• The game strongly implies Crane is being framed. Sure, he has indeed met Lily and has a fetish for Snow. But he didn't kill her.

  • But... Who framed Crane Ichabod?

  • I think it is planted. Depending on how you find the clues, the envelops can be found in different places.

    • It's not planted, the comics stated Crane has an obsession with Snow.

      • I am not saying that Crane wasn't obsess with Snow. I am saying that I think the photos was planted because I doubt he would leave those photos on the room where the murder took place.

        • But that was his private room that only he had the keys to. The photos are his.

          The killer probably killed Lily after Crane had left.

          • So you are saying that Crane took photos of himself and placed it in the room where he was having meeting with Lily? And letting Bigby find it? I am pretty sure that if I was Crane, I would have gone back to room 207 and retrieve the photos rather than letting Bigby find them. Is it because he didn't believe Bigby would find them? I doubt it. Or is it because someone planted it without Crane knew about it?

            Those bunch of photos raises many questions.

  • I had a suspicion of Bluebeard until he actually showed up in this episode. He seems sincere when trying to get answers during the interrogation, and even getting pissed off at Bigby if he goes easy (non-violent) on the questioning. I love the smirk he gives when I pocket the cash. :D

  • Well if someone is framing Crane, who took the picture? Crane had both hands on Lily and she was getting pretty intensely groped by Crane to take a photo. So was it on a timer, or just a mistake on the developers part, or was someone else there?

  • The trailer for Ep3 shows "Crane" getting in the car and one of those form-changing witch charm tubes on the seat of the car. Sure Crane may have taken it from Lily's body evidence, but it implies that he may be shape shifted as well - or may have been when photos were taken for framing.

    When people may or may not have the form of someone else, its pretty damn hard t know whats what.

  • people that have a strong obsession with someone will take photos of the person yes, not pictures of them doing their thing to the person. the view of the camera shows a person crouching down and looking slightly up, catching Crane and Lilly in one picture. to get that angle you have to be in a connor or out of the window taking the photos. It must be the out of the window, crane would have seen the person otherwise.

    (BTW: picking up the photos, did everyone see that? Telltale set it up once you pick up the pile of photos it leads to ending cut scene. once you have them in your hand you can't back away and look at the other items in the room. there is actually two places where the photos can be found, in the cabinet after you look at the dress Lilly was wearing, and under the rug after picking up the apple. if you pick up the one in the cabinet you might miss the rest of the clues the murder location.

  • It wasn't in the open, that was Crane's pravte room and only he had the key. The only reason anyone found it was because Bigby and Beast knock down the door.

  • I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but we figured out who it was already. There is a thread. http://www.telltalegames.com/community/discussion/58153/the-crooked-man-update-on-suspect

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