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SBCG4AP: Torch graphic doesn't appear & other bugs

posted by Galbrush Sheepgood on - Viewed by 231 users
Someone may have already reported this, because when I saw it in the game it seemed familiar.

I'm playing the PC version. The left torch next to the Homestar statue at Marizpan's house isn't rendered. Alls I sees is a big yellow rectangle. Looks like the Videlectrix guys forgot to add more pixels. ;)

(edit: For reference, I'm using XP SP3, my DirectX has been updated to the latest version, and I have an nVidia GeForce 7600gs card.)

Also, I notice that when Strong Bad runs and then stops running, it looks like he floats backwards a little instead of stopping in his tracks. I noticed this when SB runs around the Bubs Concession Stand area.

Side question: Is a patched PC and/or Wii version of Homestar Ruiner in the works? Have the main bugs reported (eyes disappearing, video jerkiness, sound clipping. etc.) already been corrected in future episodes?
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