what do u want to see in ep 2

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plz comment


  • i wanna see kenny!

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    Five Words: Christa confirmed for episode two.

  • A long episode with adventure game elements. Optional dialogue to get to know the characters I've met so far. And generally be able to take a breather and walk around an area like the several times you got to in Season One. Like the Everett's drugstore or the train.

    Also, I want 400 Days characters and this "I thought you were dead" character to be Kenny. But most of all, I just want a long, enjoyable episode.

  • As long as the Episode is good I don't really care about anything else, Though I gotta admit seeing Ken would be Awesome !

  • Would really like to know the fate of Kenny, finally! The theories and seeing people have so much hope is great but damn ready for it to end.

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  • Action and feeeels

  • I have a feeling to get to the ski lodge you are going to have to fix the lift and I would love to see another "Fix the Train" situation to get the lift working again, like they did in Episode 3

  • Stuff

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