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  • Ah you didn't miss much, I've been time skipping this story way more than I should have since I'm grasping for ideas on how to go about finishing Kierons arc of the story. So for now I have Morgan running about Wonderland, like father like daughter I guess lol!

    Yep, I obviously missed a lot. But I do like Morgan however - she's cute (and I bet she's also dangerous) and it's great to hear vampires and werewolves are getting along assumingly!

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    (Writer's note: Due to Harmony's popularity - at least in my mind XD - I will actually try to write quite a bit about her compared to the much shorter Bios I've established so far, since she's sort of the 'seed' that started this whole story. So, I hope you enjoy this <3)

    Character: Harmony Cratchit (nee Wolf)

    Age: I never actually established a solid 'Age' for her, so I'm gonna say she's about 45 in our current time period, although she still looks like she's in her mid-twenties.

    Height/weight: 5'8", and nice try xD

    Physical appearance: Average height compared to most, Dark black hair with bits of natural blue highlights sparsely throughout, Bright bright blue eyes, same shade as her blue highlights. Can fly and is a shapeshifter, although she prefers her human form. Her birth form was a Zephyr, but unlike her uncle, Ghost, she rarely takes on this form. She only does in dire situations. Or when she wants to scare Tim around the house on April Fools XD She has a thin and curvy body type, and her style varies depending on what she's doing (sundresses around the house, jeans and blouse going out, and a fancy brown cloak thing with a hood over her fancy gear whenever she works, and she pins the cloak back so that you can see her shiny boots and her fancy gear and her epicness)

    -Familial Relations -

    Grandparents: Snow White and Bigby Wolf

    Aunts/Uncles: Therese Wolf, Darien Wolf (deceased), Blossom Wolf, Ghost Wolf, Ambrose Wolf, Conner Wolf

    Mother: Winter Wolf (also known as the North Wind to some)

    Father: Prince Charming, stepmother Nalayani

    Siblings: Mason Wolf, Isaac Wolf, Dare Wolf (deceased), Adi Charming (half-sister), Jack Horner (unassociated half-brother)

    Spouse: Timothy Cratchit

    Children: Ashlyn Mary, Robert Darien, Elora Rose, Noah Charming, Scarlett Snow, Jessamine Morgan, Jason Conner, Gabriel Ambrose, Adeline Therese

    Known Grandchildren: Remi Seti (Elora), Unborn baby (Elora), Unnamed litter (Ashlyn), Charlotte (Scarlett), Unnamed twins (Scarlett), other unknowns who are yet to be introduced (many, lmao)

    Brief Biography: Where do I start? I never intended to come this far with my original Fable. She's grown into a beautiful and wise young woman, and has proven herself capable more times than I can even remember. She's best friends with Bloody Mary, whose eldest son is Harmony's nephew (oops, forgot that in the family relationships. Oh well.). She considers Mary's daughters her nieces as well. She's also very good friends with Morgan Le Faye, whom she was the apprentice of for many years before taking over as head of the 13th Floor. Harmony is considered a witch, and though she was not born one, she has the magical capability of one due to her richly magical family line. Her children, mainly Robert and Scarlett, picked up magic casting as more of a hobby and out of fascination for what their mother could do. Harmony is extremely powerful, and could be compared to Frau Totenkinder at times, though she is still new to it so she's not nearly as experienced. Harmony's values center around her family, and she never, ever turns someone down if they need help. She's gone through tough times in her life, fighting against bad guys along side her own children and family. She's experienced death in varying degrees, and life as well. Her children love and respect her greatly, and her grandchildren are constantly spoiled by her baked goods (which really, her daughter Ash has more of a knack for, she just picked up some tips along the way). She's bold, she talented, and she smart, and she'll destroy anyone who puts her family in any sort of pain or danger. Her husband is very loyal and supportive of her, and he loves her to the moon and back. They've never faltered, despite the occasional shouting match or disagreement. She can be whimsical at times, though this trait of her has been suppressed more in public now that she's older and a little bit more revered by those around her. She makes frequent trips to the Farm to visit extended family and help around. She has changed the most since the beginning, starting out as a bright and fresh mind, an innocent to the world's troubles and secrets and only learning as she goes. She used to work at A Taste of The Homelands, and that was when things really kicked off for her. Through all the trouble, she still stands and is stronger than ever. She is my Fable.

    Also featuring: My shitty drawing of Harmony and Tim! :D

    enter image description here

    You can see my purple flannel pajama pants knee propping the notebook up XD I've been practicing, trying my best to get better at drawing. I think there's been some improvement! I have more that I'll share over time as well, all Fables related :) Mostly drawings of Elora and Ash and a few other <3

    If you have any questions or concerns, or can't remember something specific about Harmony, please ask away! You can even ask obscure things, like "What's her favorite food" or something, and I'll answer those :)

    Fun Fact: Harmony's middle name is Shea Elise. Yeah, she has two names, because she's special <3 So really, her name would be Harmony Shea Elise Cratchit-Wolf. Not many people know about her middle name, except her closest friends and family (basically Tim and Mary and her Mother!)

  • New OC!?

    So while I've been away for a while getting my leg tested on to see what the hell is wrong with it, I've been thinking about a new OC and I have an idea but I want to know if you guys would find this character interesting and my idea of what her story would be about.

    • Name: "Red Haired"Rayleigh (Ray-lee)
    • Gender:Female
    • Occupation: Pirate
    • Height: 6'00"
    • Weight: 133lbs
    • Hair: Red, long and curly

    Personality: Extremely laid-back woman who prefers to go with the flow rather than make her own decisions. She doesn't very much care what happens to her people could throw food or water, hit her or beat her and she'd laugh it off with her crew. However she's not in the least bit of a pushover, if someone touches her friends even if they had a good reason she'll stand up and fight for her friend until she dies. Due to this people say she's either the kindest or one of the meanest pirates to sail the seas.

    Now the plot of the story will be about her tracking down Bluebeard as they are both notorious pirates on the high seas. It will take part in the homelands and her crew will of course have Fables on board (It won't be a huge crew I expect to only have nine people on board). She will have to travel and walk the homelands to find him and of course other various Fables will make appearances such as Bigby, Snow, Red etc.

    Let me know what you think! When I'll actually post a part of this I don't know. Depends on if I'm playing Fallout 4, or getting tests done on my leg. I promise that I'll read and post a comment on your stories as soon as I can!

  • I'll have to come back later, read and leave my comment. Heading to work but from what I skimmed, it's really well put. :) I love the picture, too. Think I might do one of these now for Penny and Robert, considering so much changed. Lyla, too. :3

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    MORE CHARACTER INTRODUCTIONS (Writer's note: Due to Harmony's popularity - at least in my mind XD - I will actually try to writ

  • Like Emmy above, heading to work, so will read FULLY when I get a chance. So far, she's a badass and I love it! If no one has caught on, badass chicks are my fav. XD Hope all is well with your leg, my good man. And everything else, too. Get well soon!! :D

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    New OC!? So while I've been away for a while getting my leg tested on to see what the hell is wrong with it, I've been thinking

  • I hope you leg has nothing too drastically wrong with it! I know it sucks to have medical issues :( Like Pie said, get well soon!

    As for your character, I like her! She seems to be very down to earth (or should I say, down to sea? No? I suck at puns XD) and I LOVE that she's a pirate! Pirates a freaking awesome!

    you have fallout 4 im sooooooooooooooo jealous! I need to get a PS4 or an xbox one!

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    New OC!? So while I've been away for a while getting my leg tested on to see what the hell is wrong with it, I've been thinking

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    Part 2 of my short story with Fables' Rose Red and my OC's. EMMYPESS' Harmony makes a comeback while Tetra's Claire is briefly mentioned along with JJwolf's Robert. Claire will be in the next part. Please enjoy! Plus I got Fallout 4 like Tetra above as well, so who knows when I'll post the next one. ;P

    "...R-Rose?" Tezoth looked at a familiar face leaning against one of the hallway walls. "What are you doing here?"

    "Don't play dumb with me, Tez. You seriously thought I wouldn't have found out about your little visit to Penelope? Honestly, you're so predictable sometimes."

    "Hmph, I guess not. Well, since you've been following me - I suppose you wanting to talk to Robert before was a lie too, a hoax."

    She crossed her arms and flashed a glare. "...Not exactly. I actually did visit him to talk and - believe it or not - he was concerned for me."

    "Yeah, right." He mumbled under his breath.

    "Huh? What'd you say?"

    "Nothing, Rose Bud. Nothing."

    She rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Well, I'm glad you got one of your favorite hoodies back - from Penny's apartment out of all places."

    He sighed as he sensed Rose was still angry about Penny, secretly wanting to accuse the two of having sex behind her back again. Tez shrugged his shoulders and replied calmly. "She simply gave it to me, Rose. All there is to it."

    "Uh-huh, sure, let's just go. Harmony and Fayde are waiting back at my place."

    Tezoth stayed quiet, and willingly complied, regardless of how much it pained him inside.

    Ten minutes later...

    "Who is better? Fleetwood Mac or Heart?"

    "Oh man, Harmony, that's a hard one."

    "I got all the time in the world before Auntie Rose comes back - hopefully with Uncle Tez - so make your decision."

    "Let's see: the band that had undergone many changes and had a few members go solo? Or the two sisters who had been pretty much together forever?"

    "Hmm, going to have to go with Fleetwood Mac. Bob Welch, Christine Mcvie, Stevie Nicks - the greats."

    "A-ha! I knew you'd pick them! Can you guess what I think is better, Fayde?"

    Fayde pondered for a moment. "I'm assuming it's Heart, right?"

    Harmony giggled. "No..."

    "Fleetwood Mac, then?"

    "Nope, I'll give you one more guess - it's something I haven't mentioned."

    Fayde slapped one of her legs out of playful frustration. "Hey, no fair! You said you wouldn't include an unsaid option!"

    "Sorry, Banshee, learned from one of the best about lying. So are you going to guess or not?"

    She sighed. "Yeah, yeah, I'll guess. You tricky Zephyr."

    "Is it... Tears for Fears?"

    "Still wrong. ...It's us, silly!"

    Fayde smiled and leaned back in her chair. "I should've known your answer would've been obvious."

    Harmony inquired. "Of course! I mean, it makes sense since we both rock out on stage when we're performing. We sing and play just as good like those Mundy bands, too."

    "Agreed, but I wouldn't brag about it. You shouldn't either, Harm."

    "I know, Fayde, I know. I try not to."

    "So, do you wanna practice?"

    Fayde looked at her in confusion. "With what? Rose's silverware? We don't have our instruments with us."

    "Actually, this is where you're sort of wrong on that. You see, I got something special you might like, I-"


    "Don't fucking use that tone with me, Tezzy. If you get to have fun with Pen, then so should I with someone else."

    Fayde turned invisible and so did Harmony when they heard the commotion outside in the hallway. Rose opened the door angrily while Tez lagged behind a little. "Just, step back and give me some space, dragon."

    "I just can't believe you did that. After all we've been through..."

    "Yeah, the times when you and me didn't have secret relationships with another Fable. Those times are obviously over now."

    "But she came on to me and-"

    "Shut up, Tez! I swear, if you mention her making a move on you one more time, you're going to wish I broke up with you back when I first learned about it." She raised a finger in his face. "Consider yourself lucky."

    A voice comes from within a corner of Rose's apartment. "JUST STOP! PLEASE STOP FIGHTING!"

    Harmony reappears a few feet from them, face covered in tears, whereas Fayde reappears at her side, trying her best to comfort her.

    "Please Auntie Rose and Uncle Tez, please."

    Tezoth and Rose Red looked at each other sadly. Rose sighed.

    "I'm sorry you had to see that, Harm."

    Harmony wipes her eyes and sniffling nose. "The one time you two were together - I thought you two had forgiven each other. Seems I was wrong."

    Tez included and started walking to the door. "Maybe it'd be best if I leave."

    Rose scoffed and looked to the side, while Harmony grabbed Tez and tugged at his arm. "Stay with us. Please?"

    "Oh, all right, if that's okay with Fayde."

    Fayde nodded. "Of course it's okay, I think it would be beneficial for all of us to spend time together. Especially for Harmony's sake."

    "What about you, Red?" Fayde awaited her response. Harmony, too.

    Rose shrugged when she looked at them. "Even if I say no, you guys would still want him here anyway."

    Harmony sighed. "I wish you would forgive him, perhaps a little, but I guess it'll have to do for now."

    "Knock, knooooock!" Another booming, but friendly voice came from the hallway. "I'm here with the booze!"

    "Wait, what? Who invited her?"

    "Me and Harmony did, but don't worry - Claire's not going to make Harmony drink booze. Besides, she's going to help us in our band for the next show."

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    I like the sound of her already! She fits the memo perfectly for being a potential badass, haha. Good luck on Fallout 4, game is technically harder than Fallout 3 and New Vegas, even on normal!

    And hope your leg is doing okay!

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    New OC!? So while I've been away for a while getting my leg tested on to see what the hell is wrong with it, I've been thinking

  • Your drawing is not bad at all! In fact, it's really good! Anything is better than drawing simple stick figures like most do, in my opinion.

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    MORE CHARACTER INTRODUCTIONS (Writer's note: Due to Harmony's popularity - at least in my mind XD - I will actually try to writ

  • Man at this point I kinda miss work XD Awesome, I too love badass chicks! Thanks man, will do! :D

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    Like Emmy above, heading to work, so will read FULLY when I get a chance. So far, she's a badass and I love it! If no one has caug

  • My leg is all sorts of messed up, but thanks! Hopefully I'll get better before the month is over! XD

    Awesome! Lmao, She's very down to the sea floor! XD Same here, I don't know why I didn't start writing a Pirate story before :P

    Fallout 4 so far is my favorite release in a while! I definitely recommend it especially if you like Fallout 3 and Sky rim even though I didn't really like Sky rim lol.

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    I hope you leg has nothing too drastically wrong with it! I know it sucks to have medical issues Like Pie said, get well soon!

  • Awesome! Glad everyone seems to like her!

    Level 26 so far, there are a couple things that bother me like how many grenades super mutants throw and third person is kinda weird sometimes but nothing critical. The perk system confused me at first (I did absolutely no research on Fallout 4 and went in blind), so I'm getting used to that. Other than that I really like this game!

    As for my leg thanks! I have more tests I have to do on it Monday since my MRI didn't show anything on it.

    I like the sound of her already! She fits the memo perfectly for being a potential badass, haha. Good luck on Fallout 4, game is technically harder than Fallout 3 and New Vegas, even on normal! And hope your leg is doing okay!

  • The Beginning...

    A woman with long, curly red hair climbed aboard a ship. The flag had the mark of the Blackbeard pirates. Every step she took the ship began to creak and crack more and more.

    "Everyone get ready! We don't know what she has planned!" One of the commanders said.

    However most of the men were unconscious on the floor. One of the masts broke and fell into the water. The woman walked up to the man sitting on a throne, his beard nearly touching the ground. The man began to laugh.

    "GRAHAHAHA! Why if it isn't Red Haired Rayleigh! You must feel pretty ballsy to come here alone, what if you never return back to your crew?" The man asked.

    Rayleigh kept a grip on her saber. "I have no real intention of fightin ya Blackbeard. I just want some information is all."

    "Lemme guess, it's for this little vendetta you have on Bluebeard?" Blackbeard said.

    Rayleigh sat down. "Yes. I must find him and I don't care what I have ta do ta get ta him. Understand?" She said while the boat began to creak more.

    Blackbeard stroked his beard. "And you came here without any treasure. So you intend to threaten me?"

    Rayleigh smiled. "So ya ain't as daft as everyone says! DAHAHAHA! Listen well Blackbeard. Ya know that me, Whitebeard, yaself and Bluebeard rule these waters. However..." She said beginning to intimidate him further by breaking another mast and letting it fall into the sea floor. "I don't mind just making it me, and Whitebeard left." She said with a smirk.

    Black beard slammed his fist. "So you intend to start a war!?"

    Rayleigh stood up. "I intend ta do everything necessary, Blackbeard."

    "You're fucked in the head!" Blackbeard said.

    Rayleigh smiled. "Can ya men swim when they're unconscious Blackbeard?" She said.

    "Rayleigh wai-" Blackbeard said as his ship snapped in half.

    Rayleigh stood on the water and watched as Blackbeard and a sum of thirty seven crewman rose from the sea. They spit out water and grabbed pieces of wood to stay afloat. Rayleigh giggled.

    "Look at ya now, you have a week ta rally ya men Blackbeard. I hereby declare war on ya and in doing so the Whitebeard pirates as well. Better hope Bluebeard pulls through with the alliance." Rayleigh said lifting her hood.

    Blackbeard began to cough. "I hope you rot in hell!".

    Rayleigh began to laugh and walk away on the water. One of the commanders was in shock.

    "S-She's walking on water captain! Surely she's a devil!" He said

    Blackbeard shook his head. "Poseidon has blessed this child with tremendous power. All because of their meeting in the sea when she was younger." He said looking down into the sea.

    Blackbeard first commander spoke up. "Rumor has it is that she saw Bluebeard kill her mother, however no one would believe her. Some say that they saw her put rocks in her shirt so she'd sink to the sea floor, this part of the story has changed depending on the person. Some say they saw a face in the form of water raise her out of the sea, some say a merman raised her out of the sea, and some say a school of fish took her out of the water by Poseidons order."

    The second commander looked scared "How are we supposed to combat her then!?"

    Blackbeard smiled. "As long as she's on land she's a normal human being. That'll be something we have to make happen."

    The two commanders nodded. "Right!"

    Back on Rayleighs boat...

    Another woman with red hair sighed. "Ugh! When's Rayleigh gonna be here!?"

    A woman with blonde hair spoke up while looking through a telescope. "Red please quiet down I can see her in the distance."

    Rose snatched the telescope. "Lemme see that Bo." She said beginning to look through the telescope.

    A young man sighed as he was working on the ship. "Could you two try to keep it down? I'm working on the ship here." He said.

    "Sorry Pinocchio." Bo Peep said.

    "C'mon guys let's try to not draw blood in a fight this time." A man with blonde hair said.

    "Shut your mouth Jack! That only happened once! And it's quite personal." Rose said.

    Rayleigh climbed aboard. "The ships still intact so ya idiots didn't maime yaselves?" She chuckled.

    "Nope we've been well behaved." Bo Peep said with a smile.

    Rayleigh looked at a green flying monkey. "Bufkin? Are ya still sober?" She asked.

    Bufkin hopped up. "Of course Miss Rayleigh!"

    "Sycorax ya still around?" Rayleigh asked.

    Although nobody sees her. "Yes, I'm still here." She said

    "And all that's left is Arrow." Rayleigh said whistling

    Arrow landed on her shoulder. "You called?"

    Rayleigh smiled. "Alright! Dock at the nearest port and let's drink til we collapse!"

    Rayleigh and her crew sailed for awhile and docked after about a week of sailing. They went to the nearest bar and slammed open the door to an empty saloon. The man behind the bar smiled.

    "Ah if it isn't Rayleigh! What're you doing back in this town?" The man asked.

    "We came for the greatest ale around of course!" Rayleigh said

    The man smiled. "Of course! Free of charge!"

    Rayleigh shook her head and slammed a chest full of gold on the bar. "Here's payment for ale and maybe spruce the place up, it looks like shite these days DAHAHA! I'm only kidding Sam."

    Sam began to pass out drinks to the crew. They began to chat and sing until a group of bandits walked in. One looked like he was missing an eye and was the leader of the group. The man walked up to the bar.

    "Give us all the Ale you got." The man said.

    Rayleigh and the others began to laugh. Rayleigh put her hand on the man's shoulder. "I'm sorry lad but there ain't anymore ale. We bought every last drop! DAHAHAHA!" Rayleigh began to laugh. "However if ya want to pay us, we'd love ta share some." Rayleigh said.

    The man slapped Rayleigh off her stool, the Ale got all over her, she stood up and began to laugh. The man looked confused. "Why are you laughing? Are you too weak to fight back?"

    Rayleigh then began to ignore the man and poured herself and laughed. The man slapped the glass on the floor. Rayleigh looked at Sam. "Do ya mind if I borrow a rag Sam?" She asked.

    Rayleigh heard a flintlock pistol being raised at her head. Rayleigh smiled. "Put ya life on the line."

    The bandit leader looked confused. "What?"

    "If ya going ta raise a deadly weapon at someone ya best be ready ta put ya life on the line." Rayleigh said putting her hand on her pistol.

    As Rayleigh began to draw her pistol her crew raised their arms and wiped out the Bandit leaders lackeys in the blink of an eye, thankfully they had the same amount of people. The bandit leader looked behind him to see his whole crew gone. Rayleigh whistled at him and as soon as he turned around Rayleigh fired the gun at point blank range in the face. Sam looked shocked.

    "It's not often you give orders Rayleigh." He said.

    Rayleigh shrugged. "Sometimes I have ta do it." She said wiping off her face.

    Sam chuckled. "As easy going as ever. You better get out of here before you get run out of town by the cops."

    "Right! We'll catch up sometime!" Rayleigh said.

    The crew waved to Sam and left as if they were never there.

    As the police came and took out the bodies a young boy with gray hair walked in.

    "Was Red Haired Rayleigh here?" He asked.

    "Yes Kieron you just missed them." Sam said

    "Man. I had so many questions!" Kieron said.

    Sam chuckled. "Want me to tell you their stories?" Sam asked

    Kieron nodded. "From the beginning please!"

    Sam sat down. "We'll let's see, it all started when..."

    Sam began to tell Kieron how Rayleigh became Red Haired Rayleigh...

  • Eh, third person has always been awkward in Bethesda games. Fallout 4's tp is definitely a step-up compared to their previous titles, but they're still a ways off of course. And damn, you're a higher level than me - level 22 here. XD

    We can hope for the best, in which I'm sure it's totally fine anyway!

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    Awesome! Glad everyone seems to like her! Level 26 so far, there are a couple things that bother me like how many grenades supe

  • Yeah I can agree there! I normally play first person in Fallout 3 but I've been swapping on and off between them. Third person for outside/far range and first person for inside fights.

    We sure can man!

    Eh, third person has always been awkward in Bethesda games. Fallout 4's tp is definitely a step-up compared to their previous titl

  • Truly fascinating indeed, some of this will help me for my further knowledge of Penny. Plus she loves pizza, definitely noted. :)

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    Penelope Porgie was a huge fan of pizza. Since she could remember, this was her ultimate guilty pleasure, especially the deep dish

  • Robert is actually mynOC now. JJ gave me all rights to, he's a part of the Clan now. :P Anyways, this was fascinating. Nice to see Fayde once more and I forgot for a moment that Tez is an uncle to Harmony, simply because of Rose. Looking forward to how Claire plays a part and dare I say Penny-you can stir the pot?? XD AND I too got Fallout 4, so here is to me being occupied with that as well! :D

    Part 2 of my short story with Fables' Rose Red and my OC's. EMMYPESS' Harmony makes a comeback while Tetra's Claire is briefly men

  • Writer’s note: SOOOO many things have changed in the past few months, leaving some scratching their heads. As I mentioned before, Robert is now MY character. Things with Penny have changed, too and the same for Lyla. I’ve noticed these bios popping up and thought it would be fun. :)

    Character: Penelope Porgie (Once Johnson but changed her last name after the divorce); 2nd born from Lyla Porgie’s first litter

    Creature: Shape-shifter like her mom and grandfather; a Wolf when she does change

    Age: Penny appears to be in her late 20’s early 30’s but has fully stopped ‘aging’.

    Appearance: Penelope is very tall among her siblings and stands at 5’ 9’’ (This is without her heels) with long, curly, jet black hair. She has snow-like skin, pouty lips, a few freckles scattered along her body; beautiful, baby blue eyes and a dazzling smile. Penny has the ability to change into a Wolf but prefers to remain as her ‘mundane’ self. Penelope likes to dress in the best clothes money can buy, so you’ll always find her in either a skirt, blouse or a simple dress.

    Characteristics: Overall, Penelope is considered the ‘quiet’ one out of her siblings. Growing up, she was content standing in the background and allowing her siblings to cause the chaos. She’s very close to her big sister Katie and even as adult women, have a special bond. Penny is not one for confrontation but will stand her ground, should the situation call for it. Penny went through life (and still does) with her motto: ‘I do what I want’, which occasionally found her in trouble and needing a way out.

    Status: Divorced from her ex-husband, Johann the Butcher and is currently dating Gren’s oldest brother, Robert.

    Family: Being was born number two out of a litter of four; she has an older brother named RJ from her mother’s previous relationship. Katie is the second oldest, followed by herself, her sister Emily and brother Georgie Junior. She also has two younger twin brothers, Peter and Ethan(deceased). Her mother is currently pregnant with triplets(major surprise for them all) and is expecting two more brothers and a sister from this litter. Penny has one son named Josiah(7) from her previous marriage and is an aunt to MANY wonderful nieces and nephews. Her parents are Georgie Porgie and Lyla Smith; grandparents John and Nancy Smith. Aunts consist of Gina(married to Hans), Mary(deceased) and Carla(deceased).

    Brief Biography: As mentioned, Penny was born into Lyla and Georgie Porgie’s first litter. They grew up rather wealthy and when the quads turned seven, moved out from their apartment in the city and into a beautiful manor on a section of land privately owned by their grandfather, John. Penny was rather close to her sister Katie but loved her other siblings just as much. For a while there, she and Katie bullied their younger brother Peter for being ‘different’ and truly not a member of their family, due to his true biological makeup. When Penny turned 18, she left home and became a stripper to Oliver, a long time friend and once ‘business’ partner to her father. He owned the popular strip club called the Silver Slipper, where she was the top dancer and most requested. Penny began enduring abuse from Oliver, which sent her seeking solitude in the arms of Johann; this led to the conception of her son, followed by a quick marriage and an even quicker divorce. Penny divorced Johann when Josiah was three and dated a few men but was never satisfied until she became wonderful friends with Gren’s brother, Robert. Penny refuses to speak about her past but finds herself slowly becoming depressed because of it. She’s the Black Knight of the family, as her prophecy proclaimed and is known as a ‘Reaper’ because of it. She has yet to TRULY know of what her powers contain.

    Character: Robert Grendel

    Creature: Grendel; they are swamp beasts that live in the darkest, murkiest parts of the woods and are known for short tempers.

    Age: Robert’s appearance is that to a man in his mid-30’s but he’s much older than he appears. He’s known to be centuries old and does not talk about this too often.

    Appearance: Long, shoulder length black hair; slicked back except for a single part on the top of his head. The cowlick has become his ‘trademark’ call and has kept it as so. Tan skin, dark green eyes. He’s a towering Grendel and use to require a ‘glamor’ to hide his true form. He prefers to be in his human form and over the years, is practicing on shapeshifting, so to avoid purchsing one every few days. Very well built; when he smiles, two tiny dimples appear in the corner of his mouth. When he laughs, his nose crinkles and his smile is bright and warming. Robert normally wears shorts, especially brown ones, tank top and his usual black converse shoes. Robert has several large scars across his back, resulting from an inccident he endured centuries ago as a child in the Homelands.

    Characteristics: Robert Grendel can be abrassive, loud and come off as either mean or a jerk but he means well, enjoys having fun and tries to be on his best behavior. Oldest out of his brothers, Robert gained the alpha mentality and well into his childood, began training to one day, take his father’s place. This led Robert to mentaly seperate hiself from reality and soon, his bubbly personality melted away and left behind a young boy, fighting to gain his father’s approval. Robert, with determination and will power, has left these thoughts behind and found where he belonged and no longer dreams of being his father.

    Status: Currently (secretly) dating Penelope Porgie; ex-girlfriend is Rose Red

    Family: Robert has an adult son named RJ from his encounter with Lyla Smith YEARS ago; the two were simply friends, that led to the conception of their son. Robert is the oldest out of his siblings; he has four younger ones, all just a year or two apart from one another. Grendel and Isaiah are the only two brothers alive and currently heavily involved in Robert’s life. Jason and Richard are both deceased; Jason died during the Exile and the cause to Richard’s death are stil unknown. His father Thomas passed away a year ago from natural causes and his mother Calla died back in the Homelands; she made a deal with a Witch after the Beowulf inccident involving his brother Grendel, to protect her son and allow him to live. As a result, Calla perished and became a Weeping Willow.

    Brief Biography: During the Exile to the mundane world, Robert lost contact from his father and remaining brothers and lived isolated and alone in the forests of Maine. Over the years, as the city blossomed, Robert moved out of the woods and into a tiny one bedroom apartment, became a Fisherman and continued living alone, until he caught wind of his brother, Gren, living in New York. The two had been estranged for years and when they met up one afternoon, the hostility could be felt but the love was there. They had their bumps in the road and nearly fought one another to the death during the ‘Great Fabletown War’. He and Gren have since patched things up and are closer than ever. It took Isaiah sometime to come around and finally speak to his brothers but the war brought the brothers together and since then, the three have been inseperable. He had a brief relationship with Lyla Smith when she was 17, where they had a one night encounter that resulted in RJ’s birth. Robert remained single, raising his son and continuing to perform odd jobs to keep the lights on. He landed a job in an office and has been there since. Robert is currently seeing Penelope Porgie and has never felt more in love. He adores her son Josiah. Robert is an uncle to Gren’s children with Emily Porgie and hopefully, an amazing step-father to Josiah one day.

    Character: Lyla Smith

    Creature: Shape-shifter; turns into a Wolf as she pleases

    Age: She appears to look like a young woman in her mid-20’s but like her children, has fully stopped aging and will remain as she appears until her time of death.

    Appearance: Short, chestnut brown hair, dark Amber eyes, fair skin, gorgeous smile lined with pink lips; stands tall at 5’ 5’’, ample bosom, thick hips and long legs. Lyla prefers to be in her human form but occasionally, does not mind changing into a Wolf and howling at the moon. When Lyla laughs, she occassionally snorts, resulting in her laughing fits lasting longer.

    Characteristics: Lyla is a wonderful, loving, gentle, golden-hearted individual like her mother but has the fight, temper and patience of that belonging to her father. Lyla was the youngest born into her family and from the stories both her mother and father have told, was a wild fire and hand full. She briefly assisted her father during his days as Council member but quickly stopped when she found out their ‘true’ intentions for the community. Lyla always wanted to be a mother and wife and recieved her wish when she turned 17. Lyla loves to cook, bake, sing and take long walks through the woods, especially in the cold months of the year.

    Status: Married to her long time love, Georgie Porgie

    Family: RJ was her first born son as a result from a one night sexual encounter with Robert Grendel; the two shared custody to the boy and a year later, she’d cross paths once more with Georgie Porgie, a man she was linked two since day one. The two quickly caught up, fell in love and months into their relationship, Lyla would find out she was pregnant with a litter of four. Katherine, Penelope, Amelia(she prefers Emily, as does the family sometimes) and Georgie Junior where her first set of babies; five years later, she’d become pregnant with twin boys. One, however, had a different father; her sister Carla placed a spell on the two, hoping this would cause Georgie and Lyla to divorce but the plan backfired and Georgie remained by his wife’s side and raised the boys and would name them Peter and Ethan(deceased). She’s currently pregnant with another litter(a VERY big surprise to the family) and is carrying two boys and one girl; she and Georgie have picked out names but are waiting to reveal them to the family. She’s a wonderful aunt and adoring grandmother to MANY babies and hopefully, more to come. Her parents are John Smith, a proud Alpha Wolf and Nancy Smith, a once beauty pagent mundane with boxing and baking skills. She had an older brother but he was a stillborn. Lyla has three older sisters; Gina, Mary(deceased) and Carla(deceased).

    Brief Biography: When Lyla was born, she was already connected to a man named Georgie Porgie, a troubled Fable that was currently serving time for committing terrible acts. He was to save her, while she’d do the same for him. Growing up, however, she just thought of him a ‘uncle’ Georgie and took to the man the second she was born. The two became seperated, however, when her father John found out just HOW his daughter would save Georgie. Worried his youngest would find trouble and a possible death from the Council, he placed a memory erasing spell on Lya and told Georgie she no longer wanted to see or be around him. She was 14 at the time and for four years, she could not remember Georgie; she became friends with Robert Grendel and the two would have a son by accident but loved him still. At 18, during a fight with her father, Lyla runs away from home and itno the city, where she comes across an advertisment to a strip club, hiring new talent. The name of both the club and owner began to trigger her memories of Georgie and as a result, Lyla seeks out the club. Georgie immediatly notices who she is and refuses to allow Lyla on stage; the two reconnect and explain what occured years ago that led to their brief seperation. She and Georgie would soon become parents and move out of their three bedroom apartment and into a Ranch style home, located on a slice of private land owned by her father. Each of Lyla’s children were born with a ‘curse’ and prophecy; each has broken their curse and is currently living out their fates as promised when they were babies.

    That's it for now. Any questions, you know the drill. :) Have only today off, so going to spend it all day with my family and glitter queen; going to play some video games, watch Game of Thrones and veg. :P Looking forward to my two week vaca in December, though. XD Hope your weekend was marvelous!

  • I love how similar Penny and Lyla are as far as their past lives. I never knew Penny was the 'quiet' one but it makes sense. I love that Robert belongs to you now and you'll do wonderful with him. I loved his biography. I love Lyla, too. She's such a beautiful person. :) I love her story and how she managed to save Georgie. Their kids are too cute and she's pregnant again!! Yay! Two boys and one girl!! Do you know their names yet???

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    Writer’s note: SOOOO many things have changed in the past few months, leaving some scratching their heads. As I mentioned before,

  • This is awesome! And the drawing is awesome too! I still can't draw people from the side, every time I try I end up trashing it because it looks really weird lmao.

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    MORE CHARACTER INTRODUCTIONS (Writer's note: Due to Harmony's popularity - at least in my mind XD - I will actually try to writ

  • This is nice. Having these Bio's around is very handy! My weekend has been alright! I go in for more testing tomorrow so hopefully I'll actually be recovering from my almost one month injury XD

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    Writer’s note: SOOOO many things have changed in the past few months, leaving some scratching their heads. As I mentioned before,

  • Oh my god! I didn't know you were gonna make Lyla preggers again! I so totally considered doing that to Harmony but I might end up sticking to the grandkids more. She still kinda has to raise the second litter anyway, but who knows? My mind is constantly changing! I love Penny's bio, and it only makes her my favorite even more <3 This was great!

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    Writer’s note: SOOOO many things have changed in the past few months, leaving some scratching their heads. As I mentioned before,

  • I saw you and EMMY do them and thought, eh....why not, considering so much changed. Glad to hear you're doing alright, my good man. Just hang in there and here is to a good, clean bill of health. :)

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    This is nice. Having these Bio's around is very handy! My weekend has been alright! I go in for more testing tomorrow so hopefully I'll actually be recovering from my almost one month injury XD

  • I've been debating about Lyla having more kids or not; for awhile there, I was just going to focus on their older kids and their own families but all I kept thinking about were little bald babies or little Wolf cubs. XD My mind is changing 24/7, so I can relate to your situation. lol I noticed Penny is a fav to so many and it makes me proud and shocked at the same time. XD thank you, though. This was fun. :)

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    Oh my god! I didn't know you were gonna make Lyla preggers again! I so totally considered doing that to Harmony but I might end up

  • Had time to throw this together ;)

    Remembrance day ball

    Thane may have been the second eldest, but he was the most responsible out of brothers. Always cleaning up the trouble his brothers may have left behind and keeping his family business alive and well from harmful threats. With such a great responsibility on his shoulders, he often found himself pouring a glass, or two. Maybe three or more, but when the time came to pull himself together, he quickly sheds his drunkenness and become sober immediately. With great power came great responsibility.

    Him and Sebastian shared hatred towards Bigby for a long time, prior to the feud that both Bigby and their father had long ago. Though as time passed, the hate began to thin. Any sign of recurring beef would ignite the long feud once more.

    Aside from all of that, he was having a good time at the ball. He ask his assistant Lynn out as his date. The two seemed to be affectionate toward each other, but keep it tone down while some of their coworkers were around.

    Lynn took her job very seriously and didn't want her love life get in the way of it and end up with her becoming the talk around the office. “The assistant dating the boss” Thane would whisper while to two dance in the middle of the ballroom. Lynn would play along then would receive a msg on her phone about work while Thane would gently try to take her mind of work. Being a work fanatic like Lyn, during formal event’s, Thane would like to fun.

    Being a generous and sauve person, he would usually go around greet the Fables that attending and make his presence known, but there was one person or Fable that he would tried to avoid. Humpty Dumpty.

    It’s not like Thane was being a dick on purpose, he just found Humpty to be a vile and disgusting being. The way he would himself with engore with the food in the talk and tried to act civil and sophisticated while doing it greatly irritated him and Lynn alike.

    There was a time when Humpty attempted to but Thane’s family company behind his back while he was fatally ill and even sent him Mundy Food; McDonald’s to his hospital room while Thane was still sick.

    The reason Thane doesn’t remember this was because during his illness, Alvin ordered the doctors to erase that memory. Alvin felt if Thane or his elder brother, Sebastian found about this they would probably do something that incredibly dangerous so he took matters into his own hands.

    Humpty was eventually confronted by Alvin, and giving a fair warning which the egg man had no choice but to acknowledge. The rest was history after that, and all was forgiven.

    Sebastian the eldest, was late to the ball. He was taking care business with his secret criminal syndicate that operated in various areas across the globe. He was in charge of the North American District, displaying brute force and ruthless authority. Making more enemies than friends, Sebastian challenge other criminal societies besting all of them.

    He is the alpha, he wants to be the ace of them all, without showing interest in anything else. All he wants to do is prove to everyone that he is, “The shit” and challenges anyone worth his time. Often serving as the big muscle of Thane’s circle, providing the muscle whenever it may be needed. Though Sebastian may seen like a cocky bully, he has a heart, a soft side. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than witness this side of him.

    Sebastian arrives to the ball, dressed like a mobster. He combs his hair and casually makes his way towards the party room and leans against the wall before lighting a cigar. He is joined by his younger brother Alvin, who has to fine young ladies on each shoulder.

    “Hey bro, want one?” Alvin ask.

    Sebastian continues to smoke the cigar, ignoring his brother questions but to Alvin, that means no. He then pulls up a chair and takes a seat whiling putting the the cigar, asking his Alvin “When is this shit is over? I have work to do.” then leans back and become bored. He reminds Sebastian that is import that their family attend these kind of events, keeping up appearance to avoid suspicion and stuff like that.

    Word of Sebastian secret “work is brought up. Alvin is reminded to never bring that up and is notices one of his brothers associates approaching. He then leaves them be to discuss whatever and heads over to the center with his side chicks.

    The Mayor of Fabletown proceeds to give his speech regarding past events. A memorial of past Fables is displayed on the big screen, including, Alvin, Thane and Sebastian's parents who were among Fabletown original supporters in it’s early days.

    This makes Thane uneasy seeing the picture of his parent’s. He is visited by an old memory of him and his father. The talk they had a day before him and his brothers was given control of their family’s company and his parents death.

    100 and something years ago… A conversation between Thane and his father.

    “Son, you and your brothers. All my legacy, just as you and your children would be your legacy. After tonight, you will be the head of this family.. Me and your mother, we’ll be going away soon…”

    “Father, what are you talking about? Where are you going?”

    “Enough Thane. You may not be the eldest, but you are certainly the mature one. You are the one that will ensure our family’s survival, and it pains me to do this to my sons.
    … Please take care of your brothers.. We love you Thane..”

    In the present, Thane begins to sweat and rushes over towards the table and pour him something very alcoholic. Alvin and Lynn rushes over towards his aid to see if he’s doing well. “I’m fine” He said taking a breather fixing his tie.Alvin then catches the site of Humpty Dumpty who waddled over towards the three and greets them. He ask ask Thane how things were going, while winking at Lynn.

    Thane tries to ease his way out of the conversation with Humpty while being polite. He excuse himself and makes his way towards the restroom. Lynn goes as well leaving only Alvin and Humpty.

    “So kid, I guess you’re still angry after the Mc'Donalds thing..?” Humpty says before Alvin picks him up in mid air and slams him on a table of food.

    Listen, you fat midget… You will heed that warning, that MERCY I gave you long ago.. I don’t know what your game is, nor do I care, but if you don’t keep your salty rotten hands away from my family’s company; I’ll make sure you fall off a wall and say broken.” Alvin before being pulled off of Humpty by Sebastian and brought outside to cool off with attention drawn with the incident between Alvin and Humpty.

    Humpty removes the sushi from his chest and eats it slowly while watching Alvin leave with his brother…

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    Oh, right! Forgot about that.

    And don't worry, since I don't write often I can see why you or anyone else who actually read my stories would forget. Mm-hmm, I've always pictured the two being her closest relatives (at least in my stories' universe), especially since Prince Charming, Snow White, and Bigby don't get a chance to see her as much like Tez and Rose do.

    I'm looking forward to writing her myself! Tetra will probably like what I have in store for her if he reads/comments on the next part.

    Fallout 4 is so good, it's just... ugh, there's so much excellent stuff about it I can't describe in a comment box, haha.

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    Robert is actually mynOC now. JJ gave me all rights to, he's a part of the Clan now. :P Anyways, this was fascinating.

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    Robert never fell asleep that night. Instead, he carried Penelope into her bed, where the pair caressed and simply spoke, until she was drained enough to drift off into a slumber. He laid beside her, stroking the long, thick black curls gently scattered around her face. The color seemed to fade against her pale skin and Robert gently took his index finger and touched her pouty lips.

    He’d never seen anything more radiant than what was beside him. Penny remained hidden beneath the covers; the frigid air outside made the tiny apartment feel like an icebox but Robert made sure this did not disturb either Penny or Josiah. As the sun rose over the land of steel, smoke and loneliness, Robert arose carefully from the bed and made his way into the kitchen.

    He decided to make breakfast before Josiah awoke from his sleep. He had school today and Robert would let Penny remain asleep for another ten minutes. She needed this break and soon, Robert was heating up skillets, preparing to make omelettes. He knew how much these silly egg dishes pleased Josiah, so he began cracking the eggs, adding the milk and whisking them all together. While a thick sheet of egg cooked in a skillet, Robert chopped up some green Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, red Onion, some leftover Ham and Potatoes and a few Tomatoes. He then added a dash of each mixture into the egg and with a quick flip of his wrist, folds the egg and continues to cook.

    Just as Robert slides the finished product onto a plate, Josiah enters the living room, rubbing his eyes and yawning widely. While the coffee brews on the counter next to the stove, he hands Josiah a hot plate of food. Taking a seat, Josiah immediately notices what was before him.

    “You made this, Robert? I love Omelettes!” Josiah grabs his fork and cuts into the food. “OH I love this so much! Thank you! It’s got all kinds of goodies in here!”

    Robert beams, leaning onto his hands and watching Josiah devour his breakfast. “You’re VERY welcome, little guy. Just ease up on the eating. This isn’t a race….would hate for you to get a belly ache before school.”

    “Yeah because we’re seeing a play today in school and I’d hate to miss it, all because I was throwing up.”

    “Oh yeah, it’s that Shakspeare play your teacher set up for you kids, huh?”

    “Yeah and I REALLY want to see it because I loved reading the book Isaiah brought over that one time and when he explained it to me and I found out my teacher was doing this, I was so excited!”

    Before Robert could reply back to Josiah’s remark, both turn to find Penny, dressed in one of robert’s shirts and sweatpants, walking towards the kitchen. She kisses her son first, leaving the boy in a chuckling fit as he eats the remainder of his food. Penny follows it up with a warm, loving embrace; she wraps her tiny arms around Robert as best as she could, looks up and plants her lips against his.

    “Mmmm…” Robert licks his lips and inhales. “That’s a wonderful way to start my morning.”

    Penny smirks, pats his chest and looks around. “Wow. You went all out this morning with breakfast, didn’t you, Robert?”

    “It’s tasty, mommy!” Josiah drinks his milk, cleans his face and hops down from his seat. “I really loved my breakfast! It had so many things in there!”

    “Well, glad you had a BIG breakfast for such a BIG boy! Now, go wash your face, comb your face, brush your teeth AND get your school clothes on.”

    Josiah nods and heads for the restroom. Robert pulls out another plate but is ceased by the touch of Penny’s hand. “What is it? I was going to make you one, too and-”

    “I’m going to my sister’s when I drop Josiah off, remember? I’m sure she’ll have something there. It’s Friday-Malcom always gets something to eat on Fridays.”

    “Well, I can whip you up one, in case he doesn't bring anything. It won’t take me very long.”

    “Sure, Robert.” Penny actually didn’t mind something hearty and filling. “Looking at what Josiah had, think I’ll take up on your offer. Just no Ham in mine. Have to watch my figure.”

    “You need to stop obsessing over that, Penelope.” Robert begins the preparation for Penny’s Omelette. “You look fantastic. You want to do cardio, Zumba classes, run-that’s all fine-just don’t lose that butt.”

    “Oh stop.” Penny tried to hide the color tint on her face. “I like to look good….”

    “I know but there is a difference between BEING healthy and becoming lost in what society THINKS is beautiful…”

    Robert knew of Penny’s past relationships. He recalls on in particular; the man loved to beat Penny down, ridicule her and embarrass the poor woman. One night, during their night in, she told Robert some of the names her old fling use to call and label her. It was enough to make Robert’s skin crawl and blood to boil. Since then, Penny became lost in a world consumed with ‘looks’ and labels. In his eyes, she looked stunning.

    Penny seemed to replaying Robert’s words over and over again in her mind. She stared blankly out the window. “You still going to the gym with Gren and Isaiah this morning?”

    “Yeah…” Robert sighs, flipping the egg into the shape associated with Omelettes. “I need to see them. We’ve been so busy lately. Are you...still going to talk to Katherine today about…..” Robert pauses to look up. “...Us?”

    “I need to, Robert. WE need to come forward and start telling people, especially RJ. I can’t keep hiding this.”

    “Think I like it?” Robert hands Penny the finishes product. “For a while there, thought you were ashamed of what he had going.”

    “Don’t.” Scowling, Penny faces Robert. “Don’t you EVEN start with that. You think this has been easy for ME, Robert? I never once said this. You AND I agreed to wait, did we not?”

    Robert did not wish to argue. Josiah caused them both to remain quiet for the time being. Josiah sat on the couch and began tying his shoes. Penny exhales, stands and heads for her bedroom. Robert knew better than to chase after a Porgie, especially one unpredictable as Penelope. She returned, hair pulled back and wearing a PINK top and bottom combination.

    “Give loves, baby. We need to get you to school and me to work.”

    Josiah gives Robert a loving squeeze and heads for the door. Robert attempts to kiss Penny one last time before she steps foot outside.

    “I need to go, Robert.” Penny practically whispers, clutching the keys in her hand. “I’ll...I’ll see you later tonight. Come along, Josiah.”

    Penny and Josiah head out to the car, while Robert is left alone. He knew better than to chase after a Porgie, especially Penny.

    After dropping off Josiah, Penny makes the twenty minute journey into Folker Wolf territory. The large section was slowly being brought back from the dead; Penny recalled this area destroyed, broken and lost. Most of those that remained became hostile and determined to fix their world but even with divination, there was only so much one person could do. Her sister Katie, along with Malcom, rose their kind from the ashes and did all they could to those clinging for guidance and a purpose once more in life. Penny drove past the brass gates, looked around and smiled.

    She came to a large building, parked on the side and enters the building. Penny takes the elevator until the 12th floor, where the large doors swing open and she finds her sister, standing beside her desk, looking over a file. Malcom, eating his breakfast sandwich, stops to wave at Penny.

    “Hey you-hungry?”

    Penny holds up her brown paper bag. “Got my own today, Malcom. Thank you.”

    Katie faces her sister and heads in her direction. She wore a tight shirt, white blouse and heels. they clicked and clanked each step she took. Katie appeared exhausted but continued to smile.

    “Hey sis. Sorry, just, umm...going through some stuff. Did you bring the paperwork on Alhberg or-”

    “Yes.” Penny hands Katie the stack that was tucked beneath her arm. “All of it is there. Mine, Brad’s and RJ’s. All of it. I tried reaching them this morning but neither of them answered their phone.”

    “That’s okay. I’ll call them later. Please-have a seat, sis. Nice to see you up and walking around. How is everything?”

    “Good good. Just dropped Josiah off and now, heading out to do some errands.”

    “Hey, before I forget, mom is doing a huge Portuguese celebration this week. She’s going to call you but I figure warn you now because I know how much you hate surprises.”

    “A celebration for what? They had those last month for the Holy ghost and-”

    “I guess nana wants to have JUST the immediate family, you know: us, our kids, significant others. All that fun crap. You know nana and her need to constantly get us together. Ever since she found out mom was pregnant and all, now she wants to do this shit. I don’t mind but I feel like telling her to chill.”

    “Hey, be nice.” Malcom tosses his trash into a nearby can. “Your nana maybe very ‘family’ these days but she means well. Least there will be free booze and food.”

    Penny agrees. “Are we doing a Matanca or Sopas?”

    Katie inhales deeply, scans through another stack of papers and looks back up once more towards her sister. “Matanca. Believe it or not, dad has never been involved with one. He’s heard stories, so he’s looking forward to it. So is Junior, Peter, Emily...well, just about all us kids!” Katie chuckles. “Not me, though. too much blood….”

    “You’re a WOLF, Katie.” Penny tries to find the humor in her comment. “Seeing blood should not be new to you.”

    “Well, I hate it. Sure you could invite that Bloodsucker that is suddenly following your coat tails…”

    “Hey, you be nice to Brad. He’s becoming like family to me. RJ is getting along great and he’s a wonderful asset to this operation AND little community you’re trying to rebuild. Am I right, sister of mine?”

    Penny tosses the stack on her desk, swings away and spins in her chair. Even with the exhausted look, Katherine still attempted to make conversation and hold her own. She’d finger through all the comments, reports and documents but for now, she wanted to spend some time with her sister. Katie and Penny spoke on the phone every night but reality found it’s way into their lives; both had full time jobs, kids and a home to run, so spending their short moments together was treasured. Katie knew there was something Penny needed to get off her chest, too. This wasn’t just about business or work. She could see it lodged deep in her sister’s icy blue eyes.

    “So.” Katie stands, pouring herself a glass of Wine. “Anything else going on in your life besides Josiah and work?”

    “Well….” Penny plays with a curl. “I am seeing someone, Katie. I’ve been meaning to tell the family’s complicated.”

    “Soooo...this is just a ‘fuck’ thing or-”

    “Oh no.” Penny was surprised to hear Katie speak like this. “We have been really good friends for awhile now and we’re really hoping to take our relationship to the next level. It’s just….there are a few-well, a few dozen-hurdles we need to leap over.”

    Katie takes a sip and glances at Malcom. All he could do was shrug. “Okay. Is he married? Oh God, Penny-please tell me he’s not married.”

    “No, Katie! He’s not married but he has a son….”

    “So? You have a kid, too. They can get together while you two have ‘alone’ time and-”

    “His son is much older, Katie. MUCH, much older.”

    Katie cocks her eyebrow. “HOW old is this ‘kid’ exactly, Penelope?”

    Now was the time. Penny felt the knots in her stomach, the urge to vomit or possibly burst into tears. This was overwhelming and she desperately wanted to jump up from her seat and run out the door; Penny knew she’d make it out before either Katie or Malcom caught up to her and all this would have been just a horrible dream. But Penny needed to tell her family. She figured Katie could be the guinea pig for the other reactions she’d receive in time.

    “He’s an adult, Katie. Four years older, to be exact. You know him, too. We ALL do.”

    “I know this guy's son, eh?” Katie takes another sip of her Wine, pondering the possibilities. “Hmmm. We all know him….how exactly do we know him? Family friend? Did he work with dad? Does he-”

    “He’s been around since we were born. He knows Gren, like, really, REALLY well.”

    Katie glares at Penny. It became apparent that her sister was putting two and two together. It may have taken Katie sometime to comprehend this little ‘mystery’ but eventually, like times before, she’d solve this case. Penny watched her sister nearly chug the entire bottle, not clutched firmly in her sister’s right hand. Malcom tries to stop the sudden binge drinking but Katie refused. That look said it all.

    “Penelope...please. You’re scaring me. WHO are you seeing?”

    It was now or never. “Robert….” It felt like knives stabbing her tongue. “...I’m seeing Robert Grendel. RJ’s dad and-”

    “No. no, no, no, no...THAT Robert?! Gren’s Robert?!! THAT Robert?!”

    “There IS no other robert Grendel, Katie, so yes! I’ve BEEN seeing Robert.”

    “Oh good lord.” Katie slumps back into her chair, taking another swig. “My sister is banging Robert Grendel. Our big brother’s dad. Does...Does RJ know? Or mom!? Fuck….dad must not know….”

    “No. He’s actually going to speak to RJ later. Robert is heading to the gym with Isaiah and Gren. Figures he could tell them there. You’re the first person I’ve told. Josiah just thinks we’re ‘slumber party’ buddies.”

    “Have you know-” Katie makes a sexual suggestion by inserting her finger into a hole created with her other index finger and thumb. “-You know. BONED yet?”

    “Why do you have to make it sound like that, Katie? No. We have not had sex yet.”

    “Wow. Really?”

    Penny was confused. “Are you seriously more surprised about that than Robert and I wanting to BE together?”

    “To be honest-yes. I mean, he’s gorgeous. Tree trunk arms. Pecs for days. Wavy hair, nice smile. Dreamy eyes…..listen to me. Fangirling over Robert Grendel. So, why no monster loving? Too big or-”

    “Oh lord.” Malcom rolls his eyes. “This truly has been an interesting morning.”

    Penny ignores Malcom and answers her sister’s question. “Well, I WANT to sleep with Robert. He really is as you described him. I know he’s been dying to sleep with me, too. You CAN’T ignore a horny Grendel. TRUST me-it’s like Emily said. All the signs are’s just...I’m scared…”

    “Scared of what? What mom might say or-”

    Penny shakes her head and tries with all her might to hold back the tears. If only they knew. “I’m just terrified of what might happen, Katie. That’s all…”

    “Huh.” Katie was finding it difficult to speak. “ sister is seeing Robert Grendel. RJ’s dad. sisters both have a thing for Grendel men. Huh….Well. This has been a different meeting. I’m just shocked is all. Not a bad thing.”

    “You hate me, don’t you?”

    Katie immediately stands. “Don’t-” She points at Penny, “-Don’t you EVER say that again to me! I may be shocked but I could never hate you, so wipe that shit away from your thoughts! If I hate you, than I have to do the SAME thing to Emily. To the others. As long as my sister is happy and he treats you AND Josiah with all the fucking respect you two need right now, than we’re good. But you NEED to talk to mom and RJ, too. And dad…”

    This made Penny quiver. Her father and Robert did not get along. They tolerated one another but even then, the uneasy feelings could be felt by anyone in that general area at the moment. He’d be the last person to learn of Penny’s relationship status. For now, that was one sibling down and various others to go. Penny knew her mother needed to be the next to know of this discovery.

    Penny takes out her phone. “I need to see if mom is willing to see me for a bit. I...I need to tell her now, Katie.”

    “Good call, especially BEFORE this whole dinner thing that is planned. Just go easy on her. I mean, she IS seven months pregnant.”

    Katie was still in denial of what was said today. Her sister was seeing Robert Grendel. Katie had nothing against the man. He kept to himself, was generous and a kind hearted person. She didn’t know all of his past but knew Robert was still broken and wounded from events that took place. So was her sister. COULD two broken, misplaced souls have the strength to not only repair themselves but the other as well? Was this healthy for either of them?

    Katie did not ask this to Penny. She couldn’t. The tiny glimmer of hope that surfaced in her sister’s eyes allowed Katie to push a smile forward, grab Penny’s arm and assure her it would all work out.

    Penny dials Lyla’s number, holds the phone to her ear and waits, the beating of her heart drowning out the ringing.

    any questions, you know the drill. :3 I know some of you have seen this picture but I'm looking forward to introducing these three cuties very soon. I do have names picked out; they changed from my previous names, so can't wait to announce this, too. Hate Mondays but have three days off next week, so here is to moving forward with the week. OH and for those that don't know....a Matanca is a Portuguese celebration. I'll go more into it when it takes place. :3

    enter image description here

  • I love this picture. Little porgie babies. I feel bad for penny, simply because there is something she is hiding, so looking forward to that. I thought Katie's reaction of as so her. I hope lyla will understand. Same for the grendel brothers. I love them so much. I looked up to the matanca, too. Its interesting. Can't wait for more.

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    Robert never fell asleep that night. Instead, he carried Penelope into her bed, where the pair caressed and simply spoke, until sh

  • This chapter was interesting, and I probably laughed at parts that I probably shouldn't have lol. I'm interested in how Lyla will react, I think she'll be okay with it but then there's this other side of my brain that says otherwise XD Love the picture can't wait to see what their names will be! :D

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    Robert never fell asleep that night. Instead, he carried Penelope into her bed, where the pair caressed and simply spoke, until sh

  • I liked this chapter. Alvin is definitely my favorite, cracked up about what he said to Humpty XD. Can't wait for the next part!

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    Had time to throw this together Remembrance day ball Thane may have been the second eldest, but he was the most responsib

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    Childhood: To Lose Everything... Part: One

    Sam woke up on a boat, he stretched and looked in the mirror. He had short brown hair, bold brown eyes, and a well grown beard. He was well built physically and was quite tall. He got on his clothes and walked out of his cabin. He saw a beautiful small island in front of him. Barely anyone lived there, in total there was about five houses. He nodded and threw down the anchor to the boat. He turned around and whistled.

    "Hey, Rayleigh! C'mon out!" He yelled.

    A young girl walked out with her arms crossed. She had long curly auburn red hair, her left eye was bright hazel blue while her right eye was dark green. She looked starved and was tall for her age. The clothes she wore were dirty and had some holes in them. Although she looked grumpy here eyes looked like they were about to cry. She walked next to Sam and gazed at the small island.

    "So? What, ya gonna drag me ta that small ass island and dump me there?" She said angrily.

    Sam chuckled. "No, I see a place where I call home."

    Rayleigh shrugged. "I guess it's better than where ya found me I suppose."

    Sam put his hand on Rayleighs shoulder. "Don't worry, things will be fine now. Bluebeard can't find you here." He said.

    Rayleigh held back her tears. "Tha fuck do I care? Tha bastard took everythin from me! My mum, our house...everythin."

    Sam sighed. "Look I understand but a child your age shouldn't think or talk like that?"

    Rayleigh got irritated and ripped his arm off of her shoulder. "Ya ain't me parent Sam!" She said walking back into her room.

    Sam stood up and exhaled. "I know..."

    Just as he was about to step onto the dock on of the islanders spoke up and made him jolt and almost fall in the water.

    "Ahoy there! That's a nice boat ya have there!" A man said.

    Sam got a good look at the man. He had a bandanna on his head, was a bit taller than him although skinnier. The most notable thing Sam saw was that he had a peg leg.

    Sam smiled "Hello, uh is this island safe?" He asked

    The man with a bandanna laughed. "Of course! Let me guess the bandanna had you thinking I was a pirate?"

    Sam nodded. "Yeah, sorry just thought I'd ask."

    Rayleigh looked out the window and saw Sam get off the boat to speak with the man in the bandanna. When Rayleigh couldn't see them anymore she clenched her fists and began to hit the walls with her fists until they drew blood. After that she knelt down on the ground and began to hit her head on the floor constantly. The same scenario ran through her mind over and over again, the man with glasses stood with her mother in one hand and a bloodied dagger in the other and instead of trying to kill the man she ran away with fear and it killed her inside to know she left her mother there to save her own life. She sat in the corner and hugged her legs and began to weep. Her mother always told her to cry when she needs to but she never tried to, she put on a strong face and always fought back her tears. Her head jolted up as she heard the door rattle. She stood up, wiped her tears and hid her hands. A woman walked in.

    "Hello? Miss Rayleigh are" The woman said looking at the floor then at Rayleigh.

    "I'm right here." Rayleigh said in a quiet voice.

    The woman was quite short and had blonde hair. The woman had brown eyes and was quite skinny. She walked slowly towards Rayleigh.

    "Miss Rayleigh? Are you okay? My name's Ellie. Sam told me to come get you and show you around but we should get you to the islands doctor." Ellie said kneeling down near Rayleigh.

    Rayleigh thought Ellie still didn't know about her hands so she lied. "Don't know why, I feel fine."

    Ellie held out her hands. "Now Miss Rayleigh, you can't tell me you're fine when there's fresh blood on the floor."

    Rayleigh stood firm. "And why should I believe ya be wantin to help a young girl like me? I ain't even yer kid and we just met."

    Ellie kept holding her hand out. "You don't have to know someone or be their family to get help Miss Rayleigh."

    Rayleigh slowly brought out her hand and held Ellies. "Ya mean it?"

    Ellie nodded and smiled. "Yes Miss Rayleigh I do. We'll take care of you here, and plus you can make plenty of friends here."

    Rayleigh didn't respond. She looked away from Ellie who stood up. "C'mon Sam's waiting for us." Ellie said in a gentle tone.

    Rayleightook a deep breath and decided to follow her...

    Small entry today. Got some nerve testing done on Monday which we still haven't learned anything, he said that it may be too early to know anything and that we might have to wait a month and go back unless it heals on its own by then. Also trying to draw Rayleigh although it's quite hard when I can barely sit up XD Hope everyone is having a good week! :D

  • So far, I like Rayleigh's tale. Interesting to know Bluebeard is attatched to her background and the reason she no longer has a lot in her life. So, is Sam like her caretaker now? It comes off that way, seeing as he found her. :) I loved her description, too. Also, what Ellie had to say was nice to hear, that you don't have to know someone or be their family to get help. :)

    Looking forward to what's in store for Rayleigh. Hopefully the results come soon for your leg or even better-it does heal on its own. The human body is both a mystery and very strange at times. XD Get well soon, my good man. And take it easy. If you do doodle Rayleigh, can't wait to see it. My week has been busy, busy, busy. Go to work here in a few, off on Fri and return to work after that. Have 3 days off next week due to Thanksgiving, so been busy with that as well. :)

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    Childhood: To Lose Everything... Part: One Sam woke up on a boat, he stretched and looked in the mirror. He had short brown hai

  • Glad you enjoyed reading man! Yeah, although I don't think Rayleigh is too thrilled at the moment! XD She'll change as time goes on though. I'm glad you liked those words, straight from my own mom when I was younger :)

    I agree, for me science has always been something I never understood so I never question doctors. XD I hope it either recovers on its own or my doctor visit tomorrow will bring up some answers lol. Hey at least you have some time off for a couple days, and it still amazes me that it's thanksgiving already!

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    So far, I like Rayleigh's tale. Interesting to know Bluebeard is attatched to her background and the reason she no longer has a lo

  • Childhood: To Lose Everything Part: Two

    Sam stood outback with Ellies husband who he'd been chatting with since he arrived. They were talking about how Sam had met Rayleigh.

    "Sorry to be nosey Sam but if you two are going to live here I just want to make sure that girl or yourself don't bring any harm to this place is all." The man with a bandanna said.

    Sam felt sick to his stomach, he didn't even want to remember that. He took a deep breath and exhaled. "Well Holt, when I found her she was in a boat of her own. She...I...I thought she was dead, her body looked ten times worse than it is now. Hell it's a miracle she didn't die from dehydration! I had to carry her and even then I made sure I was as gentle as I could, thankfully she had been sleeping. When she came to I began feeding her and getting her up and moving. It took us four months to get here and she just started walking again two months ago after rebuilding her muscles again." Sam told him.

    Holt looked surprised. "Do you know how long she had been on her own!?" He asked.

    Sam shook his head. "No, she hasn't said a word to me except how she got to the ocean."

    Holt crossed his arms. "You don't need to say anything...I don't really want to know anymore." He said.

    Sam rubbed his neck. "Yeah I wish I could forget it myself."

    Holt put his hand on Sam's shoulder. "I'm glad she at least has someone reliable as her caretaker. Now, how's about you and I look at that empty house and see if we can't fix it up to be a bar!" Holt laughed.

    Sam smiled and followed Holt to the empty house...

    Ellie had brought Rayleigh to a barn. There was a man there who had a scar across his right eye. He kneeled down and took a look at Rayleighs hands and head. While he examined Rayleigh, there was a young girl with a small lamb in the distance. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. The man noticed that Rayleigh was looking at the girl and called her over.

    "Bo! Come here and meet the new neighbors." The man said.

    The girl walked over and smiled. "Hi my name is Bo Peep. Nice to meet you!" She said.

    Rayleigh would've offered her a handshake but her hands were being bandaged. "Hi Bo, ma name's Rayleigh." Rayleigh said.

    The man smiled. "That's a unique name, I've never heard of it before. My name is Tom." He said.

    Bo smiled. "You have really pretty eyes!" She said.

    Rayleigh smiled. "Thank you, although I like your eyes too."

    Ellie smiled. "See, you've made some friends the first day you're here."

    Rayleigh nodded. She saw Sam and Holt walk in. Rayleigh didn't look so happy anymore. Sam looked apologetic.

    "Hey Rayleigh, I'm sorry I went all parent on you earlier. I know I'm not your parents and that I never will. However I would like to be your friend." Sam said.

    Rayleigh felt like he was a pain. The whole time they had been with each other he'd been nagging at her like he was her parent. She crossed her arms.

    "Look Sam this is the fifth time ya have apologized ta me about this shite. But I guess if ya just not nag me I may forgive ya." Rayleigh said.

    Sam smiled. "No more nagging, promise."

    Rayleigh nodded. "Right then, I forgive ya."

    Ellie shrugged. "It's a start. Now who wants to have a group dinner and then head to bed!" She said.

    Rayleigh nodded and Bo Peep nodded too. Sam raised his hand along with Holt and Tom. With that they all left to eat and then went to bed...

    The next day...

    Rayleigh woke up the next day on the boat since they haven't moved into their house yet due to taking down and building in their new house. When Rayleigh woke up she went outside she saw Bo Peep playing with other kids and decided to see if she could join in. Rayleigh walked up to Bo Peep.

    "Hi, can I play?" Rayleigh asked quietly.

    Bo smiled. "Of course! Have you ever heard of tag?" She asked

    Rayleigh shook her head. Bo laughed and began to explain how the game worked. Rayleigh learned quick since it was an easy game to play. The kids began running around the island playing tag. Rayleigh got caught a lot and needed to rest a lot since her body was not in shape. Bo felt bad while the other kids were annoyed with Rayleigh having to stop constantly. On one of the breaks Rayleigh sat down on a log for a break, the log had a hill behind her that went straight into the ocean. One of the boys had a devilish look on his face ran over and shoved Rayleigh back. Rayleigh began to tumble down the hill, however instead of splashing into the ocean she landed on the oceans surface. She grabbed her elbow and began to cry out in pain.

    "AGH!!! MA fuckin arm!" She began to cry.

    Bo Peep shook her head after looking at Rayleigh lay on the water and ran to go get Sam. Rayleigh sat up on the water, wiped her eyes and held back any tears she had. The children stared at Rayleigh. Rayleigh looked them in the eyes with hellish eyes.

    "Ya betta run like fookin wolves ya hear! When I get up there I'll kick tha bloody shite out of ya, ya hear!!!" Rayleigh screamed

    The kids began to walk away as Rayleigh sat there. Rayleigh tried to stand using one arm however she didn't have enough strength to do so. Rayleigh looked back up and saw Bo Peep, Sam, and Tom standing at the top of the hill. Sam slid down and held out his hand.

    "Rayleigh try and push yourself over here and I'll pick you up and carry you!" Sam called

    Rayleigh used her legs and began to push herself across the oceans surface. When she got near Sam's hand she grabbed it. Sam picked her up and rushed up the hill. Sam brought Rayleigh to Tom's house and sat her down on a bed. Tom looked at her arm.

    "That's a neat magic trick you have Rayleigh." Tom smiled.

    Rayleigh looked away. "It's nothing." She said in a melancholic tone.

    Bo Peep smiled. "Rayleigh that was really cool!"

    Rayleigh gave a small smile. "If ya say so Peep."

    Bo Peep nodded. "Where'd you learn to do that?"

    Rayleigh shook her head. "The old man told me 'I'm not allowed to tell'" She said in her best old man voice.

    Bo Peep giggled. "That's too bad. I would've liked to have heard that story!"

    Rayleigh giggled with her...

    Rayleigh remembered that day, the day she lost everything. The day she met Poseidon God of the Sea...

  • Penelope left the Folker community and now, was parked just a few feet from her parent’s home. Her mother did not answer, which was a God sent for Penny. The second she ended the call, she found herself vomiting from the rush of emotions and thoughts. Would her mother be understanding? Could she accept their love or would she be pushed away to forever sulk in the shadows? Would her father still remain by her side?

    Penny placed her head on the steering wheel and found all the courage within. She gathered them up, attempted to clean her face and smile. Turning off her vehicle, Penny exits the car and sets the alarm. The sudden noise caused a little Rabbit to hop from the nearby brush and disappear into the surrounding woods. Although the winds danced through the branches and hills, the air felt relaxing upon Penny’s face. clinging to her coat, she begins the journey towards the front door.

    While roaming through the dirt path, all the memories of her childhood returned; the old tire swing near the pond where she and her siblings once played. The treehouse near the back; the paint was now old and chipped and several boards appeared to be missing but it remained the same. The summer days and nights spent chasing fireflies, Toads and various creatures brave enough to enter Wolf territory. Penny paused for a moment to embrace all the images entering her mind. So many wonderful events took place here and now, her own child experienced it as well.

    Penny eventually moved from her spot and walked up the stairs. A rush of odors filled Penny’s nostrils: fresh Apple pie, soup on the stove and fresh bread. Her stomach rumbled while her hand, now rolled into a fist, shivers with trepidation. She knew now was the time but secretly hoped time would pass her by and all this would be over. Thankfully, her father’s truck was not there, indicating he was in town. At least she’d have a small chance with her mother.

    Penny manages to strike the door forcefully. There is silence before she hears the creaking of steps against the wooden floors. Her mother, waddling from the kitchen, beams when she notices her daughter.

    “Oh my Penny. I was just about to call you. I noticed your missed call. I was in the back when you called.”

    Lyla unlocks the screen door. She wore a simple green sundress with black house shoes. Penny touches her prominent belly and laughs. She could feel her brothers and sister wiggle within, kicking and moving with every finger that laid upon them.

    “God you’re getting so big, mom.” Penny kisses the top. “Any names yet?”

    Lyla stands to the side, allowing her daughter to enter the home and towards the kitchen. Penny removes her coat, places it on a nearby hook and observes the kitchen; it remained the same, with the wooden cabinets, granite tile, marble countertops and black appliances. She noticed the coffee pot brewing, soup slowly boiling and a loaf of bread cooling near an open window.

    “Your father and I have their names picked out. During dinner, we’ll reveal them to you all.”

    “Smells wonderful in here, mom. Should you really be cooking right now?”

    “I’m pregnant, sweetie. I can still cook and clean and do other activities throughout my day. I did this all when you kids were born. Not the first time.”

    “I know but….I remember how difficult it was when I was pregnant with Josiah. Everyday things like cooking or even taking a piss was like pulling teeth.”

    Lyla takes a wooden spoon and stirs the contents inside. “Well, everyone is different when it comes to pregnancy. Believe it or not, this has been my easiest. The only strange thing is, I’ve been craving Frogs.”

    “Frogs?” Penny eyed her mother and laughs. “Did….did you say Frogs?”

    “Yes, I know. Your father had the same reaction and thought my cravings this time around was odd but it’s true. A simple dish of fried Frog legs sounds appetizing to me and I’m not much for touching those nasty creatures, let alone eating one.”

    “Well, guess dad is onto something. THIS pregnancy is making you crave some very strange things.”

    Lyla takes a sip from the spoon. “Well, hopefully this will calm whichever one of these little buggers is suddenly feeling the need to chow down on those fly eating nuisances.”

    “There is no Frog in there...right?”

    Lyla beams, taking a seat beside Penny. Placing a hand on her stomach, Lyla leans back into her seat.

    “Sorry about your missed call, baby. I’m assuming your sister told you about your nana’s dinner plans?”

    “It’s fine, mom. Trust me. I figured you were busy but yes. Katie did tell me about the Matanca and I think it's a lovely idea, getting us all together.”

    “That’ll be this Sunday. Now, Friday, I want the family to come over here for dinner. I’m making Lamb, garlic mashed potatoes, salad and bread. Your father requested a Blackberry pie, so that will be dessert. After that, I figured while the children played or caught up with one another, we all do the same.”

    Penelope’s heart skipped a beat. she wanted to blurt out all her year’s worth of secrets to her mother. Grasping tighter to Lyla’s hand, Penny smiles and looks around the room one last time.

    “That sounds like a marvelous plan, mom. Listen….I need to tell you something.”

    Lyla nods. “I figured you didn’t come over here just to tell me your sister gave you the message in regards to dinner. I can always tell when you have something on your mind, Penny.”

    “You always could.” Penny glares at the floor. “I never figured out how.”

    “You have the exact same look your father does when he’s trying too hard to keep a secret. His ears turn red, his eyes dart to and forth and he stutters. You’re not doing the last one so much but I can see the red growing beside your head and since you sat down, those eyes are like blue marbles bouncing around in your skull.”

    Penny exhales. The motion in her stomach returned. Lyla noticed her daughter’s behavior and with the aide from the chair next to her, Lyla heads to the sink. A glass is filled with cold water and hands it to Penny.

    “Here baby. Drink this. This will help ease the butterflies in your belly.”

    “You can see that?”

    “Penelope. I’m your mother. It’s my job. Now….stop worrying and tell me. What is on your mind that seems to be bothering you so?”

    Penny taps the front of her shoe against the table’s leg. She could always confide in her mother, this much was true. But despite the bond she held towards Lyla, there was always a slight doubt that crept in her mind. There was this small fragment that left Penelope wondering if she could truly ever do something that would leave her parents shaking their head in disbelief. Disappointment. Not living up to their expectations and blaming themselves for her misguidance in this world. Now, here she was, about to divulge secrets that might leave Penny labeled as such for the remainder of her life: disenchantment.

    “I’m seeing someone mom.”

    “Oh baby that is great news! Now why would this bother me?”

    “It’s WHO he is….”

    Lyla glanced into her daughter’s eyes and noticed the tears forming. “Baby….is this man hitting you?”

    “NO! He’s never done such foolish behavior to me or Josiah! It’s not what he’s done but who he is, mom.”

    “Than who is he, Penelope? Because whom ever this man is, it’s leaving you in tears and shaking like a newborn Calf.”

    “Robert.” There was that ongoing feeling of vomiting. “Robert.”

    “Okay. Robert. We have a name, so-”

    “Mom.” Penny’s voice thunders, causing Lyla to remain hushed and startled. “We only know ONE Robert.”

    The appearance of her mother left Penny feeling a sense of unknown. All Lyla could seem to do at that moment was watch the nearby loaf of bread cool. The world surrounding the ranch style home continued; Birds chirped at a nearby open window, the sun stood high above the trees and the wind swirled along the curtains and blades of grass. Lyla strokes her stomach and remained silent. The thinking process took longer than Penny had hoped for. Although the love in her mother’s eyes never left, concern slowly crept upon her face.

    “You’re seeing Robert Grendel.” Her mother’s voice cracked as she spoke. “Is this just a fling or-”

    “No. We’re very serious about one another, mom. He practically lives at my apartment now. Only goes to his place to check the mail, get clean clothes and other items.”

    Lyla had to stand up. She had to take time to process what her daughter revealed to her. Penny allowed her mother to move towards the window and peer out. Lyla watched a mother Bird fly in circles and land in a nearby branch. Nestled inside their little home, were four baby birds, eagerly stretching out their necks, waiting for their next meal. Lyla suddenly envisioned herself with the quads and how they once needed their mother’s attention like that. Smiling, she knew her children were no longer babies and made their own decisions. This was one of them. Lyla pats her belly and continues to beam.

    “Mom….” Penny reached for her mom. “Please say something to me. Please…”

    Lyla turns to face her daughter. “My baby girl….” Lyla grabs Penny’s hands and holds them against her own. “You were always making your own choices, even though no one agreed with you. All of you kids had your own little differences but you, Penny….no one could ever hold you back. Tell you what to do. Emily did this, yes but she’d listen.”

    “Are you mad at me?”

    Lyla sighs. “I could never be mad at you, Penny.”

    “Are you disappointed?”

    “Look at my face, baby girl.” Lyla gently grabs Penny’s chin. “Does it look like I’m disappointed in you?”


    Lyla and Penny return to the table. Mother and daughter sit beside one another; Lyla holds Penny’s hand as if she was three years old again but Penny did not mind. It was comforting.

    “So, you and Robert have been seeing each other for a year. How did this happen, if you don’t mind me asking?”

    “Well, after the war on Fabletown and our family, we had that huge celebration that lasted for a week. During this week, Robert and I talked. Caught up and just held random conversations. He’s very handy like Gren and when I needed something fixed, I called him up. You know how landlords are-all they want is their money and take their sweet time helping you out.”

    Lyla nods. “Oh yes. I remember those days.”

    Penny continues. “Well, one day, while Josiah was at school and it was my day off, the heater went out. It was during that huge snow storm and I knew blankets would not be able to keep us warm during the night. So, I called Robert and he was more than willing to fix it. We continued talking about relationships, kids, thing led to another and before I knew it, he and I were having ‘dates’. Sometimes, he’d come over. At first, it was only when Josiah was fast asleep but one morning, he found Robert in the kitchen making coffee and now, he stays over more and more. Josiah loves having him around...I do too, mom.”

    Lyla inhales and pats Penny’s hand. “I have two questions to ask you: one, does your brother know about this?”

    “No. Robert was going to tell him but...I have to head over there later, so I might help break the ice. Robert is with Isaiah and Gren right now. Said he’s going to tell them, too.”

    “Okay. That answers my first question. Number two-have you and Robert been intimate yet?”

    “No.” Not a single moment of reluctance. “We have not had sex. We’ve fooled around and kissed plenty of times but never had sex. I WANT to and I know he does,’s just, I’m not ready for him to see me bare and so vulnerable…..”

    Lyla knew exactly what her daughter was referring to. She understood but knew only time could truly see if robert would react like all the others. Lyla pushes back a loose strand of hair.

    “He’s going to eventually ask WHY, baby girl. You need to be honest with Robert.”

    “I know, mom. I will…..” Penny sighs. “I just don’t know if he’ll be like my past relationships.”

    “Well, you don’t know unless you take that leap of faith, sweetie. Trust me.”

    Penny grasps tighter to Lyla’s hand. “Are you….okay with this, mom? I need you to be honest with me.”

    “I am being honest, Penelope. I’m shocked, yes and a little upset…..not because you’re seeing Robert but the fact you waited so long to tell me. I’m your mother. Nothing you kids do will ever cause my love for you to end. You’re my daughter. I wish you felt like you could come to me, Penny. I may take sometime to process it all and understand...but I’d like to be in your ‘loop’, baby girl. You’re an adult and I GET this. But damnit, Penelope Marie…”

    Penny tries to hold back the tears. “I was scared, mom. I didn’t know how you’d react.”

    Lyla continues. “I want you to know this. I promised myself, the very SECOND I found out I was pregnant with you kids, I’d do everything possible to make you happy. To live your lives, be who YOU wanted and date who YOU loved. So long as they treated my babies with respect, it didn’t matter: Troll, human, Wolf, Grendel and whatever the fuck Jersey is-I’d welcome them. Robert Grendel is a GOOD man. I love him but only because we DO have a child together. We were friends, Penny. That was it. It just resulted in a one night encounter and your brother’s conception. But LOVE Robert-like I love your father-no, baby.”

    Penny felt a twinge of remorse for the time her mother spoke. She wanted to curl into a tight ball, whisk away into the dark somewhere and hide. Although her mother assured everything was as it should be, Penelope could not help but overthink once more about this conversation. Of all the men in this city-in the universe housing legendary creatures-her heart had to fall for Robert Grendel. But the longer Penny tried to find any excuse or a way out of this all, the longer her mind traced back to Robert and once again, life was going to be alright. She deserved respect and happiness as her mother said. Within seconds, as Lyla held Penny’s hand and smiles, the feelings of remorse vanished.

    Penny exhales and stares deeply into her mother’s hand. Such delicate, loving and caring fingers laced around her own. The tender flesh continued to feel inviting. Indeed, there was not a single drop of disappointment while their fingers became laced into one another.

    Lyla speaks, causing Penny to look up. “So, has Robert officially moved in than?”

    “There are days I wonder, mom. I don’t mind it. Nice waking up to his face. Seeing a man-a good, caring, loving man-be there for my son. Josiah needs this, too. Johann…..he’s gone, mom.”

    This broke Lyla’s heart. No child should ever feel like they’re no longer loved or wanted. “He has not called you yet? Or Josiah?”

    “I have no fucking clue where he went to, mom. The shop has been abandoned for weeks now. The child support stopped a month ago and the phone calls quickly followed. No one seems to know where he ran off to. Josiah is catching on, mom and it makes me sick when my seven year old asks me what he did wrong...why his daddy does not want him anymore.” Penny pauses to wipe her eyes clean. “....I don’t know what to tell him. I don’t know WHAT I could ever say to make him feel better. But Robert has been good to him. He’s been nothing but wonderful to Josiah. If there was ever a man I’d like my son to follow, I’d choose Robert.”

    That was indeed something Lyla agreed on. Although the two never became an actual couple, Robert was a fantastic father and did all he could for RJ. Even as his son aged and became an adult, Robert did what he could to aide his only son. Now, here he was, taking Johann’s place and doing all he could for Josiah. For Penny. Lyla noticed the soup boiling rapidly in the pot; with Penny’s help, she stands up and walks over to the food. Dipping the wooden spoon, Lyla fishes out a sample but this time, allows Penny the opportunity to taste. Penny sips, licks her lips and beams.

    “God, that is good, mom. It’s perfect.”

    “It doesn’t need more salt or-”

    “No. It’s done.”

    Lyla turns off the heat and covers the pot with a lid. “Would you like some, love? It’s been chilly today and there is nothing like a bowl of hot, homemade soup to cure those colds.”

    “Thank you, mom but I’ll have to pass. I really should be going. Have errands to run and I need to make a trip over to RJ’s place and talk to him...about work and, well….this whole business with Robert.”

    Lyla cups Penny’s face and plants a kiss on her forehead. “I love you, Penelope Marie Porgie. Don’t you ever question this, baby girl. No matter what you do in this life, just remember that. All I EVER wanted, were my children to be happy. He makes you happy, right baby?”

    Penny nods. “More than anything, mom. Josiah and I are extremely happy….”

    “Than, I can’t wait to see him for the dinner Friday night. I don’t want this to be a secret, Penny. I miss that smile, baby. It’s been too long since I’ve seen that pretty smile.”

    Before Penny could respond, the women hear the squeaking of brakes and slamming of a car door. Penny’s heart skipped a beat and the need to vomit returning within seconds. Lyla noticed her daughter’s behavior and grabs her daughter’s arm.

    “He needs to know too, baby.”


    Georgie enters the kitchen, inhaling the aroma of cooking food and removing his coat. He smiles upon seeing Penny.

    “Well, this is a nice surprise, love. How ya’ been, baby girl?”

    “GREAT!” Penny’s voice suddenly spiked up out of fear. “Fine, fine! Just about to leave, dad and-”

    “No.” Lyla pulls Penny back. “You NEED to talk to your father, Penelope.”

    Georgie was confused and a bit nervous. “Talk ta’ me ‘bout woot, love?”

    Penny sighs. It was time. “Sit, dad. We need to talk….it’s about Robert Grendel….”

    Any questions, you know the drill. Hate being sick but it's that time of year. :P Will switch back and forth with this story; do a bit on Penny, RJ & Brad, followed by Robert and then some. :3 Wanted to post this before I got busy today. Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Hope all your weekends are bombdigity. -brofist-

  • I knew Lyla was going to understand. :) I love this woman so much because of this very reason. She did make some very good points to Penny. So long as they are safe, happy and respected, it should not matter. People talk no matter what. Good or bad. I laughed during the frogs bit. I hate frogs, too, so this is interesting. Poor Georgie. Lol I'm worried it won't go over that easily with Georgie. I just hope he understands. I loved this. Can't wait to read mor. And my weekend is alright. :) can't wait for thanksgiving.

    pudding_pie posted: »

    Penelope left the Folker community and now, was parked just a few feet from her parent’s home. Her mother did not answer, which wa

  • Thanks, you'll be seeing more Tension between the two. Humpty will likely be the main villain up until his tumble. :p

    Tetra posted: »

    I liked this chapter. Alvin is definitely my favorite, cracked up about what he said to Humpty XD. Can't wait for the next part!

  • Small OC Bio :)


    Age: 200+


    Brown Eyes

    Looks something like this.

    enter image description here


    Only child,(not confirmed since father was involved in past relationships) born in the Homelands. Her mother was a witch while her father was a powerful sorcerer, both were heavily gifted in the dark arts and white magics. Highly intelligent and very good with logistics which eventually caught the attention of her boss, Thane Castle who she worked for many decades.

    Don't let her kindness fool you, pissing a witch is NEVER wise.

    While working with Thane over the years, she developed a, strange relationship with her boss. Though they don't want to show it in front of their co workers for obvious reasons, They are often flirting with each other during social gatherings.

    Her father, isn't keen with Thane being romantically involved with her. Tension flare between Lynn's father and Thane..

  • This character sounds cool! Her name reminds me of Lyndis from Fire Emblem!

    MasterStone posted: »

    Small OC Bio Lynn Age: 200+ Human/witch Brown Eyes Looks something like this. Bio: Only child,(not confi

  • I knew Lyla would be understanding about the whole relationship deal. Now Georgie on the other hand will probably be a bit...upset about the idea but in the end I think he'll understand and accept and support Penny!

    I always enjoy reading these emotional parts! Hope your weekend is the bombdigity as well! :D

    pudding_pie posted: »

    Penelope left the Folker community and now, was parked just a few feet from her parent’s home. Her mother did not answer, which wa

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