A house Divided Achievements!

To find it
Click this http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Achievements

and it is under season 2. So what do you think? Do these achievements give away any parts of the episode?

(sorry if someone already made this, but I didn't see it)


  • Three of them seem to take place in quick succession:

    New Morning (helping someone through a difficult time) will probably be about Nick/Pete and take place at the start, The Intruder (talking to carver) will presumably take place quite a short time after that, and the next one is for 'leaving the cabin', which will all happen in one room most likely (as clem tells them about carver in the same room carver tells sarah they need to leave).

    The fact that 3/8 of these achievements take place in a short time story-wise may unfortunately confirm some of our fears that Episode 2 will be just as disappointingly short as episode 1.

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