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    ANY type of romance will do for me!I just need some fanfic material!I mean,from the game,and not the comics.But Bigby x Snow still are my OTP.

    To answer your question directly.....


  • Any relationship he had with another woman wouldnt mean anything. Snow has been in his mind and heart ever since he caught her smell when she was a child. He can have flings but I wouldnt want any of those women to get hurt knowing Bigby wont commit.

  • I would love to see Bigby get with Snow since Faith isn't an option. I did want him to end up with Faith in the beginning of episode one but then she died and I was crushed. I wouldn't mind him ending up with Nerissa either though, I love Nerissa's character.

  • I have been playing a Bigby who has definite feelings for Snow, and I would love to see them get together. Note, I have yet to read any of the comics so I have no idea whether that will be a viable option in the characters future.

  • I'd like to see something with Nerissa. I know he gets with Snow, but since this takes place years before the comics, it could be fun. If it's not entirely romantic with Nerissa at least being a really good friend to her. I love Nerissa's character so, yeah lol.

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