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Cannot load Stats on Mac, and then crash

posted by quisty_2002 on - Viewed by 750 users

I just bought The Walking Dead Season 1 and finished the first episode. It is suppose to show stats of my choices at the end of the episode but it was a screen with the box without any words in it. I tried to load again, and go from the episode title page to review the stats, which brings me to another screen with the box but without the words and even crashed my game on my Mac.

Anyone have similar problems?? I am very annoyed. There isn't such problem when I play on my iPhone.

Please help!!!!!

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Please make sure you are connected to the internet from the time you start the game, to the time you complete an episode in order for the stats to show up correctly. If you are still seeing this error after completing the above steps, please make sure that you have the latest patches and/or updates released for the game by launching the game while connected to the internet.

  • Thank you for your reply!
    Which patch shall I download? If my game version is the one available on March 2, would that be the most updated? If there is a patch for it, would be grateful if you can tell me which one it is.

    Thanks again!

  • If it doesn't work on Mac really, can I install the game in windows and extract my stats??

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      If you've purchased the game from our website, you should be able to download the game for PC or Mac by clicking the arrow next to the download link, and selecting either PC or Mac from the drop down menu. If you would like to transfer your save files, you should be able to take your save files, as well as your prefs.prop file from your TheWalkingDead folder, to the new TheWalkingDead folder created on your PC. Please note that this is not an officially supported process, but it should work for you as long as you grab all of the .save files, as well as your prefs.prop file.

  • OK great.
    But is there a way to make the stats appear in my Mac? I have purchased the game in your website. Any patch for this kind of problem? Coz I guess probably other Mac users might have similar problems?
    Thanks again.

  • Hmmm... but my Mac is definitely connected. Is it some kind of system error? I played to episode 5, and the same problem occurred to all the episodes. No other way?

    I am really interested to buy your other games, but I am very worried about similar problems.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      You can also try uninstalling the game (your saved game files will not be harmed in the process) then download a new installer from our website and reinstall the game. After doing this, start the game, and you should receive any updates and/or patches needed to be able to see the stats screen. You can also try resetting your internet connection, then restart the game.

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