• Dunno. If it wasn't so thin I could skin him and eat.

  • Eh, I'm not a vengeful person, there was no need to leave him there to suffer more than he had to.

    He was gonna die anyway.

    It's just that people see leaving the dog there as a lack of mercy.

  • Morals. The dog was a bit untame after being without an owner for an unknown amount of time and Clementine tried to take its food away(which a lot of people know can cause even very kind dogs to bite, though usually not as violent as the one between Sam the dog, and Clementine). You can also choose not to give Sam any of the beans and he still attacks you, I guess for trying to keep food from him. I think that is a little bit realistic too, but keep in mind he was pretty skinny and likely very hungry.

    In the end, he was very hungry and Clementine tried to keep food from him(even when that wasn't her intention, the dog probably didn't know that), so he attacked her. He also looked pitiful and was suffering afterwards. Plus a lot of people are dog lovers. So that is why a lot of people kill him out of mercy for those varying reasons.

    • I saw it as the dog trying to take Clem's food. To me it was the dog version of a bandit.

      • That's quite different. The dog doesn't know the extent of his actions, all he sees is a human keeping food from him while he's starving to death. A bandit knows exactly what their doing, how much the people they steal from need the supplies and how much they are hurting people, physically and mentally. Bandits aren't trying to survive, they're trying to thrive, and by the most crooked way possible. I have no reason to believe the dog was going around stealing from and killing people. He's not the dog version of a bandit.

        But yes, he was trying to take the food that Clementine found, that is a valid point and that, on top of the fact that he attacked and tried to kill Clementine, is valid reasoning to kill him out of anger or leave him to die painfully. It's certainly not right, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", but it's reasonable to have a lot of anger towards the dog after it tries to take your food and kill you.

        • Don't act like you know what's going on inside a fake dog's head.

          • But I do. It's fairly obvious, their intentions are all but directly stated. The dog was starving, as shown by him being skinny. He was very nice and kind towards Clementine for the most part until he saw she was trying to keep food from him. It is fairly obvious, if you want to argue against that, fine, but it's still obvious.

            It's easy to tell because they wanted it to be easy to tell. Telltale wanted people to know why the dog attacked Clementine so they would feel bad about killing it but bad about leaving it, and for most people, my self included, it worked. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what the dog's thoughts and reasoning were when that was Telltale's intention.

              • I guess you're out of valid points to argue with and have resorted to simply disagreeing with nothing to back your statement up.

                • I really only needed the valid points I already brought up to realize this conversation was going no where. I'm not going to convince you that you're not the video game dog whisperer, and you're not going to convince me that you are. You can have your opinion and I can have mine.

                  • Fine, we'll agree to disagree then I guess. Though I leave you with one last point. Telltale likes giving out the feels, making it obvious the dog was desperate and had reasoning for attacking is a VERY good way to give out the feels, regardless of if it was Telltale's intention or not.

                    • Yeah for sure. I don't know if it was obvious the dog was desperate, it never really crossed my mind. I was kind of busy trying to keep Clem safe. Like I said up in this thread earlier I was thinking about eating the dog before I found that can so I was ready to knife it long before I had to. He was being way too loud and didn't really do a damn thing for Clem so it didn't strike me as a character I needed to keep around. I wasn't gonna just leave it squirming on those spikes though, I'm not a monster.

                      • That is a survivalist-ish attitude, less moralistic. It's fine, but it's not the most common attitude people have when playing this game(Clearly, since most people killed the dog). The dog could have provided things for Clementine(perhaps not as much for your Clementine who is likely a survivalist and less moralistic and emotional, based off your above comment), like companionship and protection. Sadly that's not the way things went for Clementine and Sam. xD

  • This is one area where Americans truly follow in the British tradition:

    "That's one thing you have to remember about WASPs: they love animals and hate people" - Gordon Gecko

  • No idea really. Dogs are rather common enemies in computer games, for example in 1992 game Wolfenstein 3D you can shoot dogs or stab them with a knife. There was controversy surrounding the game in Germany, however it wasn't because of the dogs, but because of swastikas.

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    I didn't leave the dog to die. That's just messed up. Just because you're pissed off at it doesn't mean it deserves to suffer like that. I mean look at his stomach, he was so skinny and he was starving, so it was reasonable why he attacked Clem. Although I understand why people can just be extremely pissed and want to do something right there on the spot without even hesitating to think. But then after a while, you begin to realize, "What did I just do?" Come on, that's happened to all of us at least ONCE in our lifetime.

  • Does she look like the one to leave a dog to suffer impaled on a spike?

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      No, that's young Clem. She's changed!

    • Yes, she does. :D

      Because Clem is playable character it's not written to stone how she should behave. Some people play her in a kind-hearted way, where she keeps her morals even if it's gonna hurt her and the group. Others have much more cynical style and they like to play Clem the way where she is following the footsteps of Carl (comic book version) and becoming a perfect survivor in the new post-apocalyptic world. Most people are probably somewhere between these extremes.

      Personally I killed the dog. Not because I pitied it, but because I thought that it's noise could attract walkers.

  • I killed him cause he was suffering i just can imagine the pain he was feeling and it wasnt even humane to even understand what he did he just did it for instinct you cant blame him. I dont think people were offended they nly thougth i was cruel to let him suffer like that

  • The dog was obviously going to attack Clem when she found the food...

    If his family died a long time ago and he has been alone he has gone kind of feral, so he will fight for every little piece of food even if Clementine decides to share, he's no longer a pet he's an animal trying to survive and when a leopard hunts down a zebra he carries it to the top of a tree so he can have it all to himself, evne if he can't eat it alone... That's how animals work

    SO it's sad to not kill Sam, because he was acting on his Natural insctins and I guess he really liked Clementine for the time thye were together

  • You know what I find almost sick about this is the statistics of who left Andy to live, knowing he was about to be devoured by zombies with his entire family dead, yet felt bad for a dog that just attacked Clementine for no reason other than its own selfish reason to survive. Dogs know how to live in packs, they understand basic principles of sharing and so it was the dogs own fault and its own decision to attack clementine. And yet, 80% of people spared Andy, in possibly a worse state than the dog, as he had once had a family, a life and people he cared about that you recently just murdered. You had just destroyed a mans life and you just left him there to die. On the other hand, you had just taken some canned beans from a dog, and yet feel so bad for him you mercy kill. I honestly find this rather awful in fact, that people treat animals that only act on instinct, better than other human beings who you were almost friends with a few hours ago.

    That's just my opinion though :)(I wish we could have signatures so that I wouldn't have to add that at the end each time lol :D)

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