Cutscene Problem Xbox 360

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Is anyone else having a problem with the cutscenes on Xbox 360? On episode 2 the cutscenes are very jumpy for me. Usually just the video but sometimes affects the audio too.


  • It seems like the cutscenes affected by decisions take a second or two extra to load or something. I had the same issues with Walking Dead, mostly in the previews for the next episode though. This what you mean?

  • Hmm, well even the 'location establish' shots were a bit dodgy, the episode preview however was horrendous, to the point where the music ended before the cutscene did and it had to catch up with itself. I haven't had any problems with the walking dead whatsoever, or any other game; so definitely not my Xbox. Surprised not more people have commented about this problem.

  • yeah, same ting here, this is not a heavy game to run, but it's quit laggy and the loading times are long... seems like a bit bad coded, but the game is Awesome and I love it. these issues are not game braking, but annoying... hope they fix it

  • it doesnt LOOK like a heavy game to load, but the game engine itself is super heavy on the system, the engine loads your choices between cutscenes and changes the dialogue and character actions accordingly, giving you the "tailored" experience, but also gives you that pesky choppy feel during cutsceens. Thats why PC is the optimal choice for these kinds of games, but they definitely pulled off it off on consoles pretty well, considering how out-dated the hardware is.

  • makes sence. must take some memory power to upload that amount of data. but again, does it lag on portable devices? I remember I've red somewhere u can play the game on ios. anyway this shouldn't be a problem if they remake or continue season 2 on the one device. more ram there.

  • Yeah, you can buy TWAU and TWD season 1 on ios, and there releasing season 2 on ios too, it should come out within the next week or so

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