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Does Clem, or you hold more influence on decision making

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Question being, when you've played Season 2, does knowing her molded personality from Season 1 influence you more towards a choice you think she would make? Or do you tend to make the decision based off of what you think would be best?

  • I make the choices that I would make, not what I think Clem would make. I played Lee the same way in Season 1, doing what I thought was best, so, logically, doing what I think is best in this Season IS what Clem would do, as she's making choices similar to those that my Lee made.

  • For me, I'd say half of both. I try to mix up the decision-making between her personality and what I think is best.

  • For me, I do what I know is right and what I think is right. Although some things in the game affect my decisions though.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    I make the decisions that I think benefit me and make the most sense because I know Clem has experienced enough Shit to understand some things have to be done , Only on a rare occasion I let the way her character should be handled affect my choices because my Clem is a tough ass girl willing to do what has to be done to survive

  • In the moment, I try to think how Lee influenced Clementine and make decisions based upon that... but most of the time I overthink it or think too slowly and end up going with what I think is the best option.

  • In S1 I did what I would do, it was an easy connection with Lee. I am having a much more difficult time connecting this season, I tend to overthink things and try to make the decissions she would make, not myself, which is actually quite bothersom when it comes to immersion. But that pretty much sums up my rant.

  • Both, in a way, because I played Lee with how I thought to handle situations, and with Clem I played her with her influence from Lee and Christa, from that shes learnt to be good, nice and kind at times, and at other times be a bit of a douche to survive "Whose baby is it?"

  • I probably changed her personality , I can't enjoy this game without doing what I would do if I were her , that's why I prefer playing as an adult character than Clem , it seems to me as if I turned her into Carl .

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