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What is the wolf among us about?

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Ive never played it maybe i can try it out while waiting for the walking dead

  • You should find that out yourself. Since asking on the forums you might get unintentionally spoiled. Anyway,you should really try it out!

  • This is really relevant question on this forum as i switched to Wolf Among Us after just playing TWD basically murder mystery involving fairytales in gritty town but not kid story very mature imagine Christopher Nolan(dark Knight) making gangster film with fairytales also lot lot of mythology involved be to long to tell you about Fables(Hard to kill) Humans(don't notice the fables as under a spell)
    But play and you will understand don't want any spoilers gameplay is same as TWD QTE, decisions, investigation/exploration through interaction etc.
    Start off as bigby a detective a murder occurs and whole story about finding the killer through investigation.
    Really recommend it's epic and put it up just as good even potentially better as TWD will see next chapters.

  • The Walking Dead game with fairy tale characters. Also, better graphics and writing. Nothing else you need to know.

  • I bought it while waiting for Episode 2 of the walking dead to come out. I liked it . I think you should give it a try :)

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    I'll a little rusty on the Fables comics, but I'll try to sum up the game/premise of the universe though.

    Prior to the events of the game/comic, characters from fairy tales/legends/etc where forced out of their homelands by an enemy called "The Adversary," and they were forced to come to our world. These characters are collectively referred to as Fables, and typically try to avoid detection by the "mundane world" - in other words, regular people.

    Some of the Fables that pass off as humans live in an area of New York that they call "Fabletown." If they can't pass off as human, they have to use a magic called "Glamour" to look human, or have to be sent to a location called "The Farm." After coming into the mundane world, all the Fables were given a fresh start and were pardoned from any misdoings.

    The Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs/Red Riding Hood stories is the sheriff of Fabletown. In the game (set before the comics), he has to solve a case that involves murders occurring in Fabletown. Fables, unlike humans, are tough to kill, which makes that fact that Fables are being murdered an even bigger deal.

  • If you haven't done it already, there's a free playable demo of Episode 1 available for consoles and possibly also for PC and Mac (not 100% about PC/Mac though). That should give you a bit of an idea about the game anyway. Also, there's always youtube for previews and such.

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