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    Final Chapter: Part 1 of 4

    Several Succesive bangs from a fist upon the front door to our apartment awoke us from our sleep.

    Sharply opening my eyes, I read the alarm clock as 12:30 at night. I could feel the matress shift as Gertaud eased herself upright, with me following in action. Why would someone be visiting us in the middle of the night at such an hour? We were to recieve our instructions in the morning without any disturbances to our sleep pattern and the only other reason I could think of as to why one would be here were if an emergency had come up.

    'Wait here.' I said to Traudl, standing and walking towards the loungeroom and destined for the front door. 'I will see to this.'

    'Very well.'

    The knocks were continous and frantic, as if the person behind the door was in panic. As I got closer, I could hear clearly the laboured breathing behind the door that accompanied the knocks as being that of King Alberto.

    I opened the door, seeing the man with his hair unkempt without brylcreem applied and the tie to his suit loosely done, hinting that he was in such a haste that he could not groom himself as he so usually and immaculately did.

    Barely keeping resolve, he spoke. 'Alfred, I require that you and Ms Richter get dressed, armed and follow me’

    I was worried. Knowing the King from when I worked for him as a mercenary, he was always composed and calm. ‘Giovanni, I am puzzled. What could be so wrong to merit th-‘

    ‘Not now! Hurry and get ready!’

    Without another word, I turned and headed for the bedroom. ‘Did you hear that?’ I asked Gertraud, walking for my suit stand.

    ‘Clear as day.’ She replied. ‘I guess I had best get dressed.’

    After what I now assume was three minutes. I had swiftly assembled my suit around my body. Thanks to my years of practice, one could not tell that I had done so in great haste. I was wearing my holster beneath my lounge jacket’s armpit, Mauser pistol loaded and ready in place. Gertraud wore her usual blouse and skirt combo, with her trench coat concealing her balisong hidden up the sleeve of her blouse and the breast pocket holding her pocket revolver. I had also leant her the dagger of which I bore when we first met on that road, half a millennium ago. Using my leather overcoat, I fastened and hid beneath it on my back my sabre from that same time, slinging the sheathe as if it was a bandolier. On the way out, I grabbed my fedora so as to hide my bed hair.

    ‘Very good’ mused Giovanni. ‘That was swift indeed.’

    ‘Mister Alberto. Did you want aid or did you simply interrupt our slumber that you may admire our dressing skills?’ questioned Gertraud, the impatience in her voice nearly corporeal.

    ‘Oh, Yes.’ He frowned. ‘Come. Come. To the garage.’

    ‘Wait, what are we doing?’ I asked, stopping just as we reached the elevator doors.

    ‘Not now, this is important!’ Urged Giovanni.

    ‘No.’ Interjected Gertraud. ‘You wake us in the early morning, have us dress and arm ourselves to the teeth and escort you to a garage. This is very strange indeed and Hunter and I shall not continue a step further until you provide us with clarification!’

    ‘Fine!’ He capitulated, but not without a glare of annoyance. ‘Do you remember me mentioning a business partner?’

    We nodded.

    ‘Well, he has decided that I need to go. Why? I do not know, but this I do know. He has this goon that acts as an all-around criminal handyman. You may have heard of her: Bloody Mary?’

    Gertraud shook her head. I nodded. ‘I know of her work.’

    ‘Well, she is coming for me and the entire business. Already, I have reports of our guys being left dismembered or simply disappearing. Everyone else is useless by comparison, and I know I can rely on you two. Plus, I am not about to leave an old friend behind.’

    I interrupt. ‘You are just abandoning all of this?’

    ‘It is our safest bet!’ He reasons. ‘If we leave quickly enough and go far away enough, he might, however unlikely it may be, allow us to go. It is either that and possibly live or stay and most certainly die horribly.’

    I give off a light chuckle. ‘Given that this is Bloody Mary, I do not think that we would have too much of an opportunity.’

    A light-hearted, feminine voice sounds from seemingly thin air. ‘Well, you aren’t wrong.’

    ‘ALFRED!!!! HINTER DICH!!!!’ Shouts Gertraud, just as I feel a sudden blow to the back of my head and black out.

    I came to in an unfamiliar setting. I was sitting in what seemed to be a sort of smoking room. The place was dimly lit by candles, with autumn coloured stain glass windows depicting what I assumed to be a story. At one end of the room was a set of double doors, and the other a desk.

    Situated about the room were a Sofa and two armchairs around a coffee table. I was seated in the space between the double doors and the coffee table, with Gertraud and Alfred seated opposite me, restrained to their chairs. ‘Hunter.’ said Gertraud.

    ‘Traudl!’ I exclaimed, trying to move before realising that I too was restrained. ‘What happened.’

    Before Gertraud could answer, Giovanni did so. ‘Bloody Mary. She used the reflective surface of the elevator doors to enter the space and ambush us. You were knocked out and Gertraud was too before she could effectively react. I was spared such treatment and came along quietly.’

    I nodded at him before turning to Gertraud. ‘How are you, Traudl?’

    Her reply was swift. ‘Positively enraged.’

    ‘I may have to fix that.’ Seemingly out of nowhere, out from the shadows stepped a woman of a skinny yet strong build, dressed in black jeans and a leather jacket with its sleeves rolled up. Her hair bore a distinctive red streak that accented the otherwise black, short comb-over and her arms bore what seemed to be a Norse rune on her left arm. ‘How about I change that to positively catatonic?’

    I gritted my teeth. ‘Bloody Mary, I presume?’

    She arched her back and spread out her arms. ‘In the flesh!’

    ‘Regrettably’ adds Giovanni, eyeing her with a scowl of sorts.

    Bloody Mary turns to Giovanni, slowly walking in his direction. ‘Awww, It seems you have to miss out on the game.’ She smirks evilly as she grabs his hand at the wrist and yanks at it, tearing it away from the rest of the arm and causing both her arm to glow around the rune tattoo and Giovanni to scream in pain. Gertraud looked away in disgust.

    ‘WAS ZUM TEUFEL?!’ I shouted? ‘That was not necessary!’

    ‘How astute.’ She chirped, tossing the arm to the side. ‘Yeah, I know. Still, I need something to pass the time. Besides, don’t act so surprised. You’ve surely heard of me, hell you knew my name!’

    I glared at her. ‘Passing time for what?’

    ‘Speaking of passing the time…’ She reached into her jacket and pulled from it a revolver. ‘I have a game to play. I will give you the gun. You have to choose whom amongst you three has to die.’

    Gertraud grinned. ‘What is to stop him from shooting YOU?’

    Mary laughed at this. ‘It takes much more than a few handgun rounds to kill me.’

    Gertraud’s grin only widened further. ‘I believe you to be bluffing. A person with a brain that ran on a single watt would be able to deduce the risks of giving a person of whom is inclined to shoot them a gun.’

    Mary developed a scowl, which only lasted for a second before reverting back to her devious smirk. ‘Tell me, how much of a bluff do you think this is?’ Mary brought the pistol to Gertaud’s hand and fired.

    Gertraud only grunted, refusing to give Mary the satisfaction of screaming. I felt rather proud of her at that moment. This was, however, clouded with extreme rage.


    She aimed the pistol at me, finger lax on the trigger. ‘Watch yourself. Would be a shame if I shot her in the other one.’ I could only sit and hold my anger in, lest she continue with Gertraud. She passed the handgun to my still restrained hand. ‘Any funny business and I’ll give her a new orifice.’

    Gertraud was hunched over, trying to not focus on the pain. She made no other sound aside from her heavy breathing that filled the room. ‘She is bluffing. We are being held for something. She needs us alive.’

    Giovanni was in a similar state himself. ‘I…..know these people well enough to tell you…..that it matters not if we live or die. We are most likely being held as………her playthings. She SWIMS….a-and RELISHES in the suffering of others. If you kill……any one of us, it…… would be a deliverance.


  • Apologies in the delay of my comment.

    I have to admit, it has been a while and I have since forgotten much of your story and those of others simply because of the passage of time. Your little summary is much appreciated.

    As per usual, your story telling is absorbing, without any sighted errors or otherwise. The endling was especially beautifully done.

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    Soooo I don't know if any of you guys remember the time where I wrote a story about Therese (Snow and Bigby's daughter) so I'll su

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    That would actually have worked with how I intend to end my story. I shan't give more away than that, though.

    To think of it - Alfred, tracking and preforming tasks of a dubious nature with Tezoth - is a humbling idea. I am glad you thought enough of my character to plan his inclusion, even if it was a slight one.

    Also, if you ever intend to use him, you have my permission in advance.

    Last part of my descriptions regarding my plans for certain users' Fables at the moment. @Tetra: since one of your Fables was a

  • Thanks :) This was just a rewrite of what I wanted to happen at the end of a story a looooooooong time ago that you might have not even read because i think I wrote it before you or even Hazza had joined the forum. (I had to refresh myself on the story and reread what i made, lmao XD) But thanks! I missed them too .-.

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    Oh man how I missed these stories! Keep it up Em!

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    Yeah, well I always intended their relationship to start out sour but change over the course of the tale, both in obvious ways as well as subliminal ways too. She hated him and he hated her, so they didn't get along at first, but after a series of events that forced them to learn how to work with each other, they ended up opening up to one another, and although Therese thought she was in love with Adam, she never realized that deep down she loved Reynard too, and Adam was meant to die in this way to prove all that was true about their relationships. I figured I'd rewrite this bit the way I wanted to, compared to how I wrote it last time (similar but not quite the same effect, if you ask me) and, of course, if you remember, Therese and Reynard kind of kept their awkwardly adorable romance a secret over the course of the next few months, until about the time Charlotte was actually born.

    PROBABLY won't write much about them for a while, I actually have other plans in regards to Harmony's children and their children :) But I WILL come back to them in the future! Treynard for life, man XD


    On a totally unrelated note, open for anyone on the forum who may know what I'm talking about, I found Charlotte's character quite similar to a character from Fire Emblem called Lucina, in a completely coincidental way(considering I made my character and her personality about a year before I even heard of the game). Both characters are from the future and have something special about them, and came to the past to fix the future and deal with their parents and other family members along the way. I only recently discovered Fire Emblem the past couple month and noticed it in this very moment, so I figured I'd state it :) Not that anyone would know what I'm talking about, because I don't think it's THAT popular of a's on the DS for Christ's sake XD (also i don't really play it, but i know basically everything about it because of one of my good friends who lives and breathes that game. Chrom is my soulmate XD)

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    Oh man. It's nice to see Therese and your take on Bigby and Snow's daughter. I always thought her relationship with Reynard was ho

  • It's all good :) I put the summary because I actually wrote this story SO long ago, you probably weren't even a part of the forum yet! And I figured not EVERYBODY read it, so I wanted to gain some sort of understanding :)

    Glad to hear you liked it, though! I have a lot of small things like these stuck in my head waiting to be typed (or in some cases, written on paper), and sometimes I finally find the words to describe them :D Thanks!

    Apologies in the delay of my comment. I have to admit, it has been a while and I have since forgotten much of your story and th

  • Apologies for the lateness of my comment.

    The thought of Gren as a copper is rather ironic after being around him in TWAU. Still, I can see it.

    I have a question: You see, as you know, I am not particularly versed in supernatural. Pray tell, does this supposed angel with wings of ash have any significance in the show whatsoever? I am curious.

    Peter seems to be working himself into the ground. In L.A. Noire, Biggs said that there is the "case that makes you and the case that breaks you. The one that keeps you up at night, rummaging over every clue, trying to make connections". Is this THAT case? Time will tell.

    pudding_pie posted: »

    Downtown Fabletown. Morning Gren scurried through the crowd of the morning traffic, dodging and weaving to avoid any contact fr

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    OMG I found you!

    enter image description here

    Watch your back, Pie.

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    OMG I found you! I'm in love with the clan! So happy to see you're writing. You're talented and the Supernatural boys are involved

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwww! So cute! 

    This part with the armoury reminds me of a countryball comic I once saw.

    enter image description here

    Monkey D. Luffy! Oh, I have nit watched One Piece in such a long time (6 years, I think).

    A lovely little one shot. Good work.

    PS: A couple of your characters' first names in your story spell out the name of a friend, but for the sake of her privacy, I shan't divulge. I just thought this interesting.

    Tetra posted: »

    Halloween Special In the future... Kieron felt something or someone hit his stomach. "Dad wake up!" A young girl said.

  • It's fine, my good man. I know we get busy and whatnot. :)

    For some reason, Gren seems like the cop kind of guy and yes-after all he use to do and then some, seems odd but awesome all rolled into one. XD

    It does, actually. When the Angles are killed, this happens; you see, they do not have the typical 'angel' look when on earth, so you have no idea until they either tell you or you come across oe as so. When they die, their wings appear but like this: as ash.

    Hmm, well, we will just have to wait and see for sure which way Peter goes. He's distracting himself from thinking too much of his brother. It still haunts him....

    Apologies for the lateness of my comment. The thought of Gren as a copper is rather ironic after being around him in TWAU. Stil

  • Part 1 of a possible 5 part short story involving my Tezoth, pudding_pie's Penny, and a little mention of JJwolf's Robert. Others may be included in future parts. Enjoy! And I've been reading some of your stories as well, great work as usual!

    Knock, knock.

    Sigh. Penny put down the book she was reading and turned her head to the door, almost irritated. "Who's there?"

    A familiar voice replied from behind the entrance. "It's Tezoth. Received your message on Rose's answering machine."

    She scoffed and shuffled her feet toward the door. "I sent that message five days ago."

    "Oh." Tezoth was verbally stumped, the first time in a while since their cheating fiasco. "Well, I, uh-"

    Penny couldn't help but give a lowly smile at his nervousness before she opened the door. She then decided to finish his sentence when their eyes met. "Well, what?"

    "Well, you probably sent that message while Rose and I were having a fight, or during when I was out thieving. Either way, I apologize for not listening to it earlier."

    "It's okay. You, uh, must've listened to it the whole way through, then."

    "I did, and deleted it soon after."

    She crossed her arms and looked away. "Yeah, thought so. Best for us both and our partners' sakes."

    "Yeah. So," Tez peeked behind her to look into the new apartment. "Going to let me in or would you prefer me to stand out here?"

    "Oh! Yes, right, come in." She makes way for him to enter.

    "Thank you, Penelope." He looked around the place, eventually sitting on her couch.

    "I may as well start the chat: how's Rose taking the situation? Are you doing alright yourself?"

    Tez sits up. "She's... taking it rather well for now, though that can change at any moment. And I'm doing fine, yeah."

    "Right. Good. Does she know you're here? It didn't look like she was with you."

    "She isn't." Tez responded bleakly. "She said she had to meet up with Robert or some such."

    "What about you," He quickly changed the subject. "If you don't mind me asking? How's Johann and your son doing?"

    "Him and little Josiah are doing fine. It's just... Johann is still feeling betrayed about what happened, with us."

    "What's done is done, Penny. He has to realize that. All we can do now is hope it gets better. At least your son seemed to understand."

    "Yeah..." Her eyes wander off to look at the only window in her apartment. "Anyway, I got something for you. Part of the reason I sent you that message, the thing you left."

    He got up from the couch and stood next to her. "What 'thing'? Oh," Tezoth finally understood what she was referring to. "That thing. Where is it?"

    "Draped over the chair by the kitchen table."

    "Got it." He stepped towards the chair and examined the hoodie carefully. He held it up high to his face to read the word on its front as soon as he grabbed it. The word read: FEITH. He smiled and thought happy memories, back when a loyal friend gave him this hoodie.

    "Thank you."

    "Not a problem, Tezoth. Anytime."

    "Now, was that all you invited me over for? To give me my hoodie?"

    "That, and to talk to you - see how you're doing."

    "I'm fine like I said, but, we've talked enough. It's late, thus it's time we part ways for now."

    "That sounds reasonable, wouldn't want to keep you from your girlfriend. Have a good night."

    "You, too. And good luck with Johann." He went to the door and twisted the knob to exit. "By the way," Tez stopped midway through her door. "Noticed the book you have placed on the coffee table - didn't know you read paperback.

    "Oh, yeah, got it from the bookstore Beauty works at. It's called-"

    "Fifty Shades of Grey? I know, seems to be popular among Mundy and Fable women now."

    Penny cringed. "Shit, how'd you know?"

    "I saw its cover poke out from behind the other books' cover. You're not fooling me, black knight."

    Placing her hands on her hips, she eyed him questionably. "You're not going to tell anyone, are you?"

    "Of course not, you know me."

    "But on the other hand," He pondered. "I could mention it to Emily, see what she'll have to say."

    "Okay, dragon, you certainly overstayed your welcome." She pushed him out fully. Good night, and if you tell anyone I'll slice your tail off!" She closed the door.

    Tez chuckled, as he knew Penelope was joking. "Good night to you too, friend."

    "Surprised you didn't make out with her, Tezzy."

  • I'm back.

    Sorry guys, work is quite draining and I like doing other things when I have free time... Recently I have been coming to the forum less and less; like literally taking 1 or 2 days to log in when normally I check it daily!

    Uhhh, I think I'll stick to posting my stuff on DA, maybe I'm just not used to this place being resurrected just yet, who knows? :P

  • Lmao! I think I've seen that picture before but can't remember.

    My cousin got me hooked when he visited and binge watched 708 or something along those lines. I really love One Piece though!

    Thanks man! And wow O.O that's interesting!

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww! So cute! This part with the armoury reminds me of a countryball comic I once saw. Monkey D. Luffy! Oh,

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    I know what you mean dude! I was the exact same when I didn't have this injury of mine XD

    We'll be waiting for ya if you decide to post something here dude!

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    I'm back. Sorry guys, work is quite draining and I like doing other things when I have free time... Recently I have been coming

  • Well, it's nice to see Tezoth once again. I thought Penny was well done. So her. XDThe only thing that bothered me was the linestating 'Johann felt betrayed'. They both agreed to get a divorce, knowing it would be better in the end....other than that, this was beautiful. And Robert. :'D God, I love that Grendel. <3 me some Grendel bros! And her reading Fifty shades is so her, too! Plus, him threatning to tell Emily just made my freaking day! XD Oh AND some new info on Penny, in case you write more with her. She's dating Sam from the 'Fables' comic and 'Jack of Fables' comic. Just for the heads up. ;) AND thank you for mentioning the black knight, too!!! :D

    Oh flirting with Penelope Porgie seriously left a huge smile on my face. I looked forward to more, including the other oc's you add.

    Part 1 of a possible 5 part short story involving my Tezoth, pudding_pie's Penny, and a little mention of JJwolf's Robert. Others

  • Sounds like me too, my good man. I TRY to read and comment as best as I can but...these 12 hours are killing me and by the time I come home, I want to shower, eat and be with my family. Sounds like you got bit by the adult and reality bug. It happens. Happend to us all but hey-that's life.

    If you do write on DA, I'll make sure to check it out. :)

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    I'm back. Sorry guys, work is quite draining and I like doing other things when I have free time... Recently I have been coming

  • Finally saw your reply and I thank you! Also judging from context clues: his name is Alfred?

    That would actually have worked with how I intend to end my story. I shan't give more away than that, though. To think of it -

  • I know this well. I do not visit DA much anymore; most of my time on the Internet is either on forums or NationStates. Plus, My life is rather busy at the moment. You just do what is right for you.

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    I'm back. Sorry guys, work is quite draining and I like doing other things when I have free time... Recently I have been coming

  • Okay, now I know - I'll include something that leads up to their inevitable divorce, then. Already got an idea how it might play out, actually! Seriously glad you liked the rest!

    Sam, I'm assuming he appears way later? If he does, that's okay, I'm so behind reading the comics at this point I'll probably resort to just looking at character biographies on the Fable wiki. ;P

    Plus you got that right sort of right, hehe. It was more like actual teasing than flirting. XD

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    Well, it's nice to see Tezoth once again. I thought Penny was well done. So her. XDThe only thing that bothered me was the linesta

  • It's okay, and judging from everyone's comment so far, it's obvious they understand! Even I. ;)

    I normally don't go on Deviantart, but I bet you guys already figured that out way before, so I won't repeat myself.

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    I'm back. Sorry guys, work is quite draining and I like doing other things when I have free time... Recently I have been coming

  • Glad you understand. :) I wanted to make sure you knew this little tid bit of info. And yes. Sam does appear later in the comics. :) Looking up the bios might help in your favor; I've done that for some missing info on a few characters myself. Can't wait to see your idea!! :3

    I figured it was more teasing then anything but I got to give the Dragon thief a hard time. ;D I still loved it.

    Okay, now I know - I'll include something that leads up to their inevitable divorce, then. Already got an idea how it might play o

  • Ha! I was going to do a profile type thing to reintroduce some characters too! I read through this and I\m really liking the descriptions of these brothers! I think Alvin is my favorite, only because he seems to be a bit different in a way that I like :) Sebastian seems VERY interesting, I can't wait to hear more about him! And I like how Thane is almost a peace keeper of sorts, he just wants to keep the balance between everything. Very cool!

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    So many memories :-; Hey folks, hope you're doing well! In hopes of one day seeing a second season of TWAU. I'm going to write

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    Welcome to Wonderland...

    "Where's my father?" An older Morgan spoke up.

    A woman sitting on her throne chuckled. "He and I have had dealings in the past but I assure you, I have no idea what you're talking about."

    Morgan sighed. "Then those are your final words?"

    The woman chuckled. "My mother will be avenged!"

    Morgan drew her sword. The woman stood and began to pull shadows from the room. With one quick movement a bright light hit Morgan's eyes...

    Morgan woke up in her bedroom, she leaned up and sighed. "I keep having these crazy dreams. Ever since Winter..."

    Kieron opened the door. "Hey you're up early."

    Morgan nodded. "Yeah, I keep having this weird dream...Hey Dad? When's Winter coming back?" She asked.

    The last Kieron heard of Bigbys family was that Winter had gone missing. He chose his words carefully as Morgan was no fool and could tell when people lied. "I believe they're still visiting Mr.North." Kieron said.

    Morgan who was eight years old sighed. "I miss her..." She said.

    Kieron ruffled her hair. "I'm sure you do kiddo. You two hung out quite a bit, you proved that Vampires and Wolf's can get along. Something that not even Bigby and I could accomplish. You two were really something."

    Morgan felt embarrassed. "Well she looked like she could've used a friend, although Mr. Wolf looked like he was ready to kill me" She chuckled.

    Kieron laughed. "His instincts got the best of him, although even I wanted to get up to make sure you were safe."

    Claire walked in. "Having a family chat?"

    Morgan smiled. "I guess so. We were talking about Winter!"

    "Ah I see. She's shy to the end huh? I remember we went camping for a whole week and she didn't say a thing to me." Claire said.

    Kieron chuckled. "That's probably because you scare her."

    Claire was in shock "What!? What's so frightening about me?" She asked.

    Morgan pointed at her eyes. "You always seem to have the 'I'm going to tear your throat out' kind of eyes."

    "I do not!" Claire said.

    Kieron sensed a fight and stopped it slyly.

    "Alright, I'm off to work guys." Kieron said.

    Claire turned to Kieron. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Sorry I didn't schedule our vacations on the same time again."

    Kieron kissed her. "That's fine. This case is actually a personal one so I don't mind."

    Morgan hugged the both of them. "Just be careful okay dad?" She said to Kieron.

    "I'll try to be, make sure you study okay?" Kieron said.

    Morgan nodded. "Of course, I have to exceed you right?" She said with a big grin on her face.

    "That's my girl." Kieron said.

    Kieron then proceeded to leave the room and would not return for another eleven years. Morgan looked at her mom. "Mom you say vacation yet you've been home for half a year. What's going on?" She asked.

    Claire sat down. "As you know your mother is an important person in our society some people might not like that and they will send someone to-" Claire was cut off by Morgan.

    "Why would they want to kill you though?" Morgan asked.

    "Oh for many reasons darling, that's why I ask you to stay here." Claire said.

    Morgan nodded. "Okay."

    After this conversation time began to pass and nine years has gone by. Morgan nor Claire had barely stepped outside their apartment and even then Morgan had been studying in Kierons armory most of the day learning blood magic. Claire also taught her how to transform into the "beast" but always told her it was a last resort. Morgan and her mother butted heads when it came to looking for Kieron, her mother wanted to stay put while Morgan wanted to look for him.

    While studying in Kierons armory Morgan heard a voice she never heard before...

    "Oh dear! I'm late! Late I say!" The voice echoed.

    Morgan looked around the armory and saw a rabbit hole in the corner. She walked towards the hole and the sound piped up.

    "I'm late! Oh so very late!" The voice echoed from the hole.

    Morgan sighed, she knew the saying curiosity killed the cat, and normally she wouldn't believe in fate. Yet at this moment she believed fate was calling her name. She looked back to make sure Claire wasn't looking and closed her eyes and dropped into the hole...

    When Morgan opened her eyes she saw the sun which was gazing at her with a gigantic smile. She stood up and dusted off her cloak. That's when she saw a girl about her age staring at her. She had black hair and green eyes. She wore a summer dress and heels. The girl smiled at Morgan and held out her hand.

    "Hi, my names Alice! Welcome to Wonderland!" Alice said with a smile.

    That's it! The return of Wonderland is here, and holds many mysteries...On a brighter note! After about two weeks I'm finally getting an MRI done on my leg injury tomorrow! Wahoo! Also I'm sorry I haven't read some people stuff yet, I'll get to it either Friday or Saturday, I promise! Hope you guys are having an awesome week! :D

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    I greatly encourage it ;)

    After going back to look at my first OC i made on this thread, I decided to the same for these. Made it easier for me to plan out who I was going to show who these characters are.. Glad you enjoy them :)

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    Ha! I was going to do a profile type thing to reintroduce some characters too! I read through this and I\m really liking the descr

  • I try not to disappoint.

    I'm kinda going for a TV vibe, or something like that. XD

    Tetra posted: »

    This looks like it will be an awesome story! Can't wait to read it!

  • Listening to all my feel-good jams XD So I figured this is a great time to post something! I'll do a sort of "profile" to start out with, and I figured I would go down the line of Harmony's cubs one by one and write their futures out! I WAS going to start with Ash, however Elora really speaks out to me, and I've been really itching to get her down on paper (er, digital post?). She's been a very intriguing character to develop, so I hope you like her and the other characters she's associated with!

    her siblings will come with profiles as they are introduced; I want to slowly reincorporate them all into my writing :)

    enter image description here
    (picture isn't exactly how she's supposed to look, but i wanted to portray how her hair color and style would look like!)

    Name: Elora Rose Cratchit

    Age: 30 as of May 14th; 3rd born of the litter

    Species: Shape-shifter (particularly, into a wolf like most of her family); Fable

    Physical Description: Has short cherry brown hair, dark blue eyes like her father, thin and pale skinned, has a cautious walk and only smiles on occasion, smile is a bit crooked when she does though, has one dimple when she smiles, skin is lightly freckled along her arms and shoulders, tall (about 5'10", or 178 cm), has some scars hidden underneath an area of her hair from the accident she endured when she was 17, and smaller scars down her arms and her back from the same accident. Not too noticeable if she wears a lot of clothes, and therefore you will rarely see her in anything short sleeved. Likes muted colors, anything to keep her as unnoticeable as possible

    Personality and Biography: Extremely shy, a trait she gained because of the accident. The brain damage she endured changed a lot about her personality, and she used to be very outspoken but now she is much more introverted and reserved, and has a more innocent personality. She gained a passion for art and painting after the accident, as it was the only thing she was able to focus on and remember. She has brief periods of forgetfulness, sometimes lasting a few minutes to a few days. During these times, she can stay calm and discover what she might be missing, because although she might forget who she's with or where she is in her life, the only real memories that are imprinted on her mind forever are the after effects of the crash and the reason she gets to be like this. So she knows not to panic but to seek answers and go with whatever flow she's used to, because she knows that in no time she will regain most of it back. There are still a lot of memories she never recovered, such as most of her childhood. Her innocence could widely be due to the fact that she no longer really has that childhood anymore to reflect on. She's a very sweet woman, and would never hurt a fly. She regrets a lot of her past that she CAN remember, and strives to make things right with herself and the people she loves.

    Other: When she was 18, she met a man named Anubis and fell in love with him, and ever since they have loved each other with all of their hearts. They married a few years later and had one child, a little boy named Remi. She loves her boys very much and wouldn't trade them for the world.

    enter image description here
    (He looks a little more like I imagined him, maybe with slightly darker skin)


    Name: Anubis Anpu Seti

    Age: Unknown (approximately a few hundred years old); Looks about 25-30 years old

    Species: Human; Fable

    Physical Description: Tan skin, dark brown/black hair, short haircut, very tall (6'2", or 188 cm) and fit build. Dark brown eyes, minimal scars or distinguished markings, a tattoo on the back of his right shoulder of an Egyptian hieroglyph; says the name of his brother, Bata.

    Biography: Anubis arrived in Fabletown around the Empire's Fall in the Homelands, and since has picked up an interest in the medical field. He joined Swineheart, learning the ropes to become Swineheart's partner and eventual successor, when Swineheart DOES decide to retire himself. He met Elora when delivering Scarlett's baby, immediately attracted to Elora because of her shy stature yet amazed expression as he showed her her niece. He made sure to take the relationship slow because he learned of her accident early on and wanted to make sure she was absolutely comfortable with him before moving on to more romantic actions. They eventually married and had a son, and now live n a high-end apartment together near Fabletown and the Knights of Malta Hospital.

    I was going to write more stuff but I was sidetracked a ton today and I wanna play some sims while i still can so there you go! Hope you liked these two at least, so far :)

    Here's Remi's approximate appearance, BTW:

    enter image description here

    He's supposed to be about 2 or 3 years old :)

  • An adorable pair you have here. :)

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    Listening to all my feel-good jams XD So I figured this is a great time to post something! I'll do a sort of "profile" to start ou

  • Thanks! They're one of my favorite couples I've made :)

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    An adorable pair you have here.

  • These are some cool Characters! :) Can't wait to read their story as well as Eloras siblings!

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    Listening to all my feel-good jams XD So I figured this is a great time to post something! I'll do a sort of "profile" to start ou

  • I recall Elora's tale and the pain she endured when she lost her mind. Knowing all is well in the end, look forward to what she has to offer. :) And Anubis is one hunk and Remis is too adorable!

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    Listening to all my feel-good jams XD So I figured this is a great time to post something! I'll do a sort of "profile" to start ou

  • Thanks! I think I'm going to move on to Ash after her little story, and then maybe Noah after her. I havent really developed Robbie much, and Scarlett is already well established though I might center her story more around her daughter if anything, and we can't forget the four extras who never really made it past baby stage in my story because i didn't really write about them, but they'll gain their personalities soon enough and be very active in my stories, hopefully. Jessamine, Gabriel, Adeline, and Jason, if you can't recall their names :) I might do some prewriting too, when Harm was pregnant with that second litter and stuff. just because, you know? I might even travel WAY back to even before she married Tim, just to explore her a little more before her life kicked off. And I won't forget Carter! He's my little baby :3 He will have his story too, I could never exclude him and his sisters :)

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    These are some cool Characters! Can't wait to read their story as well as Eloras siblings!

  • Yeah, she went through a lot of emotional and physical pain that seemed to be overlooked by some of her family, and she realized where she was going wrong and just wants to fix that stuff. All is well, but there still will be challenges to come :) Nothing too bad, as far as I plan! Anubis is delicious just to look at! I imagined him looking very Egyptian, since that is where he's from and what his story is from, and Remi is the perfect little blend of adorableness <3 He's a sweet boy who loves to please his family with all that he does. You'll see!

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    I recall Elora's tale and the pain she endured when she lost her mind. Knowing all is well in the end, look forward to what she has to offer. And Anubis is one hunk and Remis is too adorable!

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    WRITER'S NOTE: I already wrote the beginning half of this story a while back, so that's why it's posted so quickly and the chapter is very long. The chapters after probably won't be as long, though. This is basically just the starter :) Hope you enjoy!


    Elora woke up in the strangest place. She didn’t really know much about where she was, or why she was there, but she knew she belonged there, because her favorite comforter was spread out across her body, and the scent of her perfume was prevalent in the room. She didn’t panic, but she did want to know why she was there and what caused her to wake up so fatigued and a bit sick feeling.

    The room was pretty dark, but there was enough light filtering in through the curtains to tell where the door was. She had to guess which one was the bathroom, and after the third try she made it. The bathroom was pretty nice, the walls bordered with seashell designs and the trim a creamy white. She figured she was the one who decorated it, and painted the mural across from her. It was a lighthouse over looking a seashore. She smiled.

    She’d always been a forgetful girl, ever since her accident when she was just a teenager. Most days, she woke up fine, knowing all she needed to know to get by and have a happy life. but then there were these brief periods of time when she had no idea where she was, why she was there, or how she got there. This was one of those days, but instead of panicking, she took deep breaths and pretended like everything was normal.

    It didn’t always work, and she was sure of it that at some point, it would all get too overwhelming for her to bear and she would probably run home - wherever home was - and cry. Sunlight filtered in through the small window above her head and streaked across the painting she’d made, and it helped to calm her down a bit as she relieved her bowels. She reached for the sink and guessed which toothbrush was hers; it had her name labeled on it and was the color of soft pink. She picked it up, and then rummaged blindly through the medicine cabinet on the wall to find some toothpaste.

    She brushed her teeth, pretending to have as normal a morning as possible. Her mind’s scattered thoughts went through standard procedure, one of the few things she consistently remembered to do, especially on days like today. She started with standard questions in which she should know the answer to. What is my name? Elora Rose Cratchit. What is the last date I remember? It must have been the day...the day….

    Her head started to hurt a little as a memory flash behind her eyelids. She was in a hospital room, and at first, she thought it was the day of the accident, but it couldn’t have been then, because it wasn’t the same room she remembered being in, and she wasn’t surrounded by worried faces, but at happy ones. Echoes of voices filled the memory. She knew what she was seeing but she found it hard to believe. She was in the labor and delivery unit.

    Since when did she have a child? She exited the bathroom, not bothering to find a change of clothes, because anything tighter than the loose gown she had on would surely feel suffocating to her.

    She walked down the hall of her home, looking for pictures on the wall, but found none. She wondered who her husband was, and then almost instantly, she looked at her hand to see if she had a ring on. Yes, there it was, silver and shining in the light of the sun. She was in the living room, which overlooked a backyard that spread out for a good 2 acres. It seemed she was on the Farm somewhere, in her own little cottage. A ghost of a smile itched itself across her face, but she was still too disoriented to welcome any good feelings. She was a mother, but she couldn’t even remember her baby’s face.

    Slowly, she wandered back to the safety of her room. Her hand ran down the front of her gown, and then another shock of surprise caught her mid step as she entered through the doorway. Her stomach wasn’t completely flat, like she always remembered it to be. It had a soft roundness, not very noticeable to the eye, and her fingers traveled over the bump over and over, as if she was imagining it being there. Maybe her son was recently born-

    Her son. So she remembered what her child was, but she could not tell how old he might be, or what his name was. And she so desperately tried to recall that information, but nothing happened. But then, it occurred to her rather suddenly, that she could just go to his bedroom and see him. Actually see him. Maybe that would jog her memory, even a little bit. She turned again and faced the doorway, too many thoughts for her to process going through her mind at once. It was as if her train of thought had derailed and disappeared into a dark forest.

    She edged her way down the long narrow hallway, and began to try different doors. One opened to her bathroom. Another was a spare bedroom. The third was a closet full of towels and boxes. And at the last door, she hesitated, because surely this was her little boy’s room. She hoped. She opened the door, and the light was out in the bedroom. When she flicked it on, an array of blue painted walls, a sailboat bed, and toys scattered across the floor greeted her. But her son was not in bed.

    She began to think that maybe he was not at home. Maybe whoever her husband was and whoever her son was were out or something, so she would have to wait for them to come home. She was both relieved and anxious, as new doubts arose in her mind. Why wasn’t she with them? Where could they have gone? Why won’t this headache go away? What’s that smell?

    That smell. It smelled almost like…..almost like bacon. Bacon. Never before did she crave that breakfast meat more than in that very moment. She exited the room and blindly searched her home for the kitchen. It wasn’t hard to find, and the closer she got, the more confident she was to find her family. She could hear the bacon sizzling as she rounded the corner.

    “..Daddy can I go wake up Mommy now? Please!” He was so small. He couldn’t have been older than three.

    “Let Mommy rest, she needs her sleep buddy. She was up sick all night long.” The man, her husband she presumed, said while facing the stove. “Don’t you want some food first, anyway? You said you were starving before.”

    “Well I am but I also don’t want Mommy to starve so I want to go get her.”

    “Mommy’s probably not too hungry after last night buddy.”

    Elora figured she should make her presence known. She stepped in the room a few more paces and then cleared her throat. “Ah...excuse me?” Immediately regretting her words, she rubbed her temples on each side of her head, willing the ache to leave her. She was never good with words, and it didn’t help that she would occasionally lose her memory like this.

    “Elora,” the man smiled. “Goodmorning, honey.”

    She stared at him blankly. It wasn’t because she felt awkward or foreign to her - she felt quite familiar with his face and even felt comfortable in his presence - it was the fact that he was absolutely, unimaginable handsome, and she gawked at the fact that of all the women he could have chosen to marry, it was her. Her.

    “Are you feeling alright?” His question had more underlying meaning, as he must have grown accustomed to her odd memory loss episodes. She sensed it in his worried expression, and she could tell they’d gone through this more than once. Her mouth formed the words before she could think them through, and again she cursed her screwed up brain processing.

    “What are your names?” She didn’t mean to blurt it out in a way that would hurt them, but clearly it did some sort of stab to her husband. He seemed to wince at the question, as if it confirmed his suspicions. He smiled though, and turned back to the stove, scooping bacon onto a plate for her.

    “My name is Anubis, and this here,” His hand patted the young boy’s head softly. “Is Remi.”

    Elora stared at her son and her husband strangely, and something in the back of her mind tugged at familiarity, enough so that she didn’t find it strange to be living in a house with two people she barely knew or recognized. She smiled softly and took the plate of bacon as he handed it to her. They sat at the kitchen table, a little awkwardly at first, but the conversation began to warm up a little bit. It relieved her, more than anything else.

    “So,” Anubis started off. “As I asked earlier, are you feeling okay?”

    Elora nodded softly, though it was a partial lie, and she felt bad for doing so, so then she opened her mouth to speak. “No, actually I felt a little sick when I woke, but it passed. And...I have a headache. Is that...normal?”

    He nodded in her direction, swallowing his breakfast. “Yeah, you get a lot of those, but they aren’t usually severe. Do you need medicine?”

    “No, thanks.” She felt like she had to be polite in his presence, but knew that was wrong. They were married, they had a child, and a home together. He was probably more used to her passing gas and burping all the time than saying please and thank you. Still, she didn’t know what she should say.

    “Um…” Anubis seemed to be hesitating before he said what he wanted to next. He pondered a moment, then looked up at her, chewing his meal slowly. Once he swallowed, he opened his mouth again. “Do you have any questions for me? Anything….strange? Off? Are you confused?”

    She heard what he said and thought carefully what she wanted to say back this time. She didn’t want to upset or offend him. So she started with the basics, more about herself then the world around her. “How old am I?”

    Anubis gave a soft smile. “Well, how old do you think you are?”

    Elora thought back into the depths of her memory. The last birthday she could remember was her 18th birthday. So she answered him. “I think I’m 18, but I’m probably older than that.”

    “You’re 30,” He replied. “And I’m...well, I’ve lost track of time for a while. And Remi here-” the boy looked up from his plate and giggled, “-is three.”

    “And….my family? Do I….” She didn’t know how to word every single question about them into a single sentence. “Are they all well? Are they...I don’t know…”

    “Married and stuff? Most of them. We’ve got a bunch of nieces and nephews, if that’s what you’re wondering. And your younger siblings are….I think they’re twelve.”

    It surprised her for a moment, how old they were. She remembered them as little toddlers themselves, barely walking as she graduated a year after the rest of her fraternal siblings, put back quite a bit for not remembering a whole lot of school. “And everyone is happy? Healthy?”

    Anubis nodded slowly. “Yeah, they’re fine. I’m worried about you, Elora. Any other questions?”

    It made her want to smile, they way he felt concern for her. It almost felt too good to be true, and yet true love could move mountains. She forced herself to focus on his words and not the rest of him. “I….noticed…. My….” Again, she didn’t know how to phrase the question. She stood up, bringing her plate to the sink. She tightened the gown around her midsection, to reveal it’s slight plumpness. “Is this from anything other than….him?” She pointed at her son, who was making a big mess where he sat. “I mean-”

    “No,” Anubis replied. “It’s not postpartum baby fat. No, you worked that stuff off about a year after he was born. But you’ve recently been gaining weight, and we went to the doctor, and….Well, we just found out we’re expecting another child, honey.”

    He almost hesitated with that last word, but it seemed far too built in to his mind for him not to call her his sweetheart. Because all in all, she was his honey, his love, his wife. And according to him, she was also having another child.

    “Oh,” was all she could muster up. “I...uh, I don’t remember how...pregnancy felt like. It’s….definitely different from what normal feels like. I, uh…”

    Anubis smiled gently again. “Take your time. You must be exhausted. I’ll call your boss-”

    “I have a job?” She perked up. She hadn’t even thought to ask that.

    “Part time, you paint for a gallery. But they know of your condition, and understand when you can submit things, or need to get extensions. It’s more of a hobby of yours anyway. I mean, I’m a doctor, so you hardly even need a job.”

    “You’re a….” She couldn’t wrap her head around that idea, either. What kind of guy, - what kind of doctor - gets wrapped up with settling for a simple girl like her? She paints, yes. But is she good at math? Is she good at writing? She barely passed high school. She can’t read anything over twenty pages long. She can’t read, period. How could he love an airhead like her?

    “A doctor, yes,” He smiled once more. “And we met one day when you came for a check up, about six months after your initial accident. You came to see your sister’s baby, and got really excited about the child, and we bumped into one another, and we kind of just….clicked.”

    “But how?” She stammered. She wanted to put her entire head out in words, but she could not think of how to put those words into something that meant anything. She looked to him for guidance, and he seemed to know what she was trying to communicate.

    “I...The first time I saw you, you were attached to machines and barely alive. Swineheart called you lucky, that you were able to take that sort of impact-” it seemed like it was hard for him to voice the experience. Like it left a mark on his heart that he would wear forever. She felt her own heart melt with affection for him, just knowing that she meant that much to him.

    “So you loved me from the moment you saw me?” She gathered.

    “Maybe not love, but I did care about you dearly, and wanted to see you get back on your feet. I...We formally met that day that the Charlotte was born, and from that day on, you made more frequent trips to the hospital, just to see me, and we had a lot of dates before you finally let me hold your hand, and then a lot more dates before you finally let me kiss you. You made sure that I knew my boundaries, that you were still recovering and had no idea what was happening half the time. And then, after a few years of dating, you started having occasional episodes. One morning you’d wake up and forget half of the time we’d spent together, still thinking we were in...I don’t know, stage one of our relationship? You would barely let me touch you.”

    “I’m… sorry,” She stammered. “I don’t know why…”

    “Neither does anyone at the hospital. It usually lasts up to a week or so, and then you’ll wake up with most of your memory back. It doesn’t last long…”

    “But it’s enough to hurt,” She replied in a whisper. They hadn’t even noticed that Remi was finished eating and now playing with some cars on the floor until that moment. Elora felt her heart sag a bit, knowing that her disabilities affected her family life so much. “And how long will I remember for?”

    “It varies,” He replied. “Months, usually. Sometimes years before another big episode. It usually requires a decent amount of stress for you to go under like this….and you worry very easily, but last night was tough on you, and you were a bit scared.”

    “For the baby?” She asked.

    Anubis nodded. “For the baby. You were really sick last night, feverish and vomiting. You thought that the baby would be in danger, which was not impossible, but it took a lot of talking and taking care of you to talk you out of your fears. And it was all on top of worrying about a lot of other things, but that’s all superficial stuff.”

    She sat there and thought for a moment at what he said. She got like this often enough for it to be a normal occurrence. Her husband looked at her with a happy but reserved smile, something that almost looked trained the more she stared at him. Something very far in the back of her mind was shouting at her to say something, to kiss him and hug him and tell him she loved him. But the rest of her did not feel that love yet, and although she believed this was the man she loved, she didn't want to push herself into something she would be uncomfortable with.

    So simply, she said, "Oh."

    And that was the end of that conversation.


    So that's all for now guys :) Hope you liked it, as I said before. Comment if you want to, I don't mind if you don't though.

  • Man...poor Elora this was pretty sad (at least that's what I got from reading this). Anubis is a pretty awesome guy so far and Remi is adorable :3 I look forward to more!

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    WRITER'S NOTE: I already wrote the beginning half of this story a while back, so that's why it's posted so quickly and the chapter

  • Ah how I missed the Hunter and Traudl. This was really good! And Bloody Mary is now involved!? Oh man I can't wait for more!

    Final Chapter: Part 1 of 4 Several Succesive bangs from a fist upon the front door to our apartment awoke us from our sleep.

  • This was an awesome read! The part about Fifty Shades of Gray made me laugh XD Tez cheated on Rose!? I must not remember that. I look forward to more!

    Part 1 of a possible 5 part short story involving my Tezoth, pudding_pie's Penny, and a little mention of JJwolf's Robert. Others

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    Writer's note: I'm taking a tiny break from my 1st story posted, due to the lack of ideas coming to my head and I don't want to rush, this has been brewing in my head and I FEEL like Penny AND RJ need their stories, too. Brad is a new OC; some of you know who he is from my DA account but if not, ask and I'll give you a brief bio. AND, before I forget, JJ has given me ALL rights to Robert. He is now my, with that being said, I'll do as I please with him. Any questions, as away. :)

    A beautiful woman with long black hair sits in a chair with six other men. She wears a skin tight leather suit that shows off her ample figure. Sitting beside her, is a tall man with long black hair, black suit and holds a silver briefcase. He addons facial hair beneath his lip and several freckles scattered along his cheeks.
    The temperature outside is chilly; ice begins to form along the glass and edges of the building. A roaring fire sat before the woman and the several men, creating an ominous glow within the room.

    They were located somewhere in Sweden. This was not the first time the woman or her companion had been here but tonight, it was different; this was not a vacation but rather a ‘business’ trade. It was something the woman’s sister was in need of. Something that had to be taken care of.

    The man in the suit with the freckles looks to the side and nods. The woman briefly nods in return. He stands, heads over to the largest man and gives the silver case. The large man, smoking a thick cigar, beams. his devious smile was eerie and soon, the young man slinks back and returns beside his companion’s side.

    “Ah, Ms. Porgie. ‘Dis must be the payment….”

    “Hope you like large bills.” The woman smiles while adjusting her hair. “I hear you prefer them.”

    “Indeed I do.” The man places the case on his desk. “I hope ‘der be no hard feelings. This is strictly business, you know, Penelope.”

    “We understand, sir.” The woman, now addressed as Penelope lifts herself up from the chair. “There shall be no hard feelings with me or my companion here. We simply wish to aid in anyway needed. If there is no further conversations to be held, we shall be leaving.”

    “Tell your sister, there is no harm done for this. She’s only looking out for the mess she was left with.”

    Penny clenches her fists but continues to stand and beam. She did not need trouble but this was just the beginning and perhaps, the end. She and her friend observe the man’s henchmen take the case and open it. As promised, large bills of money inside the case; the large man with the cigar takes a wad of bills in his hand, inhales the scent and chuckles.

    “Twenty million, correct Ms. Porgie? I’m sure you know a thing or two ‘bout money. Your dad was quite the dealer back in his days.”

    “Hm, I assure you it’s there. We stand by our word…”

    “Of course.” The man continues flipping through the cash. “This was indeed the best decision for you all. I’d hate for the community your sister worked so hard for to crumble again. You don’t GET a second chance like that ever again.”

    “No, guess you don’t, do you?” Penny and her friend walk towards the door. “BUT, there is one thing you did not count on, Mr. Alhberg..”

    Penelope lifts her head up, allowing the moon outside and the fire beside her to create a glow against her black hair and outfit. Her cherry red lips creates a cunning smile, her blue eyes gleaming with delight. Penny’s delicate fingers trace along the nub of her sword, carefully secure beside her hip. The men in the room took notice of this behavior and drew out their weapons; countless guns and sharp knives filled the tiny room and soon, a group of three made their way towards the buxom beauty and her friend.

    “....My sister and I DON’T take lightly to those that consider us ‘stupid’. You should choose your enemies wisely in your next life.” Penelope maneuvers to the left, allowing her friend access to the oncoming group.

    “Have at it, RJ Looks like our time here is through.”

    RJ Grendel was Penelope’s older half-brother and loyal addition. Since the two siblings joined forces, their sister Katie included them in the rise of their once fallen Wolf community. They were spies and tonight, business was being dealt with. Mr. Alhberg use to work beside their grandfather, John. When he got wind that his title of leader was passed down to his granddaughter, the once construction worker turned kingpin took advantage of this opportunity to wipe his slate clean. The transaction was simple: Katie would delete the records of Alhberg’s past, so long as he provided much needed funds to the fallen Folker community. His men was to supply this. It never came through; Katie did her part but somehow, Mr. Alhberg ‘forgot’ his end of the deal.

    He did not take into consideration just WHO he was dealing with. with no funds, certain programs aimed to and those still recovering from the war and past false promises were on hold and this caused several riots. One lasted nearly a week; the citizens were looking to overthrow Katie, Malcom and a few others in office. It took days of paperwork and countless meetings with the public to persuade them into trusting their leader and government.

    Now, Alhberg was about to witness what stabbing the back of a Porgie member was like. He stood in the corner and ordered his men to attack and kill the two standing before him. RJ pulls out two pistols beside his belt, cocks, aims and fires. Bullets fly past the two siblings, while several more pierce the flesh of the henchmen. One falls to the ground, grabbing his bullet wound and screeching for the others to take control. RJ was hit twice but these were mere tickle to the beast. He laughed, points his weapons and shots. This gave Penelope the opportunity to get a head start for the door.

    She knew her brother would be fine alone. RJ preferred to do this part alone and rather enjoyed being the sole reason for the ‘bad guy’ to feel confused, terrified and humiliated. Penelope reaches for her sword and grabs a tiny device. Pushing the red button, Penny presses her lips to the screen and communicates to the figure appearing before her.

    “Hey Brad-RJ is taking out the guys right now. Did you secure the final step?”

    “PSH-did I secure the final step….” Brad, sitting in a chair, leans back. In his lap, a bowl of popcorn. “Penelope, baby….when have I ever let you down?”

    “I mean it, Brad. Trust me. Alhberg is not going to be happy about this.”

    He’s still alive? Thought he’d be the first Fish gutted this evening.”

    “I like to play with my catch a bit before ending their wretched life. You know this, Brad.”

    Brad whistles, reaches for an enormous remote control and sighs. “OH you Porgies and your sick, twisted need to feel power. I love it beyond words. You have two minutes to reach the front.”

    Penelope leaps off the banister, tumbles on the ground and pulls out her sword. In her pocket, an ipod touch. While another group of men scream and run towards her direction, Penny flips her hair, turns on the music device and beams. Her finger scrolls through the list until she comes across the ultimate song to end this perfect night. Nickelback’s ‘Animals’ blares through the colossal halls of the mansion.

    Penny cocks her hips and counts the guys before her. “Let’s see….there is one, two...eight of you right now and one of me. Oh, what is a poor, innocent girl suppose to do?”

    Penny plays the part. She weeps into her arm, still holding the sword to her side. The men grow closer, each ready to slash the woman in two. This allows her to jump into the air, throwing her first move; the sword slices across the first man’s neck like knife through butter. It falls to the floor, leaving a puddle of crimson red. His body plops to the ground, sending his fellow mates in her way. Penny flashes a dazzling smile, wipes the blade clean and runs forward.

    “Now this is entertainment.” Penny flies past three men, sticking them both in the stomach. “Wouldn’t you agree, boys?”

    The three deceased men, all their corpses in a mess of red, begin to disappear. The other remaining goons, horrified with this unknown challenger, watch the bodies become nothing, leaving behind three floating orbs. The light surrounding them flicker, indicating it was time. Penny digs into her cleavage and pulls out a tiny vial; the top is crafted into an iron skull laced with ivy leaves. Penny unlocks the top and vacuums the orbs into the tiny glass compartment.

    “What ARE you!?” One of the men in anguish begins to carefully back away. “The fuck did you just do?!”

    Penelope, now swabbing her weapon clean, peers up. Her eyes ice like the falling snow outside. The sword suddenly flames black, camouflaging against her leather outfit. Her hips sway back and forth as she made her way towards the shivering men.

    “Alhberg forgot to mention he’s not just dealing with Porgies but the Black Knight. You gentlemen just witnessed me collecting the souls of the damned and soon, they’ll be joining the countless others in the fiery pits of their maker’s home. This sword has been a blessing and curse, all rolled into one….now, sadly fellas, looks like you’re next…..”

    There was something petrifying to Penelope’s tone. She springs into the air; time seemed to come to a sudden halt while Penny performed the ritual of being related slightly to that of Death. Penelope was in no way Death itself. The man was his own force but she was more of a Reaper. There were many Reapers, Grim being the one all feared, for it was she who delivered the souls required. The sword blessed for her use was connected to her and contained the powers that sent the men’s souls into her collection. Now, the remaining men would see this for himself.

    But she couldn’t have all the fun. Her blade penetrates another body and soon, the others run in opposite directions. RJ finds his sister, shaking off the tainted blood covering the ends. RJ finished off the goons Alhberg sent; he managed to run off into a safe room, where his loyal pilot rescued him from certain death. RJ grabs Penny and heads for the door.

    “Brad is on his way, Penny! We need to make it to the Land Rover before Alhberg catches up. He’s still pretty pissed off about earlier.”

    Both Penny and RJ run outside; their boots crunching against the fresh snow, breathing heavy against the cold and adrenaline on high. Penny and RJ find Brad. Still in drive, the man pulls up and allows the two to jump inside. Behind the vehicle, a black helicopter flies closely. Inside, a very distraught and determined Alhberg.

    “FA TIKEN!” Alhberg screeches, hitting the pilot and pointing. “GET HER NOW! KILL HER! KILL THEM ALL!!”

    RJ hops into the back seat, pulls out a wooden trunk and finds the needed material to end this wild train ride.

    “Brad, you think you got this or-”

    “Take the wheel, little Grendel dude.” Brad lights a cigarette and hops in Isaiah’s spot. “Keep going south and eyes on the road. I got this. Don’t you two worry!”

    “Well, hurry up, Vamp.” Penny looks out the window. “We have a very fucking pissed off Swed on our hands.”

    “Chillax, sweet tits. You’re talking to a professional here. Play us something upbeat. Life my fucking spirits.”

    Penny reaches for her ipod, looks for the perfect song and hits play. ‘Stupify’ blares through the speakers. Pulling out her AK-47, it was her time to blow a few rounds. The sword was no good in this situation. Besides, Penny loved to feel the girth of rather large items in her palm. Leaning out the window, she observes the helicopter gaining up on their trail.

    “Well, this guy does not play around.” Penny smirks, loading her weapon. “Oh, I’m going to enjoy this….”

    “You got this, Brad!?” RJ glances into the mirror, as Brad tapes together several sticks of dynamite. “Because we have ONE shot at this and-”

    “Relax your swamp ass, RJ. I’ve got plenty of boomsticks to blow a fucking hole into the next dimension. Just keep your fucking eyes on the road, Penny-this is a nice view-and let me do my thing. Okay?”

    The Land Rover is in full gear; gripping the wheel, RJ turns into a dense forest of snow covered pine trees. The helicopter not too far. The wheels screech along the white, packed road. Penny pulls the trigger and follows the bullet as it enters the glass, cracking and flying straight through. Alhberg’s reaction and the pilot nearly colliding into a tree was enjoyment in itself. The surprise was still in Alhberg’s hands, though. RJ turns the wheel furiously and relentlessly carries on down the snow covered path.

    “HAHA, take this with your payment, you Swedish asshole!” Brad lights the fuse and tosses the burning concoction at the helicopter. “OH I wish you both could fucking see this….”

    “We will soon, Brad.” Penny licks her lips and fires another round. “Trust me. The grand finale is heading our way.”

    “And so is that Barn, guys!” RJ begins to slow the car down. “We’re not going to make it-”

    “Drive.” Penny slides back inside and grins. “DRIVE, RJ…”


    “HEY, do you have wax in your ears, mate? You heard the lady-drive on! WHOAAAAA!”

    “Alright…” RJ gains speed and heads for the Barn. “Hold on, guys!”

    RJ sends the vehicle through the abandoned Barn, causing the building to disintegrate into the snow. Another explosion follows thanks to Brad and his endless supply of dynamite. While he laughs hysterically in the back, Penny eyes her watch. She unzips her top just down enough to pull out another device. One final blue remote…

    “That it, Penny…”


    At this exact time, while the pilot kept on their trail, Alhberg sits and admires the case. He fingers the top, beamily from ear to ear and slides his index finger to the hinges. He unlocks and looks inside one last time. Alhberg did not take into consideration the warning Penny left in regards to never messing with a Porgie. For tucked away, behind the piles of bills, was another bomb. A picture of all three flipping off the camera.

    Alhberg sighs deeply, pulls out another cigar and lights. “Aye, Jensen. ‘Tis my fault for thinking it would be that easy…”


    But before Alhberg could answer, the bomb counts down to the finale and explodes on contact. Pieces of the Helicopter fly in various directions; the booming, thundering noise causes the Earth to shake for a short period of time. Brad claps, cheers and pulls out three Beers.

    “WHOA! DAMN! That was beautiful!” He notices a large piece of the Helicopter land in a nearby tree. “FUCK! Penny, you’re one badass motherfucking chick! Shit!”

    Penny pulls out her sword, looks deep into her reflection and licks her lips. “Well, we warned him. Poor fool was fun for the time being. Head straight for the airport. Uncle Hans and aunt Gina will be there in their private jet, waiting for the three of us. We head back to New York and tell the community just what went down. THIS will be the final time this ever occurs. But, I had a blast. Literally, eh Brad?”

    “Ha, ha, ha.” RJ rolls his eyes and drives on. “Well, what do we do now?”

    “Drive, bro.” Penny leans back and allows the music to play. “But first, I need to call my little man.”

    “I don’t know why you left Josiah with HIM….What is REALLY going on between you two anyways, Penelope…?”

    Penny dials the number and grins. Every girl deserved her secrets. “Just watching my little Josiah, RJ...just being a really good friend.”

    “Uh huh. GOOD friend.” Brad makes a suggestive mood with his hand. “Such a GOOD friend Rob-”

    But by then, Penny ignored the ranting of her brother and the sexual ideas of Brad. Placing the phone to her ear and watching the ominous glow of the crash behind her, Penny chuckles.

    “Hey baby, it’s mommy. Guess who’s on her way home?”

  • Yeah, its sort of a bittersweet beginning, but it'll get better :) Remi is the cutest thing alive, and Anubis is very awesome!

    Tetra posted: »

    Man...poor Elora this was pretty sad (at least that's what I got from reading this). Anubis is a pretty awesome guy so far and Remi is adorable I look forward to more!

  • Lmao! This was great! The best part was when Tez said he'd talk to Emily about Penny's book selection XD Didn't know that there was a thing between the two of them! Very intriguing, if I do say so myself. Hopefully we get to see more Harmony action in the future ;) !

    Part 1 of a possible 5 part short story involving my Tezoth, pudding_pie's Penny, and a little mention of JJwolf's Robert. Others

  • Penny is confirmed Bayonetta Fable XD This chapter was so badass! I love the violence and I second Brads comment about the Porgies need for power ;) Brad is freaking amazing and so is RJ!

    Don't worry dude, same thing happened to me with mine as well XD I look forward to whatever else you decide to write! :D

    pudding_pie posted: »

    Writer's note: I'm taking a tiny break from my 1st story posted, due to the lack of ideas coming to my head and I don't want to ru

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