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...Are to be revealed in the next episode.Since the TWAU community hasn't been active these few days,i thought this should be...I dunno.Refreshing y'all?Anyway,if you could pick 5 characters,which ones would they be?For me,i guess it's like this:

  • Frau Totenkinder

  • Flycatcher

  • Prince Charming?(the question mark is there because i'm not quite sure we'll get to see him at all...)

  • Cinderella?(again with the question mark)

  • Rose Red?(question mark...STAHP...you're ruining my thread)

  • And(yeah,i know it's 6 characters now)Boy Blue

So yeah.If you could just post what characters you'd like to be introduced to,or the ones you think are most PROBABLE to be introduced,that'd be great.

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