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How did you handle 400 days?

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So the new episode of the walking dead is coming out soon. Telltale has stated you should play 400 days DLC before playing the 2nd episode of the 2nd series (walking dead). How did you guys leave it? who came with Tavia to the new community? Did anyone stayed behind at the camp?

I'm going to replay 400 days. I really, really don't want Clem to meet Wyatt or Eddie. Maybe we won't see 400 cast, at least not at this stage. Maybe Telltale will connect 400 days and the walking dead thro another way (I am with everyone else who think its Steve Carver Russell's backstory) . This time I think I will make some people stay back at the camp and see how that plays out.

  • I played it over, I was taking everyone to the community...whether they like it or not.

  • "I really, really don't want Clem to meet Wyatt or Eddie"

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    • wow I really think I've really pissed you off -__- ....sorry (also The Departed was a great film)

      So you are a big fan of Eddie and/or Wyatt? I mean I hope that Clam doesn't meant people who had drug addiction, how would they handle being around zombies?.....yea not good, they might act violently around Clem cause of drugs/drinking do you really want to see that in the next episode?

      • Hahaha, nah i'm kidding. But I still don't get what you have against Eddie and Wyatt. Eddie might be a little stupid but he's good hearted - he didn't want to leave someone behind who he thought MIGHT be alive. Wyatt is kinda a wildcard since he was played by the user but he seems loyal to his friends.

        Edit: Yup. Big fan of Eddie. I like Wyatt too but his personality isn't really clear yet (since the player made choices with him).
        I get what you mean about the drugs, it makes sense. But honestly, if you're scared of drug users you should probably be scared of Bonnie. Pretty sure she was a huge addict once but got off it. What happens if she gets drugs again? Also Eddie and Wyatt aren't violent people and I don't think (even if they smoke weed) they would attack people. It's 16 months in the apocalypse too I doubt any weed is still "fresh" so I don't think it's a problem anymore. I see where you're coming from though :)

      • Well eddie is in episode 4 slide standing next to clementine, so clrmentine is going to meet eddie.

  • I played it three times, My main file I made everyone go with me,my second I made only 2 stay. My last file I made everyone stay except Bonnie she kept going.

    just to see how much it will change Episode 2.

  • I got everyone to come with me... hopefully they don't die too quickly.

  • Made everyone stay expect bonnie

  • I played it twice. Everyone goes with Tavia on my first save and everyone stays behind on the second. I may play a third time to have some stay and some go and see if that makes any difference. I suspect the people that stay behind won't make it and that's why Bonnie goes regardless. If that's true, I kinda hope to see some corpses to show what happened to them.

    • agree, I hope there is a difference where the people who stayed behind something happens to them. attack by bandits, attack by Carver, killed by zombies, and we maybe see some zombies of them. or maybe like the campsite at the end of all that remains. if one of them are killed by bear traps I am going to scream, please let that not happen again that was mess up geez

      • Why you are so sure that bad things happened to those who stayed behind? Who knows if Tavia is evil and her camp is like Woodbury or The Sanctuary.

        • I'm not sure about the campsite, telltale can pretty much do any story and they have proven they can do it well. Tavia might be a bad person. but since its not really link to Clem's story we might not find out. unless Telltale dose a DLC that is related to 400 days we might not find out the whole story. It sucks because some of those characters are awesome, the rest are really unlikeable.

          • TTG has strongly hinted that 400 Days characters are going to appear in the next episodes. Because it's possible for everyone to go or everyone but Bonnie to stay behind, I don't think that they can go with the approach that everyone who stayed behind died or everyone who went with Tavia died. Most likely explanation why those who went with Tavia would appear is that something went wrong with Tavia's group.

  • I played it twice. First time Russell stayed alone, second time Vince stayed alone.

    I'm inclined to think the characters who may or may not have gone with Tavia are more likely to be background characters in season 2 - mentioned or briefly seen but not a major presence. I think Bonnie and Eddie are likely to "make the cut" and be more important. I base this on the fact that Bonnie always goes with Tavia and Eddie is visible in the title card for episode 4.

    Another possibility is that we'll encounter them anyway regardless of whether they stayed behind.

    Regardless I think having that many major characters with story arcs to explore is unlikely. It's a shame since they're all pretty interesting and feel like they could have mileage. I just think there simply won't be time in this season to do all of them justice.

  • I managed to get everyone tagging along. It took me a few playthroughs to do that though.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    On my first playthrough Wyatt and Russell stayed behind and on my second i got all of them to come, i always stick to the decisions on my first playthrough so it will be interesting to see what happens to the people who stay behind.

  • Vince and Shel stayed behind in my game. I don't mind that they stayed behind, because I didn't trust to Tavia, so I don't think that going with her was a good idea. Only reason anyone went with her was that I was role-playing her, so naturally I tried to convince the people to come.

    • So you shot Stephanie? That's harsh, man.

      • She was a traitor. If she had asked Shel and Becca to come with her, I might have helped her. But she turned against her own people and endangered everyone in Gil's Pitstop by trying to steal their supplies.

        • She got scared of Roman and did something stupid. She was out of line trying to take the supplies but I'm not sure she deserved a bullet in the head for it.

          • What you should do with her then? If you allow her to leave she might lead someone against you and if you allow her to stay she might try to steal your supplies again and leave you dying without food and weapons.

            • But... really? Just because she might be a problem, you shoot her? Yes, stealing supplies in an Apocalypse is bad, almost the same as murder, but still. She didn't do it because she's evil, but because she's scared. That's humanity for you, we humans do stupid thinks we later regret when we are scared. Killing her makes you no different than the next Bandit who kills to survive. I know in an Apocalypse it's all about survival, but what is there to live for if you lose all your Humanity, your Morality?

              Honestly, hasn't Clementine taught you anything in Season 1?

              • I judged every case differently. I kept saving Ben, despite his betrayal, because I thought he wouldn't form a future threat and he was sorry about his betrayal. St. Johns I killed without mercy as they were enemies. However I didn't kill Jolene even when she threatened me, because I tried to calm her down and see if there can be a peaceful solution.

                And while I liked Nate I didn't help him to kill the old couple, because they didn't form a threat and Russell didn't like the idea. However I decided to kill Roberto, because he formed a threat and leaving him alive could have made the camp vulnerable for attack.

                I didn't even hold it against the cancer survivors that they had stolen Kenny's boat, despite the fact that I was nice towards them, as it wasn't Shel's concern. In case of Stephanie the choice was to abandon your group or stay with them and kill the traitor who formed a threat to the group. I decided to stay with the cancer survivors and Roman as they were Shel's group.

            • I'd at least talk to her. I'd be more inclined to side with her than Roman, depending on what it was that prompted her to run.

              • I would have liked to talk to her as well, but the game didn't give that option. It was either abandon everyone or stay with your group. Running away wouldn't have saved Stephanie, because I think that Roman would have killed her anyway.

        • I agree with this, stealing supplies is unforgivable.

        • The fact that you would have helped had she asked shows that you don't have much of a morall qualm with stealing supplies.

          • I said might have helped, not that I would have automatically done so. If she thought that Roman formed a threat to the group then she should have made her case against Roman. I might have agreed with her if her arguments were good, but she decided to abandon Shel and Becca, who I thought were her friends.

            And BTW I didn't steal the Stranger's supplies.

            • Then your problem is with her abandoning friends, and not 'endangering everyone in Gil's pitstop' as you said earlier :p

              • Can't I have multiple reasons?

                • Of course, all I'm saying is that a moral qualm clearly isn't one of those reasons.

                  • Some decisions are just best of the bad choices really, without an option which would both keep the moral intact and ensure the safety of the group. I usually was nice to people, unless they were suspicious or hostile. Those I eliminated without mercy.

                    In Stephanie's case the reasons were that she was a possible threat, she was a traitor and I wanted to stay with the group. While my opinion about Roman wasn't very high at that moment (and I probably wouldn't have opposed the idea of deposing Roman), because I would have wanted to talk with Stephanie to evaluate the level of threat which she formed and if she is genuinely sorry about her actions or not, I didn't want to abandon the cancer survivors, who were part of the Shel's group and her and Becca's friends. I thought that they have better chance to survive if they aren't left alone with Roman.

                    Leaving her at the hands of Roman while escaping yourself wouldn't have saved her and it would also have doomed the other members of the group. So, in my game Shel sacrificed her innocence for the good of the others.

                • Of course, all I'm saying is that a moral qualm clearly isn't one of those reasons.

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          CannibalCarl BANNED

          I'm with you, but I still wanted them to come with me, so I choose to leave.

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