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Bad apple achievement

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I seem to not get a straight awnser from any one in Telltale customer support.
So i need to pick brains here.
I'm going for the Bad apple trophy or achievement and I hit all the right moves.
Spray painting
Caught with the dog
CAUGHT with alcoholic beverages.
Played rock n roll.
Tampering with the front gate.
Messing with the statue in the park.
What eles am I missing here.
I erased the game save, and the game reinstalled it Gee wiz cut a guy a break!

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    1. Use Tire Iron with city gate
    2. When inside the city go up to guard shack and click on it to get a demerit for loitering
    3. This is important. YOU MUST hit the statue three times as the guard will have three different dialogues and will give you one demerit for each dialogue.
    4. Talk to the intercom next to the statue several times. This will cause Marty to keep doing jokes to the intercom and will annoy the guard enough to demerit him.

    The rest are all story related.

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