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    Its either someone glamoured as Crane or like you said he just ran away because his sexual obsession with Snow White was revealed, One thing I know for sure is he is NOT the killer

  • Faith still alive the whole she will remember that confirmed it for me anyone can be alive. Personally i don't think crane did it why leave pictureof yourself just plan stupid and set up.
    As for faith and little mermaid they do look the same and the ribbons must have something to do with it but question is why do they look so similiar

  • Okay there's my theory ( I'm opssesed with TWAU and I was thinking about it really long) so 1st Theory: If Lily was glamured doesn't "Crane" can make other glamour for himself ? So in my theory Mr. Smith was someone else who glamoured himself in Crane so they can't arrested him. He took pictures and put it on seeing place so they can find it. I think that it's not over with this crime because its only 2nd episode and they find who it is. And Crane is maybe angry because someone glamured in him and that can arrest him. 2. theory: Its not only Crane. Maybe he was in this with someone else. When TJ said that he heard someone say "Stop laughting" maybe they were together? And when Crane was doing "job" with Lily other took a picture and put it on seeing place so they can find it and they can arrest only Crane. Maybe thats why he was so mad because that other person let down Crane. Thats my theory's hope some of them is true :) 

    • I think its more likely that Crane was actually getting prostitutes. He was with Lily when the picture was taken but he left before the murder took place. He is being framed as a murderer when in actuality he is just a pervert with a fetish for Snow White. Someone with a motive against Crane is the murderer.

  • Did anyone else notice the glamour box thing in the car with Crane as he was running away? I think it might possibly be that it's a hint that it's not actually Crane and rather someone else glamoured as him.
    My theory is, the real Crane could have been killed (pushed down the Witching Well?) and the killer glamoured up as him and took his place so he could be close to Snow.
    I could be totally off about this, but hey... it's a theory.

  • All the magic leaves it wide open. It could really be anyone at this point. The freaking coroner didn't even get back to us in episode 2, anyone could be glamoured to look like anyone else... I don't know, it's a fucking mess.


    it's not blue beard. you know that if you read the comic's. unless they forgive him and never to be mentioned again :p

    and it's not crane ether couse its vaguely mentioned in the comics ( and he is thereb as a minor character ). he just has a snow fettish.
    I've heard the bigsby werewolf theory and that one makes sence. but again, it's not mentioned in the comics ( or not yet, I'm at issue 60 or so. )

    the developers have done a great story job since its imposible to know for sure at the moment. but not like there no clues. just whats real and what's irrelevant :)

    • What's really awesome is that they can create their own characters,so it's most probable the killer is nobody from the comics.But wouldn't it be cool if TTG would show the reason Crane was banished?


  • think Crane just has a thing for Snow....and that's all.....think after Crane's little romp...he left...Lilly (as Snow ) changed into her clothes, and at that moment the killer (or killers) came in and snuffed her

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