Can " coming soon " be next week ?

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Can it be ?


  • 5th March I hope

    MrBlekmyr posted: »

    4th Marth

  • Ha! telltale has been saying "coming soon" for months, so I wouldn't hold your breath. Their definition of the word "soon" is different to everyone elses.

    Oh and before that we had the "just round the corner". Not forgetting also the "super soon". So you will have to forgive me if I don't jump for joy. Some here might be excited at the release of a thirty second trailer. Me, I rather have the episode than false hope.

  • Next minute..instead of 4th of march we get the 14th of march hahaha, But seriously i have just about used up all the "wait" i have left in me.

  • Cmon dude, 25 march is just super soon i guess...

  • I sure hope so

  • No

    tavax91 posted: »

    Cmon dude, 25 march is just super soon i guess...

  • I'm thinking the 4th of March.

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    "Remember, the episode is set to release in early March, not long to go now!"

    For some reason I don't have a good feeling about them refraining from giving us a solid release date yet or even a "next week". I guess if it is coming next week they will announce it over the weekend. Please let it be next week, and please let it be worth the wait... And please let it be his, huhuhu.

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