Reminder for Episode 202 premiere - please keep Story/Achievement Spoilers out of thread titles!

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With the Season 2 Episode 2 premiere coming up next week (and Episode 2 achievement names currently on Steam), the mods would like to ask you all to keep spoilers about Episode 2 achievements/story discussion/etc out of thread titles.

Likewise, please remember to use mark posts with Spoilers when you discuss story elements.

On more thing: Posts marked as spoilers will not be hidden when you look through recent posts in your profile feed, so tread carefully if you read threads but still want to avoid spoilers!


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    How to mark posts as spoilers

    To mark posts as spoilers, move your mouse cursor to the top right of your post. You will see a flag option.

    Select "Flag", and then select spoiler.

    After you select spoiler, a list of Telltale Games series will appear. In this case, you can select Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 2.

    Doing this will mark your post as a "Spoiler" to others, and will display a spoiler warning that users can remove to see your post.

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  • Thanks for helping by watching spoiler use

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