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Something weird with the S2E4 slide

posted by Smoughstein on - Viewed by 514 users

In case you didn't know, before the patch, I was on PS3 and had the E4 slide with Clementine putting the blood sideways and looking sideways but after the patch I now have the E4 slide with Clem looking forward and her putting the blood vertically. Has this happened to anybody else?

  • This has happened to me.

    I liked the sideways one better. The vertical one just creeps me out more.

  • Yeah let's just say this has been happening since the beginning.

  • Does the silhouette to the left of Clem look like Vince or Kenny?

  • There were different pictures on each platform originally. One of the pictures has Clementine facing sideways with a kenny-looking character on it, one has Clementine facing sideways with Vince's model, one has Clementine facing forwards/downwards with Vince's model. Now, the Kenny-looking model is not Kenny's season 1 model, at least not exactly. The hair is different. But the Vince model is indeed Vince's model, most certainly, the hair is exactly the same, it's the same model.

    You can also see Eddie with a hoodie, coat or jacket on, in all three of the pictures. This, to me, is confirmation enough that the 400 days group will be returning.

    The changing pictures thing is news to me, I didn't know about that before reading this. It's probably so that everyone can see all of the images before episode 4 comes out without having to look it up. They're probably just cycling through the images so we can all see them all.

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