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  • Sorry I haven't posted on anything since you've started to post on here again; I've been soooo busy, putting up even my own stuff is a hassle >.< But, even just skimming by your things, I can already see soem exciting stuff happening! Penny is (and I quote), "one badass motherfucking chick!” Like seriously, what the hell! I love it!!!

    Like, SERIOUSLY! Just picturing the beginning scene was absolutely amazing, man! I can just see Penny sitting there, high and mighty, knowing exactly what she'll do and when she'll do it, and its just


    And then there was RJ. RJ, the coolest freakin' big brother EVER! I love how he's just as badass as his sister! I feel like I'm reading the opening of a movie, seriously! I love it!

    I literally can't wait for more! Keep it up, Pie!

    also, on an unrelated note, hows the fam doing? I know it's been a while since you updated us, you know? Of course, if you're comfortable with sharing. I would never pressure you to share things you don't want to. Also, give JJ my love! I know he's not coming back, just tell him I miss him and I hope he's doing well :3

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    Writer's note: I'm taking a tiny break from my 1st story posted, due to the lack of ideas coming to my head and I don't want to ru

  • She and I will BOTH take that compliment. IDK...she never REALLY got her own story, you know? This gives her, RJ and Brad a chance to shine. :) LOL I figured that would be a blast to read, considering it's true. XD

    Yeah it's not going how I planned, tbh....maybe here in a bit, I'll pick it back up. :) Glad I'm not alone in this situation. XD Thanks, my good man.

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    Penny is confirmed Bayonetta Fable XD This chapter was so badass! I love the violence and I second Brads comment about the Porgies

  • It's fine! I'm not looking for any of that, tbh. That's what caused issues in the first place...I just want to write and express myself once more. IF you find the time, like the others, to comment....great! If not, it's all good. :)

    Since JJ gave me the rights to Robert, I figured RJ needs a new outlook on life. He is indeed one badass big bro, as are the other kids these days. Penny neve REALLY got her own story. She and Katie shared one and I have so many new things planned up for her.....a new love interest that may or may not shock people happens. Typical pie story. XD Glad you liked it so far!

    As for the fmaily, I don't really post things on here for various reasons. Most of the pictures, infor or whatnot is either on my tumblr, DA or facebook. But Emily is growing and getting into all kinds of crap. XD She's walking now. Wifey is huge but beautiful as ever. We're having twins, as you know and they are due in jan but we're keeping a close eye because sometimes, twina are born early. As for JJ, I don't discuss the thread to him anymore, due to him asking me not to. He appreciates it, I'm sure but out of respect, I don't really talk about him on here or you guys to him....he's good, though. :) I'm sure you understand.

    Hope all is well and look forward to the new adventures that lie ahead. :3

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    Sorry I haven't posted on anything since you've started to post on here again; I've been soooo busy, putting up even my own stuff

  • That's EXACTLY how I'm going about it too! I don't care if people comment or not, I just post for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of those around me :) Glad we're on the same page!

    I'm so excited for this new love interest! Your Pie girls are the most bad ass girls out there! Can't wait for more :)

    Thanks for the update :) At least you all are doing well, that's good! I can't believe Emily's walking! Hope your wife and the twins are doing well, and I hope the future is bright for all of you <3

    As for me, everything is going well here too! Got a job, going through senior year, and trying to figure out college stuff, you know? I bought an architexture book that should come in the mail in a week or so, so I'm definitely reading that when I do get it. Writing really takes a load off sometimes, so when I feel like it, I'll be posting here, unless I feel like writing any of my other unrelated Fables stories. So yeah :)

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    It's fine! I'm not looking for any of that, tbh. That's what caused issues in the first place...I just want to write and express m

  • I have some catching up to do. This is just a lil prologue to my short stories before I start. Some more background for setting up the stories of The Brothers.

    A Memoir of Thane Castle #1

    It all started when we were young lads, born and raised in Europe over two hundred years ago in the Athens. Our parent full; Fables of course, lived quite a long time. We haven’t learned much of their past. All I can remember, all my brothers can remember, is that we came a long way.

    I’m a Minotaur, my older brother is a big bird-man.. or Garuda. Then there's our younger brother Alvin who something called a Manticore.. Intimidating creature but not as bad as the stories depict his kind as. We’re all not as bad as they say we are as we only do what is necessary to survive in this world.

    Never actually like the Homelands, even though I’ve only been there once. I prefer the Mundy world and it’s ludicrous inhabitants. Sounds crazy I know, but once you lived in a place for so long that has been so beneficial and good to you, why would you ever want to leave?

    Before my parents deaths, me and my siblings we brought to the Americas around the 19th century being introduced to the early inhabitants on a newly established Fable community going by the name of ‘Fabletown’. At first my parents were on good terms with them. Even help build the damn place.

    There weren’t any bad blood between until one day, there was a fight between my father and the sheriff of the establishment. There a disagreement, with lad to curse words, then fighting and eventually my family's departure from that place for good.I was only a young man during the time, and to be honest; It was great to leave that place.
    Weeks later my parents started a business, that world eventually evolve into something big. Technology, foods and goods, the list goes on and decades later it would flourish into something greater. Castlecorp, a world trading corporation for Fables.
    Our parents left it with us. We vowed to keep their legacy strong for our family's name, but of course there are those who can’t stand one's own successful from the ground and up.

    Me and my brothers had our problems running the Castlecorp at start, we were rookies. Hadn't a clue to how to even run a business until we had some help.
    Eventually I realized that I was the only responsible one my siblings were; philosophical in their own unique ways. They were fine with it, they knew I’d make a great leader and babysitter as I always had to clean up the messes they made.
    As head of this company, I keep everything at bay. Even if things didn’t manage to get out of hand I find a way. I repeat, I FOUND A WAY to deal with that problem. Whatever it took.

    As result of my actions when the time came where I had to force my hand eliminate a potential threat to my family and it’s legacy; they step in Fabletown. They sent their dog, it was hysterical actually. Did they actually think they could intimidate me? They were only agitating me further…

    I was ready to remove this glamour and kick him straight out the window on the streets. Then I remember that I am the peacekeeper. I must keep the balance or else; No it won’t come to that..

    I acknowledge the Wolf’s warning and Fabletown’s will. Reinstate our partnership and went on with life. However, my brother didn't take kindly to Mr. Bigby’s attitude. They were there when he nearly beat our father to death…

    Sebastian my older brother…. If me and Alvin didn't stop him; It would’ve been a bloody day to remember. Thankfully, that time has passed and were all on good terms for now.

    The day may seem peacefully but that doesn’t cover the potential disaster that awaits on tomorrow or the day after. These next couple of days… I have a feeling it's going to be hectic.

  • Oh now this is an interesting start! The three brothers are pretty cool! I look forward to more! :)

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    I have some catching up to do. This is just a lil prologue to my short stories before I start. Some more background for setting up

  • Hey dude can I add you on Facebook? :)

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    It's fine! I'm not looking for any of that, tbh. That's what caused issues in the first place...I just want to write and express m

  • I loved this so much! Penny is the shit indeed and I'm going to love Brad! I just know it! BTW....who IS Penny's love? Is it still Sam or did you change it?? Either way, looking orward to this story!!

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    Writer's note: I'm taking a tiny break from my 1st story posted, due to the lack of ideas coming to my head and I don't want to ru

  • I appreciate the offer but I'm going to have to pass. You have me on here and DA to conversate with. No hard feelings though, my good man. :)

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    Hey dude can I add you on Facebook?

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    Yeah I couldn't find anyone with your name that was you anyways :P

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    I appreciate the offer but I'm going to have to pass. You have me on here and DA to conversate with. No hard feelings though, my good man.

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    Nope. I don't use my real name for FB anyways. XD And I'd appreciate if you didn't advertise my real name on this, my good man. :)

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    Yeah I couldn't find anyone with your name that was you anyways :P

  • That's ominous :P

    Ok I'll edit it... But what about every other page where our names have been used???....

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    Nope. I don't use my real name for FB anyways. XD And I'd appreciate if you didn't advertise my real name on this, my good man.

  • It's how I roll. XD

    That's true. Silly me. :)

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    That's ominous :P Ok I'll edit it... But what about every other page where our names have been used???....

  • It's probably for the best sometimes...

    Oh well, good times.

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    It's how I roll. XD That's true. Silly me.

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    The trip back to New York-and this is from the lips of RJ-was suppose to be a simple, sophisticated and memorable moment shared between the three individuals solely responsible from another disaster hitting the shores of their now peaceful little slice of paradise. They were to sit, think and communicate like adults. Reflect on what occurred back in Sweden and pray this would not only pass but never happen again. RJ honestly thought this could be accomplished in a private jet, a woman that talked nearly everyone’s ear off and a Vampire that did not know the meaning of ‘enough is enough.’ He truly thought this could be mastered.

    But alas, RJ knew this too would be a task in itself and halfway across the ocean, nearing their own soil and familiar lands, he knew this was asking for the world. He gave up when Brad, feeling buzzed from the many alcoholic beverages stashed in cabinets near the back, brought out the game ‘Cards against Humanity.’ Taking a long gulp from a bottle of Captain Morgan, Brad opens the box, sets the game up and challenges all three to ten rounds; the funniest answer, no matter how random or odd it was, would win. He attempted to provoke RJ and Penelope and when Penny accepted his offer, RJ seemed to have no choice.

    “ALRIGHT!” Brad, with a devilish grin, distributes the cards. “The black card will be the fire and these white ones shall add fuel until it’s so out of one can put it not. Not even with water….DUN, DUN, DUUUUUN!”

    RJ rolls his eyes. “...Eh, maybe you should lay of the drinky drinky for this, Brad.”

    “Oh, come on, RJ.” Penny was actually enjoying herself. “After all that bullshit back there, we need SOME form of entertainment.”

    “And escaping from certain death AND blowing up a Helicopter-WHICH I may add carried a dangerous individual-was still not enough ‘entertainment’ for you people? Vultures…”

    “OH you’ll be fine, RJ!” Brad plants a kiss on RJ’s cheek, takes another drink and sits back. “Just shut up and play the game. We have, oh, I’d say an hour before we reach the wonderful lands of the United States of America. God bless us all.” Brad salutes. “God bless us al-”

    “Alright, alright. If it get’s you to shutup. Let’s just do this.”

    “You’re such a tease.” Brad places the black card face up. “Okay-the cards says the following: The one thing that turns me on the most is-Now, fill in the blank, folks.”

    Mumbling to himself, RJ searches through the deck of white cards provided to him, hoping to find the most ‘random’ answer he could find. Penny seemed to have found one; she laughed uncontrollably, placed her card face down and took a drink from Brad’s bottle. RJ finally picked one, followed by Brad. He looks at both with an infantile look.

    “Alright, folks. Now is the time to flip….flip those white cards and see JUST what sort of perverts me are! Penelope, this is for you-The one thing that turns me on is….what did YOU put?!”

    Penny turns over her card. “Harry Potter.”

    “Alright, alright, alright. A little Wizard loving. I ain’t hating on that. RJ-same question to you. What did YOU put?”

    RJ holds out his card. “Santa’s heavy sack…”

    Jointly, Brad and Penny chuckled. “Damn, little Grendel dude. Santa’s heavy sack, eh? You been a naughty boy or nice this year?”

    “Brad just…” RJ could feel the color on his face burning hot. “.....What...what did you put?”

    “Oh, me?” Brad slowly inches his card forward. “Just a little bit of A man in yoga pants, a ponytail, with feather earrings….”

    Penny lost it. Snorting, trying to keep her composure, she stands to find another drink. This answer called for a celebration. RJ was speechless. Brad takes a red pen, marks a one by his name, collects the cards and shuffles.

    “So, that’s one point for me-”

    “The fuck….” RJ stared right into Brad’s eyes. “A man in yoga pants, with a ponytail AND feather earrings….the fuck is wrong with you? Are you high? Is there drugs on this jet, too, Penny? Are aunt Gina and uncle Hans drug lords of some sort?”

    Penelope pours herself a glass of Merlot. “Not that I know of but hey-in this family, RJ, you never know. Congrats on that marvelous answer, Brad. You keep your man in yoga pants with those magnificent earrings.”

    RJ snickers. “Sounds like a VERY gay Jack Horner.”

    All three erupt in a loud laugh. Brad nearly spills his drink, while Penny had to use a nearby seat to keep herself from falling. Brad grabs RJ and embraces.

    “OH man-THERE you go, RJ! Fucking Jack wishes I’d want his blonde ass! Even in something as fabulous as yoga pants AND fucking feather earrings!”

    The flight home WAS intended on being quiet. So RJ planned but in the end, as they reached the shores of America, he was glad it did not stay as such. Oh the joys of card games after a long day at work.

    “You SURE you don’t want to come in and say hello?”

    A Taxi cab, parked outside a seventy-two story apartment complex, awaits for the answer of the two men inside. While the two discuss the options, Penny pays for her ride back home. RJ finally answers.

    “I’m fine, Penny. Really. I’m exhausted and this asshole needs to get home to a hot bath and sleep. I’ll call later.”

    “You promise me, RJ?” Penny glares at her brother. “I mean it….you need to call him. You can’t ignore-”

    RJ nods. “I promise you, once I get this jerk settled in, I’ll call. But give him and Josiah my love. Take it easy, Penny.”

    “I will. I’m going to shower, eat and call Katie with the news. We’ll got down there either later tonight or tomorrow and give the Council all the required paperwork.”

    RJ clutches his sister tightly one last time before returning into the cab. Windows roll up and soon, the men head further into downtown New York. Waving until the yellow vehicle disappeared, Penny begins her journey up the flight of stairs until she reaches the twenty-second floor. Apartment number 25C. The hallway light was still flickering and as Penny inserted the key, began laughing to herself. Just how long would that thing continue to do so, until it finally burned out?

    “I’m home.” Penny places her bags on the floor. “Where is my little monster at, huh?”

    “MOMMY!” A little boy’s voice exits a room. “Mommy, mommy! You’re home!”

    Penny gathers the little black haired boy. She plants kisses along his freckled covered face. The boy wears a simple t shirt, blue jeans and red socks. His grasp remains tightly around Penny’s neck.

    “My little Josiah. OH mommy missed you so, so, so much! How was your little mini-vacation with me away, huh?”

    “It was fun but I missed you. I’m glad you’re home!”

    “Me too, baby.” Penny lifts up her son and holds him against her chest. “OH my big boy! You grew while I was gone. STOP growing so much! You’re like a garden weed!” She kisses Josiah one more time while looking around. “Where is Rob-”

    Just as Penny speaks, Robert Grendel emerges from the room. Wearing a hoodie, dark shorts and black converse, he enters the living room, digs his hands into his pockets and leans against the beam. For almost a year now, Robert and Penelope became wonderful friends and support for each other. When he had the chance, Robert would stop for a visit; sometimes, they’d last for hours and soon, the pair were spending the entire day together. Neither did mind. Josiah took immediately to Robert and clung to the massive man like a Monkey to a tree branch. No one besides Josiah knew the pair were seeing one another.

    This was something that required time and the right moment. There was too much at stake. Neither was ashamed of their love but this was never a simple task. Announcing you were not only dating someone was work in itself; Penny’s father was a typical British father and no one was ever good enough for his daughters. Her mother would find it strange at first, like always but find something wonderful-some quality-that made this man or woman decent enough to date one of her children. Then, there were the siblings. Penny wasn’t too concerned with them. After all, they all carried with pride their own families and the mates they chose to be with for all eternity. They’d understand. It was RJ both she and Robert were nervous about. This was his father. She was his sister. Would he understand or would RJ walk away, wanting nothing to do with either of them?

    Still, with all that was said and done, coming home to his beaming face, stature and warm caress allowed these fears to postpone for now. Robert walks up to Penny; the two share a long kiss before Josiah squirms and makes a typical child, who just witnessed two adults kiss, facial expression.

    “EEEWWW Mommy! Robert! That’s gross!”

    Penny laughs, tapping her son’s nose lovingly. “It’s something adults do, baby. You’ll understand when you get older.”

    “Yeah, champ. You’ll like it too one day.” Robert playfully pats Josiah’s head. “Trust me. I was the exact same way as you when I was your age.”

    “EW no! Kissing causes cooties, mommy! You have cooties now! Girls are icky!”

    “So, mommy is icky now?” Penny lifts his shirt and plants raspberries on his belly. “Huh? Is this icky now? OH no-you have the cooties, too!”

    “Mommy, no! Stop!” Josiah tries to move away. “Cooties! Cooties! Robert-help me!”

    “I’m so sorry, soldier! I’ll do my best but the enemy is too powerful for me to-” Robert falls to the ground on his knees and reaches for Josiah. “-She’s too….GAH-powerful….so….many...cooties...Josiah…”

    “Alright you two, that’s enough.” Penny lays one last raspberry down before kissing Josiah once more and placing him on the ground. “Nice work there, Robert. Such an imagination you’ve got today.”

    Robert looks up and smiles. “You know me, Penny. Gotta play the part.”

    Josiah tugs on Penny’s dress and points to his room. “Mommy, come look what Robert and I did three nights ago! It’s so cool!”

    Josiah grabs her hands and leads his mother to his bedroom. Robert arises from the floor and is not too far behind. Josiah proudly opens the door and shows his mother a fort made out of old bedsheets and pillows. Chairs, clothes pins and one floor lamp holds the structure in place.

    “Wow...I’m impressed, fellas. This is some grade A work here.”

    “And come look, mommy! I’ll show you inside!”

    With all three on their hands and knees, Josiah gives Penny the grand tour. “THIS is where I sleep. Over here is where I read my comics and did my homework. Over here is my thinking space. I play with my Army men and legos here.”

    Penny was indeed amazed with her son’s creativity. Since he was two, Josiah was fascinated with Architecture and creating buildings. For Christmas one year, Georgie and Lyla purchased him an large bucket of an abundance of Lego pieces. During his winter break, for two weeks, he managed to create replicas of some buildings he’d seen in either the city or on tv. Having Robert around fueled his desires to create even more; Robert was just as handy and created beautiful work with his own hands. He showed Penny a birdhouse he constructed during one summer project. It wasn’t your standard home but one designed after the Sydney Opera house.

    She was not surprised the boys were bonding over a passion both shared. “Wow, baby. This is really neat.”

    “Robert helped me, too, mommy. He’s really good!”

    “Yes, I know he is.” Penny presses her head against his thick bicep. “Robert should show you some of the cool things he’s made.”

    “I’ll have to bring some over next time.” He kisses Penny’s head. “Now, go get ready, little dude! We have a surprise for mommy...remember?”

    Penny was stunned. “A surprise? For what….?”

    “Because we can.” Robert and Penny watch Josiah rush from his fort. “Josiah and I thought it would be nice to spend sometime with you and we both came up with a cool idea for you-but it’s a secret.”

    Robert aides Penny up to her feet. Josiah grabs his jacket but not before heading to the restroom. Assuring he’d be back in no time, the duo witness a boy nearly run into the door. While Josiah took this time to himself, Penny and Robert did the same. Passionately kissing her, grasping her buttocks firmly and lifting Penny against his chest, Robert could not control himself. The intoxicating scent and desire of Penny caused the beast to lose control.

    Penny entwines her fingers into his long, black hair and gently tugs. “I missed you so much, Robert.”

    Robert makes his way to her neck and kisses. “I missed you more, Penny. Please tell me this is the last fucking ‘errand’ your sister is sending you on?”

    “I hope so…” Penny clings to Robert’s jacket. “....I really do. I hate being so far from home. From my boys. Family.”

    “RJ go home or-”

    Penny allows Robert to nibble her neck. “....God, Robert….uh, yes. He’s exhausted…..”

    “Is he mad at me? I know he’s catching on?”

    “No but Brad is.”

    Robert snorts and continues kissing Penny’s neck. “Figures the bloodsucker with a dynamite fetish would be the first to catch on.”

    But their moment of passion would have to wait until tonight. Josiah returns from the restroom.

    “I’m ready!”

    “So….” Penny adjusts her hair and skirt. Robert tries to conceal his sudden bulge developing in his jeans. “What is my surprise, boys?”

    “You’ll just have to wait until we get there, mommy! It’s your favorite place!”

    “My favorite place, huh? Well, lucky me! A surprise with two VERY handsome men. My night is set.”

    Taking her son’s hand and tucking her arm with Robert, the little eager boy guides his mother and friend out. Locking the door, then heading down the stairs, the trio exit the complex building and return to the never ending bustle of New York. Penny grows closer to Robert while Josiah, excited for the night ahead, continues talking about the marvelous week spent with Robert. Penelope could have left him with countless other people but she had her reasons. All would be explained in time. Eventually, Robert and Penny would rise from the shadows with their relationship status. No longer would this be their ‘dirty little secret.’

    Penny worried she’d lose some folks. She knew Robert was, too. How would her family react? Gren or Isaiah? RJ? Was this truly meant for her? Penelope was never ‘blessed’ with good relationships; she was divorced from Josiah’s father and dated multiple people but nothing worked in her favor. As did Robert. This she knew. His last longterm relationship was with Rose Red but this ended in a disaster.

    For now, she was looking to a night away from work and being with the two people that mattered most. They’d cross this bridge soon.

    Any questions, you know the drill. :3. Yup. I just went there. Since JJ gave me Robert, I'm going for it. I'm jumping into the deepest part of the pool and going for it. Not going to lie...I'm in love with this pair. :)

  • Robert and Penny?! Did NOT see coming! 0.0 I'm actually excited for this! Brad is becoming this cool oc now. :) I hope RJ, Georgie and the others understand.

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    The trip back to New York-and this is from the lips of RJ-was suppose to be a simple, sophisticated and memorable moment shared be

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    Yup. Robert and Penny. Without going TOO personal or into detail, the 1st time Robert was given to me, this was my actual route I was to take with Penny but things, it's changed and now, he's mine for good. I'm allowed to do with him as I, I'm going with my original idea for Penny, RJ and now, Brad. :)

    You'll just have to wait and see. :D

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    Robert and Penny?! Did NOT see coming! 0.0 I'm actually excited for this! Brad is becoming this cool oc now. I hope RJ, Georgie and the others understand.

  • Cool. You should draw them together BUT when you have the time.


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    Yup. Robert and Penny. Without going TOO personal or into detail, the 1st time Robert was given to me, this was my actual route I

  • He did indeed. Sadly on Tez's end, he couldn't resist Penny's charms to save him from a later pissed-off Rose. Thankfully you guys weren't there when Rose found out for the first time. :O

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    This was an awesome read! The part about Fifty Shades of Gray made me laugh XD Tez cheated on Rose!? I must not remember that. I look forward to more!

  • Oh, you will! I think you'll like what I'm planning to make her out to be in the long-run. ;)

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    Lmao! This was great! The best part was when Tez said he'd talk to Emily about Penny's book selection XD Didn't know that there wa

  • If I'm reading this right, Gertraud is pregnant and Bloody Mary has something evil planned for her baby?

    Final Chapter: Part 1 of 4 Several Succesive bangs from a fist upon the front door to our apartment awoke us from our sleep.

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    Yep, I obviously missed a lot. But I do like Morgan however - she's cute (and I bet she's also dangerous) and it's great to hear vampires and werewolves are getting along assumingly!

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    Welcome to Wonderland... "Where's my father?" An older Morgan spoke up. A woman sitting on her throne chuckled. "He and I ha

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    Very informational like always! You better do Ash next since she's the very definition of badass and I remember favoring her a lot (also because I told you to). XD

    Jk, jk. Do what you want, of course.

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    Listening to all my feel-good jams XD So I figured this is a great time to post something! I'll do a sort of "profile" to start ou

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    Where the hell did you get that impression from? That is not what is going on at all.

    If I'm reading this right, Gertraud is pregnant and Bloody Mary has something evil planned for her baby?

  • Penelope Porgie was a huge fan of pizza. Since she could remember, this was her ultimate guilty pleasure, especially the deep dish. The toppings varied but she could never go wrong with the classic: Parmigiana. Pepperoni and cheese were for those unaware of the wonderful selections TRUE pizza lovers knew of. They were secrets to the world; those seeking the fruitful flavors and authentic Italian flavors could find locations all over New york that were more than eager to open their doors and give a little taste of Sicily.

    Parmigiana was a simple yet elegant pizza dish. It included tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella, Eggplant, hot Soppressata, Basil and Parmigiano Reggiano. Sometimes she’d ask for a light drizzle of olive oil. Penny could already taste the many, exciting flavors along her tongue.

    The three finally arrived to the best place in the city to buy such a gift. Sottocasa Boerum Hill, located in Brooklyn on Atlantic Avenue, was well known for their Antipastas and Pizzas. The restaurant was already packed but Robert called ahead and reserved a table. They made their way inside and found their seat near a large window. The view of the city was a whole different world during the evening; lights glimmered like fallen stars, people walked in monstrous groups and the world seemed to forget about New York for just a few hours.

    Penny removes her jacket, takes her seat and opens the menu. The waiter worms his way through the crowd, pulls out a notepad and pen.

    “Hello and welcome to Sottocasa. My name is Ronald and I’ll be your waiter this fine evening. Can I get yo anything to drink?”

    Penny looks up from the menu. “Yes I’ll have a glass of your white wine and some ice water with the meal, please.”

    “Excellent choice, madam. And for the young man?”

    Penny looks at Josiah, still scanning the menu. “Sweetie, do you know what you want to drink yet or-”

    “I’d like a, uh….hm. I’d like a VERY cold Sprite, please and some water with my meal as well.”

    “And what a fine choice that is. Goes great with pizza. And for you, sir?”

    “Yeah I’m looking at your Beer section and I notice you guys don’t have Coors…”

    Ronald leans over Robert’s shoulder and points to the Beer and Wine section. “I’m sorry, sir but we DO have the house special, if you’d like to try. We have both lager AND amber ale selections. And, like the young lady ordered, we have a lovely selection of wine as well. There is reds, whites, rose and even bubbling, straight from Sicily itself. They change seasonally, so you’ll always find a wide variety to pick from.”

    “What did you get, Penny?”

    “The white one. I always found the taste to ‘mesh’ perfectly with the spices and sauce of the pie.”

    Robert was impressed. Beauty AND a tongue for cuisine. He looks over at the menu one last time and finally makes his selection.

    “Well….guess I’ll try your house special for the Beer.”

    “Wonderful choice, sir. Just exquisite!”

    Ronald scribbles down the drinks, eyes the three diners and beams. “Are we ready to order or do we need a few minutes to look over the menu?”

    Robert eyes Penny and Josiah. Both nod their heads. “I think we’re good. We’ll take two pizzas: one will be the Parmigiana dish and the other will be your Valdostana.”

    “Any salads to go with your order tonight?”

    “Actually, yes.” Penny grins and chuckles. “I’d like your Beet and Goat cheese salad, please. With Italian dressing, no red onions and no croutons.”

    Robert and Josiah pass up on the offer and hands in their menus. Ronald collects them, tucks all three under his arm and instructs the guests to relax, drink and have a marvelous evening. Thanking their waiter, Robert and Penny turn their attention to one another. Josiah takes out a napkin, pen and begins doodling.

    “Mommy, what did you have to do for aunt Kaykay this time?”

    Josiah was always so curious about his mother’s line of work. Penny went in many directions with her choices in earning money; there was a time she was stripping and was the main dancer at the Silver Slipper but as far as Josiah was concerned, his mother was just ‘dancing’. She was a Librarian for awhile, then joined her sister when Katie was looking to hire so ‘upper hands’ for jobs requiring information. RJ was already working beside his sister and was in control of the computers and hacking. Brad joined a month after Penny when he addressed his love and passion for all things that went ‘boom’. Now, Penny was a spy.

    Penny reaches across the table, pushes a strand of hair away from Josiah’s eyes and continues to smile. “Well, I’m almost like a secret agent for your aunt Katie. She has me doing all kinds of cool things.”

    “Whoa.” Josiah’s eyes widen. “You’re like those people in the movies!? Do you have a gun and planes and-”

    “Easy there, kiddo.” Robert tries not to laugh at Josiah’s enthusiasm. “Don’t need you tumbling off and bumping your head.”

    “Yes baby. I’m like those people in the movies. No planes but gun, yes. But you know the rules about guns, right?”

    “Yes.” Josiah begins drawing up a tree. “I know NOT to touch them. EVER.”

    “Good boy.” Penny kisses her fingers and presses them along Josiah’s cheek. “You’re such a good boy, baby. What are you drawing there?”

    Josiah holds up the napkin. “I’m drawing us and we’re in this, um, forest. See-there is you, I’m right here and this REALLY big guy over here-that’s you, Robert.”

    Robert was jovial to see the large mass with hair and crooked smile in the picture. Since seeing Penny, he adored Josiah; he’d been around the boy but never on a personal level like the past few months. The two would build, play catch, fish or just watch action movies on the couch. Robert loved Josiah as if he was his own flesh and blood. He had to take a moment and avoid any sign of tears. Penny caught on. She reaches out her hand, tangles her fingers along Robert’s and combines them together.

    “Hey...that looks great, buddy.” Robert takes the napkin and examines it. “Wow. You’re very talented. We need to keep this. Put in on the fridge when we get home.”

    “Thanks, Robert! I’m glad you and mommy like it.” Josiah takes another sheet and doodles. This time, a Cat. “Are you staying the night again, Robert?”

    Robert glances at Penny. Since her arrival back home, it had been nearly two weeks since the two spent a night together. They were well overdue.

    “Well…” Penny tightens her grip on Robert’s hand. “IF Robert is in the mood later, maybe we can watch a movie at home and if he get’s too tired, he can fall asleep at the apartment. How does that sound, Robert?”

    Robert playfully scratches his chin. “ know, Penny, that’s not a bad idea.”

    “So you’ll stay the night!?” Josiah hugs Robert’s arm. “OH YAY! I got mommy back, we’re having pizza, movies AND another sleepover!”

    “I loves this surprise, too, by the way. Thank you both.”

    “You’re welcome, mommy! It was Robert’s idea.”

    Robert pats the boy lovingly on the head. “Well, we BOTH thought it would be nice. You do so much.”

    Penny grinned and glanced out the window. She knew there was a lot accomplished in the time she spent in this world. Penny saw and did things most could only imagine or live through special effects in movies and television shows. She did do so much yes but like most beings, felt like there was more that could be done. Penny would secretly doubt herself as a mother and briefly debate on her choices with Josiah. Were they for the best or did the final outcome of the decision do more damage than good? Occasionally, Penny would compare her life to that of her siblings. Each one of them either married or were dating. Each had children. All lived in sizable homes with spacious backyards and fields of solitude. Penny dwelled in a tiny two bedroom apartment; her luxury included the landlord actually doing something about either leaky pipes or the busted window.

    Still glancing outside, listening to the bumbling noises of the restaurant beside her, Penny somehow found herself in the section of her mind where all her failed relationships were filed away. Her first ever ‘love’ was her boss and pimp, Oliver. During her stripping days, she and Oliver had a ‘thing’ but in the end, it was catastrophic and nearly left her dead. This led to Penny finding comfort in the arms of her ex husband, Johann the Butcher. He was not much to look at, this much was true but he WAS a gentlemen and very deferential. Josiah’s birth was a surprise for both but Penny could agree her son was conceived through love. No sooner had Josiah been born, however, life in the Johnson household seemed to drastically change overnight. Penny and Johann found their days and nights consumed with grief, arguments and hatred. Vile feelings no two people should ever feel towards one another.

    Penny made the grueling conclusion to file for divorce. A word no one wanted to her or spew out into the open. No one in her family used this terrible ‘D’ word. Ever. All Penelope Porgie wanted was to have the type of relationship her parents had: Warmth, committed, determined and forgiving. Yet here she was, filing for divorce and involved in shouting matches with her ex. Nothing loving was there anymore. Now, Penny had to protect not only herself but this little boy that did not ask for this mess.

    ‘You do so much.’ Robert’s words seemed to be on repeat during those silent moments in Penny’s mind. The rough, sympathetic hands of Robert brought the young woman back to reality. The world around seemed to have froze but within seconds, returned to their go-go lives.

    “Where did you go, Penny?” Robert chuckles, grabbing both her hands. “You left us for a bit. Gotta take us with you next time, silly.”

    Josiah agrees. “Yeah, mommy! You have to tell us, so we can ALL go together.”

    The waiter returns with the salad and drinks; Penny tried to create a dimple, some sort of sign, indicating she was ‘alright’ at this moment. But even then, one could only pretend for so long but like before, Penny ponied up and grins. You do so much, Penny….you do so much…..

    After their bountiful meal of salad and pizza, the three head back to the apartment. Carrying a very exhausted Josiah, seemed like movie night would have to be on hold. Robert carefully places the boy into his racing car shaped bed. Covering up his body, he adds a Teddy Bear and kiss. Penny sits beside Josiah’s sleeping body and smiles. How she created something so precious, so beautiful, was a mystery to her to this day.

    “Good night, my little man.” Penny whispers, as she leans forward to kiss his cheek. “Sweet, sweet dreams. I love you, so much….”

    Robert exits the room, followed by Penny. She turns on his nightlight, closes the door and walks slowly into the living room. For sometime that night, all seemed hushed. Even the city, normally a mess of noise, allowed the pair some peace. Penny finds Robert sitting on the couch.

    “Thank you, for tonight, Robert. I needed this.”

    “Not a problem, Penny.” He pats the empty spot beside him. “Come on. Sit with me.”

    Penny joins Robert. His massive arm wraps around her neck and pulls Penny closer to his body. Robert’s touch was warm. His smell exhilarating; it was a combination of Old Spice and his natural odor of outdoors and green fields. Part of being a Grendel, he explained. No one smelled it. Just certain people. Robert did not discuss further more into it but from what Emily explained, it was only two people: Their family or potential mates.

    “This is nice, Robert. I’m so glad to be home.”

    “It’s nice to have you home, Penelope.” Robert kisses her head. “I missed you. Phone calls and skype chats only get me by for so long. Same with Josiah but we made the best of it and tried to pass these days by.”

    “Well, I appreciate you watching over him. I’d ask my folks but they’re so busy themselves these days, what with the holidays and three new babies on the way. My siblings could have looked after Josiah but they too have their own lives and-”

    “I got this, Penny. I had no problem watching the little guy. I love getting to be around him. Around you…”

    Penny wanted to warn Robert to run. Run so fast from here and never look back. She was toxic...But something told her to stop, listen and allow his affection to penetrate the wall put up and hopefully, begin chipping away. So, ignoring all need to run, Penny cuddles closer and plants her head against Robert’s chest. They both sat in silence and looked out the enormous window; the silver moon sparkled against the night sky, twinkling lights from the city below dancing along the skirts of black and milky twilight.

    “You alright tonight, Penny? You seemed distracted earlier during dinner. Been quiet since.”

    “Just...thinking too much again, like I always do.”

    “About what? Can I know?” Robert peers down, trying to look into Penny’s eyes. “You keep me out of so much sometimes. I’d like to be included, you know.”

    “I don’t want to be a burden, Robert. Don’t need sympathy. I’m not a charity case.”

    “No one is labeling you as one, Penelope. It’s a matter of worrying about you, caring and loving you. We’re only trying to help. We’re concerned. And-” Robert lifts Penny’s chin up with his finger. “-You’re NOT a burden, so kick that fucking thought out of your head.”

    Penny attempts to look away, tears fighting to be released. “I see how people look at me. How my family reacts when I explain my bad days. They don’t mean it but it’s in their eyes. I’m the poor, broken daughter. I’m the ‘divorced’ one out of the kids and I know they secretly pray for me….to one day find my ‘Prince Charming’, be taken away from this dump and live happily ever after. To BE okay with myself and not have to worry about Josiah and how he’ll look at this world….”

    Robert grows closer to Penny. “What do you mean…”

    “Robert, do you know what it’s like to have your seven year old son ask why his daddy does not want him anymore and if HE did anything? Do you know I cry alone in my bed, wishing I had the answers? An explanation for him? Wondering if I made the right choice, as far as leaving Johann. Was it better off for my son to live with a single mother OR in a home with no love from his parents? To grow up thinking this is alright….”

    Robert was stunned. He had no indication Penelope felt this way or Johann had not been in Josiah’s life. From what Penny would reveal, it appeared to have been for sometime now. His heart was broken. Robert wanted to take away all the agony Penny felt t this very second. To hold her high and promise it would be alright. He did the only thing Robert could do; he’d be strong for them both tonight and while she struggled to push him away, to hold back the tears, Robert grasps Penny and holds her near.

    “STOP fighting this, Penny….” The burning sensation growing stronger in his eyes. “....STOP fighting. You’re not alone. TALK to me. Please….let me in. I can be strong for us both…”

    “Robert, this is not YOUR battle to fight-”

    “Well, looks like I’ve joined and now, I’m in it. You can’t do this alone, so start talking….”

    His booming voice and command suddenly trembles Penny back. Looking up, his dark, forest green eyes twinkled and showcased understanding. Not a drop of judgement.

    “Talk to me, Penelope. Please…”

    Sighing heavily and finally allowing the tears to escape, Penny speaks. “Johann has not seen or called Josiah for over a year now. He disconnected his phone, the shop is closed up; he just packed up and left and finally, the city took it over due to vandalism and no contact from the previous owner, which is Johann. No one knows where he ran off to. I asked Katie and Malcom to track him down but there is no luck. And...I got THIS in the mail before I left for Sweden. I...I’m still processing it and trying to figure it out in my head….hoping this is a dream…..”

    Penny reaches down, searches the bottom of the couch and pulls out a brass key. She turns to face the locked drawer beside her. After it opens, Penny pulls out a stack of papers. They were court documents, each one with the approved seal and signatures. Robert carefully reads over and his heart stops near the bottom of the third page. Johann, the father to Josiah, was signing away ALL his parental rights to Penelope. Anger brewed in the man’s chest.

    Penny continues to cry. “He’s basically saying he wants nothing to do with his son. Like Josiah never he does not matter, Robert. My son did not ask for this-for ANY of this-yet he’s the one being punished. His father and I BOTH agreed a divorce was for the best. There was no love between us, Robert….it was two people that needed comfort and an excuse to feel alive. And now….he sends me this, after months of no contact. Nothing...How am I going to tell….Oh my God…”

    Robert places the documents down, collects Penelope in his arms and tries to take away everything. All the pain, the tears, the concern. No child deserved this. Josiah was a little boy and he required love, not abandonment. This was between his parents, yet the boy was now in the middle, unaware he stepped foot into the war zone. He had questions, while Penelope carried no answers. Robert began to understand why she HAD to take this recent job to Sweden. Why she was so angry. So lost….

    He had nothing to say. His love was all Robert could do to keep Penelope from losing all control that night. They remained on the couch, time slowly passing them both by and the world continuing on with their own. Penny wept into the night. Robert sat by, allowing the tears to fall.

    ‘You do so much, Penny.’ Robert was beginning to see the meaning behind his words.

    Any questions, you know the drill. :3 Have today off, so I wanted to jot down another chapter before my insane, hectic life starts back up again tomorrow. XD Going to a BBQ today and watch the game, so looking forward to that. :) Getting soooooo cold now here in Cali and I love it!!

  • I loved this chapter. This was very well done. I understand just what Penny is feeling. I divorced my first wife four years ago and it hurts, especially when there are kids involved. She did what was needed for her son. There was no love in the relationship. Fights and anger. She'll find her happiness and her own family life, too. :) I just know she will.

    The scene with the pizza was well done, too. I loved the description of the pizza and the area. The food sounded so good! Knowing Penny loves pizza so much made me love her even more. Robert is a Coors man, too! This is awesome! I don't know much about robert. Only from what you've said, so this is going to be interesting to learn more about him. Josiah is too precious, too.

    the apartment scene is really well done, too. I felt so bad for Penny. I had nothing against Johann but to know he's signing away his rights as a father!? He has not been around?! That's disgusting and I'm glad Robert is there for them both! Mad props to the big guy! I ship them and can't wait to see more of their story development.

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    Penelope Porgie was a huge fan of pizza. Since she could remember, this was her ultimate guilty pleasure, especially the deep dish

  • My mistake! Reread it and I feel completely stupid. I saw the phrase 'labored breathing' before and figured someone was pregnant. Skimming didn't bode well for me this time.

    Where the hell did you get that impression from? That is not what is going on at all.

  • enter image description here

    Does this work for you? :3 I know you wanted to see these two together. Glad you like it so far. Me and food....I'll make sure to describe it. :D

    And yes. Johann just left Josiah. You'll learn more but I assure you, he did this. No one made him. :(

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    I loved this chapter. This was very well done. I understand just what Penny is feeling. I divorced my first wife four years ago an

  • I love this so much, pie! They are so adorable together! I can totally see them doing this workout. I saw this on your DA and just had to save it. :3 Now, they need a name, like Gremily! Great work! Really in love with this pairing.

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    Does this work for you? I know you wanted to see these two together. Glad you like it so far. Me and food....I'll make sure to describe it. And yes. Johann just left Josiah. You'll learn more but I assure you, he did this. No one made him.

  • Ah! I love this drawing SO much! It makes me ship Penny and Robert even more ;) Seriously though, I think my favorite Porgie Clan Kid is Penny. Of all of them, I feel like she just has a special place in my heart for some reason, and maybe it's because she always seemed so different from the rest of them, like I had no real expectations for her other than she would probably be awesome no matter what you did with her! I'm glad she's finally happy, and I'm glad that Robert is the man she's happy with. I don't care if her half-brother is Robert's son; I don't think that in this case it really matters, you know? I love it, man! Can't wait to see and read more about them <3

    pudding_pie posted: »

    Does this work for you? I know you wanted to see these two together. Glad you like it so far. Me and food....I'll make sure to describe it. And yes. Johann just left Josiah. You'll learn more but I assure you, he did this. No one made him.

  • Elora stared at her son as he napped across the shaggy living room carpet with his sippy cup hanging halfway out of his mouth. She'd told her husband that she was feeling fine and that she could handle Remi, but the longer she stared at the boy, who had moments ago been throwing the tantrum of a century, the more she questioned her ability to do quite possibly anything. Desperate for some recluse, she pulled out her painting easel as quietly as possible and began a new painting. It always seemed to calm her, and she never lost her focus when creating a piece of art.

    Her hands swept over the canvas seamlessly, knowing even better than she did how to move and create intricate details on a blank slate. Her eyes felt like they had a sparkle to them as she sat back and admired what she had produced. It was the beginning of an ocean, with a sailboat skirting along the edge of it's surface. She loved nautical paintings, and therefore her home seemed to be similarly themed the more she looked at her surroundings and got to better know the person locked away inside of her. It was noon when she no longer felt like painting, which also happened to be the same time that her son awoke from his nap.

    He was in a much better mood this time around, which visibly relieved Elora as he walked up to her and reached his arms up for her to hold him. She still felt sort of awkward picking him up, not yet used to holding children, especially her own, as he wanted to be held. Still, he was happy and compliant, and even complimented her on her painting skills while he was at it. He had thoroughly redeemed himself from his ill tempered tantrum earlier that morning.

    "Can you paint me a firetruck after?" He asked, his hand tightly grasping his empty sippy cup. "Also can there be a doggy in the painting? And a cat-cat?"

    Elora chuckled and held him close. "I'll paint whatever you want me to paint," she told him. "But maybe tomorrow. This one has to dry still."

    "Okay," He said. He wiggled out of her grip and so she set him down on the floor and watched as he ran around in hyper circles across the living room floor. He narrowly avoided stepping on the cat's tail and managed to scare the poor thing out of the room. He fell to the ground out of dizziness but giggled the whole way down, and Elora honestly couldn't think of anything more entertaining than watching her own child entertain himself.

    She only ran into one major problem that afternoon, when her son decided to run directly into the edge of their kitchen table. He wailed for a while as Elora fumbled through cabinets and the freezer, looking for the right thing to ease the pain. She lifted him off the ground as tears stained his little cheeks, and she stared in horror as his lower eye began turning black and blue. She felt like the most terrible mother in the universe as he clung to her shirt and rubbed his good eye on her sleeves. She placed the cold pack she'd found across his eye and listened to him whimper for the rest of the afternoon, watching cartoons and relaxing until her mother came over to visit.

    Elora guessed early on, before her mother even stepped fully through the door, that Anubis had reported to her the morning's troubles. She smiled when she walked in and placed down a small gift bag, her black and flowing hair blowing in the breeze that the open windows created. She looked the same yet different compared to what Elora could remember of her last; Her hair looked longer and a bit wavier, and she had a curvier stature than before, and her sense of style seemed to have changed from 'soccer mom' to 'high warlock status'. She even had on some sort of robed outfit, like a cross between a brown wizard cape and some sort of futuristic monk looking thing. It was both fascinating and highly strange to Elora, but she choked down her unusual feelings and held Remi close to her.

    "Hi Mom," She greeted Harmony, who was still settling herself near the front door.

    Harmony looked up and her smile grew bigger. "How's it going, my little Rose Blossom?"

    Elora rolled her eyes as the familial reference. "I'm okay, a little shaky though." She could never lie to her mother, it was just something that felt virtually impossible. She lifted her son to showcase his shiner, and watched as her mother visibly winced for the boy.

    "Ooh, his first black eye," She said, tsking to herself. "Did he run into something?"

    "Yeah, how'd you guess?"

    Harmony smiled. "He's an energetic little boy. I just came over to check on you two. Is everything alright?"

    "Everything is pretty okay," Elora replied, looking up at Harmony curiously. "Was it mother's intuition, or a friendly anonymous tip that sent you over?"

    Harmony pursed her lips. "I swear, even with partial memory loss, you still know your husband inside out, even if you think you don't. He called me on the way to work and asked me to watch over you after a few hours. I guess he thought you'd be a little overwhelmed, but you seem to be doing fine."

    "Well, he isn't wrong," She admitted. She always felt overwhelmed, no matter what situation she was put in. She got anxiety just waiting for the toaster to pop out her frozen waffles each morning. She let Remi pull away from her and begin to play with his toys again, finally emotionally recovered from his earlier accident. He picked up some cars and drove them around on the floor, leading them to Harmony's feet and driving them over her shoes. She giggled, and then picked the boy up.

    Elora watched as they exchanged affection for one another, and her heart melted. Remi drove his little matchbox cars over his grandmother's face and on top of her head, and she made car noises as he drove them over her face once more and down her shoulder.

    "Gramma!" He shouted. "I like cars!"

    "I know, Remi," She replied, patting the back of his head. "I like cars too. They're fun to ride in, right?"

    "Yeah, yeah! I wanna race cars when I'm older!"

    "You can do that, baby. Why don't you go in your room and grab your other cars that Gramma got you? Do you remember which ones?"

    "Yeah!" She set him down and he ran off. He would be preoccupied for long enough to let Elora talk with her mother in peace.

    Harmony sat down on the couch next to her and placed her hand on Elora's thigh. Elora sighed, and felt her body pull closer to her mother, wanting the security of a parent like her son felt only moments ago. She felt like a child, and yet she was thirty years old with a family and a husband and another baby on the way-

    She felt her stomach twist into knots at the thought. It was the same feeling she used to get before going on stage for Drama plays as a kid. Butterflies fluttering in her tummy. She nuzzled against her mother's arm and mumbled unintelligible words until she was too tired of mumbling.

    "I know," Her mother said softly, as if she understood everything Elora was trying to say with out saying it. "I know exactly how you feel and why you feel it. I know how disoriented it is, not being able to remember things sometimes. Life sucks, baby. But you gotta look at the bright side," She lifted Elora's face and looked her in the eyes. "You are healthy and you have a great family who loves you. That's all you need, you know. You have little Remi by your side, he'll always love you. He's your precious little boy. Cherish him, before he's too old to hold on to anymore. And don't worry so much, okay? I know you do that a lot, even when you do remember most things. I love you."

    "I love you too, Mom," She replied, trying to hold back a tear or two. She rested her head against her mother again and they sat in the quietness of the room, the only sound being Remi who was shout-singing in his bedroom as he got distracted and played with something else in there, probably his lego blocks or other cars.

    Elora debated it for a good five minutes before deciding it was best to tell her mother the good news. She stared at the TV with Harmony and just kind of blurted it out.

    "I'm pregnant, Mom."

    Another bit of silence followed, before her mother actually reacted.

    "I'm sorry, what? I was in a daze...did you say something?"

    Elora, despite her conflicted feelings on the whole subject, actually laughed at her mother's reaction. "I just found out this morning, though I suspect I've known for a little while longer than that. Anubis told me I'm almost eighteen weeks along. Am I showing at all?"

    "Eighteen weeks!" Her mother burst out. "And you haven't said anything to me? You told me about Remi at 10 weeks! What the hell, did you forget about me?" She was laughing though, placing her hand over Elora's tummy. "Oh my, you are pregnant. I can't believe it!"

    "Me either," Elora admitted. "I can't believe I have children in the first place. Or a husband, for that matter...."

    "Oh honey," Harmony said, her eyes crinkling at the edge. It was a sign of age which Elora wasn't quite used to; her mother looked both young yet old somehow. They looked like they could very well be the same age, but Elora could see it in her mother's soul that she was much older and wiser, too. Harmony cupped her hand around Elora's cheek and couldn't stop smiling. "That boy you married was the single best thing that has ever happened to you, you know. He's opened you up so much, made you so happy. Don't let your losses blind you to that. He loves you more than he loves himself. And he loves his children, too."

    Elora felt her heart expanding for the man she felt she barely knew and yet knew him both inside and out. She fell against the couch cushions and sighed with brief happiness, and as she lay there, she felt tiny car wheels roll over her small hill of a belly.

    "I'm going to cook you dinner," Harmony announced as she stood up from the couch. "And I don't want to hear any objections, because I'm making your favorite. Roasted Ham and Mashed Potatoes. Okay?"

    Elora laughed from the couch. "Whatever you want to do, Mom. Just make sure you leave me a side of ice cream, because I'm really craving some right now. And maybe some pickles, too. I don't know though, I'm just hungry and starving."

    "Got it," Harmony winked, and then she left the room to do exactly what she said she would. Elora felt the cloudiness in her mind already beginning to disappear, and that was when another memory flashed across her mind.

    She was in the same home she lived in now, except it was sparsely furnished and she was wearing something really big in poofy. It took a moment for her to realize it was a wedding dress, and as the memory continued, her feelings in it soared. She was newly married to Anubis, who was still wearing his suit as he lifted their mattress across the room and let it plop across the floor with a loud BANG!

    "I don't think the neighbors below us will appreciate the noise, but they're going to have to deal with it," He said, smirking at Elora. She smiled, sitting against their brand new couch with a glass of wine in her hand. The windows displayed the city, but she knew soon it would be an expansive backyard with rolling fields of green. She'd always preferred nature over city life, and was lucky that Anubis had felt the same way.

    He huffed out his breath and ran his hand through his short, thin hair. It was cleanly shaven and looked like stubble from where Elora sat. She found it massively attractive on him, and had to resist the urge to get up and touch his head. It complimented his bronze skin well.

    "I'm done for the night. I'm done trying to read swedish furniture instructions and putting together entertainment systems. Can we just sleep in here, Ell? I don't feel like shoving the bed in our room tonight. Besides, the city looks nice tonight."

    "Whatever you wish, Annie," She giggled. "I wouldn't want you to throw out your back or anything on our little honeymoon."

    "Not really the honeymoon, though," He replied. "That's waiting until the summer, when we can go to that cruise you wanted to go on."

    "Right," She replied. She draped her body across the couch in a promiscuous manner, something she probably wouldn't do outright in any normal or decent situation, but now that she was married to her husband for a good 8 hours now, she was ready to be touched by him like she'd never experienced before. He walked over and took the glass from her, sipping her wine and placing the glass down on the box that held their soon-to-be constructed coffee table. His lips met her and a zing of emotion and feeling zapped between them. She felt his love for her in his kiss and wanted so much to bury herself in him and hold him forever, and this was only the beginning of the rest of their lives together. She suspected that even being immortal would not give them enough time to show how much they loved each other.

    She kissed him back and then slowly, the memory faded back to reality...

    That's all for now, guys! Super tired, ready for bed :P Hope all is going well with you all! I am like, constantly working and going to school, so if I'm gone for days at a time, that's why XP Goodnight :D!

  • I'm in love with them, too. Penny was always meant to be the different one, despite all the kids tackling their own bs in their lives. She just never truly 'fit' in anywhere and always did what she wanted, which was not always a good thing. She'll finally find herself, so looking forward to that. :) She and Emily are indeed my fav Porgie kids but they all have a special place in my heart. :>

    RJ, believe it or not, will not have an issue with this but it'll be fun to wrtie ALL the other reactions to follow for this. XD I'm looking forward as well to writing more about them, too. :)

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    Ah! I love this drawing SO much! It makes me ship Penny and Robert even more Seriously though, I think my favorite Porgie Clan Ki

  • Will have to comment and read later. Heading to work right now. Hear you on always working now, too. :P

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    Elora stared at her son as he napped across the shaggy living room carpet with his sippy cup hanging halfway out of his mouth. She

  • Oh yeah, I can't wait for the reactions either! I ship them hardcore now XD

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    I'm in love with them, too. Penny was always meant to be the different one, despite all the kids tackling their own bs in their li

  • No problem! I'm in school right now doing nothing XD It's very rainy out, but I drove safely :) Work is work, but at least we're getting paid! I gotta work today, tomorrow, and thursday :P

    pudding_pie posted: »

    Will have to comment and read later. Heading to work right now. Hear you on always working now, too. :P

  • Okay! I finally managed to read this and I'm in love with Elora and her family. Remi is too precious and he seems like not only a bundle of fun but a spitfire. I laughed when he ran into the table simply because I pictured this little toddler running, looking at mom for a reaction and Elora freaking out. XD It breaks my heart how her memory fades like this and she knows so little of her own life; Anubis and her mother need to remind her of the simple things, like her being a mother, wife and having another baby. Little things like her son getting injured and she needs help...I do like painting being her source of comfort and ability to kind of 'speak', if you will, through the canvas. :)

    Nice to see Harmony again and I loved the description you gave her; she's getting older but still the same woman I fell in love with not too long ago. She's too damn precious and Elora blurting out that she's prgnant had me laughing, simply because my wife did this with Emily. At least Harmony reacted like I expected and even gave her a hard time for not telling her, ESPECIALLY after 18 weeks. XD And the flashback, too. I love Anubis & Elora. It hurts knowing she has no idea of half of the things she accomplished in life. It truly is. :(

    This was a wonderful post and it really opens up Elora's character and the struggles she's enduring; Anubis is there, yes but she is battling this alone at times. The poor thing. :( I look forward to more and hope all is well; I noticed you're working a lot, which is a good thing, considering the holidays AND college is around the corner. :) I know they have me working 7 days straight this week but I don't mind. :)

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    Elora stared at her son as he napped across the shaggy living room carpet with his sippy cup hanging halfway out of his mouth. She

  • I'm so happy you liked it! To be honest, I didn't know if it was really that good or not, but I posted it anyway. Little Remi is both a sweetheart and a typical toddler. He loves his mother and kind of understands that she has these brief periods of forgetfulness, so he tries to be a little less crazy, although it is not always the case. Elora is indeed fighting this internal battle alone, and it breaks her husband's heart to watch her go through this stuff. I wanted to evolve Harmony in a more mature and, well for lack of an actual adjective, more 'snow-white' like, you know? Because she really does take after her own grandmother, and has a very motherly attitude toward her children. I love my Harmony sooooo much it's like unbelievable! She feels like she's apart of me somehow, you know? Like she's my kid or something XD I don't know if that makes sense to you, but it does to me lmao XD I mean, I feel that way about most of my other characters too, but Harmony is extra special compared to all the rest of them. I suppose you could compare her to Lyla, as Lyla was your first (or one of your first) characters you ever introduced. So yeah <3

    Elora's character has been surprisingly one of the hardest to develop, slightly behind her brothers Robert and Noah (they're a story for another day, believe me!) Ash came much more natural to me whenever I wrote of her, and same thing with Scarlett. I also have to start developing their younger brothers and sisters, I do have ideas for their personalities but because I never much explored them past early childhood, I never got to see where they could go and what I wanted to do with them. So hopefully I'll be able to explore those concepts, as well as all the future children expected from all my other babies ;3 I literally have so many plans that I'm running out of room in my brain to sort them out and I constantly want to write it all, but I have no time to do that most days. So it'll be a slow but steady stream of story telling for now! I ALSO have to write about Mary and her children; Carter in particular, because I've had plans for him for literally a year and NEVER got any of it down on paper, but I still remember all I wanted to do so he might come after Elora's little story. I'll also be time-hopping with some stories(haha, Charlotte and Toby will come along for the ride; that's another thing, I think I want to have them make cameo appearances in each story but oh my god I'm getting off topic).

    Guess I just have a lot on my mind that I wanted to share! Haha, but yeah. Glad you're liking work, despite having to work a lot! I don't mind my job either, it's simple and it pays well enough :) Gotta save up for all the stuff senior year brings, you know? It's all good and dandy here in NJ :)

    pudding_pie posted: »

    Okay! I finally managed to read this and I'm in love with Elora and her family. Remi is too precious and he seems like not only a

  • General question: Would anyone mind if I shared some sims pictures? They're not specifically 'Fables' related but I love sharing that sort of stuff <3 If you don't want me to share it here but maybe in a PM, I could do that too! Or I could put a spoiler up just to keep them from cluttering the feed, I suppose.

    I will leave you with a cute lil photo while I'm at it and you can judge for yourselves whether you wanna see more:

    enter image description here

    Pictured: Newborn cousins Nathan and Olivia, posing for their little photoshoot. They're a day apart from one another :) Totes adorbs <3 (I'm such a dork!)

  • I don't mind as long as you don't post around five or ten on the same page, because the one you posted yesterday is pretty big for a picture. Cute, by the way!

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    General question: Would anyone mind if I shared some sims pictures? They're not specifically 'Fables' related but I love sharing t

  • I'll also put on a spoiler tag, so if anyone wants to avoid scrolling through them in the future, they don't have to :) I might not post them right away though, just when I have time. I love my little simmies ^-^ (These babies in the picture are of Generation three. Each of them has two siblings, and all of their siblings are actually teenagers. Both sets of parents decided "What the hell, lets have another one" XD)

    I don't mind as long as you don't post around five or ten on the same page, because the one you posted yesterday is pretty big for a picture. Cute, by the way!

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