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  • What Lingers in the Dark... Part One

    The man woke up to the sound of his alarm clock, and immediately shut it off. He sat up and looked at his run down apartment, the wallpaper was ripped and the boards looked like they would collapse any moment. Sitting there he felt like there was a bell ringing in his head. He lifted his long light brown hair with his right hand to feel his head, only to be surprised that his head felt normal. Shaking his head he stood and looked out the window to see a boy bouncing the ball across the street. The man was surprised to see the boy out playing as he lived on the bad side of town. He shrugged and walked into the bathroom. The floor had tears in its cheap plastic floor. As he turned on the water he looked in the mirror. He put his hand on his cleanly shaven chin, he blinked his left eye which was hazy blue, and then blinked his right eye which was entirely black. As he cupped his hands together to get some water he felt a tug on his mind. Shaking his head he splashed the water on his face. When he opened his eyes he jumped back at the horrifying sight and wiped his eyes and walked out.

    He caught his breath only to have a chill run down his spine as he glanced out the window. The boy was gone, however the road was painted red and there was car tire prints leading into a building which had a hole in the entrance to the shop. He rushed to get his clothes on which included: A white button up shirt, A black cotton vest, khaki pants, and black dress shoes. When he finished getting dressed he went as fast as he could outside to get to the crime scene. At first glance the man could tell this was a butchers shop. The car had smashed past the desk but stopped immediately into what looked like a freezer. The man began to walk towards the car slowly. As he walked towards the driver seat window he could have sworn he saw human limbs and insides but still walked forward. As he got closer he saw the front windshield and saw that it was smashed open but had no body or blood that the man could see. The man saw the set of double doors to his left and walked in. However the man ran out in sheer horror at what the man saw. He ran into the street and called out for help.

    To his surprise no one answered him, with this he began to walk back inside the apartment building to go call his partner when something white touched his hand. The man remembered that it was in the beginning of summer so snow shouldn't be falling. Upon further inspection he figured out that it was not snow but ash. The man opened the door and went up to his apartment. He opened the door and walked into the bedroom to use the phone. When he went to reach for the phone his hand phased through and the phone disappeared. Walking backwards he jumped when the someone began to pound repeatedly on his door. He hesitantly opened the door to see that no one was there. He slammed the door almost breaking the entire door-frame. He began to pace back and forth in his bedroom and noticed that ashes weren't falling from the sky anymore. Right as he noticed this the ceiling began to creak louder and there was a snapping sound that was added onto it. The man opened the his apartment door and decided to investigate the floor above. As the man got closer to the door the more he could feel his mind "leave" him, he reached the door and shook his head. This gave him a light headed feeling that wouldn't go away. The man slowly reached the door to knock it, but it opened slowly on its own. The man walked into the middle of the room, the floor creaked heavily. As the man began to observe the room he heard a loud SNAP as something grasped his legs and pull him down. As he looked down his eyes instantly went black...

    The man jerked up sweating and was breathing heavily. As he composed himself the phone began to ring. He leaned over and picked up the phone, however he did not speak and waited for someone to answer instead. After a brief moment of silence a female voice chimed. The man was familiar with the voice it was Ms.White

    "Mr.Lockwood? Hello?" Ms.White called.

    Mr.Lockwood sighed in relief. "Oh, hello Ms.White. Sorry I had a rough night."

    "What happened Rory?" Ms.White asked in a concerned voice.

    "I'm fine Snow, just a bad dream. So what are you calling for? Bigby told me I have the day off." Rory said.

    "Well he got a bit backed up on paperwork and asked me to call you." Snow said

    Rory chuckled. "Alright. I'm on my way." He said hanging up the phone.

    Rory stretched and got out of bed. He slowly walked into the bathroom and began to inspect everything in it. Thankfully for him he didn't find anything that didn't belong in there. He took his shower, brushed his teeth, the whole daily routine of mundane bathing and went back into his bedroom and got dressed. He wore the usual: a white button up shirt, a black cotton vest, khaki pants, and black dress pants. After getting dressed he checked outside his window and noticed that the streets were normal again and the butcher shop was not done in by the car crash. He picked his wallet up and began to walk outside to hail a cab to the Woodlands.

    When Rory got to the Woodlands he opened the door to see everything was still as it was, even the sleeping guard. Rory called for the elevator and walked in when the door opened. As he road the elevator he pulled out a cigarette and lit it by blowing fire on it since he was the only one riding the elevator. When the elevator opened he blew out a cloud of smoke and walked out and into his office that he shared with Bigby Wolf. He noticed that they finally opened up the room for Rory to have his own desk. Rory smiled as he opened the door.

    "So Wolf a bit slow today?" Rory asked

    "Yeah, I could use the help of a Dragon whose had a bad dream." Bigby replied

    Rory walked in and sat down at his new desk. "Hey we've been moving into this mundane shit at the same time. Anyways I'm glad we finally got the room re-sized, now all I need is my own desk plaque."

    Bigby chuckled. "Yeah you'll have to pay out of pocket for that."

    Rory laughed. "Okay Wolf gimme some of that paperwork."

    Bigby handed him a stack of paper. Rory took the paper and set them on his desk. Just as Rory grabbed his pen to start helping Bigby a woman with blonde hair walked into the room. Rory looked up and saw that Cinderella had walked in.

    "Morning Cindy." Rory said

    "Hey guys, sorry to bother you but someone just robbed my store. I tried chasing after the bastard but he outran me." Cindy said

    Bigby looked at Rory and gestured him out the door. "Go ahead, I'll catch up with you later."

    Cindy smiled. "Alright Rory. We can grab coffee afterwards."

    Rory got out of his seat and smiled. "Of course. Lead the way."

    Rory followed Cinderella outside of the Woodlands and went to her store. The two talked about how their lives have been, Rory told Cindy about his nightmare. Cindy told him that it was probably because of something he ate, or probably a night out from drinking. When they walked into Cinderellas store the place looked like it had been hit by a hurricane. There was a sign written in red on the back of the store. It read...

    Beware What Lingers in the Dark Rory...

    Underneath the sign was a card that was all black. Rory picked up the card and looked at both sides. They were both black. Rory could feel his mind being pulled again. He began to feel lightheaded. Cinderella who was picking up and was mumbling under her breath saw Rory.

    "Hey are you okay Rory?" She asked

    Rory began to stumble. "I-I'm..." He had a loud ringing in his head and ended up collapsing on the floor. The last thing he heard was Cinderella who was running over to him shouting his name...

    Had a spontaneous story idea that seemed like it would turn out interesting after watching some Call of Cthulu adventure book videos lol. Hope you guys enjoyed reading and I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving week! :D

  • Gren observed his brother standing by the weights, gently touching each one. He had not moved from that spot in five minutes. He seemed lost and in a trance. Isaiah sat not too far from Gren but his nose was currently buried in a book.

    The brothers met up at the gym, like they did every Friday morning for the past year. For an hour, they’d work on their cardio, strength training and run the track. After their ritual, the brothers would walk to the little diner across the street and order coffee; sometimes, Gren or Robert would ask for a slice of pie or some toast and scrambled eggs but for the majority of the time, the three would talk and drink their coffee.

    Today, however, there was something off about Robert. Isaiah did as well but he tried to pass it off. Gren did agree with what Isaiah said; Robert tends to keep to himself and rarely shows his ‘true’ emotions. This was true but Gren did not want this to continue. Gren would ask eventually but for now, his eldest brother removed himself from the weights and returns to the treadmill. Robert removes his shirt, tosses it beside Isaiah and begins his cardio. Gren joins alongside Robert, adds his minutes and begins a slow jog.

    Robert ignored his brother for a moment. His eyes were glued to the large window before him, overlooking the world around them. All he could seem to think of was Penny.

    “You going to fuckin’ ignore us today, Robert?” Gren’s sarcastic voice broke him away from his thoughts. “Have not really said much today. You alright?”

    Robert pants, continuing to run in place. “Yeah. I’m fine. Just, a lot on my mind.”

    “Typical.” Isaiah rolls his eyes and huffs. “Let me guess-this is your own business and we’re just going to sit back, while your emotions bounce around like a trapped fly?”

    Robert glares at his brother. “The fuck does that mean, Isaiah?”

    “You’re acting like dad use to-he’d lie, claim he was alright, then when you least expected it, BOOM! You had no idea what the fuck just happened and before your thoughts could collect, you had a screaming and unstable person right before your eyes. REALLY think this is the place for that, Robert?”

    “Fuck you, Isaiah.”

    “Hmph.” Isaiah returns to his book, attempting to forget his brother’s comment. “Whatever you say, Robert. There is obviously something plaguing your mind this morning. As your brothers, we’d love to assist you in finding a way to fix this little issue-”

    “I don’t NEED fixing, Isaiah. It’s just….I need to tell you both something but maybe it’ll be better if I don’t-”

    “Don’t what-tell us?” Gren was mortified. “We’re your brothers, Robert. If anything, we’ll do everything in our fucking grasp to help you. Why the sudden fucking need to block us out?”

    Robert knew both Gren and Isaiah spoke nothing but the truth. Their relationships were slowly being rebuilt from the ground up; centuries of blame, anguish and hurt tattered what remained of the brothers and after the war on their home and families, all three swore to forever remain as one. Secrets were no longer welcomed, so why was Robert so intent on keeping THIS from his brothers? Maybe he did require ‘fixing’ and a little guidance from them.

    Robert grabs his water bottle and takes several large gulps. His eyes remained on Gren, who continued waiting for some answer. Although Isaiah’s eyes were buried in his book, Robert could feel them latching onto his back. Robert looks around. Why, he had no proposition. Perhaps it was to buy him time and hope for a single ounce of courage. He didn’t have time, though.

    “Fine. Fine.” Robert slows the pace of his jogging and glances at Gren. “What the fuck do you want to know?”

    “Whatever the fuck is going on in that thick skull of yours, Robert. We’re not fucking idiots, you know.”

    Isaiah slams his book shut and stands. He carefully walks around the treadmill, rests his elbows upon the machine and eyes Robert.

    “You recall how pissed off you were, when I finally told you about my little secret?”

    How could he forget? Robert quickly found the night Isaiah confessed to have being bit by a Vampire in the 1970’s and now, holding the curse of the ‘night walkers.’ Isaiah showed the brothers how he handled the bloodlust, where he’d been hiding all those years and the abilities he now possessed because of the bite. Gren was silent for sometime but Robert recalls his reactions as if it happened three seconds ago. To keep something as this from his family and pretend like it was nothing. Simply a part of his ‘daily’ life. He and Isaiah did not speak for awhile. Robert was not sure what to say or the proper words to use. Robert was petrified of the things he might accidentally say to Isaiah, simply out of anguish and vexation.

    Isaiah continues to speak. “Well, I remember how pissed the fuck off you were, for me not telling you both sooner. Or dad. Or, anyone for that matter. Now, as your brother and friend, I’d LIKE to know what is bothering you. You’re not the same this morning, Robert.”

    “Not just this morning, either.” Gren wipes his forehead and nods. “It’s been almost a year now. You seem very….cheerful. Not saying you have to be fucking full of rainbows and sunshine but you’re normally not THIS fucking happy.”

    Robert begins to simper. He should have known his brothers would catch on. Who was he to pretend and hide, especially from someone like Gren or Isaiah? Both were intelligent in their own ways; Isaiah more booksmart, while Gren could detect anything from the twitch of a single muscle and tell you exactly what was going on.

    “You’re right. Both of you.” Robert jumps off of the treadmill. “There is something….”

    “Knew it.” Gren ends his session and grabs his shirt and water bottle. “So, what is it?”

    Robert takes another swig of his water and cleans his forehead with his shirt. Now was the time. “Well, there is this girl and-”

    “OH a girl, huh?” Gren whistles, slapping his brother’s back playfully. “AH, so the fucking truth comes out.”

    “That’s it?” Isaiah did not believe it. “That’s what’s been bothering you? A girl? You thought we’d be pissed off….because of a girl?”

    Robert walks away and heads towards the showers. His brothers follow, as he strips off his clothes and turns on the water. How he wanted to hide in the rainstorm of warm water. But he could’t wait anymore.

    “Well, it’s who she is and-”

    “Who is she?” Gren elbows Robert’s side. “She fucking hot?”

    Robert sighs, smiling as he thought of Penny. “She’s fucking gorgeous you two. Swear, she’s not meant for this world.”

    “Nice.” Gren enters the shower and continues talking to Robert, while Isaiah took a seat on a bench. “What does she look like?”

    “Gren, really?” Isaiah throws his hands up into the air. “What does it matter? He’s been hiding this for, what-a couple of months now?”

    “Fuck off, Isaiah. Maybe he wanted to make sure it would pull through, before he introduced us. Right, Robert?”

    “Sure.” Robert lathers up his arms. “That’s right, Gren.”

    “See. Go on, Robert. So, she’s stunning, huh?”

    “Oh yes. VERY beautiful. Radiant smile, long black hair. Perfect body. Infectious laugh. Beautiful soul…”

    “She got these-” Gren cups underneath his nipple in the shape of breasts. “You know….some big ones, Robert? Or how about an ass? Does she have a big ass, thick thighs or-”

    “REALLY Gren?!” Annoyed, Isaiah pulls back the curtain and glares at his brother. “Is that all you REALLY look for in the female form?”

    “Fuck off, Isaiah. We all have our preference. I LOVE my women with a little carne on their bones. BIG butt, thick thighs….child bearing hips. Fuck, man. Just like my Emily….”

    “Yeah….Emily.” Robert washes his face and knew the time had come. “Well, she’s all you described, Gren…”

    “And just what is this young lady’s name, Robert? SURELY it’s not just for looks….”

    Robert swallows back the fear. “Penny.”

    “Oh hey. We know a Penny, too and-”

    Robert interrupts Gren. “That IS the Penny I’m seeing, Gren. Isaiah….”

    “Wait..” Isaiah scratches his head. “You’re seeing Penelope Porgie? Emily’s sister? Georgie’s mother fucking daughter? THAT Penny?!”

    Robert could not take it any longer. “Yes. I’m seeing Penny Porgie.”

    There was only the sound of water escaping from the shower heads. The honking of horns from the Cabs outside the gym. Several feet scuttled near the shower door but neither entered the room. robert did not have a moment to think; he had his brother Isaiah screaming furiously into the air, leaping at this throat and wrapping his slender fingers around his neck. Gren panicked and attempted to remove his fuming brother. Robert’s mind became blank and for a few seconds, became pinned into the corner with no thought of what was taking place. It was a blur.

    “YOU’RE FUCKING SEEING PENNY!” The squeaky, angry voice of Isaiah brought him back to reality. “THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!”

    “The fuck is wrong with you, Isaiah?!” Gren finally manages to pull Isaiah away from Robert. “Just what in the fuck is so wrong with-”

    “Get OFF of me, Grendel!” Isaiah was slowly turning into his true form. “Just….BACK the fuck off! I don’t want to hurt you!”

    Gren releases his brother and both he and Robert observe Isaiah fighting back the urge to transform into his monstrous form. The mere image of a pissed off Grendel tearing apart the Gym’s Men’s shower room was enough to make them both cringe. Adding in his Vampire side and you had a tank mixed with a Grenade that was due to be released at any second. Both knew someone-if not their own skins-would get hurt.

    “EASY there, Isaiah.” Gren tries one last time. “Just….take it easy. You need a fucking drink? That bar across the street is open. We’ll hit the diner AFTER you get a nice, cold-”

    “Penny Porgie, Robert?” Isaiah ignores his youngest brother and turns to Robert. Robert noticed the red where his once blue eyes stood….”Of all the fucking women in this fucked up world….you HAD to go for Penelope Porgie.”

    “What is wrong with THAT!?” Robert carefully exits the shower. “Gren was tied to Emily for centuries before they finally said ‘fuck it’ and became one!”

    “You just answered your own fucking question! Our brother was TIED to Emily Porgie! You know how these fucking connections work! If it’s set in stone, Heaven and Hell couldn’t break them apart! But you….you’re choosing to BE with Penny and-”

    “So, because I’m not ‘connected’ to Penny, means we can’t be together? She makes me fucking happy, Isaiah. I love her! I love her son! I know you don’t get it but-”

    Isaiah glares up at his brother, baring his fangs and growling. “I know all TOO well what it’s like to have the image of another become burned into your mind and drive you insane. To only think of that person and wonder why, in God’s holy fucking name, did it have to be THEM of all people.”

    Robert was stunned to hear his brother speak this way. He had no idea that his brother was also battling his own war with love. Isaiah continues. “I know Gren went through the same fucking shit for years when it dwindled down to Emily. Feeling like he was the ‘dirty’ uncle for even picturing Emily or imagining her….I too, know what the fuck that’s like and it drives a man insane at night…”


    “....But you, Robert. You HAVE a choice to pick your own. You have the ability to mark any female in this world. Not Penny. Please. you have the choice and-”

    “What do you have against Penelope, Isaiah? She’s a fantastic woman. She’s-”

    “Yes. I’m not taking that away from her. She’s dazzling with a bubbly personality but she’s also hiding secrets and has a troubled past. We all know what she use to do the second she turned eighteen. You know too, Robert. You were there for sometime, remember?”

    Robert reaches for a towel and wraps it around his waist. This was something Penny did not know; how Robert use to visit the Silver Slipper on Friday nights and watch her dance. He’d sit in the back, with his ice cold Beer and observe a slice of Heaven spin around the pole; a storm of bills raining down upon her body, while the DJ played various songs and her glittered body shined brightly against the line of lights above. How Robert became lost in her beauty and wanted nothing more than to have Penelope. How he knew of what Oliver was doing to her, either alone or in front of customers. How Robert saved Penny and she had no recollection of that night…..

    Robert rubs his neck and heavily sighs. Isaiah was wrong this time. Robert moves past his brothers, both remaining still and waiting for an answer. He could have thrown either of them under the bus; Isaiah for keeping his Vampire secret to himself for years until recently. Grendel for becoming a loner, a heavy drinker and constantly battling his inner demons. Neither one of them seeking help but rather dealing with it all alone. Robert could have done this but he knew WHY they did it. Without another word, Robert dresses himself, combs out his hair and applies both cologne and deodorant.

    “Robert.” Isaiah reaches for his brother’s arm. “Say something to me. WHY Penelope, of all people? You know she’s got her own issues and you CAN’T have this around you. Plus, Lyla. Have you even told her OR RJ or-”

    “Because I love her, Isaiah. I’d move the mountains themselves, bring the moon down from the sky and cross all the oceans in the world and beyond for her, if it meant I’d see her smile. She’s broken, yes but so am I. She makes me happy. And as far as Lyla, you know this story: we were best friends, that scratched one another’s backs and it ended in a pregnancy. RJ is an adult now and he’ll make his own decisions and conclusions about this. I love Penny. THAT is my reason, Isaiah. Love….”

    Neither Isaiah nor Gren said anything related to Penny for the remainder of their time at the gym. The brothers finished their cleaning, left the building and headed to the little diner across the street. Thankfully, it wasn’t too busy, so this gave them an opportunity to continue with their questions, should they do so. All three ordered the usual: cup of black coffee and a slice of pie. But neither of them spoke of Penny or Robert’s love for the raven haired beauty.

    Perhaps his answer in the shower room was enough for both of his younger brothers; Gren understood where Robert was coming from and it seemed Isaiah was all too familiar with having the thoughts of another consume all of your thoughts, hopes and dreams. As he dug his fork into the thick blanket of sugar and Pecan toppings, the picture of Penelope returned. Although she had her demons and past, as Isaiah mentioned, that all faded away, as her smile enveloped Robert in all the beauty and wonders she possessed.

    Continuing to beam, Robert knew he’d made the right decision. He couldn’t wait to see Penny once more.

    Any questions, you know the drill. :3 Had time for one post today; still recovering from all the Thanksgiving goodies and with today being my last day off for sometime, going to spend it with the wifey, baby and glitter queen. Going to play some Sims, followed by Fallout 4. :3 Hope ya'll had a wonderful holiday.

  • This was a good read, Isaiah surprised the hell out of me though! I didn't expect him to blow up like that o.o Ah, I love Gren and everything that man says XD Also when Robert said he was broken like Penny, it reminded me of Caits romance in Fallout 4. Two broken people trying to pick up the pieces.

    That sounds like an awesome day to me! I will probably try and go downstairs and attempt to spend time with my family. I've been playing Bloodborne as I just figured out there is DLC out for it and it is SO good! Speaking of Fallout for I still haven't even started the main quests, should probably get on that XD I had a good holiday, hope you did as well! :D

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    Gren observed his brother standing by the weights, gently touching each one. He had not moved from that spot in five minutes. He s

  • I loved this post. I too was surprised to see Isaiah react like this but in a way, guess I can see it. He did have a point; Gren was already connected to Emily, so his feelings for her would never go away, unless they both agreed. Isaiah is connected to Sheila Porgie and judging by what he had to say, he's picked up on this. He must be feeling the same way Gren did years prior to the War and him finally admitting the truth. :'( So, Robert does have a choice to pick anyone he wants, since he's techniqually not connected to a single soul yet but still, I liked what Robert had to say. Because he loves Penny, this was his reason for wanting her. :') Nice to see them all getting along, especially after your last story. Grendel brothers for life. :)

    I'm also surprised to know Robert has been around Penny before. 0.0 This should be interesting, should you post this little past soon. Still, it's nice to know he's ware of her 'demons' but knows he's got some himself. As he stated: Penny might be broken but so is he. I loved this. Hopefully, this will be the last reaction we'll see but Georgie's from your other post makes me believe we're not out of the woods just yet. :( I hope I'm worng because these two truly love one another, despite their troubled pasts.

    My Thanksgiving was good. Tired of Turkey but ready for Xmas. did some Black Friday shopping, speaking of Fallout 4. Have yet to play it but so busy with work myself. XD Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday with your family and have fun playing your games. :) Can't wait for more of your stuff. This is getting good.

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    Gren observed his brother standing by the weights, gently touching each one. He had not moved from that spot in five minutes. He s

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    What Lingers in the Dark... Part: Two

    Rory woke up there was a bright light in his eyes, when he blocked the light with his hand he began to look around. The room he was in was very old there were windows to his left and his right. He noticed that he was on a surgical table so he deducted that he was brought to a run down hospital as to avoid suspicion of the public people. Rory leaned to the side and noticed that his vest and button up shirt were taken off, however his sarashi was still on his chest and it hadn't been removed. His head began to throb. It felt like he'd been hit with the bud of a gun or a baseball bat. He also felt like his mind had faded or someone was had gotten inside his head. He shook his head and stood up, he had to get out of this room as it made him feel very uncomfortable. Rory began to wonder where Cindy went, he walked out of the double doors that were straight ahead of him and opened the door and called out Cindy's name. However his voice echoed down the halls with no answer.

    Rory began to ponder which way to go, he could go left or right. As he reached into his pants pocket for a cigarette he noticed a pack of rats scurrying past him. However Rory saw that the Rats had multiple tails and mouths on the side of their bodies, shaking his head he quickly pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He took a long drag on the cigarette and began to question what he saw. Exhaling he dropped the cigarette and stomped it out, he looked left and began to walk down the hall.

    As Rory walked down the hall he noticed most of the lights flickered on and off constantly which fueled his headache. The halls were suspiciously quiet and sent chills down his spine. Most doors in the hall were closed and the ones that were open had nothing in them. He walked up to a sign and looked at it, it listed the different facilities that the hospitals had. Rory wondered which facility would likely get him out of this hellhole. Rory ended up going to his right which led to the emergency department.

    To Rory's surprise when he opened the door he walked out into the same hall that he woke up from, the same pack of rats ran by and they looked the exact same as Rory saw them before. Rory took a deep breath he wondered how and why they looked like they did, however there was no answer in his head. Against his better judgment of not following the hideous rats he went in the same direction as the rats. As Rory walked down the hall he heard crying in the room to his right. He stopped and turned towards the door, with his left hand he waved his left hand on the left side of his belt to unmask the katana that had been invisible at his side and slightly lifted the hilt just in case he didn't need to use it. Rory was ambidextrous,he shot guns left handed but swung swords in his right. He turned the knob of the door and slowly opened it.

    Rory looked horrified at a man who had no right arm, no left leg. However like the rats he had mouths where his arm and leg would be. Rory fell to his knees and threw up, his head began to throb and burned immensely. Rory grasped his head and began to breathe calmly trying to keep calm in the situation he was in. Rory heard the man stop crying and there was a long silence, as Rory stood the man began to speak.

    "Hello? Is someone there? Please, answer me!" The man said in a desperate voice.

    Rory walked over to the bedside. "Hello sir, what...seems to be the problem?" He asked in a wavering voice.

    "My family! Are they safe!? The man who fixed me up said that they'd save my family too!" The man said in a hopeful voice.

    Rory rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm sorry sir but I don't know. However I'm sure they're fine. Could you please tell me what the man looked like and I could find him and ask him." Rory said in a calm voice.

    Rory saw the man open his closed eyes to reveal he had no eyes. Rory jumped back in horror but maintained composure as the man began to speak. "Sadly I didn't get a good look on him, however he told me that if I saw what was beyond that me and my family would be saved!" The man said proudly.

    Rory stepped back up to the hospital bed. "See what was beyond? What do you mean?" Rory asked.

    The man closed his eyes and simply answered. "Beyond what normal eyes can't see. Are you a detective? If you are can you search the rest of the hospital for my wife and kid please? The man asked.

    Rory reached and grabbed his handgun from the holster on his right. "Of course sir. I'll make sure to look for them."

    The man stretched. "Thank you sir." He said in a cheerful voice.

    Rory clenched his fist and raised the handgun up to the mans head. "Sleep well sir." And fired the weapon.

    Rory walked out of the room and closed the door. He holstered his pistol and cloaked his katana and continued to walk down the hall. Rory didn't hear much for a while as he walked down the hall. As he walked down the hall he noticed that the building began to look older as he continued to walk down the hall. After a while he heard sloshing in the hall but didn't see any water. He looked down and saw that he had been walking in blood for a while now, however he blinked and the blood disappeared. He acted like he never looked down and continued to walk. As Rory approached the end of the hall he heard a woman singing to her baby. Rory walked towards the noise and put his ear up to the door.

    "Hush, little baby, don't say a word. Mamas gonna buy you a mocking bird." The woman's voice sang soothingly.

    Rory opened the door quietly to see a woman who had no left leg and no right arm. Just like the man, the woman has mouths where her missing leg and arm once was. Rory noticed the woman was coated in blood and cradling what Rory thought was the woman's child. As Rory began to silently walk towards the woman had been cradling what was actually a rat in her arms and a blanket, the rat had multiple mouths and had been gnawing on the woman's skin bit by bit. The woman didn't seem to care, and looked completely happy. Rory felt horrified but felt very sad at the same time. He drew his gun and fired to rounds, first to the woman and then to the rat. Rory walked out tears forming in his eyes and his fist clenched. However he holstered his pistol and walked back to the end of the hall.

    When Rory got to the end of the hall, he noticed that there was an elevator and a door that led to a stairway. Rory didn't feel like walking down a staircase and buzzed the elevator. After time passed for awhile the elevator finally dinged and opened. Rory stepped in but felt quite puzzled at the number of floors, the elevator could go up to floor fifty. Rory sighed and instantly pressed floor one, however the button wouldn't light up, instead there was a bright light that came from the elevator and blinded Rory.

    When the light went away Rory noticed that he was being held down by Dr.Swineheart and Beast. Rory blinked a couple of times and spoke up.

    "Beast? Swineheart? What are you guys doing? Where am I?" Rory asked.

    Both of them backed off. Beast spoke up. "You were thrashing and screaming so the doctor called me down since Bigby isn't here at the woodlands right now."

    Rory leaned up, his head rang like a bell. "How did I get here?" He asked.

    "Well Cinderella had carried you over, here. Luckily no one saw either of you." Swineheart said. "Also I think you need some time off from work. From what I can tell you're probably over stressed."

    Snow stepped up. "I think Swineheart is right Rory, from what Cinderella said someone may be out to get you."

    "But Snow, Bigby may need-" Rory was interrupted by Cinderella.

    "Rory, Bigby will be fine. Just take a few days off and then you can come back and help Bigby. In the meantime you can stay with me since you falling unconscious was my fault." Cinderella said.

    Rory knew better than to argue so he just nodded his head and smiled. "Thanks Cindy."

    Cinderella smiled back. "It's no problem, c'mon let's get you moving."

    As Rory stood he shook Swinehearts hand and thanked both him and Beast. He looked at Snow and apologized for the huge commotion and the possible problems that could have followed. With that Rory began to follow Cinderella to her place to rest...

  • Thanks my good man. :) Isaiah seems like he over reacted but he had his reasons, as he stated: He and Gren didn't really have a choice, when it came to who they were in love with. (Not that it mattered to them, no but being haunted for centuries and not KNOWING can drive a person mad....) Robert has a choice, so Isaiah is concerned for his brother because Penny has a lot of demons.....but as Robert stated, so does he. :) So, to him, love was a reason enough to be with her. Isaiah will eventually get over it and Gren is just freaking awesome. That grease ball grew on me, especially after my last tale. :3 Ah yes....the romance in Fallout 4. It does sound familiar.

    Oh man...Bloodborne was indeed my guilty pleasure and good luck to making it downstairs to see your family, if that's the case. XD Fallout has been a wonderful treat, that is, when I have the time to play it. :P My holiday was fantastic. Glad to hear you had a great one, too.

    Tetra posted: »

    This was a good read, Isaiah surprised the hell out of me though! I didn't expect him to blow up like that o.o Ah, I love Gren and

  • Thank you, my good man. As I mentioned to Tetra above, Isaiah is just worried for his brother, seeing as WHO he's in love with. Penny has a lot of inner demons that I'll cover soon in the story but to Robert, he's just as f***ed up as she is. He has picked up with his connection to Sheila Porgie and is feeling the same way as Gren did, which is why he said what he did. It is nice to hear him say this and for the bros to be getting along, after so many centuries of blame and anguish. :')

    And yes. Robert has been around Penny before and I'll cover more as the story goes on. Georgie's reaction will come during the dinner. I'll leave that and not go further, for it'll ruin it when the time comes. I too am tired of Turkey. XD I was going to go BF shopping but it was too cold, I wanted to be with the fam and there was REALLY nothing that I wanted. From what I've played so far, it's awesome!

    theclanfan posted: »

    I loved this post. I too was surprised to see Isaiah react like this but in a way, guess I can see it. He did have a point; Gren w

  • This post reminds me of the game Outlast, what with the whole eerie setting, creepy character encounters and the 'hero' halucinating and seeing things, like Rory did with those Rats. The woman with the singing, though. That could easily send chills down a person's spine. Judging by what Swineheart stated, it does seem like someone is out to get Rory and they're doing it through the mind. THAT'S a dirty yet clever move and I'm intrigued to see just WHO and why.....

    Something tells me this is just a dream and that's NOT Cindy but who knows. I might be jumping the gun too quickly and over thinking. XD Can't wait to see what happens next, my good man!

    Tetra posted: »

    What Lingers in the Dark... Part: Two Rory woke up there was a bright light in his eyes, when he blocked the light with his han

  • Ah I remember that game. Yeah sanity issues with characters has been my favorite things in games since Eternal Darkness! Oh yes, I still get flashbacks from Dead Space 2 XD It's very clever indeed, you know what they say if you can't make a physical confrontation a mental assault works just as well XD We'll have to find out who or what is grabbing at Rory's mind as time goes on!

    Glad you're enjoying the story, thoroughly enjoying writing myself!

    pudding_pie posted: »

    This post reminds me of the game Outlast, what with the whole eerie setting, creepy character encounters and the 'hero' halucinati

  • Been inactive for a while, just busy working and stuff :) Had my SAT again today, plus I went to my school's play. It was great! They did a Christmas Carol, and it was done as poor theater which means people played props and there was limited stage equipment and real props. I loved it, they did so well <3 Hope you're all doing well :)

  • Take your time, no rush. Oh man I really disliked those tests, that I did. That is my favorite Christmas Story! Preferably the Mikey Mouse one, the school I grew up in also did this and I actually liked it that way then when I see plays now, that I do. I am doing alright, just got Life is Strange finally on sale, so I played it up till episode two and I'm really impressed, it's really good. I think Chloe is my favorite followed by Max. That game sure likes to play with my emotions like a violin lol. Hope you're doing good as well! :D

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    Been inactive for a while, just busy working and stuff Had my SAT again today, plus I went to my school's play. It was great! The

  • Preferably the Mikey Mouse one

    Who's Mikey Mouse? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Tetra posted: »

    Take your time, no rush. Oh man I really disliked those tests, that I did. That is my favorite Christmas Story! Preferably the Mik

  • Truthfully, it's been on and off of feeling like crap for me, but I'm doing better at the moment. Plus Christmas will be here soon before we know it! So until then, I've got plenty of time to get my heartstrings back to normal. As usual, glad to know you're doing well and Tetra too. :P

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    Been inactive for a while, just busy working and stuff Had my SAT again today, plus I went to my school's play. It was great! The

  • Stupid phone lol. Too lazy to fix it though! XD

    Preferably the Mikey Mouse one Who's Mikey Mouse? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Oh my god! I bought life is strange as a preorder in the beginning of the year, not expecting much out of it but THAT changed as I played the game. It's sooo good! Worth every penny!

    Tetra posted: »

    Take your time, no rush. Oh man I really disliked those tests, that I did. That is my favorite Christmas Story! Preferably the Mik

  • I'm tempted to buy the limited edition that comes with the soundtrack! I agree, although to me the last episode started...strange and at some points made me scratch my head it's absolutely fantastic and can't await for them to make the second season! Chloe was my favorite!

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    Oh my god! I bought life is strange as a preorder in the beginning of the year, not expecting much out of it but THAT changed as I played the game. It's sooo good! Worth every penny!

  • I've been pretty busy. Hoping to get a chap up soon. :) I have my 2 week vacation in 2 weeks; a lot has changed for me, so this time off will give me a chance to catch up. :) My wife went into labor two nights ago and I'm a proud daddy to two VERY healthy baby girls. That's right....they are both girls. :) I'm the luckiest man alive. Surrounded by so many beautiful women. We have our Katherine Ann and miss Olivia Rose. Both look just like mommy but that can change. I'll post pics up on my DA and tumblr soon. Hope all is well with you guys. :)

  • WOAH! That is awesome news man! I am very happy for you, that I am! Also those are kick-ass names! I shall wait with anticipation for the pics :D

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    I've been pretty busy. Hoping to get a chap up soon. I have my 2 week vacation in 2 weeks; a lot has changed for me, so this time

  • Oh wow!!! Both are girls!!! Congrats pie!! Can't wait to see the pictures!! Take it easy too. Enjoy it all. Can't wait to read more.

    pudding_pie posted: »

    I've been pretty busy. Hoping to get a chap up soon. I have my 2 week vacation in 2 weeks; a lot has changed for me, so this time

  • Just have to say that your new profile pic perfectly compliments your reaction at the beginning. XD

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    WOAH! That is awesome news man! I am very happy for you, that I am! Also those are kick-ass names! I shall wait with anticipation for the pics

  • Goddamn it, Tetra. XD

    Tetra posted: »

    Stupid phone lol. Too lazy to fix it though! XD

  • Very nice, dude! I'll occasionally check on there to see!

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    I've been pretty busy. Hoping to get a chap up soon. I have my 2 week vacation in 2 weeks; a lot has changed for me, so this time

  • I hope you start feeling better soon! I don't know what's going on with your life and all, but just remember you have friends here who care :) Christmas is usually a good pick-me-up for most people <3

    Truthfully, it's been on and off of feeling like crap for me, but I'm doing better at the moment. Plus Christmas will be here soon

  • Congrats man!!! Those names are absolutely precious, and I'm sure Emily is also glad to have two baby sister <3 Can't wait to see pictures of them! I didn't know you had a tumblr, if you're not following me already you can follow me :) Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to. It's full of crap anyway XD So happy for you man!

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    I've been pretty busy. Hoping to get a chap up soon. I have my 2 week vacation in 2 weeks; a lot has changed for me, so this time

  • Oro? :3

    Goddamn it, Tetra. XD

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    Oh man. now you have 3 daughters?! XD

    Dude!!! CONGRATS BRO!!!! Now you got 3 potential boyfriends to intimidate in the future :P

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    I've been pretty busy. Hoping to get a chap up soon. I have my 2 week vacation in 2 weeks; a lot has changed for me, so this time

  • Thanks my good man. :) I truly am blessed. :') They get to go home tomorrow, so looking forward to that. Yes, the names are awesome. XD I picked one and the wifey chose one. :D When I find the time, will post them! :D :D

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    WOAH! That is awesome news man! I am very happy for you, that I am! Also those are kick-ass names! I shall wait with anticipation for the pics

  • Yup! Both are girls! The doc said one was a boy but when baby B came out.....surprise!! XD She'll be wearing blue for a bit until we can get her some girl clothes. XD XD

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    Oh wow!!! Both are girls!!! Congrats pie!! Can't wait to see the pictures!! Take it easy too. Enjoy it all. Can't wait to read more.

  • Little Emily is going to make a wonderful big sissy. <3 I do indeed have a tumblr. I'm When I have the time, I'll be posting them. I'm just so in love with my precious ladies. :D

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    Congrats man!!! Those names are absolutely precious, and I'm sure Emily is also glad to have two baby sister Can't wait to see pi

  • I'm very blessed. God sent me three beautiful daughters, whom look just like their amazing mother. :') I'm a lucky many women in my life. I won't be THAT father but you bet I'll be sitting there waiting, just cleaning my gun. XD XD But in all seriousness, thanks my good man.

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    Oh man. now you have 3 daughters?! XD Dude!!! CONGRATS BRO!!!! Now you got 3 potential boyfriends to intimidate in the future :P

  • Oh wow pie!! I know those girls are going to be so spoiled! Congrats! I saw them in your tumblr! So freaking cute!!!

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    Yup! Both are girls! The doc said one was a boy but when baby B came out.....surprise!! XD She'll be wearing blue for a bit until we can get her some girl clothes. XD XD

  • That's very true, even though it seems like only a couple at this moment. :P I am feeling better, however, after recently listening to some Bee Gees.

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    I hope you start feeling better soon! I don't know what's going on with your life and all, but just remember you have friends here who care Christmas is usually a good pick-me-up for most people

  • Well, the Bee Gees will do that to you, my good man. Sorry to hear you're feeling so down but hopefully it'll pick back up again. :)

    Truthfully, it's been on and off of feeling like crap for me, but I'm doing better at the moment. Plus Christmas will be here soon

  • “Say something, Georgie. Anything. Please….”

    Those words seemed to stick against Penny’s mind like Honey. The tears burned against her eyes the more she thought of her mother’s words. Georgie remained silent, even as the women sat in the kitchen. He said nothing; all Georgie managed to do was grab his coffee mug, pour himself some coffee and exit the room. Both watched him slowly pace up the stairs and finally, the closing of his office door.

    Lyla did all she could as a mother to comfort Penny, now concerned she’d made a rather dangerous choice.

    “You know your father….it takes him….time, when it comes to something new….”

    Time. Penny did not have ‘time’ when it came to this situation. Robert made her heart soar and created a smile Penny already assumed was long gone. Could her own father understand this or would he whisk his own flesh and blood away forever? Penny honestly could not blame him. He and Robert did not get along; she was basically picking Robert over her own father’s feelings and making HIM pick between his thoughts and daughter. Say something, Georgie. There were those three little words that finally broke the barrier and allowed the tears to fall. Say something, Georgie….

    Penny wipes away the streams pouring from her eyes, inserts the keys into the ignition and pulls away from the curb. The weather drastically changed from that morning, up until the time she left her parent’s home. A blanket of gray enveloped the skies above; the sun was no longer welcomed, as the snowy winters brewed and poured from the Heavens. Tiny crystals fell to the ground, covering her little Honda and the world around them. She’d have time to get home, start the heater and begin dinner. She’d try talking to her father during Friday’s dinner. Penny knew she’d get her answer then….

    But for now, all Penny wanted was to quickly head over to her brother’s home, give him the news and go home. Katie assured Penny there would be another mission soon; the Folker community was now a target to rogue Wolves and those that still felt strongly to the rules of past generations. Both Katie and Malcom were sitting targets. Penny worried they’d be assassinated or severely injured but like their grandfather, Katie stood beside her changes and proudly stood by her own kind. It was a risk she’d take. Penny, along with RJ and now Brad, would be there to assist her in anyway.

    That wasn’t the only thing plaguing Penny’s thought. Robert. How did it go with his brothers? Did they react the same way or worse? Did they hate him? Hate Penny? She desperately wanted to go home; their argument that morning made Penny queasy and disgusted with herself. Robert was only trying to help, so why was she making it harder than was required? Why the fuck was she so determined to hurt Robert before he hurt her? Penny just wanted to feel Robert’s body once again, cover them both with a thick blanket and hide from this ugly world.

    A Simple Plan song played softly from her car’s speakers. The snow carefully fell to the ground, sticking to her vehicle. Penny pulls into the apartment complex, gathers the files and buttons up her coat. The chill pressed against her cheek, causing Penny to bundle tighter and hurry into the building. A man leaving holds the door open for Penny; they exchange glances, nod and soon, both head into their own directions. Penny heads for the desk and gives all needed information to the guard.

    This was a place Penny wished she could afford. There was always a guard at the entrance. The lobby, halls and apartments themselves always smelled clean and heavily of pine cleaner. No ‘sketchy’ individuals lived here and there was a feeling of peace and welcoming that her own building did not own. It was all she could afford and eventually, she’d leave that dump and have her own one day. For now, Penny thanks the man and heads for the elevator. Pushing the large, red button with 27 printed on the front, she leans against the wall and waits for her stop. The music above played a variety of Christmas tunes. It was barely into the month of November and they were already shelling out the ‘peace on earth’ tunes.

    With a sudden DING, the metal doors swing open. Penny exits and heads for apartment building number 35B. There was Rock music blaring through the speakers within the apartment. Penny giggles to herself and thought immediately of Brad. He and RJ shared this place together and judging by the volume of the music, it was cleaning day. Knocking three times, Penny stood by the door and waited for an answer. Opening the door, was Brad; he wore a simple white t shirt, khaki shorts and red Converse. On each hand, yellow gloves. He adorned his trademark Mohawk, something Penny thought looked rather dashing upon the Vampire’s head.

    “Heeeeeey, Penny!” Brad swings the door open, allowing more of the music to fill the halls. “Come on in to casa de la fun times. Please, don’t mind me. Looking like some Breaking Bad shit up in this place but I ASSURE you, it’s not Meth we be cooking. Oh no….but stubborn filth in ALL the rooms of this place!”

    Before Penny could answer, her brother turns the corner and wipes his hands on a nearby kitchen towel. “Oh hush your face, Brad. You’re going to scare her away before Penny even says one fucking word.”

    “Well, excuse ME for having a little thing called humor, RJ.” Brad punches RJ on the shoulder and returns to the back. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to tackle the toilet. It’s been eyeing me since this morning and I THINK it said something racist….”

    Penny points, continuing to laugh. “Is he high? I’m not going to judge or anything but-”

    RJ rolls his eyes and takes a seat on the couch. “THIS is what he does, Penny. You know that. Random as hell.”

    “Seems like he’s a BIT too random this morning but hey-makes life easier, I’m guessing.”

    “Want some coffee? Something to eat? Believe it or not, Brad makes the BEST Waffles you’ll ever have. Not as good as mom’s but it’ll do.”

    Penny thanks her brother but declines the offer. “I had a rather large breakfast this morning. Thank you, though.”

    “Oh, Malcom bring in a buffet of sorts this morning during your visit?” RJ leans forward and grabs the television remote. “Swear, everytime I go there to speak to Katie, he’s got food from here to there. It’s hilarious.”

    “No, no. Not Malcom….” Penny plays with the edges of her shirt. “Your dad, actually. He made breakfast….”

    RJ cocks his eyebrow. “....He there fixing something again or-”

    “No…” Penny felt the urge to scream. To hide. But she stood her ground. “He’s BEEN there. For sometime now...stayed with me last night….you know…”

    RJ mutes the show currently raiding their screen, turns to face Penny and grabs her right hand. By now, the color from her face had vanished and left behind a clammy, pale woman, attempting to hold back her tears. RJ could feel Penny tremble against his fingers. He was the older brother. This should have been a task any sibling was prepared for; assisting their younger sister in making the decisions in regards to a love interest or a possible broken heart. Reassure them all would end well and if not, be there as the tears fell down. RJ SHOULD have been prepared but his little sister’s love interest involved his own father. Although he had a hunch, it still was a difficult pill to swallow.

    Brad, leaning against the wall, waited for either a reaction or the need to step in and separate the two. RJ continued to stare at his own hand, still holding onto Penny’s. She continued to shake, looking for any excuse to remove her fingers before RJ snapped and broke them. If he were to change into his true form at that moment, fingers would be the least of their concern. Pictures of a violent, unpredictable Grendel thrashing through the apartment building, seemed to have crossed all their minds at that exact moment. Penny stood her ground and simply waited. RJ wanted to do this but the image of his sister’s gleaming smile crossed his mind. He could not recall such a beautiful thing occurring in a long time. Lately, all her smiles felt forced but today, it was genuinely meant for the world to see. Then, there was his father.

    RJ knew how onerous his dad’s life was. The rejection that plagued his very existence. The very exact smile Penny seemed to wear for sometime now-the smile of pretending you were ‘okay’ when deep down inside, that person was screaming for help. For anyone to truly listen. But, like Penny, that need to pretend was a horrible dream and both finally awoke from their slumber; RJ stopped by his father’s apartment and caught him just before Robert left to pick up Josiah from school. Robert seemed so full of blithe as he embraced his son that afternoon. RJ honestly could not recall a time in his life, when Robert was this untroubled. And all because of the woman, sitting before him, now waiting on his response. Both were gleeful and did not show a single ounce of trouble in their eyes. Penny was madly in love with his father, as Robert was to his little sister.

    RJ could only turn towards the window beside him and smile. Brad and Penny anxiously waited for an answer but at that moment, Penny received it. RJ, still holding her hand, grasped tighter and lovingly strokes her delicate fingers with his own. Tears pouring from his eyes but the smile always remaining.

    “Remember when we were kids and I promised to always be there, Penny? To look out for you all because I was the older brother?”

    “Yes.” Penny exhales and wipes a tear from her eye. “I remember that. You told dad this and even did this really silly oath thing in the kitchen, too. He had you place your hand on your heart and everything.”

    RJ chuckles, thinking back to that morning, when he told Georgie this very same agreement. “I was proud at that moment and since that day, I did all I could in insure you guys were safe. From broken hearts, to a simple bad day at school-I wanted to make sure you guys were safe.”

    “You did an amazing job, RJ.” Penny leans closer to her brother, hoping to gaze into his eyes. “You meant well…”

    “And now, here you are. Telling me about your love interest and how happy he makes you. How you make him feel everyday, Penelope….”

    Penny swallows back the tears. “He does, RJ. I’ve had ‘feelings’ for others-even thought a time or two where I WAS in love-but this is different. I feel it in here….” Penny points to her heart. “Inside of here, it feels right. No regrets. No bad thoughts or remorse for the things I feel towards Robert. I love him, RJ.”

    RJ nods, patting his sister’s hand. “I know. I can see it….I knew something was going on between you two but...guess I was secretly hoping to be wrong or something.”

    “Do you...hate us now, RJ? It’ll crush him, knowing you do….”

    RJ sighs, rubbing his eyes. “I don’t hate either of you. That is such a strong and very ugly word, Penelope. I’m shocked, yes but this too shall pass. I’m just glad to see THIS again….” RJ points to Penny’s forever growing smile. “....I missed this smile, kiddo. It’s wonderful seeing it on you. On him, too. You’ve brought that back in him. My dad seems different. We’ve all noticed it, even my uncles. Mom...this town. And, I have you to thank for that. Plus, I owe him for making this return. You seem fulfilled, Penny.”

    “I am, RJ. It’s been a long time. He’s so good to Josiah, too. He’s giving my son a chance to know what having a GOOD male example is like in his life. Dad has been wonderful towards RJ but there IS a difference between having your grandfather teach you how to play Football and having a father figure do it. He sees all his friends with their dads and I know it breaks him down every time, knowing his own wants nothing to do with him.”

    “Coward….” Brad speaks, kicking the side of the wall gently. “That’s all he is. A coward.” Penny and RJ turn, surprised to hear Brad speak. “All these men are good for these days-fuck a young lady, knock her up and when the time comes to handle YOUR responsibility, they’re gone. Not a single fucking trace is found….”

    Penny eyes the floor. “He’s taking his anger out on Josiah. It’s because of me that-”

    “No.” Brad speaks again, causing both Penny and RJ to jump. “Don’t go blaming yourself. He made this choice, not you. So what? You guys divorced-Josiah didn’t ask for this shit, now did he? Oh well….he’s got a much better father in his life now, huh RJ?”

    RJ agrees, causing Penny to lunge forward and hug her brother. “Josiah will be loved, Penelope and so will you. Guess this means I’ll be seeing more of him...great.”

    Penny playfully slaps her brother in the arm, causing the two to laugh for a moment. The laughter that filled that room seemed to pull back the curtains Penny had up for so long and allow the natural sunlight to fill up the darkness. She appreciated both her brother and Brad for being there, even that little voice and push needed to get through these dark times. Josiah did deserve to have that love but like RJ stated, so did Penny. Crunching the papers beneath her other hand, Penny held back the urge to weep. Not here, she thought. Not now.

    “So….” RJ clears his throat, also trying his best not to cry. “...You and my dad. Well, least you both are happy and in love. You guys deserve it. In all seriousness, glad it’s you, Penny. Least I KNOW he’ll be alright.”

    “So called it.” Brad raises his hand high, chuckling as he does. “I told you RJ, there was something going on.”

    “I know.” RJ stands, adjusting his pants. “I had a hunch too but was waiting.”

    Penny laughs as she also stands. “Now, how in the world did you two-”

    “He’s a MALE Grendel, Penny. We DON’T just ‘fuck’ just for the hell of it. There has to be SOME love, emotion or ties that make the beast WANT to lay with you. It could be like mom’s situation-just two people that didn’t necessarily want to BE in a relationship but cared enough. He truly loves you, though. I don’t want to ask this but….have you two had-”

    “No.” This answer seemed to shock not only Brad but RJ. “No we…..we’re waiting on that, RJ.”

    “Oh. I see…”

    Penny wished this was not brought up but like their mother, curiosity was at the top of the list for them all. Penny straightens out her skirt, while clutching the many papers. Both Brad and RJ knew this conversation would have to be carried out another time; Penny was slowly inching away from the men, far from the couch and towards the front door. She didn’t want to be rude but her time there was well spent. She needed to get to her original plans for the day before having to pick up Josiah from school.

    “Well, um, this is from Katie…” Penny hands the file to RJ. “She’ll be calling, just to give you the heads up. There might be another job for us next week.”

    “Don’t these people ever learn?” Brad, chewing on some gum, flips through the papers. “Ah yes...the smell of a fresh new job, just begging to have our hands all over it. When she calls, I’ll tell Katie we’re all in.”

    “Awesome.” Penny opens the door, just as RJ walks in front of her. “Well, I’ll call her later with my answer. OH-before I go….did mom ever tell you about the dinners this weekend?”

    “Already ahead of you, sis. We’ll both be there. She insisted THIS guy goes.”

    Brad waves, leaping into Penny’s spot. “What can I say-they love me.”

    “Then, guess I should be heading out. Have a lot to do before I pick Josiah up.”

    “Sorry again, sis. For, you know….Johann and all….”

    Penny sighs, scratching her arm. “It’s fine, RJ. Really.”

    RJ reaches for Penny’s face and gently pats it. “You have something better now. You both deserve to have something neither one of you ever thought was possible. See you Friday, sis. Text me when you get home. Love ya’.”

    “Love you more butt munch. See you Friday.”

    Penny leaves the apartment complex just as her phone vibrates against her pocket. Reaching down, she notices the message from Robert. Looking around, she waited in anticipation for the hulky man in the black sweater. Her heart began to flutter like a million Butterflies escaping a single pod. The rush of pure enjoyment. The thought of his arms wrapped around her body once more. After their little incident that morning, Penny was looking forward to seeing him again.

    Hair blowing against a gust of wind, she got her wish; placing his phone back into his pocket, Robert beams and heads for Penny. She snuggles the coat closer to her body, just as Robert picks Penny up, places her close and spins in a circle.

    “There you are. So….how did it go?”

    “Hey Robert…” Penny kisses his lips. “It actually went pretty damn well but you still need to talk to him. And you?”

    “I’ll call later. Sure he’s busy but….Gren took it pretty well. Isaiah lost it for a bit but after we sat and talked, he seems okay with it now.”

    “My mom took it pretty well, too but my dad didn’t say much. I’m worried, Robert.”

    So was Robert. He knew a silent Georgie was never a good thing but to calm Penny’s sudden nerves, he holds her hand and the pair make their way down the sidewalk.

    “Eh, he’ll come around. Gotta give your dad sometime to himself.”

    “Yeah. You’re right.” Penny bites the bottom of her lip. “I’m sorry about earlier, Robert.”

    Robert pulls Penny close while they waited for the light to turn green. “No. I’m sorry, Penelope. It’s fine now. I’m here….”

    “Yes….yes you are. I love you, Robert.”

    “Love you more Penelope.”

    The couple, still holding hands, cross the street and become nothing more than two people lost in a crowd of millions. But neither cared. They had eachother.

    “You got through when no one could reach me before. ‘Cause you always saw the best in me, all the best that I could be. It was you, who set me free…”

    Any questions, you know the drill. :3 Was able to take our little angels home earlier, so they're here right now with us. <3 I've never been in more love than I am now. Being a father to three beautiful girls is something I never pictured. I'm more in love with my wife, knowing we made these beautiful little things together. :) Emily is not TOO sure what's going on right now but it's too cute seeing her there with her sisters. All four ladies are asleep, so this gave me time to write up a chapter. Thankfully, my mom came to the rescue with some girl clothes, so Olivia won't look too out of place. XD Tammy's parents are flying in and should be here tomorrow. :3 -Sigh- is good. :)

  • AWWW! I really liked this chapter. RJ is such a good big brother and I liked how he made a promise to protect his younger siblings. That was too cute. Brad is hilarious and I hope you pick at him more in the future. He seems so open about the world and him defending little Josiah made me love him even more, to be honest. I was pleased RJ was understanding and although it must've hurt knowing his sister and father are in love, he put all those feelings to the side. That is what families do for one another. :) I'm still hoping Georgie will be alright with this all but guess I'll have to wait until the dinner Friday. That ending, too. Love that last line. <3

    Congrats again on your ever growing family. Two little girls are indeed a blessing. I'm sure Emily will love her sisters, once she understands just who the heck they are. XD Give your wife my congrats, too and although you don't speak about him, tell Jacob I said hi and I'm sure he's in love with Olivia and Katherine. You're a wonderful person and father. Those girls are going to be just fine. Congrats again, pie.

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    “Say something, Georgie. Anything. Please….” Those words seemed to stick against Penny’s mind like Honey. The tears burned agai

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    Well, the Bee Gees will do that to you, my good man. Sorry to hear you're feeling so down but hopefully it'll pick back up again.

  • Cleaning that shotgun like a casual boss ;)

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    I'm very blessed. God sent me three beautiful daughters, whom look just like their amazing mother. :') I'm a lucky many w

  • Oro? New Character!? Gasp! or could be written off later depending on how people feel about her background info.

    Name: Renae Lockwood

    Gender: Female?

    Hair: Long curly blonde

    Occupation: Librarian

    Eye color: Brown

    Bio: Rory's younger sister. Renae is a fairy who came to Fabletown two years before the Crooked Man case to search for her brother Rory who had left their family when he was very young and before she was born. Renae is very kindhearted and sweet, however she also has a very violent side as well. For one year she tried to get a stable job and start her own library. However she did not have enough money to do so and made a deal with both Hades and Izanami king and queen of the underworld. Nobody truly knows what the deal contained, some say she lost her fairy wings, some say she has no soul, some say she is slowly losing her mind, and one of the more popular one is that Izanami signed the contract if she could change her body to lure in humans and she will work for Hades for all eternity. Whatever the deal she made it came true, she gained a vast amount of wealth and spent it on opening a library. Now one year from the Crooked Man case she finally hears that Rory was working for Bibgy, now all she needs to do is reach out.

    Let me know what you guys think! Went to the Vascular doctor and he said I just need physical therapy lmao. So I'm finally on the road to recovery, however the pain will be very excruciating. I should be all healed and back to work by the middle of January when I get back from Vermont!

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    Hey, long chapter! Was meant to post this weeks ago, hope everyone's doing great and traveling safely during the holidays! chat with you later!.

    A Cold Commitment

    It was the week before Christmas, and the North Wind had already frozen the city over with a searing chill, but there weren't much snow. It had to have been at least 30 degrees or less, the perfect time to pull out the winter garments.

    Thane, was throwing formal gathering, before the Holidays. More would follow surely, but he wanted this one to be a preparation of recurring.

    He invited most of the city's wealthiest, and the one who had made an social impact on his city including several people from Fabletown. The Sheriff and Mayor of Fabletown were the guest of honor along with several other noblemen.

    Thane’s brothers also brought along their guest treating them, however there has been some tension between Alvin and Sebastian’s groups during last years initial gathering, so he reminded his brothers to keep their guest at bay, or else he would had to step in.

    Calling their brother a dramatic control freak, they respected wishes.

    The event was due to start in ten minutes, guests had already arrived at the doorstep of town hall, exiting their vehicles dragging along their fur’s and making their way inside only to be greeted by their host, Mr. Thane Castle.Growing tired, he asked one of his assistant’s to take over while he goes seek out Lynn.

    Before he could do so, he is interrupted by his brother who arrived earlier than expected carrying a small black box with something inside. Sebastian then handed it to his brother reminded him that it was cut from the Tsar’s diamond. Thane proceeded to open the box carefully revealing its contents only to find exactly what his brother described.

    “She’ll love it..” Thane said.

    Then he closed the box and is asked by Sebastian if tonight was the perfect to ask Lynn. Thane wondered while placing the box into his pocket, telling his brother that both himself and Lynn known each for nearly a century. Over the time, they grown close, incredibly close. He’s not at all worried that Lynn won’t accept, he’s worried how the proposal would affect his public image if majority finds out that Thane was sleeping his his assistant.

    Alot to take in at the moment, then suddenly Thane and Sebastian notices Humpty Dumpty being accompanied by two beautiful but seeming deadly oriental woman, carrying small blades around their waist.

    “Did you invite him?” Thane asked Sebastian, but then Sebastian assumed that it was Alvin. Being a gentlemen, he went over and greeted Humpty.

    “Ahh Mr. Dumpty, nice to see; you here. Oh and I’m afraid weapons unless possessed by security are not permitted inside. If, your female friends would please..”

    “Sure Mr. Castle, wouldn't want to cause a panic..! Also tell Alvin thanks for the invitation too!”


    As Humpty and his escort entered the building, Thane asked his brother for a favor. To keep a close eye on Humpty and the Conversation him and Alvin have during the event, he doesn’t trust him not one bit. Though Thane is unaware that Humpty is after everything Thane has, Sebastian struggles with breaking him the truth initially, Alvin wanted to keep this between themselves fearing Thane would… Do something drastic against Humpty.

    Sebastian acknowledge his brother wish and also assures that his group with play nice with Alvin. When Thane leaves, Sebastian helps an elderly couple out of their limousine.

    Elsewhere from the darkside of the building, Alvin arrives with his cliche, branding themselves ‘Little Anarchist’. Alvin in his glamour Manticore form carried them over through the city during the night avoid being seen by Mundie eyes.

    Alvin told his gang to go on without him while he waited for the young lady being escorted by a group a heavily built men and dark suits. He was captivated by her, European beauty and couldn't tell if she a Fable or not, but she had this strange essence. The nice long red dress she had on matched her dark hair, and the golden trinket around her right finger really made the outfit.

    He wanted to go over to talk to her, greet her, as he could tell this was her first formal event in the States so he wanted to make a good impression on her.

    He is then stopped by his brother Sebastian, before he could do so. Explaining to him that the young woman he’s horny over is the daughter of the Tsar, the King of Russian Fables and also Sebastian's boss.

    “Who the hell is ‘Tsar’?!” Alvin asked.

    “My boss Alvin, and a very very very powerful and dangerous individual.” Sebastian explained.

    Then Alvin questioned his brother about the absence of the Tsar, why wasn't he here with his daughter. Sebastian told him that her father was also a very busy person, but wanted to treat his daughter since her birthday is tomorrow. Alvin's was also tomorrow which made this even more interesting as he began to walk away and enter the building.

    “Oh and Seb, your goons better be on their best behavior because, you now…?” Alvin taunting his brother, then as he leave’s Sebastian flips Alvin off then goes to greet the Tsar’s daughter, and welcome her to the U.S.

    Minutes later while everyone was chatting and dining on their delicious goods offered, the time came for Thane to give his speech to the guest including a special thanks to the city’s mayor.

    “May I please have your attention please. Tonight marks the beginning of many gatherings to unfold onward to the new years. But mainly, this gathering is to thank our city's own Mayor, for helping me expand and improve Castlecorp’s limits to help those beyond this city, global.

    I would also like to take the time to thank those generous to invest their shares, those wonderful people are among us.( Thane notices Alvin and Humpty chatting, seem to be having an argument then walking away from each other)

    I wanted to do more than just thank you all, this gathering is more than just a celebration of Castlecorp’s success… More of an commitment to someone close to me, whom I grown to bear* endearment* towards..

    Lynn, could you please join me onstage..”

    The room let’s out a gasp of excitement before falling silent.

    Lynn is lost in words about what is happening before her, and her friends urge her to go up onstage even guiding her since she’s in shock. She finally reaches the stage climbing up and approaches Thane.

    He kneels before removing just to remove the ring whose diamond was cut from the Tsar’s gem, and proceeds to ask Lynn the question.

    Before a word can come out of his mouth, Humpty, slowly claps completely decimating the mood. Thane then gets up and notices who ruined this mood, demanding an explanation for such ill-mannered behavior.

    “Sorry to interrupt your mood, Mr. Castle. But I think the everyone here should know where all their investment went over the past months…” Humpty as he challenged Thane, attempting to expose him.

    Thane placed the box carefully back into his pocket and asked Lynn to tell his brothers to clear the hall immediately, while he confronted Humpty.

    “Oh, maybe I should show you and all the Fabletown residents what goes on with their money while no one is looking?!” Humpty as his assistant displayed on screen on the wall of all the illegal spending by Thane’s company. Majority of Fabletown investors, leaving people outraged and shocked.

    Humpty had falsely exposed Thane for stealing from Fabletown, with enough evidence to have him exiled, or even worse.

    “Like those crooked Mundies over on Wall Street, eh Thane? But you’re certain no wolf..” Humpty as he is prepares to exit the room.

    Thane’s turn red, and hair slowly sprout from his back, he’s losing his glamour and is about to do something he would regret. Luckily, Lynn spots this and calms before things got even more messy.

    Sebastian and Alvin clears out the room, inform all the guest that the party is over escorting everyone out. Humpty was already gone.

    Thane was kneeling on the trying to cope with what just happened and how he was going to fix all this tomorrow with Lynn over his shoulder.

    “Not a word you two.... Lynn, tomorrow, we're going to Fabletown and sort this mess out. I’m gonna need you at my side just in case things get,* hairy*.” Thane to Lynn, still sensing the anger in him.

    “Sebastian, see if you can get your people to dig up some information on Humpty, EVERYTHING. Check and see if the Tsar has anything, I’ll just have to repay him somehow.” Thane to Sebastian as he immediately begins to make calls.

    “Alvin, you have explaining to down. I seen you speaking with Humpty earlier, and on our parent’s grave I hope you’re not behind this.” Thane seriously glaring at his brother.

    “Thane wait..” Alvin is then ignored by Thane as he make his way out of the building with Lynn. Both him and his brother will have a long and hopeful a non brutal conversation.

    This was phase one of Humpty’s sinister plan, and it will only grow worse..

  • This was really good. Humpty...Kieran has his eyes on you, he does lol. Humpty is really ruthless. Loving this man! :D

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    Hey, long chapter! Was meant to post this weeks ago, hope everyone's doing great and traveling safely during the holidays! chat wi

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