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The Kenny Discussion Thread 2: Mullet Boogaloo

posted by Darth Marsden on - last edited by Blind Sniper - Viewed by 13.2K users

OK. So. Kenny's an interesting character, right? Lot of love, lot of hate, lot of mullets... lot of threads.

Problem is, we don't need a hundred threads dedicated to one character. Hence this one.

Please keep ALL discussion of Kenny, good or bad, to this thread instead of creating your own one, because any extraneous threads will be closed. Thanks!

(And yes, I know there was already an all-purpose thread about Kenny, but it's gotten so chock-full of stuff that it's a small nightmare to manage any more, so consider this a fresh start)

Additional Mod Edit: As Darth mentioned below, this thread was created to allow for more discussion instead of memes (in addition to all the Kenny threads that have popped up for Season 2 speculation).

To prevent this thread from becoming crowded like the first, we'd like to ask you all to follow theses rules.

Da Rules

1. Please keep memes/gifs/videos/etc to a minimum. (In other words, no posting that gif.)

2. Please keep discussion focused on speculation or character discussion, as opposed to "appreciation" posts.

3. Please follow the forum guidelines and respect other users. If the thread gets derailed, please wait for mods to handle it instead of insulting trolls back.

4. Please keep all Kenny-centric discussion here instead of making a new thread. We've had several Kenny threads pop up recently, and we decided relaunching the Kenny thread would be easier since the last thread was crowded with memes.

  • You accidentally deleted it didn't you?

  • Kenny should've died in the Alley.

    • I still say he did. No idea what all the fuss is about.

    • I have to disagree with you...the " Kenny puts Ben out of his misery " ending wasn't satisfying at all in my eyes. Kenny didn't need to sacrifice himself to protect Ben, he could have just shot him in the first place. I know Kenny got his redemption by forgiving Ben for all the bad things he had done in the past (killing his family), but the point is, that he could just told him that he forgives him for the things he has done and that he made mistakes.

      The " Kenny saves Christa " ending on the other hand was very satisfying. Kenny put the life of a other person above his own life and found redemption. I could life with Kenny dieing that way, but i still think and hope that he's gonna return.

      • Even though it was great to see Kenny put himself in harms way to protect Christa, I think that 1 season is to early to end his story.
        As far as I'm concerned, Kenny's story is just beginning.
        I'm confident he's going to return alive and well in season 2.
        I honestly see Kenny's story going a lot like Rick's did in season 3 on the tv show, that after losing his family, he grieves for a length of time, but pulls himself out of it with renewed strength of character.

        I actually see Kenny joining Luke and Clementine and becoming a father figure to both of them, given his age and life experience.
        Kind of like how Herschel was kind of a father figure to the characters in Rick's group on the tv show.
        On that note, I think Rick saw Herschel as a father figure as well!

        And cause of his age and life experience, becoming leader.
        Throughout the 2nd season, I think will see Kenny having to make executive decisions for the group, while struggling to heal from the deep emotional wounds of losing his family in season 1, with Clementine having an important role in that department.

        • Please tell me if you played episode2 already, because i wanna go on discussing with you, but i don't wanna Spoil anything to you:D

          • Not personally, no.
            I'm waiting for the second game to come out on disc format.
            However when I heard Kenny was back, I looked up the 2nd episode, (and only that episode), on YouTube, and watched it..
            I swore to myself I wouldn't, as I wanted it to be a complete surprise, but I just couldn't help it.

  • Kenny is so alive, I mean he is so alive, like alive alive alive and even more alive.

    But seriously, he has to be alive in the "Christa" situation, we know nothing about that dark room, there could've been a door, staircase anything! The alleyway is a little more complicated, its weird. We should see a body from Christa's POV, Kenny ran to the left and should be in Christa's POV, but he isn't. There's no body and the walkers are all pointed at Benifer.

    I still think he's alive, and I will dance on the forum the day it's announced. I will dance just like Chandler Bing.

    Alt text
    this is for none-friends watchers.

  • I wonder... How many people would like Kenny to return as just his old self? I mean, in my eyes, that would kind of ruin the potential character development they could have had. I'd much rather have him return as a more "broken" man, a sadder and wearier character than he was in S1. This would lead to an interesting progression of his character, maybe as he gains more responsibility in the group, or now that his family, the purpose behind all of his pragmatic actions, are gone, he may strive to be a better person, and make more "moral" decisions. That would make for an interesting storyline, but if he hadn't changed at all from Season 1... I'd still want it to be him, but I think they could, and will, do a lot more with his story.

    • Kenny shows up with a boat. Not just any boat, a pirate ship.

    • I am very convinced that Kenny is gonna be a more broken and more bitter man, then the old redneck we all used to know and love in Season1. He was on his own for a very long time and has lost all the people he cares about. This experiences change a man. The way i see the story around his character go on and develop is, that when Kenny returns and meets Clementine again Clementine will make him remember the man he once used to be and will slowly but surely make him feel happyer again. Kenny considers Clementine as part of his family and his new destiny will be to take care of her and to do anything that's needed to keep her safe!

      • I don't quite see Kenny taking the role of her "protector", I think that falls on Luke. I would like to maybe see him be the leader of the group after Carlos dies, seeing as he was the leader of the old group. It'd be a nice progression regardless.

        • Yes i agree that Luke will be Clementines " Caretaker " in Season2. (and i don't mean caretaker like the way Lee toke care of her. I see Luke more in the role of an older brother towards Clem, someone who cares about her and she can rely on)

          But that doesn't necessarily mean Kenny can't be a " caretaker " for Clem aswell. There might even be a big decision during a later episode where we have to decide between Luke or Kenny. Not necessarily who of them dies, but on which side we are on!

  • In my oppinion the most probable ITYWD person is Kenny, ven if I'm not a huge fan of him.

    I'm really hoping to see how Kenny has change during this months away from the former group

  • We all know people will still post Kenny confirmed gifs the entire season, and it's gonna show up alot if he really does. Then if he doesn't, the Kenny confirmed for season 3 gifs will soon rise..

  • What if we called it Kenny Sr and mindfuck Kenny by making the baby tell Kenny that they are his father.


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