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Is ep2 the "Jump the shark" moment?

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I never really gave this much thought up until now. For me playing TTG games over the years I never really felt any of their previous games ever "jumped the shark" for any of their intellectual properties. TWD is in new TTG territory now since it is really the first true series being produced by TTG with multiple seasons. Like any television show I'm sure that as long as the interest and the dollars are there TTG will continue the TWD series.

That brings me to my question could episode 2 be the "Jump the shark" moment for TWD season 2?

At the end of ep1 TTG hinted pretty hard that there was a mysterious "I thought you were dead" character. Oddly in the ep2 trailer released during playing dead Wednesday that "I thought you were dead" moment is no where to be found.

I hope that TTG will not be dragging out this mystery person across multiple episodes when it should be confronted, worked, and resolved in a single episode allowing us to move on to new things. TTG ended episode 1 on the cliffhanger "I thought you were dead". if TTG waits until the end of episode 2 to inject or reveal the identity of the mystery character but leaves the how, what, why, until episode 3 that to me a clear "jump the shark" (evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality, which is usually a particular scene, episode, or aspect of a show in which the writers use some type of "gimmick" in an attempt to keep viewers' interest.) moment for season 2.

I was skeptical when TTG used that darn time jump in episode 1 still I gave the writers the benefit of the doubt until I saw @puzzlebox respond to a question about the "I thought you were dead" person and why there was no reference to them in the playing dead trailer for ep 2. The response was "in the game! ;)" I sure hope it is dealt with in episode 2 allowing us to move on to something else.

  • Why would they show TYWD person in the trailer? That would be a huge fucking spoiler.

    • Not looking for the identity. But i think there should have been some reference to the scene. Maybe clems face or anything like that in the trailer. Any reference to the mystery person was left out. It seemed like their focal point at the end of ep1 and did not make the trailer cut.

      • That scene has already been shown in a trailer and it's unlikely they are going to feature any more detail on it as not everything is going to be shown in a trailer.

        • Perhaps. Still I think with walkie talkie man from s1 the cliffhanger played at the end of the episode as well as the trailer before release.

          I just hope that "I though you were dead" person does not ending being the major cliff hanger that is supposed to get the player invested in the storyline.

      • We DID see Walter playing with a knife in the trailer, and Walter was with the Mystery Person in the "Next Time" segment at the end of Episode 1, so I'm convinced we'll get everything sorted out with the TYWD person.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    TWD is in new TTG territory now since it is really the first true series being produced by TTG with multiple seasons. Like any television show I'm sure that as long as the interest and the dollars are there TTG will continue the TWD series.

    ...So does Sam and Max not count as a "true" series? ;)

  • They will probably show the i thought you were dead,because in the trailer,you see Walter,the guy next to the I thought you were dead person in the teaser.

  • They're gonna pull a TWAU on us and postpone the scene to the next EP. It will be on EP3's short preview trailer at the end of EP2.

    Like the "Jesus Christ Bigby, is that you?" scene!

  • I hope not. For me the "I thought you were dead" person is not nearly as big as a cliffhanger as "walkie-talkie man" that TTG used as a multi episode cliffhanger. I really hope TTG addresses the "I though you were dead" person moves on and has bigger cliffhanger in store for us.

  • It's funny to me that everyone is so hung up on that "I thought you were dead" line. It's almost certainly not going to be nearly as big a deal when it's revealed as you guys are building it up to be.

    Also, TWD is nowhere near "jumping the shark." You don't "jump the shark" because of one gimmicky thing in an otherwise still great and popular series. "Jumping the Shark" is when the fans are decreasing rapidly and the series has really already played itself out to its logical conclusion, but they try to extend its life unnaturally by adding cheap gimmicks. TWD is not even close to that point.

  • I think it would be awesome if Clementine eventually gets the chance to slap on a pair of water skies and jump over a zombie shark. It might be a literal shark jumping moment, but it would all be worth it.

  • Like Blind Sniper already said TTG has done multiple seasons before.

    I can't say if the Episode 2 is going to be jump the shark moment or not, because I haven't played it yet. However preview trailer and images did look promising and I think there will be plenty interesting drama and action.

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