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Small possibility?

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Okay, i really only just thought of this and i know i should think about it more before posting but...Is there a possibility there was a connection between Becca and Clementine? as in they could of been friends, or instead of friends they just knew eachother.

You're probably thinking that the age difference is too much because while Clem was in elementary it seems that Becca was in middle school, but who knows? the school could of been a K-8 center. A good bit of people think Becca is the mystery girl in the trailer, and Clementine has every right to believe the kids from her school are dead.

Could she be the ''I thought you were dead'' person? I know alot of people hate Becca and i'm gonna point out i really don't know if they ever say what part of the world the pitstop is located in, but maybe Becca could of switched schools? or they could of simply just drove from their hometown and met up with Roman's group, This theory probably has a lot of flaws i'm not noticing and i might get dislikes

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