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did anyone else think the new episode (of the AMC show) "still" was bad?

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such a shitty episode talk about a filler, i thought the plot of the episode would be better but instead they just try and find alcohol like wtf is that? no story development at all. the only part i liked was when it showed a sneak peek for next weeks episode.

  • It was very bad. Daryl and Beth just drinking moonshine then fighting and crying.

  • Still much better than the episode that only contained the 2 most overrated characters in the series. And an add to injury we had been waiting since fall for the episode. I'm obviously talking about the Season 4 part 2 premiere that was all about Carl and Michonne.

    • that episode i liked and was alot better i thought, and atleast it advance the story a tiny bit, now rick and his group are "maybe" heading to terminus and glenn and tara and the 3 stooges are trying to find maggie.

      • What? Abraham's group, Glenn, Tara and Maggies' group were not present in that episode, it was ONLY Carl, Michonne and a unconscious Rick. And all that happened was an alter backstory for Michonne and her deep thoughts and sadness whilst she moved with the herd and all Carl did was lure some walkers away, got into trouble, scavenged for food, got in trouble. This weeks episode was a backstory for Daryl and Beth and to show how they had handled the situation. It was bad compared to other episodes, yes. And it felt like a filler, yes. But this weeks episode i still feel was better than the Carl and Michonne one, by a mile.

  • Yeah, it was pretty fuckin' stupid and boring episode. Annoying little Beth wants to taste an alcohol, who the fuck even wants to watch that kind of shit? I hope that next episode is much better.

  • I liked the hunting part and Daryl munching on that snake.

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      Dat snake looked tasty :D

      • If you caught Talking Dead after, you learn the snake was actually eel and Norman Reedus said it tasted terrible. Explains why Beth didn't want any. Norman ate so much eel he skipped lunch that day. Got to the point where he was just pushing it against his face and didn't bother to eat any because he hated it.

        Every story has it's ups and downs. I very much doubt every issue of the comic was action packed. Look at your own lives. Is every day exciting? You likely have your down days, too. Most days are likely to be down than up. It's rather nice to see some downtime and to realize that there are opportunities to think about other things besides avoiding getting eaten for another day.

        Remember, Hershel just died like 2-3 days or so before. Beth hasn't had a chance to grieve over the loss of her father, and she likely thinks Maggie's dead, too. Her father resorted to alcohol to deal with his problems so she thought maybe she could, too. This is a call back to when Shane takes out the barn of walkers in season 2 and Hershel went to the bar to drink his sorrows away. Like father, like daughter. This is mentioned with the StorySync that runs with the episode (which is usable not only on Windows 8 but also in a normal web browser). At the end, when they torched the house, it was a nice metaphor for putting the past behind them and moving forward.

        So I take it most of you would rather jump from conflict to conflict skipping the why of how they got there? And you'd rather have flat characters so when they die you feel nothing for them? People would just get bored of it then. This episode really points out that Daryl and Beth both have feelings, they're not just robots. Watching Talking Dead after the show can sometimes help frame an episode. Norman and Emily (Beth) were on Talking Dead last night talking about this episode and brought up many good points. Next week, the show has two more cast members appearing.

        There's also the fact that Daryl is not in the comic so we don't know him as well as the others. They have to take time outs even if it's only 5 minute scenes in an episode to give us insights into him. Daryl's a fan favorite. It was only a matter of time before he had his moment. If I do so recall, Beth's also not at this point in the comic so what she does going forward is unknown territory. This episode gives both a purpose to keep going and sets the stage for what they do later. Beth could've just given up in this episode and Daryl could've given up, too.

        Rather than say the episode is crap, how would any of you go about to improve the story? Adapting from the comic like the show, how would you retell the story for TV? This applies to the entire series, not just this episode. If you can do better, then rewrite the episodes yourself. Post them online for people to read. Write each story as an episode script while keeping in mind the length of a TV episode. Transcribe a few episodes (don't forget the actions and setting for each scene) to help you get an idea of how long an episode should be. All you're doing is a fanfic so should be fine. Put your pen where your mouth is and try to show up the TV show writers. If you think you can make the show better, then do it. Don't talk.

        • 'Every story has it's ups and downs. I very much doubt every issue of the comic was action packed. Look at your own lives. Is every day exciting?'

          Nope and guess what? I wouldn't want to share and show this to a Audience. Its.. awkward. Scenes like these are redundant Character Building. I'm all for interpersonal Relationships but this Show maneuvers those Parts into plain boringness. Almost constantly.

          I know its hard to bring something up between Action and Slaughter Moments but dunno.. it is not much entertaining the Way it is.

          • the character building isn't a bad thing, but it's that we already know these people. getting a little insight into their backstory after 2-3 full seasons of them being around just feels wrong. if they added a new person in and were tellin stories, sure, but these are people we already know/care about and this sort of backstory placement just seems off unless they're planning to use it for something, which doesn't bode well for michonne or daryl...

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          I never said i didn't like the Episode lol, I'm not sure why people are giving Beth shit, I think i am one of the only people who likes her, Everyone is saying she is whiny & crying too much, Uh she just lost her father, Wouldn't all of you be like that? She didn't need to sing tho.

          Now let's talk about Daryl, OMG pigs are flying & candy is raining from the sky! Daryl got some character development! Am i dreaming or Is he actually starting to get interesting? Now in all seriousness, I liked what they done with Daryl this Episode, It feels like he is human now & not just some badass super hero who can blow up a tank, I mean seriously, He blow up a tank...That is just ridiculous T_T anyway, I like were they are going with Daryl at the moment.

          I agree, Every Episode shouldn't be about conflict, I mean it's silly to think every Episode should be non stop action for no good reason, Not saying i don't like action but we got to know were to draw the line, Like Daryl & the tank for example.

          • I really like Beth. She's the character who feels like she's worthless and wants to die (and even attempted to do so), and watching her father die, and several other people she cared about and loved, while she survived, had to have been hard on her. She has massive survivors' guilt from being possibly the only other survivor when more capable people didn't make it. While she babysits and provides moral support and tries to keep people optimistic, she does not view these things as valuable contributions (and neither does Drunk Daryl, apparently) and hates that that's all she seems to be good for. This episode shot her up to my top favorite characters. She's very self aware and cynical about herself but refuses to die. (Pretty much me, essentially, so maybe that's also why)

            And I love her singing. Emily Kinney's albums are rad.

  • It was better than most of last season's Andrea episodes.

  • GUYS what are you talking about

  • I just realized something guys! What if the lack of good episodes has a reason. A reason like going over budget? I mean the first half of season 4 had some crazy action scenes with plenty of explosions and other expensive effects, that must've costed way over the usual budget. Have anyone here watched Breaking Bad? If you remember the episode "Fly" you know what i mean. The episode was confirmed for being a filler that cost barely anything. 2 actors and a single room was all that was paid for, because they went over budget in the previous episode in the season. They are the same publishers, AMC so it's not impossible that this is the reason of draining this whole "group being separated and slowly drawn together" fillers. What do you think?

    • I think with any budget, the writers could have still done a better job. 'Fly' was actually one of my favorite episodes. There were episodes of The Twilight Zone that only took place in one room or one set, and for their time they were probably amazing.

    • I thought the writing was good for "Fly". It was more then just Walter's OCD to just kill a fly in the lab it was a representation of the bigger story at hand with Gustavo Freeman. Breaking bad also has a lot of good cinematography when nothing is happening so that its not a big waste of time.The walking Dead should take note from breaking bad and show something interesting like what a zombie does in its day while the character is talking or just show something interesting if a scene is boring like a close up of things around them.

      I dont know how to put it but there's a lot of things breaking bad did with a low budget which made the show so much more, mostly just foreshadowing or small things about whats to come like the boy on his dirt bike who collected a spider in a pov camera view which seemed like filler but then the boy was later shot by someone in Walter's group just because they were not to be seen. It had a huge effect on the story.

      If this drinking event in TWD has no effect the main story at hand then why even show it? Sure we get to examine the characters more but who's examining a 30 minute conversation with out anything interesting happening.

      • Yeah, Breaking Bad was excellent at that, however this episode wasn't just plain bad. It was more or less just slow and had nothing but character development in it. Now i only say that it is a below average because even if i do enjoy backstories on characters it felt much slower than it had to be. I remember checking several times how much time there was left in hope of seeing something else than Daryl's tragic past and Beth's obsession with her first "drink". It gave us some backstory and showed us how they felt after everything that happened, but that's it. And that's why people think it's a bad episode, because barely anything happened.

  • my biggest problem was the fact Beth had never drank alcohol yet drunk so much Moonshine that it would make any grown man pass out... 100 times over!

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    I didn't think it was that bad, At least Daryl got some character development for once.

    There have been worst Episodes "cough"Cherokee Rose"cough"

  • It was "meh". I thought the previous episodes after the mid-season were a little better than this one.

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