Full retail / disc release?

Hi all, I'm new to this community and couldn't see a thread about this. I think personally that TWAU needs to be a major release title, released on a disc I mean.
The story and content is amazing and clearly with more work and extras thrown in this would be a epic release. I assume there is reasons why they went with episodes instead of a full game but here is one fan who would put down the coinage for a full game, maybe with a collectors ed :)


  • They usually give you a Disc copy once all the episodes are done if you pre-order the game on Telltale's website. I think the only time they released a game on a Disc was The Walking Dead due it's amazing sucsess.


    same here, good idea

  • Not true - they've released several games on physical disc. I recall the first two seasons of Sam & Max being released on disc, as well as...

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  • They usually do release the game on disc once the Season is finished.

  • Didn't know they released onto disc once the season has ended, thanks guys. I hope they make a second game straight to disc with lots more content, seems these days games have too short a life span.

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    Telltale is renowned for its episodic games and it's been their business model since 2006 and Sam & Max's first season. Since then (and including Sam & Max Season One), they have released 11 full seasons of episodic games (three seasons of Sam & Max and one each of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, Tales of Monkey Island, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park - the one Telltale episodic game where all four episodes got released at the same time -, Law & Order: Legacies, Hector and The Walking Dead), seven of which (the first seven) were granted an end-of-season DVD that digital buyers could get for free (plus shipping) and one of which got a DVD that digital buyers could buy separately (on the other hand, people who bought the Jurassic Park DVD got the digital version for free).

    They are currently in the middle of releasing two other seasons (another season of The Walking Dead and, obviously, The Wolf Among Us) which will also give people who bought the digital version directly from Telltale the opportunity to get the discs for free (plus shipping) once they're released after the end of the seasons (see this page for TWAU).

    As for the DVD contents, they're probably far from set in stone yet, but previous releases included video commentaries, shorts, trailers, bloopers, concept art, designer notes, featurettes, desktop wallpapers, soundtrack samplers, behind-the-scenes videos, fan videos, avatars,... Some of them even got deluxe edition that included all kinds of "feelies".

    In this thread, Telltale President Kevin Bruner posted the following regarding the TWAU disc:

    The collectors DVD will have the entire game on it, various videos, behind the scenes, etc. The DVD also comes in a case with special TTG only artwork. We've done a DVD with almost every TTG series, and we usually start locking down the exact contents of the DVD as the season comes to a close. Since the DVD usually contains things that are created while the series is in production, we can't say what specific things will be on it, but we usually do a decent job. Plus you can't beat the price!

    I wouldn't hold my breath for a full-length game from Telltale anytime soon, though.

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    Almost all of Telltale's releases got collector's PC (and Mac, after Telltale started supporting that platform in the Telltale Tool) DVDs (although the Bone discs that Telltale sold were on CD rather than DVD) that were available from the Telltale store like The Wolf Among Us (the exceptions were Telltale Texas Hold'em, the CSI games, the Poker Night games, the Puzzle Agent games, Hector, Law & Order: Legacies, and The Walking Dead).

    Most of the ones that didn't get Telltale collector's discs did get retail releases though. Telltale Texas Hold'em was published at retail by Bold Games, Puzzle Agent 1 was published at retail only in Germany by Astragon, and The Walking Dead was published at retail by Telltale themselves (in two releases - one with only the original five episodes, and another that included the DLC episode 400 Days and a link to a website to download a behind the scenes video and the game's soundtrack). And the CSI games are the only Telltale games that were published as regular retail titles, in a traditional developer/publisher situation with Ubisoft.

    Additionally, some of the games that got collector's discs from the Telltale store were also released at retail. The Bone games were published by several companies, and the first Bone game is the only game (besides the PlayStation 2 version of CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder, which was very different from Telltale's version in that it had full three dimensional movement during the crime scene investigation sequences) that was ported by another company (in Bone's case, to Mac) and then released to retail. The Sam & Max games were also released to retail by several publishers (such as The Adventure Company for PC and Atari for Wii), as was Tales of Monkey Island, and Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures got a PC retail release (which is currently the only way to purchase this series, as Telltale has lost the rights to sell the game). Telltale themselves also published Back to the Future to retail (both on PC and PS3). I think I covered all of the releases, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some more that I missed.

    The interesting thing is that even the one lone series so far by Telltale that was released as a traditional commercial boxed retail product, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, were all released in a similar format to their episodic games with five cases, and the last case linked to the rest (like Sam & Max, the later CSI games did a better job connecting the five cases together).

  • Wow Back to the future had a 16 rating in Europe.

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