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As you may have seen in the trailer it looks like he is threatening someone with a knife what do you think is going down? do you think he's good or bad?


  • I think I would trust him even though he looks like a psycho who loves his knife because people who come off too nice are the ones who you need to be cautious around. That scene was pretty cool though.

  • True.Maybe he named it like danny

  • Hi, I'm Walter, and this is Lil' Walt

  • Man, if Walter was the one who knocked in episode 2 instead of Carver, I'd take back everything I said about this season.

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    By the way Walter [the cigg and knife guy] is not in Carver's group, despite what the wiki says.

    He's with the "I thought you were dead" person, who in turn is also with some of the 400 days characters, since we see Becca in the trailer. So he's on our side. We'll meet their group at the ski lodge while running away from Carver, that's their "base".

    If he were in Carver's group, our group wouldn't be pleading with him that "they're good people" in the first ep2 preview at the end of ep1. People in our group would never try reasoning with someone who's from Carver's group.

  • I wonder what he's doing with the knife then maybe he'll be a bit unstable?

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    So damn right. But they could be another threat to our group.

  • Lots of backstabbing, I assume...

    Funny that he's holding a knife.

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    Im not sure. He might be a friend. Remember how everyone thought Pete was a bad guy just because he had an evil look in the first trailer(he looked pretty fear-enducing if you ask me). It turned out he was an ex millitary teddy bear and he was my favourite character in ep 1. Too bad we wont see anymore of him.

  • Don't give up hope yet...maybe they just didn't show him in the trailer because it would Spoil to much!

    Uncle Pete is a badass after all, maybe he will survive the amputation (and die later:)

  • You got a point maybe he's just trying to protect someone in that pic or telling clems group not to even try to hurt one of his friends or else. Also im surprised we didn't see Matthew in the trailer

  • Do you guys think him and Matthew will survive the episode and join the cabin group along with the ITYWD person?

  • The wiki says; carver's group: Troy, johnny, WALTER, matthew.

  • That's why I said DESPITE what the wiki says.

    They got it wrong. The wiki's done by players, too.

  • There is letters; WM on Walter's knife so I assume that his last name starts with M.

  • Yeah, only trust the wiki a month after the associated episode confirming the details has come out.

    The wiki is for confirming already known facts, not pre-episode speculation, for some reason the wiki is ridiculously awful at that. I've also heard some bad things about the wiki's community regarding honest discussion (or lack thereof), especially with new people purely for the sake that they are new.

    Don't turn this into a wiki hate thread, but don't trust the wiki. It's kind of bad.

  • This guy's right, considering the wiki said Luke was Nick and vice versa.

  • "Oh, was he planning on using that? I just thought he loved rubbing his little sword."

  • I don't know how Telltale is trying to play this season out, but compared to season 1, the group apparently is going to be larger, but I'm guessing in episode 4 or something almost eveyrone will die and it will be a bloodbath

  • I think he might just be a bit of a nutter. Not exactly dangerous but he likes sitting in a corner twisting his knife around, and he's developed a habit out of it.

  • I'd actually like that

  • Looks like he's just idly twirling his knife around in his hands to me. Saying that he's threatening someone would require more context than what was given to us in that trailer or the preview (where we only see him walking up).

    And this being the zombie apocalypse, I can hardly fault him for carrying around a weapon. If I was going just by appearances I'd say he doesn't look like a bad guy but looks can be deceiving.

  • where the fuck can I find the trailor?

    Come on guys im disappointed in you all. Now I have to go to youtube.

    And hope I don't find a steaming shit pile of fake videos.

  • Thanks Clem_is_awesome (if that truly is your real name) but I already found it

    Im just curious why the thing we've waited on most (excluding the actual episode itself) was the last thing on the list on twd discussion.

  • Anyone can edit the wiki, it is in no way reliable.

  • Maybe the W.M on the knife are his initials?

    Walter M.

  • LOl I love the soundtrack so far epic :D. This episode will be psychotic it seems. Everyone thought Nate was Carver but we were wrong. Nate will help Clem survive. Nate's crazy but he wouldn't hurt a kid. Carver is the main villian of season two or one of the villians. Carver is probably a hunter and cannibal like the St. Johns. I can't wait :). Thank you TT for making great games and scary soundtracks.

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