Who's Going to Lead the Group?

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Who's going to lead the group now that Pete's pretty much a goner either way? If you asked me a couple weeks ago who I thought was going to lead the group, I would've said Carlos. Now, after everything I saw in the screenshots and the trailer. I believe Luke is going to take the leadership role since I think he may be the most unbiased one out of the whole group. He considers Clementine a part of the group, he's compassionate and understanding to everyone in the group, and he's the most capable out of everyone. He doesn't have any family either so no selfish choices.

Who do you think is going to take the leadership role in the group and explain why you think they'll take that role.


  • I'm not sure who, but I don't think it will be Luke. Not at first anyways. As SPOILERS -------Scott says in his interview : Luke will take on a role of trying to usher Clem into the group, that doesn't sound like he has as much say in what goes down in the group as a leader (or especially the leader) would. I believe he will need to step up to the plate before the end, but as it sits now his part in the group will be "caretaker" (and I use that term loosely) of Clem and a respected advisor.

  • Haha. Aren't you the one who said that Luke is going to show his true colors? Just wondering. Not saying that it won't happen of course.

  • Indeed I am. He is going to have a bad side, at least if he doesn't I would be very disappointed by TT's lack of creativity and careless addressing of character traits (good and bad). His bad traits, though, will not stop him from being an overall positive character. If you had asked me directly after E1 if he was going to be an overall good character I would have said 50/50, but with TT's obvious attempts to attach us to the character (look at all the pics and trailers coming out... Luke and Clem right?) since the end of that episode it is pretty blatent they would like us to like him.

  • It would be so fucked up if they make us get attached to him just to later reveal he is a bad guy but to your point it will explain why Telltale has been focusing on "Trust" this Season

  • I imagine that if Pete lives he's gonna back off the leadership role, kinda hard to be taken seriously if you have to be carried so I imagine Carlos will try to take it on. He and Pete were looked up to by the group, so now that Pete's out of the way he'll be the one to take charge. People say Luke but I doubt it. He may try to take leadership but he backed off fairly quick the moment Pete raised his voice a decibel. So I don't think he has the confidence to stand up to Carlos. Granted it might be because Pete is an intimidating dude and the biggest person (in terms of muscle) in that group.

    So I'll go through the list.

    Pete: Yeah, he's either dead or too disabled to lead effectively. Someone else has to take over.

    Nick: No, he's too impulsive, trigger happy, and young to be able to lead effectively. The group thinks he's an idiot and too much of a child so he has that going against him.

    Rebecca: Too aggressive, probably because of her hormones but that wouldn't win her any points.

    Alvin: Too passive; he backed off helping Clem literally the moment Rebecca said two words. (I know he can help you later but he still backs down to a 11 year old girl.)

    Luke: Too young and doesn't seem confident enough when he talks to anybody. It would be hard to take him seriously as a leader unless he goes for it and takes charge.

    Sarah: HAAHAHA NOPE! Crossing her off for obvious reasons.

    Clem: Too new and would break the immersion for me. Clem should never take a leadership role in this group, a real survivor group would never allow it.

    Carlos: The eldest and already seems to have some experience with making decisions for the group. Definitely the top pick, he's a doctor which means he already knows how to take charge and make life or death decisions.

  • Clems trust is going to get her in trouble, I'm nearly sure of it. Just not sure who I shouldn't be trusting yet....




    Did you see my Luke and Sam Comparisson from awhile back?

  • Telltale could want us to like him so when he turns out that he does have a bad side, it would hurt us. Or it could be that they want us to get attached to him, so in episode 5 if he does dies, it will be a dark day in this community. When Kenny died, it wasn't as bad since like 50% (not really) of people hated him back then. If Luke appeals to the majority as being a likable character people will be even more saddened by his death. Telltale are probably thinking "how can we get a similar emotional response that we got when Lee died. I know! How about we make Luke as likable as possible" and over the course of five episodes we're gradually attaching ourselves to him until Telltale rips him out of our hearts.

  • I went through the thread a couple of times but I don't really remember, Did you use the example of how Clem trusting Sam came back to bite her butt later ?

  • I didn't know '>' did this......

  • A very interesting topic that I would like to continue talking about..... tomorrow. Good night.

  • Yeah pretty much, your post reminded me of it lol. If you want to check it out again I'll bring it to the top of the board inna sec. I don't really believe the idea in that thread anymore, but it is still an interesting idea (imo). But I digress, good night buddy.

  • Have a good night. It's about time for me to call it a night too. Thanks.

  • Ha you are a clever young man ! The example is a pretty good to be honest, We come across two good guys,Trust them and then... We already know one of the outcomes ! I'll check it out again :)

  • Well it might be Carlos in my opinion but idk we will see

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