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The Kenny Discussion Thread 2: Mullet Boogaloo

posted by Darth Marsden on - last edited by Blind Sniper - Viewed by 11.7K users

OK. So. Kenny's an interesting character, right? Lot of love, lot of hate, lot of mullets... lot of threads.

Problem is, we don't need a hundred threads dedicated to one character. Hence this one.

Please keep ALL discussion of Kenny, good or bad, to this thread instead of creating your own one, because any extraneous threads will be closed. Thanks!

(And yes, I know there was already an all-purpose thread about Kenny, but it's gotten so chock-full of stuff that it's a small nightmare to manage any more, so consider this a fresh start)

Additional Mod Edit: As Darth mentioned below, this thread was created to allow for more discussion instead of memes (in addition to all the Kenny threads that have popped up for Season 2 speculation).

To prevent this thread from becoming crowded like the first, we'd like to ask you all to follow theses rules.

Da Rules

1. Please keep memes/gifs/videos/etc to a minimum. (In other words, no posting that gif.)

2. Please keep discussion focused on speculation or character discussion, as opposed to "appreciation" posts.

3. Please follow the forum guidelines and respect other users. If the thread gets derailed, please wait for mods to handle it instead of insulting trolls back.

4. Please keep all Kenny-centric discussion here instead of making a new thread. We've had several Kenny threads pop up recently, and we decided relaunching the Kenny thread would be easier since the last thread was crowded with memes.

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