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i liked the woodsman for some reason




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    Not to be a grammar nazi,but...


    And,to be honest,you know who it is...

    He has ALPHA written all over him.

    He is big,and bad,and sexy.

    He is awesome and rough and tough and hard-boiled.

    He is an awesome detective.

    HE IS...


    Nah,just kidding,it's Biggs :P

    But i also like Woody and Faith and Snow(that ONE line broke my heart,tho),and Nerissa.And yeah.My fave is Bigby and then Woody. :3

  • I like Bufkin....cool character to talk with, just as long as I got a little wine to share with him

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    Well, I kinda like them all to be honest. (the most popular ones at the very least) This little song I just made up in my head should help explain some things: "B-B-B-to-the-eauty! Holl-to-the-H-H-Holly! Whoop! Snooooooooooowwww dooown, as Snow White herself is definitely the crown of downtown! Oh snap, B-R-Brannigan is back in the hizzouse!"

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    Crane is the best bastard I have ever seen. Epic moment with broken mirror, Nuff said.

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    Blue Beard

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    I really like Snow, so I will go with her. Beauty is good too, as is Toad and Bigby. This game has a very strong cast!

  • Nerissa, Bigby, and Bluebeard.

  • Well, if I were to get TECHNICAL.....I like Snow in the game. And I LOVE Snow in the comics. 'Nuff said. I like all the characters tbh. Even the bad guys. Because what are the good guys without the bad guys? The only two people I can't stand are Jack Horner and the asshole Brandish (Comic character). The both of them are dicks. Excuse my language.

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    Bigby but i like the Woodsman ,Grendel,and Crane (as a villian) too for some reason

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