarah) alone in the cabin? And also CLem are you letting in strangers into the house? I know you are a badass and could kill him but you know he might have a gun...

  • hope there is a option to say " well i don't know you wither so shove it"

  • There should allways be options like "yes but I don't care about you..." or just "yeah I don't care about that" that would make the game interesting :P

    It would be like "OMG Sarah died!!", Clementina "yeah I don't care..."

  • He is kind of right we don't know much about them.

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    I have a feeling maybe in Episode 3 there might be a choice where you can run off and join Carver's group or stay strong with the cabin group. It seems like Carver is trying to manipulate Clementine into thinking the cabin group are the bad guys, which honestly? They might be.

  • You are probably right, but, I wouldn't trust Carver, after what has been said about him.

  • Except what has been said about Carver isn't from someone with a neutral viewpoint.

  • Carver should be like this

  • I think Carver is just lying and is trying to get Clementine out of the cabin group so he can do something to them. Don't know yet, but I'm pumped.

  • I think I'm going to enact a new 'trust no one I don't already know from season 1' policy.

  • Plot twist: the cabin group is evil hahaha jk

  • They sure did alot of evil things before when Carver was still part of their group, but they regret their actions, that's why they threw him out of the group!

  • Clementine was thinking about opening the door when Carver just opens it. She didn't let him in, the door was never locked.

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    I think he's probably going to try and convince Clem that the Cabin Group have done something wrong, or that he's the victim(or at least not the villain). I get the feeling he's someone who works more on lies and manipulation than actual brute force. It'll be interesting to see how that situation plays out. I'm really excited to see Carver in this episode, especially with Michael Madsen doing the voice. Even from the lines in the trailer, it seems he'll do a great performance as the "villain" of this Season.

  • Wonder if he has anything to say about the massacre down by the river.

  • Yeah, you're right Carver, I don't trust them. I don't even fully trust Pete or Luke; I like them, to be sure, but I don't consider them having my back by the end of the episode. Although seeing how much the trailer and promo images place Luke and Clem alone together, I have a feeling that might change. Hope so.

  • I think Carver may be spying on the group. Notice when he lists who the group is he leaves out Pete? Does he know Pete is (probably) dead? I think he is just saying however that the group turned their back on him and you will have to decide if it was justified.

  • He says two farm boys and an old man.

  • oh, does it show Pete when he says that?

  • Hes Trying to trick Clem. Remember To carver Clem is a little 10-11 year old girl. He can say w/e he wants and she could believe it but since we know his intentions we won't believe him.

  • Maybe that's why there's the still of Clem putting on warpaint for ep 4. At least I assume it's warpaint.

  • Or Carver left due to the same reason.

  • I don't think that he knows that Pete is(determinately) dead. When he's telling Clem who he's looking for, he says "two farm boys and an old man". That would be Nick, Luke, and Pete.

    Of course, it could just be that that part of the trailer is canon to the storyline where Pete(possibly) lives. I don't think that's likely though, as you don't see Pete anywhere.

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    Why is Clem there alone? is what I was wondering , I do kinda think Carver was watching the group for a while now and possibly saw how they treated Clem when she first arrived

  • For some reason, Pete was never present in the trailer.

  • Yeah probably, trying to get Clem to the "dark side"

  • Ah yes. And because you don't know which group you will be in at that point, the people in the background are faded. Maybe one side of the screen is Carver's group and the other side of the screen is the cabin group.

  • I don't think Clementine was completely alone. After all, in the Next On we see Sarah with Clem saying: "someone's outside." Of course, I don't know why the group would leave the two kids alone... or why Carlos would leave Clem alone with Sarah right after saying he didn't trust Clem.

    Cabin group is shady, Carver is shady, everyone is shady.

  • Yeah, Carver must be related to Darth Vader

  • Perhaps the group left to go check out the massacre down by the river. While they're away Carver for some reason wants to ask Clem some questions about the group and try to plant the seeds of doubt in her so when the time comes he'll try to get her to turn on the group.

  • I trust them more than I trust him.

  • Carver: I'm looking for my people. Couple of farm hands and an old man, Spanish guy and his daughter, big black guy, a pretty little pregnant lady and a mad, psychotic, green skinned man with an apple tattooed on his chest, goes by JUICY.

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    I wonder why he Carver didn't mention Juicy

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